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This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage.

We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

1. Be respectful of others
2. Stay on topic with the theme of the board
3. Only 3 picture posts per day, please
4. Respect our producers! No linking to commercial bondage file-sharing sites

Please contact Ralphus and he can add it manually for you.
Put the words "GIMP POST" as your header.


Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

State your answers right here below

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Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

State your answers right here below

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1) Ralphus 
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Friday, 17 March 2017 10:19 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Bill K wrote:

The Hall of fame vote if it's about going back to silent movies to right now, it would take a while for me to think about all the gimp movies and put in order which ones I'd like to pick.

And Pedro wrote:

I am not sure whether I understand the concept.
Should we nominate actresses, and then we we'll vote?

Okay, let me try to clear up a bit of confusion over the upcoming GIMP Hall of Fame. There will be a select committee of what I feel are qualified experts to choose members of the Hall of Fame, which would be comprised of directors, writers, artists, actors, actresses and models. The nominees will come from the field of mainstream movies, bondage videos, GIMP art and literature...basically all areas in the history of extreme bondage erotica, highlighting those who have had an impact and influence on the fetish. We are looking for individuals, not necessarily specific companies, publications or movies.

Right now we have 10 people on the committee, but keep in mind that anyone who wants to become a voting member, contact me either on the forum or via e-mail and tell me why you should be included. I have an open mind and I'll consider anyone, but the deadline for qualification is March 20.

Once the members of the committee have submitted their nominations, the selections will be tallied and the individuals receiving the most votes will become members of our first class of the GIMP Hall of Fame.

In the meantime, the floor is open for anyone to suggest good candidates for inclusion, and certainly you guys have already come up with some good names already. I haven't made my list yet and you guys are giving me good ideas.

Any other questions, lay 'em on me.
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