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This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage.

We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

1. Be respectful of others
2. Stay on topic with the theme of the board
3. Only 3 picture posts per day, please
4. Respect our producers! No linking to commercial bondage file-sharing sites

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(1) Ralphus says:
Who should be included in the upcoming new feature, The GIMP Hall of Fame?
We're looking for qualified candidates in the field of mainstream movies, bondage videos, GIMP art and literature. List as many names as you want.

In order to help stimulate more interest and participation, here are a few movies and Gimp candidates for your consideration. I am not certain that they are true "mainstream" movies. I am sure they all meet my expectations as being exceptionally GIMP worthy movies.

1933 - King Kong - Fay Wray
OMG moment - Fay being undressed by Kong as he holds her in his paw, he sniffs his finger during the striptease.

1970 - The Bloody Judge - Margaret Lee [previously mentioned as a candidate]
OMG moment - Margaret's entire rack scene - oh so good!

1972 - Amuck - Barbara Bouchet
OMG moment - Barbara trapped in the cellar, dressed in a miniskirt, climbing out the transom - can I lend a hand?

1973 - The Sinful Dwarf - Anne Sparrow [a Ralphus favorite]
OMG moment - Anne being cane raped by the dwarf - did he sniff the handle after the rape?

1976 - Albino - Sybil Danning
OMG moment - Sybil being raped to death by the albino - the lucky devil

1978 - Avere Vent'anni [To Be Twenty] - Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati
OMG moment - the assault on both girls at the end of the movie - seems a shame they weren't raped for a time before they were snuffed, though Lilli's tree branch rape was worth waiting for

1980 - El Canibal - Ursula Fellner [Playboy's Miss October 1979 as Ursula Buchfellner]
OMG moment - the mostly unclothed 5' 6", 103lb Ursula is chained with her wrists over head, and then sliced with a machete, before being raped by her evil kidnapper - can't ask for much more than that

1981 - Gefangene Frauen - Brigitte LaHaie
OMG moment - every scene with Brigitte - here we have perhaps the most beautiful female body on the planet - if she doesn't get your juices flowing you may be already dead

1986 - Fair Game - Cassandra Delaney - Australian mainstream
OMG moment - Bare chested Cassandra as a hood ornament - those clever Aussies

GIMP artist - Roberts - oh to be one of his evil cartoon characters

GIMP fiction writer - uh, um, some old fart, can't remember his nameā€¦

Now it is your turn

Welcome to the forum Patricia
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