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1) lucas222 
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Friday, 17 March 2017 02:53 AM Permalink

Lately I haven't found many good plot based bondage videos like there used to be.
I like videos where the heroine loses at the end, for example, a spy ends up caught and sold, or the damsel escapes only to be recaptured in the end etc.
Some examples:


A spy poses as a submissive to a mistress to get information from her but ends up double crossed by her fellow agent at the end and is sold.


One of my favorites is from the House of Gord trilogy where the agent finally manages to escape only to be recaptured and brought back completely immobilised to her former captors like a gift. It could have been done a lot better, but the scenario is great. The idea of the villains looking down smugly at their captive, planning all sorts of punishments and ensuring she never gets away again. I wish that scenario was used more.

Please post anything similar if you know of it. Nothing with gore or death.

I don't know the studios of any of the links i posted, but if they go against the copyright rules, i will understand if they are removed.
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