Bring Out the GIMP
( Girls In Merciless Peril )

Speaking of electro torture

Okay, we'll do one more Blakemore series: one of my favorites, 110 Volts

This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage.

We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

1. Be respectful of others
2. Stay on topic with the theme of the board
3. Only 3 picture posts per day, please
4. Respect our producers! No linking to commercial bondage file-sharing sites

Please contact Ralphus and he can add it manually for you.
Put the words "GIMP POST" as your header.

Please... Sign the Forum

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1) Ralphus 
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 04:08 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Catching up on a few GIMP-related matters...

First off, T and Petelobo: Please contact me via e-mail, I've been trying to reach you for a while.


Osouk's new story: Osouk, you're one of my favorite writers, and I absolutely loved this story. Very stimulating stuff, and I loved the dialogue. You do that as well as any writer here.


Revenge on the Laughing Girl (above): That movie has been getting a lot of love here lately. I will add to that; it was one of the finalists for Best GIMP Movie of the Year for last year's Ralphus Awards. One of the best things I've seen from Mood in quite a while.


Mr Hardly asked:

What movie is the GIF in post 18305 from?

Damn, the one animated gif I did NOT make and that's the one you ask about. Where's it from? Some Tumblr site, and they never list the source. Anyone else know?


Okay guys, I need all of you to help us with our upcoming section here, The GIMP Hall of Fame.

I think we all know what GIMP stands for...girls in merciless peril, with the emphasis on the word "merciless". In other words, bondage is important, but we're looking for bondage with elements of danger, rape or torture. Extreme bondage, if you will. If Brian's Page were doing this Hall of Fame, they would likely be nominating people with the most tie up scenes, which is not what we're after here. Here we're looking for worthy candidates in the field of mainstream movies, bondage videos, GIMP art and literature. To avoid this from becoming a "people's choice" type of vote, I've assembled a limited committee of what I consider experts or at least very knowledgeable of various areas of GIMP history, although there are still 1-3 openings available to become a voting member of the Hall of Fame committee. That's where you guys come in.

If you want to get in on this and have a vote, either post letting me know why you would be a good candidate for the committee or else contact me via e-mail. Don't delay, the deadline for qualification is March 20.

And for the rest of you, the floor is open for nominations to the GIMP Hall of Fame. Post them here and give us a good list of people we should vote for. This is a big event, and we need as many people contributing as we can. Let's hear from you.
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