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Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

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Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

State your answers right here below

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1) Reine Margot 
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 09:29 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

The Passion of Isabel - A forced break

It's official, the production of The Passion of Isabel is at a stand still for this week. Jac's family crisis forced him to travel and he'll be away for the rest of the week. After talking with Bea about what this will mean, an additional week to the production, he had her assurances that it was fine, family comes first, she'll wait. So, off he went to see his dad. I take the opportunity to let you know that we'll be making a few changes to our support the film by JOINING the Red Feline Club campaign.

Michimerica Margot: Thank you so much for all of the pics you've posted of The Passion of Isabel. Seeing Bea's unbelievably dazzling body all stretched out spread-eagled on the wheel in your latest post was amazing. Waiting until June to buy The Passion of Isabel is going to be difficult for me, but when it comes out I'll be VERY eager to buy it!

Thank you! The Passion of Isabel has really beautiful and intense images. What is always amazing to me is how Jac pulls this off without a crew, just himself in what he calls "blind camera" style of shooting. No one is seeing through the finder while the camera is running. And yet he gets the shots right, not out of frame, not blurry... always perfect. Lots of work, but it's the work of an artist, so it's always a pleasure for him, just like in the old days with Camille and Amy.

From her perspective, Beatriz had to deal with adjustments during filming that were not unexpected, but stressful nevertheless. “The most challenging [aspect] for me was to think as Omphale and not as Beatriz. “[Being] naked takes you away from your character, especially when there are others around like the extras and crew,” Bea says. “It’s hard to be naked in front of a lot of people, so getting back to the character in those conditions was the challenging part.” But there’s also the torture element. “During the tortures the most difficult part was to be bound, defenceless. That was the hard part, but there was a lot of trust too, that made it easier.” Read the complete article: The Women of Justine: Part Two.

That's it for now, visit the Red Feline Club for more updates or JOIN The Club NOW!

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