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Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

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Is forcing the victim to have sex against her will one of your GIMP fantasies?

State your answers right here below

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1) Kirsten Smart 
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 12:09 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

So ... I recently tested out a few moments of self-crucifixion.

Let me explain. I've been thinking about an experiment I did, years ago, with a half-hour hanging session in the arms-up-and-out position. Back then, I didn't find it especially painful, even though it is supposed to be, and I've been wondering if it had been something to do with the way I had secured my hands.

I do know that the way I had hooked my hands through the ropes, my palms were facing downwards. I have been wondering, is it any different with palms facing outwards, 'crucifixion style?'

Well, call me an opportunist. We have an up-and-down bunk bed with horizontal metal bars on the top bunk. I discovered that if I stand with my back to the bunk and weave my hands between the bars, the mattress pushes my wrists against them - palms out. And if I pick my feet up, my own weight has the effect of locking my wrists firmly enough against the bars to hang.

So a few days ago, I tried it out - with arms spread as widely as I could.

The verdict: OUCH.

It hurts the wrists, of course. But it seems that the different arm position adds a lot to the pain of hanging, simply through the orientation of muscles and joints. It is a really strong, stretching, racking type pain, that hurts a lot from the elbows to shoulders, and across the chest especially. The difference between, say, a hand-grasp hang with arms apart (such as we see in most BDSM videos) and a genuine wrist-hang with palms facing outwards, seems to be significant.

Just thought you'd like to know ... and it will add some authenticity and experience to my next story. ;)

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