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264) shankster 
IP logged
Sunday, 2 March 2014 08:20 AM Permalink

(264) In regards to Arcas' poll.

I knew I had a fascination with tied up girls, fire, and fire peril at about 7 or 8 I guess.

Scenes in TV shows and Movies in the 60's were my first exposure to GIMPAGE and I got really excited when I saw them.

"Viking Women and the Sea Serpent" I believe, is the first good BATS scene I saw.

In my early teens, I started understanding sex and also got exposed to movies like "Twins of Evil", "Mark Of the Devil", etc.

Ever since, my fantasies have involved beautiful young women and girls, tied naked to stakes, screaming and struggling as flames lick at their bare feet. (Yes, I also appear to have a foot fetish).

It wasn't until recent years that I discovered the internet and the GIMP community.

I am now active on several GIMP and BATS related sites, and have posted stories and some simple manips here and there. (example shown)

I no longer feel the guilt and self loathing I used to have.

Sites like this are therapy for me.

263) Toby 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 2 March 2014 05:26 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(263) In 1968, when I was 15 and a member of some leadership group, we were invited to a conference in Fresno, CA and paired up with host families. My host family somehow left a girlie magazine lying around. I glanced through it and happened upon this picture and had an immediate reaction to the suspended woman. All these years later and I'm still addicted to that picture.
262) petelobo 
IP logged
Sunday, 2 March 2014 05:05 AM Permalink

Arcas wrote Wires are a bitch!

But oh so worth it!! Love the image. The only thing that would improve it would be if the juice were on and she were arching!
261) petelobo 
IP logged
Sunday, 2 March 2014 04:57 AM Permalink

(261) I know we haven't as many female members as we would like, but in reading the caption under today's pic of the day "and many young men became gimpers watching this", I began to wonder about female gimps--dom or submissive--and when THEY didn't "become" GIMPS but recognized GIMP-ness in themselves. I recall posts here and elsewhere that some women report a recognition experience in watching something, but I just wondered.

It takes a hell of a lot more motivation to become the person on the right of this image than the one on the left--and a LOT more than to become someone who likes looking at it.

Any of you lurking GIMP's (the actual "girls" in merciless peril) care to chime in?
260) MrAnthony 
IP logged
Sunday, 2 March 2014 03:02 AM Permalink

Regarding the poll:

I started with bondage urges long before I even understood what they were. I was 7 years old and I remember reading a book about a Daniel Boone-like scout and his Indian friend getting captured and tied to stakes, in preparation for getting killed. I remember being so excited at the peril that I kept reading that book over and over, not understanding why it was so exciting to me. Then, I also remember the British TV show called "The Avengers" which was airing in the U.S. around that same time in the late 60s/early 70s. I remember being incredibly turned on by Linda Thorson, as she was being stalked in one episode.

I also remember Diana Rigg in some of her catsuit-type costumes, and even fantasizing (as a first-grader) about one of my nice classmates as being "Emma Peel" as she climbed on the jungle gym, because she kinda moved like her and wore this one piece thing.


Clearly, the pattern was set long before puberty. I had a great childhood, no traumas, so it is probably hard-wired in some way.

By the time I was in puberty, I had probably been exposed to so much anyway, from Lois Lane in B&W Superman repeats to Batgirl in the old Batman TV eeries to Charlie's Angels. One of my favorites from Charlie's Angels is when Cheryl Ladd gets beaten up by Nancy Parsons and ends up stripped and wrapped:


Or how about Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in 1975, chloroformed and captured by Nazis?


A real watershed moment for me though was when the movie Demon Seed aired on TV in the late 1970's, probably early 1979. The scene where Proteus cuts off Julie Christie's suit as she's wired down to a table turned me on sexually.


Another watershed moment: I Spit on Your Grave.


In college in the early 1980s, I discovered bondage flicks, which cemented the GIMP connection.
259) Rick 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 2 March 2014 02:19 AM Permalink

Greetings All,

In answer to the poll, I think I recounted my experiences already at some point in my long journey on the board, but I will toss it out there anyway. As far as orientation I would say hetro dom.

I realized I had an interest in bondage pretty early on watching Batgirl, Man from UNCLE, miscellaneous other TV shows and movies that had bondage involved. Maybe 6 or 7. I don't think those shows warped my mind you, they merely triggered what was already there, something primal. It clicks with us more than with others. We are what we are.

Somewhere along the line I started drawing girls in bondage and distress without even knowing a thing about sex or having seen a naked woman. That all changed when I finally saw my first naked chick, Miss April 1976.

I have to say I had a lot of self loathing about my interests when I was young. I used to burn my drawings so no one would discover what a sick fuck I was. In time I learned to accept my dark side, even embrace it. For me its been a pretty life long thing.

258) MAV 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 2 March 2014 01:02 AM Permalink

On the poll question: i started noticing my interest when I saw female bondage in comics (X-Men, etc) or cartoons (the big-busted April O'Neill in TMNT) but then a couple of early 90s HBO movies (Fever, Diplomatic Immunity) got me going on the live action. The AOH thing didnt kick in until I saw sword & sandal babes tortured in Barbarian Queens I and II and She.
257) Scot 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 10:22 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(257) Regarding the poll: I didn't really notice an interest in GIMP until I hit puberty. Other boys my age were bragging about making out with girls or feeling them up. I found that I was more turned on by those men's adventure magazine covers (they were still being published in those days) of half-naked women being tortured by Nazis. (Why was it always Nazis?) And Fay Wray in the original King Kong, tied between two pillars, screaming and struggling against her bonds, definitely stirred something in my loins.

Then, while watching TV, I happened to catch the scene of Antonella Lualdi being whipped in the 1961 Italian flick The Mongols (above). I had seen plenty of men stripped to the waist and flogged in sea stories and prison movies, but it suddenly dawned on me that you could do that to a girl. And I liked it!
256) cmf 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 06:00 PM Permalink

re: arcas' poll.

I'd have to say I first saw the signs at a very early age as well, say 7 or 8?

Blakemore/HOM really opened it up for me, then ZFX came along, and Dan Hawke, etc.

It's always been fantasy for me, but were it to become reality, I think I'd prefer to be a dom...
255) Bill K. 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 04:52 PM Permalink

(255) The rules of the game are explained to Alison as she gets to watch Linda perform a demonstration. The rules are really simple and, in truth, there is only one.
"Just keep your chin up."
I believe one of Pete's most imaginative pendulum perils yet so had to share here. Bill K.
254) Dan Hawke 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 1 March 2014 03:20 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(254) Gimpers:

I actually answered the poll a long time ago (where you can read many old posts of mine), but I will recap. My memories of my youth are very sketchy. But one thing I remember is a Batman comic from the late 50's where Vicki Vale and Batman are bound with hands behind their backs. Then they have some sort of rope shoulder hoist suspending them above a vat of something (acid, water?). Those familiar with comics know about the lines used to indicate an object is in motion. Well there were these lovely curved lines indicating Vicki's boobs were a quiverin' up a storm. I was about 5 or 6 at the time.

I also remember fantasizing about the cute girl next door. In ropes of course. She moved away before I was 7, I think. So count me as one of those wired from birth.

I was laying on the floor when I saw that Batman comic, and I actually began to rub my hips against the floor. My first, abortive, masturbatory event.

Like Ralphus, when I got a bit older I began to feel really guilty about these fantasies. Mine were really dark. This guilt convinced me to throw away one or two collections of bondage mags.

I had HOM mags from before Blakemore's tenure, but not by much. He very quickly showed up in HOM mags, and virtually took them over. In fact, his output was so prodigious that the company kept adding titles just to have somewhere to put his work. When I first started finding these mags, they only had Hogtied and Kidnapped I believe. By the end of the Blakemore period that had added a number of titles like 'Breast Bondage', 'Whipmaster' and half a dozen I can't recall right now.

If I had those collections I threw away. All of the DeMulatto illustrated pocket books, in their first publication. Every Man's (world, action, etc.) I could find. I have all the cover illustrations from the net and I actually owned about 85% of all the covers I have ever seen. Sadly all were consigned to a dumpster one morning during one of these 'purges'. *SIGH*

At one point or another I had every 8mm film HOM put out. I transferred them to video (using crude, very early video cameras and lightboxes and such) and would trade them in at the Adult store to get the next batch.

It took me almost 30 years before I tried my own hand at producing these images. The picture above is one of my very first models, Azuray; from my 2nd or 3rd shoot with her.

253) Dena Fujinami 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 03:19 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

When I was 15. First with girls and then I experimented a little with boys and later men.
252) zpxociq 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 02:21 PM Permalink

I was 8 to 10 years old I believe. The interest was gradual and at the start I just liked the fact that someone is tied up and struggling to get free. Even being pinned down or grabbed was enough to feel nice. But most Bollywood scenes involved men in such scenes but whenever the heroine went through that scenario I started liking the bondage stuff. Though the gag was not the criteria, slowly I realized that stuff gag and arms overhead are my preferences. This took another few years and internet access of course. Thanks for asking.
251) pcv 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 01:16 PM Permalink

Mr. Chaser:

Thank you so much for your excellent review of "Barbarian Queen." I especially enjoyed your witty commentary regarding this silly, campy flick. And you're right, of course: The rack scenes, with that absurd dangling "Fickle Finger of Fate," are the high points in this Grade B (at best) drive-in flick.

I remember seeing this movie back in the early '90s as part of a twin-bill with "The Warrior and the Sorceress," an equally silly low-budget sword-and-sorcery flick David Carradine made in 1984 trying to milk as much out of his "Kung Fu" fame as he possibly could. Some modest GIMP action -- e.g.,for amusement a naked girl is thrown into a big tank of water and the party guests all get to watch her drown -- but the most memorable aspect of the movie was the fact that the sorceress, Maria Socos, spends the entire time topless. And what a rack! (They must have saved a fortune on the cost of her wardrobe.)

Somewhere, deep in the bowels of my basement, I still have VHS copies of both of these flicks. Your delightful review of "Barbarian Queen" almost makes me want to seek out a working videotape player at a garage sale and sit back with a big bowl of popcorn and watch these two movies again!

Again, thanks.
250) Covers 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 01:01 PM Permalink

(250) By the way, does anyone know a source for the photonovela made from House of Wax?
249) Covers 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 12:59 PM Permalink

(249) Ralphus, I love today's House of Wax poster, but it's quite clear why that movie won no Academy Awards. Just look at that sloppy ropework! eek!

The scene in HOW where Phyllis Kirk is struggling as Vincent Price is about to coat her with wax is a real classic. Anybody have a GIF of her struggling feet in the metal clamp?

Today's cover is from Adventure Oct 1959 V136 #1
248) Howie 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 12:10 PM Permalink

Knew the second I saw that it was a new one Arcas. Glad to see you've got your rig back up and running.

I still maintain that this new model you're using is the best I've ever seen in your images, and that's saying a LOT. Her proportions are just perfection. What a treat to see her suffer. cool big grin

247) Arcas 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 1 March 2014 11:44 AM Permalink

(247) This is a piece I just completed for Geoffrey Merrick for use on his new website, It's based on a scene with his Kate Lipton character from his "perils of paulinesque" "Damsel 2" storyline. Hope ya like. Wires are a BITCH!
246) TRG 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 10:53 AM Permalink

Answer to the poll: About age 6. I watched a lot of the 1950s cowboy shows on TV, Lone Ranger, Red Ryder, and so on, which often featured the pretty girl getting caught by the bad guys, then tied up and gagged. Something about pretty women being rendered helpless in that way really clicked. I was too young to know it was sexual, but I sure knew I liked it, and whenever there was a Pretty Young Thing on the week's episode, I knew she was going to get it and I couldn't wait until it happened.

The bondage was never very good in those shows, but it was the gags that got me. That's why I like gags, especially detective gags, which as an honest gag is the completely ineffective, but, to me, the most visually appealing one. Remember the scene in the movie Dune where Lady Jessica is being transported, gagged, not bound, but only gagged so she cannot use her voice to control the minds of her captors? That almost made me faint.

As an adult, most of my girlfriends enjoyed being tied up for sex, but only a few let me throw in a gag. Darn.
245) D. Santorum 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 10:46 AM Permalink

The Poll: When I was age 6 or 7 I saw an illustration of the execution of Saint Sebastian in a book. He was stripped to the waist, with his arms tied overhead to a tree limb. He had been shot with 3 or 4 arrows, but he was still conscious. That image had quite an effect on me, and I remember laying in bed topless with my arms overhead fantasizing that I was being executed in the same manner. I didn't understand it, nor did I think too deeply about it. I just knew I liked it. Of course, this was long before I had any sexual desires.

That fantasy soon faded and I don't recall any other BDSM related thoughts until I turned 20. At this time I moved away from home, so now I could buy porn mags and not have to worry about my mom discovering them. One day I came across a story in the Penthouse Letters section, written from the point of view of a woman who had been caught stealing money from her employer. The manager agrees not to call the police as long as she submits to a whipping with a riding crop. He makes her write and sign a statement to that effect, then sends her out to purchase a crop. The first ten were given over her skirt, the next ten on her panties, and the final ten were applied to her bare bottom. And although it stings enormously, it also turns her on. And man oh man, did it ever turn me on. I couldn't stop masturbating for a week after I encountered that story.

I'm a hetero male, who identifies with the female victim in BDSM/GIMP fantasies. I've sometimes wondered how many other men into this stuff fantasize they are the suffering female. My impression from this forum is that it's a very small number.
244) A Canadian 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 09:45 AM Permalink

Thomas Chaser: Outstanding job on the fun and informative review of Barbarian Queen. Thanks for putting it together.

Other than the rack scene, I had actually forgotten most of the movie (and when you consider that I only discovered the film after I joined this site, that's saying something).

It's too bad that it appears we'll never have the full rack scene on DVD. But having abandoned VHS years ago, I think I'll still pick up the DVD.
243) dionysus 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 09:32 AM Permalink

In response to your question regarding age of first interest in bondage...

As best I can tell I was born (I'm a man) with the deeply ingrained orientation of sexually dominant heterosexual. I recall no external imprinting stimulus.

One of my earliest memories, circa age 4, involved the busy work of coloring a picture in Sunday school. The starting point pic was the usual simple black lines on white paper - a little girl in a dress. I wanted to add strategically placed ropes to make her look tied up. I vividly recall the challenge. I felt of course that ropes should be done in white. There were white crayons but every child knows they are notorious for always being icky with smudges of other colors. Plus with white background they simply wouldn't show. So I went with black. The second technical challenge was that she was drawn in a static pose with hands less than ideally placed, i.e., they were slightly away from her body instead of crossed in front or, better yet, behind her back where wrists ought to be tied. The outcome of my artistic effort probably looked more like random slash marks. Foolish enough to show my morning's work to my parents (I should have had the brains to misplace that one) I was in trepidation they would wonder why I was rendering this sweet little innocent in, what I later came to understand was, "bondage" (it would be years until I learned that word). I recall mommy looking vaguely perplexed but they didn't make an issue of it.

My next recollection was age 5. Now, mind you, I was not yet aware of anatomic details distinguishing boys from girls and of course this was a good six years or so before the dawning of actual sexual feelings. But I had an intense recurring fantasy of tying up the little girl next door naked and causing her to fall down in the snow. This caused me a great deal of shame and perplexity. She was my friend and I felt certain if she knew these seemingly mean thoughts I was having about her it would hurt her feelings or upset her. [I also didn't understand the fall down in snow bits until years later when I realized it had been a desire to watch her struggle to get loose.]

I could relate my first masturbational fantasy at age 11 and the distracting internal moral arguments I was struggling with. But jumping ahead, it was not until I started dating at 15 that it occurred to me that this was all ok because, heavens be thanked, it turned out that some girls wanted to be tied up as urgently as I longed to bind them!
242) Sandy 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 04:55 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I was about six years old when I first became interested in bondage. The old movie serials (Jungle Girl, Perils of Nyoka and Tiger Woman) had a great influence on me.

241) Howie 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 01:23 AM Permalink

I love that House of Wax was open to all ages.

To those asking Ralphus to give you a collection of the daily photos, I'll let him give his own official answer, but from people asking in the past, I'm gonna say your out of luck.

Ralphus takes the time to post those for the specific reason of having you come here everyday to see what the new one is, knowing full well that if you forgot to visit you missed the pic. It's kind of the whole point. Who knows, he may change his mind with the new board, but I doubt it.

240) Howie 
IP logged
Saturday, 1 March 2014 01:17 AM Permalink

Mr. Chaser.... Epic review... smile

239) TRG 
IP logged
Friday, 28 February 2014 11:06 PM Permalink

Isn't it a bit odd, yet satisfying, that all the women on these men's adventure magazine covers are wearing such pretty lingerie, in different colors, and in such good condition, too?
238) Bergie14 
IP logged
Friday, 28 February 2014 10:10 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Could someone recommend the best rack scene in the Red Feline database? Which movie has it?
Thanks so much in advance.
237) Badger 
IP logged
Friday, 28 February 2014 08:29 PM Permalink

Thomas Chaser

Thank you for the outstanding review of Barbarian Queen. Your voice-over of your vidcaps was very well done. And this new site is like riding in a Porsche after trading in Dreambook's Chevette.
236) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Friday, 28 February 2014 06:54 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Hofrax wrote: Sounds like we are of the same mind regarding the great Lana Clarkson as well. Which brings me to my second point. I couldn't help but notice that there are no reviews of either BBQ film in the database, which surprises me given their historical significance. I'd do them myself, but I simply don't have the time, and even if I did I don't think I have the writing talent to do them justice. So if someone else here would like to give them a go, I'm sure it would be much appreciated by myself and others.

I believe the reason for that is because there are already so many reviews out there for both films, both professional-written and user-written on sites like IMDB.Com and In fact, the Amazon version has the uncut rape scene, but in a lesser VHS quality transfer. But I did notice one thing: none of the reviews were really written for fans of GIMP films, so, other than the great Lana Clarkson dungeon scenes which have become legendary, the casual GIMP fan may be missing something worthwhile.

So I’m going to correct that.

And if you're poor, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube (see the link I put as my website).

Barbarian Queen starring Lana Clarkson

A review by Thomas Chaser

When I first saw this movie, I was a college student with no money, no girlfriend (funny how those two go hand-in-hand) and no prospects of improving in either department. But what I did have was a shit-hot muscle car and a $1 theater. So, one afternoon, I drove my shit-hot 1975 Pontiac Firebird with the 350 c.i. engine, Hurst shifter and dual exhausts (chromed, of course) down to the dollar theater and bought a ticket for the only movie on their chart that I hadn't seen yet.

The theater was mostly empty, with only a handful of other guys with no money and no girlfriends and a few sci-fi couples who had come to watch it because they were fans of the genre. We thought we were going to get something close to “Conan” but with a hot babe. Instead we got Lana Clarkson making GIMP history.

The movie opens with Dawn Dunlap gathering flowers by a gentle stream. Peaceful. Tranquil. Birds chirping merrily. Then the mood music starts and you know something bad is about to happen. Sure enough, she’s quickly snared by a band of men who loosen her bodice, expose her breasts, and fondle her tits. One of them loosens his belt and a rape is implied.

Now, I should point out that, whoever did the voice-over work in the studio must've had a sense of humor, because his evil-guy dialogue consists of something right out of a 60’s motorcycle gang movie, complete with thick Yosemite Sam smoker’s voice. “C’mon! Put it to her!” “There, there, sweetheart! Ha! Ha! Ha!” So, ok, now we have an idea of what we're going to be watching for the next hour or so.

Next, we cut to a peaceful village. Now, if we've learned anything by now, it’s whenever something is peaceful, something bad is about to happen. And that’s exactly what happens.

A beautiful woman (Susanna Traverso) is in a hut with a handsome man, painting his face. Based on shots of stacks of rotisserie chicken and dangling fish, we're supposed to believe a great feast is about to take place. Turns out, the beautiful woman is preparing the handsome man for a wedding (but not his). In a playful moment, he pulls away the leather cup of her top and draws a dark circle of paint around her nipple. She smiles demurely and looks away.

Cue the shot of the exterior of another hut. A dubbed-in voice declares “His majesty! Prince Argon!” and out steps a muscle-bound dude with Hollywood teeth and a California haircut. Sure enough, he sounds like he would be more at home on a surfboard than in a peaceful village but hey, this is a low-budget movie, so we can't be picky. At least he has muscles.

From this point on, I sort of lost interest in the male characters completely, since every female character shown so far had ended up topless in some capacity. The men were just there to give the women a reason to be topless. And right about the time I made that decision, we get Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson. In a bathtub. Topless. Being scrubbed by Katt Shea.

Oh mama.

It’s like a strip tease. The water level is just above her bust-line and I'm waiting, just waiting, for the water to part like the Red Sea and show me the goods. But alas, no such luck. Instead the camera switches back to Dawn Dunlap, now tied and gagged and held captive by the two men who spill more bad dialogue like “Hold still, girlie. Let me get these ropes nice and tight! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Since this is a nude scene, I'll throw in another vidcap.

Turns out Dawn Dunlap is the bride’s (Clarkson) sister, so Katt Shea goes off looking for her. Remember what we learned about peace and tranquility? Right about then, the peace and tranquility of the village is broken by marauding soldiers of the king, who pillage and rape and pillage some more. During the raid, the prince is captured, and we get one more shot of Dawn Dunlap’s breast as she witnesses the destruction of her home and the slaughter of her people.

One of the attempted rape victims is Traverso, who gets her top ripped off just like Dunlap.

And right about then Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson comes along, skewers the bad guy, sword-fights a bit more, and, after setting her own hut on fire to scare the marauders away, the two women escape into the forest.

Cue the sad music as the prince watches his bride’s hut burn and the villagers are led off as prisoners, along with dubbed in dialogue like “Move it, slaves! Or we'll cut off your legs!” Once the marauders have departed, Katt Shea returns and meets up with the Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson, who vows that any man who ruins her wedding day will face her wrath! Or something like that.

As the two women prepare for departure, along comes Traverso, who killed the man that had captured her, and as compensation for her going to the trouble of killing him she took his horse, his money, his food, and his weapons. Now armed and fed, the women decide to track the marauders and seek revenge together. So begins the journey of our three heroes in an outrigger canoe.

Not far down the river, they come upon the vanguard of the marauding army, where the soldiers have tied one of the attractive female captives to the gate of their corral. We don't actually see the torture, just the aftermath.

When a soldier moves in to steal a kiss from the dying woman, the Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson sneaks up and skewers his throat. Because, you know, you don't ruin the Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson’s wedding day, and you certainly don't steal kisses from young women, without paying the price. With your life!

A sword fight ensues, of course, and lo and behold the trio manages to rescue Dunlap, who is in some sort of PTSD word of child-like innocence, completely out of touch with reality. Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson declares “I'll be no man’s slave and no man’s whore! And if I can't kill them all, by the gods they'll know I've tried!”

The women, now enriched with horses for all, proceed on horseback towards the king’s land. Along the way they are stopped by highwaymen. But before blood is shed, the two parties realize that they both fight the king and they agree to join forces. Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson inspires them with her words of wisdom: “Let’s go!”

Some unimportant stuff happens as the Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson meets the leaders of the rebel group and talks strategy. The rebel leader says their group isn't ready to fight, to which Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson replies “We honor your cause, but our battle can't wait!” So she slips into a disguise and sneaks into the city for a little recon, along with Shea and Traverso. While she’s skulking about, she learns the fate of her groom. He’s now a gladiator, slated to fight for the king in an upcoming contest. Meanwhile, Dunlap decides that being a homeless rebel sucks, so she runs off towards the king’s palace, to become a concubine to the king (or at least someone with money). As Shea goes looking for her, she gets accosted in a dark alleyway by a couple of soldiers, stripped, and raped.

As the guards are dragging her towards her future as a slave, Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson is lamenting how she can't follow her sister into the palace, can't get to Argon, but “I can do something about this!” and a sword fight ensues. Naturally, you don't go into the king’s house and try to push him around, and Traverso and Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson are captured. Traverso is brought to the king in his interrogation cell, where he demands to know information about the rebels. “I'm no rebel!” Traverso declares. And I totally agree with the king’s response: “You're much too beautiful a girl… to allow yourself to be broken… into food for the royal dogs! (evil sneer)” She’s then threatened with a torch and bad clichés, including the classic “You'll tell us… everything” taunt, but since there’s no nudity (which totally baffles me. Why wouldn't you strip a beautiful girl naked since you have her under your control?) I didn't bother with a vidcap. However, shortly after this, the king pays Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson a visit. The king demands to see her with her clothes off. Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson declines. So how does the king end a stand-off? With brute force, of course!

Cut back to Traverso, who is still being threatened with a torch by a guard. She manages to free her hands and attempts to escape, only to be stabbed as soon as she’s out of the camera’s view. It’s a shame, really, that even now she doesn't do any more nudity. At the time, I thought she was the hottest girl of the bunch, because up until now she'd shown the most skin and had the best body. Ok, I'll admit, I have a thing for brown-eyed brunettes with Latin skin and American teeth. But c’mon! She'll let a guy paint her nipple but she won't go topless while tied to a pole? When she was killed, I almost walked out of the theater. They'd killed their best girl! I really didn't see much else in the film worth sticking around for. But I had nothing better to do, so I stayed. And boy was I glad later that I had.

Like a student stuck in a class he hates, I sat there, not really paying attention, just waiting for things to play themselves out. Sometimes you just have to let the clock expire.

Meanwhile, as I'm lamenting Traverso’s demise and the lack of her potential nudity, Katt Shea had managed to get herself disguised as a whore and sent to the gladiator pre-tournament orgy, which wasn't really an orgy in the sense of a “Spartacus” orgy, or even a “Caligula” orgy. More like a pleasant dinner party where a woman walks by topless from time to time.

So Shea’s hunch pays off and she links up with Argon and one of his warrior men. So now what? Now we watch the rebels lament their lot in life and how their dreams have been crushed and how much being a rebel peasant sucks.

Meanwhile, the 1% is having a party of his own, with Dunlap, who desires to bed the king in exchange for a cat to play with. “A cat you shall have!” the king declares magnanimously, as he rips a duvet off his bed to reveal a naked woman underneath. “Away with you!” he declares, because that’s what kings do. They declare. And the king declares that his soldier may do with the former concubine as he wishes.

Ok, now I have to interject something here.

When I first saw this movie in the theater, this next scene opened with a nice close-up of Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson’s bosom in all its glory. I gave a silent “Thank the gods! She is truly blessed!” My spirits arose, as did other things. This scene survived the transition to VHS (which I bought at my first opportunity) but it did not survive the transfer to DVD (boo!). The way this scene originally unfolded is that you see a close-up of her bosom, then a silver hand with a needle protruding from the pointer finger falls into the frame and pokes her left nipple, she gasps and pulls away from the needle, and the camera shifts to the torturer’s glasses where his eyes open wide in wonder and amazement, much like my own did. Then another close-up of her breast being poked, and again the torturer’s eyes bug out in wonder and amazement.

Instead, with the DVD transfer, you get one close-up of the torturer’s eyes, then the scene opens to Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson bound to the rack, where the camera pans back to show that she’s topless with a silver hand bobbing casually against her breast. It’s still a great scene that lasts a good amount of time, but when you know what you're missing, you can't help but feel a little cheated.

I've watched this scene so many times I almost have the complete thing memorized. “You must learn not struggle,” the torturer tells her. “Every time you move, the machine gets tightened, so you don't want to move any more than you have to. I made this all myself. It’s very ingenious, don't you think? Here, watch.” He presses a lever and a series of beams and springs bounce around in a Rube Goldberg contraption, causing the hand to descend and prick her nipple, causing her to gasp and flinch, causing the machine to tighten. “No fuss, no muss, no bother. No unsightly blood splattered all over the room.” He pauses as the hand continues to poke Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson’s breast. “Awwww. You don't look like you appreciate science!” He lifts a glass of water towards her. “Here. Drink some?” As he holds the glass just out of reach of her mouth, she leans forward, causing the needle to prick her again. She gasps, then falls back against the machine and exhales in frustration. “No manners at all. Well, I'm not one to… torture… somebody.” He lifts the glass again, and again she is poked. “You must learn to say please. You must learn to say all sorts of things. Like, how you got into the city. And what you came here for…”

“Please, allow me to interrupt,” the king declares as he enters the room. “She has nothing to say to us?”

“She’s a strong one,” comes the reply, after he tightens the rack, drawing a long moan from Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson.

“You've broken stronger.” The king notices Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson staring at his newest concubine. “You don't know her, do you?”

“No,” Dunlap replies, because the last thing she needs is to have the king take her pussy away.

“I expect answers by the morning!” the king declares, then turns on his heel and exits the dungeon.

“You heard His Excellency,” the torturer says to his captive as he slides his hand onto the unpricked boob, to which Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson lets out a battle cry and tries to bite his hand.

End scene.

Fast forward through the gladiator scene if you want, but you'll miss a great line. “There’s a reason for fighting, and entertaining a tyrant isn't it.” I wonder if the MMA fighters know that.

Now back to Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson, still on the rack, where the torturer has decided that she’s a fine piece of ass and he’s going to take advantage of the situation. He’s already stripped away her little black g-string (not that we see anything but a bare hip) and so he drops his trousers, hops up onto the rack’s platform, and gets down to business.

But remember, Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson is no man’s whore.

Using her superior… um… pelvic muscles, she clamps down onto the torturer’s… um… longsword and refuses to let go. “Free my hands!” she demands, to which the man quickly agrees, because the last thing he needs is to lose his longsword to a woman.

Once she’s freed, she kicks him backwards into a vat of acid, where he burns to death.

End movie.

Ok, not really, but end all the good parts of the movie, because there’s no nudity, no GIMPage, and no painted nipples after this. Just a frenzied rebel mob, escaped gladiators, a dethroned king, and a cheering Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson.

It’s tragic, really, that Lana Clarkson’s career didn't take off after this. Out of all of the actors, only two, in my opinion, had any talent. Lana Clarkson was one. Tony Middleton (the torturer who gets kicked into the acid bath) is the other. I've always believed that a good victim needs a good torturer for a scene to work, and Clarkson and Middleton show that in this film. Go back and look at all of the vidcaps I posted here of every single nude scene up to the dungeon scene. Are any of those memorable? No. Why not? Because the villains were unremarkable. But in the dungeon scene, Middleton voices his character to the hilt (literally). It’s a shame there wasn't more demand for good villains, because Middleton would've had a great career as a character actor. Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson did some superhero work for Roger Corman, made another Barbarian Queen movie that had nothing to do with the first one other than involve having her in a rack scene not once, not twice, but three times! That makes it worth a watch or two if you're up for it. And, of course, any Barbarian Queen fan knows exactly how much of a bastard Phil Spector is for taking Lana from us.

As a movie, “Barbarian Queen” is a C at best. It’s only redeeming value is in the two rack scenes, which lift it up to a B minus overall. If only Roger Corman had found a way to make the entire thing be an hour-long rack-fest with Barbarian Queen Lana Clarkson naked (or nearly so), I'd give it an A.

Oh well.

My grade: B
235) Sardu 
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Hey Ralphus, the new place looks great! So glad you got everything worked out. I lurk here everyday, and comment when its appropriate.

Anyway, poll question. I remember it quite vividly. I was 5 years old, and the old Vincent Price shocker, "House of Wax" was on... and the lovely Phyllis Kirk was bound naked on a slab about to have boiling hot wax poured on her.... screaming her pretty little head off. Stopped me in my tracks. I was playing with GI Joes or something. (the real 11 1/2" ones, not those little mini ones), and was in awe.
234) Mr Bush 
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I believe I was around 10 years old when I realized that playing cops and robbers in the neighborhood and tying up the girls was a gas. I guess I was on the verge of puberty around then.
233) Badger 
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I agree with Covers that this is a really interesting poll.

One thing is clear, like homosexuality, it is what it is and is there from the beginning (or at least from really early on) or is not.

Don't let the Arizona legislature hear about this. Governor Brewer may consider signing this one.
232) Covers 
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(232) It's very interesting hearing how each of us discovered our own unique pervy nature. Keep 'em coming!

Today's cover is from Adventure June 1962
231) Tilo110663 
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Please let me in.
230) petelobo 
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Not to waste a bunch of the forum's time on a side issue, but if you don't have enough Eda Chang stories to read, try one of Grof's books (Adventure of Self-Discovery is a good one).

He identifies 4 basic elements of the "Perinatal Universe", and depending on which part or parts of the process of living in the amniotic universe, "dying" to be born, passing through the canal and coming out happens to have had the strongest influence there are dozens of issues that later manifest themselves.

I guess you could call his work a "theory" but it's based on more than a thousand documented experiences of taking adults back to their memories of that process. Brain science would, in fact, support the idea that those memories are still there. They are cut off by the switch from our sensorially experienced lives as children and adults, but those primally-experienced things are still accessible if you can get back into the state where they are. And the fact that our little sample here has had those very early "aha" moments way before we understood what they were about seems to suggest they do indeed exert a strong gravity in our lives.

Of course there are post-natal occurrences that can have that kind of "mountain under the ocean" effects--very early abuse, etc. But if you read Grof, it's very difficult to dismiss him. I've done some holotropic breathwork myself, and it was easily the most powerful stuff I ever did. And the first few times I managed to get a girl to let me tie and/or whip her, I thought I would pass out from the power of the experience.

End of (my part of) the discussion.
229) Rack 'Em Up 
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midgeteskimo: It's funny - I was just thinking about that the other day. I wonder if there would be room for an archive of all the daily pictures, if Ralphus still has them.
228) midgeteskimo 
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Ralphus, I have been coming to this site for a couple of years now, and I have always wondered, is there a way to view all the pictures of the day? Though I visit this site often, with work and kids I can't always visit every day, thus I miss pictures, especially those in a series. I would love to be able to have spend the time when I have it to go back and see all the wonderful images that I have missed.
227) Fritz 
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Silvio Dante wrote:

This magazine did exist as an homage to the men's mags of long ago. The story text for the articles duplicated the style of the original magazines. They aren't so politically correct in Europe. It was not distributed in the U.S.

Thanks for the clarification. Since you say Man's Report was not available in the U.S., I assume it was distributed in stores as a hardcopy magazine rather than online – unless the vendor did not accept international orders. That would seem odd, especially given the digitally created cover art looks no more than ten years old. If it was available in hardcopy, I'd love to track down an issue. MAMs frequently show up on e-Bay, so maybe one of these rarities will appear there some day.

BTW... there was another MAM homage created about ten years ago called Man's Story 2. Issues featured (bad) pen-and-ink cover art and some pretty lame fiction. I bought a few of these online, but they weren't a patch on the real thing. In any case, it appears this outfit eventually died out.

*  *  *  *  *

Poll: Like A Canadian, I can't remember when I first became aware of my GIMP inclinations. They were certainly there, in a non-sexual way, by the time I was 7 or 8. I remember playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, and other such games with the neighborhood kids – including the girls. It was always a lot more fun “capturing”, “interrogating” or even “killing” the girls than the boys. By the time I hit puberty, it was a well established predilection and quite naturally transformed into a sexual fantasy. I suspect this isn't just a GIMP thing though, but how a variety of fetishes evolve for many folks. My “orientation” is most definitely dom, though that's probably just luck of the draw.
226) Thomas Chaser 
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(226) I clearly remember my first GIMP-related dream. I was on a pirate ship crewed by nothing but women. I wasn't the captain, just an observer of sorts. As punishment, two of the women were tied AOH to the bow, just above the waterline, like living figureheads, one above the other. Another was tied to one of the masts while another dangled from a yard-arm. I remember drifting around the ship towards the bow and watching the waves crash over the two girls tied up front. That image stayed with me when I woke up, and I hoped that I'd have that same dream the following night, and the next, and the next. But alas, my REM-induced dreamstate is a fickle mistress. I can't remember how old I was, but I'm guessing somewhere between 8 and 10; old enough to be in school with girls but definitely not yet in puberty.

Later on in my early teen years I'd do some self-bondage, mostly because I was too chicken-shit to find a girl to play with sexually that way. If I'd had a choice, she'd be the one tied up. Most of the girls I cajoled out of their clothes just wanted to lay there and let me do all the work. They weren't really interested in complicating things.
225) Howie 
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Just to add to the recent sentiment, I wasn't crazy about choosing between dom/sub/switch either, and almost didn't answer because of that.

I only choose dom because I took it from the perspective that I only like to see GIMPS get the treatment from men, of which I happen to be, but that's only on film. I don't partake in any sort of BDSM lifestyle or scene either. For me, this kink only extends to films and artwork that I look at or on occasion create.

224) A Canadian 
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(224) I would support a review of Barbarian Queen. Although I know it will once again bring regrets that the uncut version isn't really available on DVD (if I recall correctly, there is a version on DVD that that has the uncut rape as a bonus extra but it's a low-quality VHS-like scene).

Gotta add that I don't think Barbarian Queen can be reduced to "BBQ." My memory's weak these days but I'm still pretty sure "barbarian" is one word.


The poll question: me. I have no idea what age I really noticed it. Call me shallow, but I never gave these types of questions a lot of thought until I joined this forum.

As for the stats, I'm male, straight, and my GIMP activity only involves watching movies (and reading the occasional Eda Chang story). I have no real-life involvement in the BDSM world.
223) Bill K. 
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When I posted the "before I was born" answer to the poll question I was thinking of reincarnation. 6 billion people die every 80 to 90 years here on Earth. Where do all those memories go? Maybe I picked up memories from a witch that was burned at the stake 600 years ago. It's just a theory that long dead people's memories can carry on to other people but what the hell it's just probably random neutron and brain cell changes that are at fault for my love of witch BATS. Bill K.
222) brainmaster 
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Another interesting poll to chime in on. I first noticed my gimp inclination when I was about 3 years old having urges to rip women's blouses open and get to their tits. This was when my mom's friends would pick me up to hold me. I think I was just certain those tits were mine and I should have them.

Then at around 6 years old I remember seeing scenes of Batgirl tied to a wall struggling around. I so envied the villain. I'm sure he just thought she was his to do with as he pleased.

Mind you at this time, I didn't have any value judgment about these things and I forgot these images as soon as they were gone.

However, when I was 13, I clearly remember I had just showered and was sitting naked on a beanbag. I felt this sensation of energy like soak into me and suddenly images of naked women chained to walls, writhing under the whip filled my head. My dick got hard and the rest is history. Also, at that moment I had the social value judgment anxiety come on. I felt afraid, I was a bad person like those guys in the movies. If my mother knew, she would despise me. There was nothing I could do but try and make sure no one ever knew. I concluded very harshly that as long as I didn't ever tell anyone I would be safe.

Then when I was 14, I saw the whipping scene in Barbarian Queen. I remember that my little psyche was devastated. All I could do was masturbate until the memory faded. Then I was like 17, at a drive-in with my brother, getting high watching porns. We would just go there and laugh at them. However, this scene came out where a woman is on a rack getting whipped. I was in danger of being exposed, choking my reaction down so no one would see. I think after that I masturbated for a week.

During my teen years I had read Gor books and got a rush out of those but nothing like the idea of a woman chained and tortured in a dungeon.

Then I was 18 and stepped into and adult book store to take a leak and saw Blakemore's work. That's when I realized I wasn't alone. Thanks Blakemore.

In college I got a girlfriend who had been a Junior Miss Oklahoma. I decided to tell her my fantasies after much internal struggle. When I told her, she was all up for trying it out. I couldn't eat for a week my nerves were so wound up. Evidently, this girlfriend liked to talk to other girls and some of them came forward to me to let me know they were interested. At that point I realized everything I had been taught about sex, love, feminism PC and all that were less than the honest picture of the human condition. Then later the internet with BDSM meetup sites and the rise of BDSM clubs came along.

There are many theories one can speculate as to why this is. There is the birth theory, the bad gene theory, the karma theory, the demon possession theory. One thing is clear, the war of sexual dominance along with intensification is as old as time. There is nothing about it which is alien to the human condition no matter what veneer we gloss it over.
221) TGG 
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In regard to the poll question, my interest in GIMP began to become obvious in my late teens to early twenties. As to my orientation, I'll give a resounding NO COMMENT to that question. That is something I don't talk about period.
220) Ralphus 
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I was working til midnight last night, so I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I like the question. So for this historic poll (our first one at the new forum), let's break out the colored font and make it official:

At what age did your interest in BDSM/peril/Things-GIMPish start to manifest or become obvious to you? In addition, please note your sex and orientation (dom/sub/switch).

First let me make a comment on Dr. Grof's theory that coming out of the womb causes anxiety and therefore produces sado-masochistic feelings, why wouldn't every baby eventually grow up to be interested in kink? Why are some "normal" and others get turned on by the same things we do? Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that one's sexual proclivities are determined at theory is that we are "wired" a certain way when we come out and there's no real way to ever change our sexuality, which is why I feel empathy for people who were born gay in a largely straight society. People are much more accepting now, but can you imagine having to keep your sexual feelings bottled up because of a fear of being shunned? Likewise, when I was growing up, I thought I was the only person in the world who saw a pretty girl and got turned on imagining her tied up and having bad things happen to her. What kind of sick person would have thoughts like that? I seriously had a lot of guilt and felt there was something "wrong" with me.

Early on, and I'm talking maybe the age of 5, I discovered I had sadomasochistic desires, even before I knew what sex was and discovered girls. I'll never forget my mother discovering me laying on the floor and taking a toy truck and rolling it across my face, imagining being "run over". "What in the world are you doing?" she asked, and I was real embarrassed. I couldn't explain it at the time, but of course, what I was doing was acting out a masochistic fantasy, or as close to one as a 5-year old could imagine.

I also used to lay in the bathtub while I was taking a bath, turn the water temperature up as hot as I could stand, then lay back in the water and see how long I could stay there. Clearly a foreshadowing of the later BATS and heat torture fantasies that would manifest in my sexual fantasies years later. Isn't it funny how people experiment on themselves when there's no one else around? When you're a kid, this is your first sexual awakening.

I think it was years later, when I was babysitting some neighbor kids, where we were watching an old black and white movie on television where a woman was about to be burned at the stake. It was then that I realized how exciting it was to have someone tied up and to start a fire around her, and she struggles to get loose and can't. BATS became the Ultimate Bondage Punishment, and my favorite fetish. And from then on, I started to seek out scenes in movies where women were tied up and put in dangerous situations. When I saw my first bondage magazine, I was hooked. And when I discovered the first really good ones, the HOM magazines with photos shot by Blakemore, it was like finding manna from heaven. Naked women in strict, painful bondage, clothespins on their nipples, hanging suspended upside down...God, I never stuff like this even existed.

So there you have it, that's my sexual beginnings, all neatly wrapped up in a few paragraphs. For the record, I don't like the terms "dom", "sub" or "switch", because that implies a BDSM lifestyle, which I am most assuredly not into. I'm a male heterosexual, primarily interested in tying up women, but I also like being tied up. But I'm not in any active relationship, so it's seeking out and watching the scenes that occupy my time.

All right, who's next?
219) Arcas 
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PETELOBO: I'll admit that Grof's theory sounds like it could make sense on first blush, but if you go back and examine the premise it makes a lot of assumptions. First, the great anxiety of birth. What's that based on? How's it measured? And are we talking about the passage through the birth canal, or before? If it's before then we should see no instances of the kink in people who were delivered by caesarian.

If we take the period of anxiety as given, then the next assumption is that a newborn can retain such memories, and of such a degree that it would be a trauma to be reckoned with later in life. From my understanding recent studies have shown that such detailed, permanent memories can not be made by the brain until later - around age 3.

So while Grof's theory sounds like it makes some sense from our adult perspective, I'm not sure current brain science would support it. But thanks for puttin' it out there to chew on! :)

TO ALL: Hey, thanks for the response so far. It's very interesting to see the wider sample.
218) Badger 
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The poll question. Put me down for 11-12. Guess that makes me a late bloomer. But I caught up. I recall it being about the time that I experienced nocturnal emissions, and that I had been dreaming about confined scantily-clad women just before the "accident" occurred. So, in looking back, it appears to have begun in my subconscious, and only PG-13 at that. I've come a long way.
217) Covers 
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(217) An inside scan today from Adventure For Men May 1970 Johnson art
216) Renzo Novatore 
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Neovega: who doesn't? smile Preferably only after an extended stay in a subterranean dungeon somewhere, though.

To answer Arcas' question: I was interested in bondage and domination before I even started to notice girls. I was very interested in being tied up, even from an early age...when I was around 8 or 9 I actually convinced my babysitter (a 15 year old girl) to tie me up. She tied my hands behind my back and my ankles together and I flopped around for a while, and I thought that was awesome. If there was ever a singular moment that cemented that fascination into my life, it was probably that moment.

Later on I started to notice the opposite sex, when I was around 13 or so, and the fascination with bondage and such just got transposed unto my heterosexuality, I think. I like to tie up girls but I also like to get tied up by girls...however when it comes to BDSM entertainment I pretty much am just interested in men dominating women and women dominating other women, I'm not so much into femdom stuff.
215) neovega 
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(215) I like to see beautiful young girls tied and burned at the stake.
214) petelobo 
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Re: the Arcas informal poll:

Czech psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, based on thousands of regressions to birth and pre-birth experiences using LSD in the early 60's and later holotropic breathing, has developed a map of our earliest experiences and how they relate to our sexuality and emotional drives.

Grof proposes--and is pretty hard to refute--that the experience of being in the womb when the birth process starts, suddenly being forced out of "paradise" but finding no exit (until the cervix opens), produces intense anxiety. The torturous process of going through the birth canal, literally dying to the universe you have known since conception, is sado-masochistic, etc. Depending on where in this process one has unresolved experience, the drive in our lives toward resolution and wholeness focuses on such experience.

In short, if you are turned on by torture, it's not a kink; it's based on development at a stage way before you have any (conscious) recollection and it's a natural drive. What happens in early childhood is that you hit an image in the external world that resonates with that drive and you recognize its power--as described by many here already.

I suppose the nature of that experience--whether being physically beaten or raped or tortured as happens to some poor kids, or connecting with an image--may determine how you then act on that drive. This tends to give the lie to the idea so popular among fascists with their fear of pornography that porn causes sex crimes, etc.

Now ideally I suppose we would all be able to go back to that state through holotropic breathing and clear it, and we'd stop scouring the net for ElitePain and Arcas, Roberts, Kelderek and others, but for most of us the ability to integrate those issues in our lives through such material is the best we will be able to do--and a lot more fun!

For me it was a story in the Saturday Evening Post about Indians torturing their victims by staking them over anthills. This occurred during the same period others are describing, 6-12 years, which Freud called Latency, when sexual urges are being experienced before the equipment is available to do much with them. And although I dressed up in an indian breechcloth and went back into the fields where I grew up and acted out the tortured role, I am strictly dom and hetero.

Not to produce a major buzzkill (assuming you've read this far) but the realization that what turns us on (and ideally doesn't keep us from being turned on by other more "normal" sexual experiences) is as natural and healthy for us as any other approach--long as we aren't hurting anyone else to get there.
213) Thomas Chaser 
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(213) Hofrax wrote: Sounds like we are of the same mind regarding the great Lana Clarkson as well. Which brings me to my second point. I couldn't help but notice that there are no reviews of either BBQ film in the database, which surprises me given their historical significance. I'd do them myself, but I simply don't have the time, and even if I did I don't think I have the writing talent to do them justice. So if someone else here would like to give them a go, I'm sure it would be much appreciated by myself and others.

I'll take that challenge. I saw the film during its original run in theaters, bought the VHS as soon as it came out, then bought the DVD directly from Miss Clarkson when she opened her memorabilia shop (she even autographed it for me). I have no problem doing a write-up oriented for GIMP fans, if Ralphus is up for hosting about 13 or 14 vidcaps (one for every single nude scene in the movie). I can't say the pics will be very good quality, tho. It's a PITA (pain in the ass) to vidcap a DVD when watching it as an MP4 is so much easier. I may end up cheating by making caps from the Youtube video or something.
212) Mittie 
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You're an extremely valuable web site; couldn't make it without ya!
211) Howie 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 10:49 PM Permalink

Thanks for the heads up on "The Fall", Covers. Couldn't add that to my Netflix que fast enough after that description. smile

On the Arcas Poll, I'm gonna have to give the same general response most have so far, around 7 or 8. Remember seeing a book cover in my house of a woman tied to a chair, and BANG, I was hooked. big grin

Also, Dom all the way.

210) Covers 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 10:07 PM Permalink

(210) Arcas, I feel like I could just say "ditto" to Bill K's answer, though I'm more attracted to bondage than GIMP and have no special interest in "fiery peril."

The earliest I remember was age 7 or 8, before I knew where babies came from or anything about sex, I saw this scene from "Secret Heart of Juliet Jones" in the comics. (By the way, I'm still hunting for the complete strip.)

Let's say Age 7/Male/Switch
209) Covers 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 09:46 PM Permalink

Anybody got stills from BBC series The Fall? Full article at the link, but this is the relevant excerpt.

....Most notable were Jane Campion’s soaring “Top of the Lake,” on Sundance, and Allan Cubitt’s nightmare-inducing BBC series “The Fall.” ....

“The Fall” (which is available on Netflix) has even more conventional nudity than “True Detective.” It, too, tells a story about a team of detectives hunting for a rapist-murderer obsessed with symbolism. It features pervy stalker shots, along with sick-making imagery of female corpses, in bondage, photographed as keepsakes. Some critics called the show “misogynistic torture porn”: by turning viewers on, they point out, it takes a rapist’s-eye view. But this imagery has a sharp purpose. The show reveals the murderer immediately, forcing us to see the world through his eyes. Then, episode by episode, it tears that identification apart. Just like Rust Cohle, “The Fall”’s rapist has an elaborate pseudo-intellectual lingo, full of Nietzsche quotes and talk of primal impulses. But an icy female cop, played by Gillian Anderson, sees through him—and, in the finale, she shreds his pretensions with one smart speech. Anderson aside, “The Fall” overflows with complex female characters, and not merely the killer’s victims but their families, the murderer’s wife, his daughter, and his mistress. Beautiful as “The Fall” looks, it’s harder to watch than “True Detective,” because there is a soul inside each body we ogle. When women suffer, their pain isn’t purely decorative.
208) Arcas 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 09:09 PM Permalink

BILL K: Well I'll take your answer as "7-8" wink Obviously those of us who developed it so early seemed somehow "genetically predisposed".
207) Bill K. 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 08:34 PM Permalink

Arcas, this is going to sound like a strange answer to your "when did I first came aware of your GIMP erotic fantasies" question. In my case it's mostly bats but also dungeon tortures too. I first became aware before I was born confused .

I know it needs explaining for I was into merciless peril has early as 7 or 8 years old. Before I knew where babies came from or anything about sex. When I turned 12 or 13 years old, I became aware of sex and my sexual fantasies pictured bound women and fiery peril. Male pictures having consensual sex with women did nothing for me.

Where did any this my erotic fantasies come from because my parents were not into GIMP at all? I did not learn this from anyone. I was born with it. My orientation is "Switch". Bill K.
206) Arcas 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 08:06 PM Permalink

PEDRO: I didn't know what to call it other than "orientation". Even if one is not "practicing", the way that they process the fantasy is that they imagine them doing things to others, or others doing things to them. Or either/both. That's what I was getting at.
205) Pedro 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 06:37 PM Permalink

Very strange, but I guess I also noticed this orientation at a very young age, just like you. I am a male, and it may sound strange, but I don't feel I have an orientation. Actually I don't have any intention to participate in such activities on either side... Only watching on films (sometimes in making these films)... big grin
204) Arcas 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 06:05 PM Permalink

In chatting with Geoffrey Merrick, recently, I was reminded of an informal survey I've been running over the years. It might make a good GIMP poll, if we're looking for a new one? It would certainly give me my largest poll sample yet!

My survey question is this: at what age did your interest in BDSM/peril/Things-GIMPish start to manifest or become obvious to you? In addition to that please note your sex and orientation (dom/sub/switch). The latter is important as I've been seeing different age clusters based on different answers.

So - ya game? I guess to be fair, I should start: Age 6 (M/dom)
203) Silvio Dante 
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(203) This magazine did exist as an homage to the men's mags of long ago. The story text for the articles duplicated the style of the original magazines. They aren't so politically correct in Europe. It was not distributed in the U.S.
202) Bindeejones 
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Glad you're back....keep up the great work!
201) Ralphus 
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Bill K: Not only would no magazine make a statement like that today, the magazine itself wouldn't even get released. The "Damsels in Distress" theme was a staple for 100 years, but now it's been reinterpreted by today's ultra PC society as "victimization of women". Bottom line: you cannot show women tied up and threatened in media anymore, especially on the newsstand.

That's why those old men's magazine covers are so cherished today, because you can't find new ones anymore. They're yet another reminder of how today's society has gotten so carried away with political correctness that they seem to have forgotten how good certain things used to be. Take me back to the old days when men were men! And women were objects to be tied up and taken. Good old fashioned values never go out of style.
200) Bill K. 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 01:56 PM Permalink

Covers' post says "If a girl's a tease...slap her face". That 1974 statement would make the national news today in 2014 in very bad way I'm sure. Justifiably, it should; I'm just pointing out the mindset of adult men back in 1974 and that a magazine today would never even in a joking way suggest slapping a woman in the face. Bill K.
199) Covers 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 07:50 AM Permalink

(199) Today's cover is from Adventure For Men Mar 1974.
198) Hofrax 
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Thomas, great review of "History of Pain". Sounds like you found the piece de resistance of electro-torture scenes. Those types of scenes come in a close second in my book (behind rack scenes of course).

Sounds like we are of the same mind regarding the great Lana Clarkson as well. Which brings me to my second point. I couldn't help but notice that there are no reviews of either BBQ film in the database, which surprises me given their historical significance. I'd do them myself, but I simply don't have the time, and even if I did I don't think I have the writing talent to do them justice. So if someone else here would like to give them a go, I'm sure it would be much appreciated by myself and others.
197) Scot 
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I spotted that bogus "Man's Report" cover for a fake right away. The typography is obviously done with modern digital typesetting. Look at the apostrophe in the word "MAN'S" -- it's a typewriter (straight) single quote instead of a proper printer's quote. The type also looks "stair-stepped" (rastered), meaning it's a bitmapped font.

Besides, everyone knows the first space shuttle flight wasn't until 1981.
196) petelobo 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 03:05 AM Permalink

Great review, Thomas, and great film, Pedro and all.

The one thing I would add, that ran through my mind throughout the whippings was something EP usually does very well:
TURN HER AROUND!! Bata's breasts and belly just cried out for stripes (and EP fans have already seen Gigi do a full Timex (take a licking and keep on ticking).
195) Fritz 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 01:47 AM Permalink

Covers wrote:

The fake "Man's Report" covers have been floating around since at least June 2011.

Thanks for the info. The Silvio Dante pic is from a series called Strip Nude and Die, which appeared at the Drawing Palace in 2006. So I expect the Man’s Report covers go back a bit further. It would be near impossible to recreate original art so closely by manipulating existing MAM material, so it would seem the fake cover was released before Silvio drew his version. Or perhaps he is responsible for both. I imagine only the artist himself can help resolve this.

Still, I’m curious why anyone would go to so much trouble to make a MAM cover look like… well… just another MAM cover.

*  *  *  *  *

Bill K.: What? The volcano erupts? Pompeii is destroyed? Jeez… thanks for spoiling the ending frown.
194) Thomas Chaser 
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Howie, history is always appropriate. :) Thanks for the lesson and clarification on Romans and Christianity and the whole Judea thing. I'd never heard of that, and now I can thank my twisted perversion for giving me some interesting dinner conversation some day. :)

Ralphus - To a degree I concur with your position on the whole tats and piercings thing. Ivette wouldn't have been my first choice either. I think Zoe Zimmerman ("Plaid Shirt Girl" from "Fear") would've been a better choice to play a student activist and older sister to Nancy. She looks more mainstream and there is a closer physical resemblance between them; Zoe as the older sister and Nancy as the younger. Same coloring, same general shape to their faces. But I'm not the casting director, so what do I know. In the spirit of the Sochi Olympics, I gave a 2/10ths deduction and moved on with the program. The movie finished strong and, in my opinion, was worthy of an "A". Maybe not an "A+", but definitely an "A".

I'd be interested in hearing from some of the other forum members who have seen the movie. How close do I track with your assessments? I try to be accurate with my information and opinions for the benefit of those who are shopping, so this is a chance to see how close I'm coming to being accurate. I try not to reveal too much because I believe that if you spend your money on something, you should get a pleasant surprise out of it.

Dr. Yuya - ScarJo can carry a film on her own, and hopefully she'll vamp it up for us. I thought she was drop dead gorgeous when she was voluptuous. Now she's slimmed down for an action role and she still looks hot-hot-hot. She's going to be the consummate Black Widow; so much so that nobody else will want to touch the part every again out of fear that they'll be compared to her.
193) Howie 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 10:11 PM Permalink

Okay, I've been avoiding this because I know this forum has NOTHING to do with Ancient Roman history, but since it keeps coming up.

Lynn, yes, you're correct that Titus at the behest of his father Vespasian put down the Jews in the first Roman/Jewish war of 66-73, although he was not the one who's policies imposed a solution final enough to last 1900 years on them. That was actually Hadrian in the 2nd Roman/Jewish War of 132-136, when he renamed Judea and forbid Jews from even entering the city. []

Also, while persecution of Christians did happen, it wasn't NEARLY to the level that people think. Most of that is propaganda created by Christians after the fall of the Roman Empire to make their plight seem worse than it really was. Here's an interesting doc on the subject.

Okay, I promise, I'm done... smile

On a more appropriate subject, EXCELLENT review Thomas! wink

192) Dr Yuya 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 09:51 PM Permalink

Nice to see the forum back, and user friendly. Just what it always needed IMO.

Nothing much too contribute right now, but looking forward to SJ in future roles as Black Widow and really hope they go a little further with some peril scenes for her than they did in Avengers. She's getting a standalone movie, which I just heard from the folks over at

191) Ralphus 
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Thomas Chaser: Great review, thanks. It's always interesting to read a review after you've seen the same movie, so you can compare what the other person thought compared to your own reaction. For the most part, I agree with your sentiments, although there's no way I would give an A grade based on the casting. For me to care about what happens to the victim, I have to first be attracted to her. It was sort of the opposite reaction with Ivette Bata. While she gave a strong performance, I couldn't help but be repulsed by the lesbian haircuit, the multiple tattoos and the piercings. And seeing that her scenes comprise at least half the film, that would knock the film down by a grade for me. The whipping scene with the blonde was also marred by her tats, as well.

What made the film a definite must-see, however, were the two great scenes you mentioned, the first being the electro-shock torture with the same blonde. They wisely had her filmed so her tats were out of the frame throughout, unlike in her whipping scene. And then, of course, the stellar whipping scene of the bit-gagged cutie that concluded the movie, one of the best whipping scenes I've seen in quite a long time.

And this is one time I disagree with your contention that the cutaways to Bata were annoying. Her begging and pleading for her sister to not be tortured enhanced the film big time for me. It gave it an extra emotional pull that was missing in the later footage with just the girl being whipped by herself. I'm glad they gave us the option of seeing it both ways, but the cut that made the movie was the one that got me off. The victim was so incredibly cute. You almost felt sorry for her, but I was having too good a time watching her suffer to care.

The direct link for your latest review is here:
190) TGG 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 09:17 PM Permalink

Just out of curiosity, am I the only GIMPer who enjoys GIMP and also enjoys watching the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? For those not familiar with it, the episodes of Law & Order: SVU often deal with rape and sexual crime themes.
189) Pedro 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 08:43 PM Permalink

Very interesting review again Thomas!

I would like to declare again that this movie was about 95% inspired by this board.
So thank you all for the inspiration!
188) A Canadian 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 07:06 PM Permalink

Thomas Chaser: Great work on the review of History of Pain – Spy Interrogation. It looks like a fair bit of work went into the review, and it is appreciated.

I can't say there were any changes in my feelings about real whippings during the transition from the old forum to the new one. But that's just me. The production values look great (other than the shaky third camera) and it looks like a top-notch film for the fans.
187) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 06:43 PM Permalink

About tit and pussy electric shocking safety methods, it's all about the amperes (current flow) and most electro-shock devices have "current limiters" which only allow non dangerous milliamps current. Hurts but will not kill or damage body parts.

Never use a household 120 vac or car 12DC batteries because the current cannot be controlled and can cause deadly damage that may not show up until months later.

Wetting the tits and or pussy would have increased the pain for sure too. Bill K.
186) Thomas Chaser 
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History of Pain – Spy Interrogation by ElitePain.Com

A Review by Thomas Chaser

“For thousands of years, people have been tortured…”

So begins the first installment of what ElitePain.Com promises to be a series of documentary-style films that will examine man’s inhumanity to his fellow man (or for this installment, women). Each film will express one particular aspect of torture, either by time period or by concept – the Inquisition, plantation slavery, and war camps are suggested in the introductory segment. “Spy Interrogation” is exactly what this film is about – the techniques employed by military, police, and others to extract information from their adversaries. To lend the film credibility, the producers have turned to a former interrogator identified only as “Sgt. M.G.” and Dr. Sandra Aziz, a medical expert, both of whom cover the psychological and physical aspects of the methodology of torture.

Sgt. M.G. gives his expertise in such a way that we never see his face. Backlit, all we see is the silhouette of his head in a dark room. His voice is also electronically modulated, making positive identification even more difficult. On the other hand, Dr. Sandra Aziz presents her material much like you would expect in an interview – well lit, clearly spoken, and succinctly informative. Are these individuals real? If they aren't, then they are really good actors and somebody did a lot of good research to make their dialogue convincing. Most of what they say matches what I learned in my “Crime and Punishment” courses in criminology, so while you're watching this, just remember that you can get college credit, too!

Psychological techniques are discussed first, covering the simple tricks police can use to fool a suspect into divulging information without leaving any marks on the suspect’s body. From there, we're taken through the more physical forms of interrogation, beginning with the forced stripping of the prisoner as a way to emphasize the power the police have over her, and to shame her into accepting their dominance. This act of stripping the victim can be enhanced through the use of sexual abuse, and in the film the suspect is forced to strip and then to finger herself in front of her captors.

Gigi Weiss portrays the captive in this segment. I loved her in “Milgram Experiment” and even more so in “Fear” when she went back to her blonde hair color. Here, in this segment, she’s either a really good method actress or she’s lost a scary amount of healthy weight, because she almost looks sickly. Don't get me wrong – she’s still hot, particularly in the whipping segment later – but my first thought when I saw her in this film was “eating disorder” or perhaps “drug abuser”. Hopefully she can get some muscle back for the next segment of the “History of Pain” series. She’s one of my favorite Mood/ElitePain models and it'd be a shame to lose her.

Next up is the technique of sleep deprivation, as a way to disorient the prisoner and break down her willpower. In this case, it’s Ivette Bata, who throughout this movie will be used to express the more emotional scenes. You may remember her as the final captive in the horror film “Fear”, where she looked far more mainstream than she does here. In my opinion, she looked better in “Fear” simply because she didn't openly display her piercings and tattoos. That aside, I will give her credit as an actress. She turns in a credible performance and I can see her going on to bigger things some day (but her options will be limited if she keeps getting pierced and tatted up).

After that comes exposure to cold weather, dousing with water, and dunking the head in a barrel of water. The first two are certainly real. You can see Bata’s breath as she hangs from a rope, clad only in her underwear, and Weiss certainly is being sprayed with water. The third technique – dunking the head in a barrel – could have been done better. For one thing, I would have used the Vietnamese style of roping, where the wrists are tied and then another rope is passed around the torso to pin the arms to the sides of the body. This enhances the restriction of the captive. The other thing I didn't like about this scene is that – like electro-torture – it is easy to fake. While we are to believe that the guard is forcing Bata’s head into the barrel, it’s just as easy for the guard to grab Bata’s head and let Bata pull her hand into the barrel so that it looks like Bata is being pushed. If the producers really wanted to make this dramatic, the guard should have locked her arm through Bata’s elbows, put her hand on the back of Bata’s head, and pushed her whole torso into the water so that the captive is off-balance and reliant on the guard to pull her back out. To make things worse, the scene goes on longer than it needs to, and at one point the captive uses the water to spit on her interrogator. Like we've never seen that before…

Tell me you couldn't break out of this if you really wanted. Right?

If there’s one saving grace about this part, it’s that the interrogator doesn't haul off and backhand her, which is the typical response used in so many movies. Instead, he simply orders her to be dunked again. That’s very professional of him.

I will also say that Bata does a very good job of acting defiant, then frightened, then defiant as she runs the spectrum of emotions. She truly is a find for Mood/ElitePain and I'd love to see her again in a future film, possibly as an evil interrogator. She’s been a captive twice now, so maybe she should try her hand at playing the evil side of the captive/captor equation. In a way, I'm glad that she doesn't turn in any nude scenes, because she’s an actress I would not want to see naked. Did I mention the tats and piercings? She might make a very convincing punk-rock vampire-like henchwoman. She’s also underweight, but maybe that’s a fashion thing in eastern Europe now.

Next we get to the good parts.


Weiss is the victim this time, strapped to a metal bedframe and wired up to a generator controlled by Mandy Tortega, who played a henchwoman in “Fear” as well as the “qualified executioner” in “The Milgram Experiment”. For an evil-doer, you couldn't ask for one lovelier. It’s hard to believe that someone with such a beautiful face would be capable of zapping a human being with volts of electricity, but she does. After Dr. Aziz educates us on the finer points of electrical charges passing through a human body, we get to see the machine in use.

If you're a fan of electro-torture, you'll love this scene. You'll eat it up. You'll go to bed thinking about it and wake up in the morning wanting to watch it again. On the way to work you'll be glad you saved a copy to your smartphone so you can watch it while you sit in traffic. It’s that good. It'll be all you can do not to tell your cubicle neighbor “Dude, I saw the most intense thing last night. Here, let me show you.” Yes, it’s smartphone good. It’s beyond smartphone good. It’s cubicle neighbor good.

Credit to Gigi Weiss for enduring a) laying on a metal bedframe without a mattress, which hurts because if you've never done it, you don't want to, and b) giving an outstanding performance while being zapped with juice. And I should point out that, other than head-dunking-in-water being the most easily torture to fake, electricity-to-the genitals is the second-easiest to fake. So is it real? Well, there’s the shaky camera shots, the sound of electricity popping, and a blonde woman stripped naked, stretched out, and moaning. If it’s real, it’s hot. If it’s fake, it’s still hot.

After something like that, we need a break, so Dr. Aziz treats us to the technique of a mock execution. It’s slow and there’s no nudity, so you don't really miss anything important. You can pour yourself a drink here. By the time you get back, you'll be ready to see the whippings.

Yes, plural.

First up is Weiss in one of my favorite positions on one of my favorite Mood/ElitePain restraints – the standing-spreadeagle-against-the-chainlink-fencing frame that was used so well in “The Milgram Experiment”. Dr. Aziz educates us on the technique of effective whipping, and then Weiss is the poor model that gets whipped.

I'll admit that I loved this scene. I love it more here than I did in “The Milgram Experiment” because Weiss looks so much better without the pink hair dye. She’s lovely here and really shows us what she can handle in terms of physical punishment. She takes ten lashes as a warm-up, then twenty, and then Mandy Tortega is replaced by the Man himself, “Max Lomp”, who takes her even further into the House of Pain.

If I have one complaint about this scene, it’s the intentionally shaky third camera, which tries to impart dramatic tension with fade-ins and fade-outs and drifting clumsily around the scene. That style doesn't work here. One camera is stationary at an angle, another is fixed to shoot from behind the victim, and this third camera is the “free roamer”. If you're going to roam, at least be in focus so we can see what the hell is going on.

You can fake dunking. You can fake electro-shock. You can even fake a whipping. But this, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely real. We see the whip impact the body. We see the victim recoil and yelp. Then we see the red welt rise from the skin where the whip has kissed the flesh.

This is what the after-effects of a whipping look like.

ElitePain could have ended the movie right there and we would've been satisfied that we'd gotten our money’s worth. The lesson would've been over and we would've said, “Well, that was nice.” But no. It’s not over yet. What’s worse than being a victim enduring a whipping?

Watching a loved one being whipped in your stead.

Bata, blindfolded, is brought out and directed to stand in a particular place. Her blindfold is removed and she sees that it is not her, but her younger sister, cuffed to the same metal frame to which Weiss was just strapped, who will suffer now.

And, I now have a new favorite Mood/ElitePain model. Sorry Bertha Black. Sorry Angel White. Nancy’s a cutie with girl-next-door charm and a child-like innocence. Look at those soft brown eyes. Look at that tender face. Who would want to hurt a girl like that?

Us, that’s who.

After the guard rips the captive’s clothing away, she’s immediately subjected to the whip. I won't go into excruciating detail, but I will say that, as good as this scene is (and it is good), it could have been so much more intense if a) the view hadn't kept switching to Bata so much and had allowed us to get a better sense of the whipping’s escalating pain, and b) the third camera had actually been in focus so that we could see what the hell was going on (wait, didn't I just say that a second ago?) I hated the effect when Weiss was being whipped, and here it seems like it is even worse.

Still, this scene works very well because a) Nancy (the younger sister) is such a cutie and b) she has a great scream. In another film that she was in – “Ring of Pain: Training Day” – she had a high-pitched yelp. Here, she has a much deeper guttural howl that sounds so much better for the scene. It emotes pain so much better. It will rattle your bones. I will also give her credit for making us weep for her as she endures her whipping.

This is early on. I won't show you what she looks like at the end. Her tears should be evidence enough.

I will, however, tell you that the producers must be mind-readers, because in the bonus footage we get “The Making Of” segment in which we see Nancy’s whipping straight through, without the annoying cut-aways to Bata. It’s as gut-wrenching as you would imagine it would be.

If you're a fan of electro-torture, you'll want this movie in your collection. If you're a fan of pretty girls being whipped, you'll want this movie three-times over. Fans of water torture may be a little disappointed, as will be fans of exposure, showers, and forced masturbation. But this film isn't about those. it’s about showing us the techniques of a military interrogation, and certainly electro-shock and whipping have a long and successful legacy of extracting confessions, certainly more so than the shame of finger-fucking yourself in front of a couple of strangers (“Speak! Or I will force you to orgasm!” just doesn't have the same spark as a shot of electricity).

If ElitePain can bring this same level of production value to its next installment, they just might become legendary for this series. Not only is it fun, it’s educational, too.

I can't wait for the next one.

My rating: A
185) Thomas Chaser 
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(185) Thanks, Lynn. Like Bill I was hoping for something more along the lines of the "Spartacus" TV show. I guess I will just have to take solace in the comforts of this warrior woman.
184) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 03:01 PM Permalink

Thank you, Lynn for the information on Titus not persecuting the Christians and there being no Christian burnings in the Pompeii era. I wasn't looking for Christian gimp burning, which would have been a nice erotic surprise, but more of the whipping, crucifying and rape the Romans were known for.
The movie storyline took liberties with historical facts of the destruction of Pompeii to include arena gladiators battles while the volcano eruption was destroying Pompeii. Based on previews of the storyline I was thinking it should have had one or two gimp scenes which it didn't have. Keifer Sutherland roughing up the star actress and rocks falling on large groups of people were all the gimp to be seen. Bill K.
183) Covers 
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 07:44 AM Permalink

(183) Fritz, The fake "Man's Report" covers have been floating around since at least June 2011. I've got three different ones in my collection.

Today's presumably authentic cover is from Adventure Dec 1962 V139 #2
182) Lynn 
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Some random thoughts:

To the person who was disappointed that there are no "Christian burnings" in the movie "Pompeii"; for the historical record, the Emperor at the time, Titus, did not persecute the Christians, or anyone else for that matter, something that makes him quite rare in Roman history.
The Jews do not like Titus however because, before he was proclaimed Emperor, he was the Roman military commander who successfully crushed the uprising in Judea generally known as the "Jewish War" and imposed a solution final enough to last 1900 years, on them.

Reference the question about nipple torture - Yes; running one lead to one nipple and the other lead to the other nipple is DEADLY DANGEROUS. It is very commonly seen in unprofessional videos, but as we not read about trials for the murder of models in the mainstream news afterwards, clearly, the current is only simulated.

Finally, my personal congratulations to the model/actress who did the electrical interrogation scenes in the 'History of Pain' video, for her courage.
181) Fritz 
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Silvio Dante: That's a great pulp cover, but it's as bogus as Sasquatch. First off, despite a legion of publications such as Man's Story, Man's Epic, Man's World, Man's Action, Man's Illustrated, Man's Exploits and over twenty (!) other Man's [Noun] titles, I can find no mention of a “Man's Report.” Second, MAMs stopped selling for 35 cents in 1970, back when the space shuttle was just a highly classified gleam in some NASA engineer's eye. And then there's that dodgy rope-work. Still, as a fake, it's pretty damn good.

But I have to wonder what's behind this one. Most MAM covers are manipulated to add more nudity and/or violence. This is the first fake I've seen which simply recompiles and modifies the content to create a cover which could well have existed in 1969 – at least if the shuttle was flying then. In part that's why it is so convincing.

So, Mr. Dante… what's the story? Were you, as an artist, inspired to create an homage? At the very least, it's got something to do with this smile

180) Thomas Chaser 
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(180) Hofrax - I'm digging that screen name by the way - I agree completely. Nobody could sell a torture scene like the incomparable Lana Clarkson. In my opinion, she saved "Barbarian Queen" from going the way of "Sword of the Barbarian" and all the other "Conan" one-offs.

I posted up the three "Rose Racked" scenes for the benefit of the movie-makers out there looking for source material to study to make a rack scene realistic - something to show their models/actresses as study material. Was the rack scene in BQ1 realistic? No, but Lana Clarkson was such a great talent that we didn't care. It was close enough that she sold us on the action and we let our willing suspension of disbelief cover the rest of the gap between fake and real. And, of course, Tony Middleton was such a great villain/torturer that he made the scene complete. A torture scene with a beautiful actress is good, but a torture scene with a good villain is great. Not to knock "Maleficarum", but the equation wasn't there; that rack scene lacked something and that something was an over-the-top villain that relished his role. Tony Middleton was almost a caricature and that gave the scene a sort of comic relief - he even had a Rube Goldberg machine to use on her. How crazy wild is that? At the same time, Lana was playing her role seriously dramatic, and it was that interplay - the intimacy between a straight victim and a comedic torturer - that made those characters work. I didn't get that from "Maleficarum". There just wasn't that connection between the actors.

Another example: "Poor Cecily", another classic rack scene. In that movie, one of the torturers (the principle one that works over the blonde witch in the first racking) is sweaty and shirtless and wearing an eye-patch and does the leering, breath-through-the-mouth thing that makes his character so ridiculously stereotypically evil. Not that the movie ever won any awards or ever will, but that scene is a classic rack scene because the characters work. It's the silent-movie villain all over again. Even the "Rose Racked" guy was (unintentionally) funny, with his pot belly, oversized glasses, and "I live in my mom's basement but I consider myself a badass anyway" hairstyle. I think, had Eric Calancha embraced his role a bit more, maybe added odd glasses or an eye patch or a ridiculous jagged scar across his face to bring some levity to the scene, it would have worked better. You can get as rough as you want in a scene, so long as you wink from time to time.

Ralphus - if you want to turn my three "Rose Racked" posts into a review, great! I'm sure others would benefit from knowing it's out there. My grade would be A++ in terms of emotional impact and value for the dollar. Rose certainly earned her pay that day.

And let me also add that I'm really enjoying the ability to add pictures to my somewhat random posts. Thanks Amy!
179) Pedro 
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Ralphus asked: And a better question, how come you didn't shock both her nipples?

Haha, I answer this question, but this will imply the answer to the original question too.

So here is the answer: We had two circuits. (two pair of red-black wires).
We definitely wanted to wire her pussy. So we had only one circuit for the tits. If we wired the red one to one tit and the black one to the other tit, then there had been a chance of electricity going through the heart. (which is at least dangerous) The way we hooked it up on one of her tits it was not risky for her heart. One circuit through her pussy, another through one of her tits, and we hadn't left a third one. (the device could operate only two circuits at a time). Now did we use real juice or didn't we? lol
In my opinion those producers who wire both tits onto one circuit are either making a simulated electro torture scene or if they do it real, they are doing a very dangerous thing. (though I am not an expert as Dr Aziz)
178) Ralphus 
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(178) Catching up on a few posts...

Geoffrey Merrick: What a pleasure to see you on this site. I've been a fan of your art for quite a long time. You're one of the early pioneers going back to the HOM days. And it's very cool your new site is apparently a FREE site, you don't see that too often from established artists like yourself. It's going to be fun to explore.


Thomas Chaser: Nice overview on Rose Racked. I've seen that clip years ago; it was one of the better rack vids I've seen, although the tat on Rose's leg always bothered me. Yeah, I know, I'm picky. Do you want that turned into a review? If so, I'll need a grade.


Pedro asked:

If you could pick one ERA (for example Ancient Era) OR one SITUATION (example: Plantation Slaves) to see a documentary of torture about that subject, what would you choose? And what tortures would you definitely include in that film?

I really like the Medieval Inquisition period, since there were so many creative tortures from that era, many of which were covered extremely well in Maleficarum. And of course, the Inquisition Live people made a entire production company out of that genre, with varying success. It doesn't mean it's been exhausted, though. The rack, branding, the horse, gosh, there are so many. This website might give you an idea of a few you could implement.

Plus there's a bonus, if you do go with the Medieval period, that will force you to only hire girls with no tattoos :)

I'm assuming, though, since you're primarily a whipping production company, that whipping will be the main setpiece along with a few others, no matter what type of setting you're planning?


Bergie14 wrote:

Did the lady in question tied to the bed frame in the picture above get a little of the juice to enhance her performance, or did she have to imagine what that would be like and "act" accordingly? Thoughts?

That's a good question. I want to know the answer, too. I haven't seen a lot of Elite Pain vids, but I know the whippings are definitely real. So what about the electricity? Her reactions were extremely realistic. She looked to be in genuine pain. Of course, it's easy to fake electroshock if your actress knows how to emote.

Here's a production question: In the "making of" extras, she is bit-gagged while they're applying the wires, so why not in the actual scene? A lot of times prisoners are gagged during electro-torture to prevent them from biting their tongues.

And a better question, how come you didn't shock both her nipples?

177) Pedro 
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Bergie14 I promise you I'll tell you the truth... but first let's see others' guesses cool
176) Bergie14 
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Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a question for the group. Did the lady in question tied to the bed frame in the picture above get a little of the juice to enhance her performance, or did she have to imagine what that would be like and "act" accordingly? Thoughts?

Love the new board--thanks Amy!!
175) Hofrax 
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Thomas Chaser, thanks for posting "Rose Racked". I used to own that one before my hard drive crashed a few years ago. I have to say, it is the most realistically done rack scene I have ever seen, and you can tell she is suffering for real. It's too bad I've never come across anything even remotely close to this. The problem with doing a realistic rack scene is that it is incredibly dangerous. Poor Rose here was maybe two turns away from a trip to the ER and possibly permanent damage. Alas, to portray it even more realistically, you'd need CGI or special effects wizardry of the type which is beyond the budget of ZFX-type fare. Or you could get lucky with someone who is both beautiful and a good enough actress to really sell the pain, so you don't have to risk injuring her for real. Other than the incredible Lana Clarkson (who sold her rack scenes incredibly well, in spite of her being strapped to them at an angle which could not possibly cause her the agony she conveys), I've not come across such an actress.
174) Geoffrey Merrick 
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(174) Oops. I meant (one "l" in slaver). Just for being so stupid, I'll add another exclusive illi ... this one by TAW for the up-coming novel TRUANT.
173) Geoffrey Merrick 
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(173) Hey all. It's me, Geoff Merrick, who made the Kidnapped Girls Agency videos and writes the Tyler Files bondage thrillers, which were/are featured at the pioneering bondage media company, H.O.M., as well as the abductor and bdsmartwork sites. I just dropped by to let you know I've finally opened my own site,, with all sorts of fun stuff I hope you enjoy (the illustration I'm including was done exclusively by TAW to illustrate my up-coming remastered novel EXPELLED. In any case, keep up the great work here!
172) Thomas Chaser 
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(172) Here, have a picture from "The Theater Bizarre" with Debbie Rochon racking Jodi Christianson in the segment "Wet Dreams".

Also, not only am I getting a kick out of these old magazine covers, I followed Covers' link to the old text for the story about the girl whipped in New Orleans. The old hard-boiled detective style is so stilted it almost mocks itself! Too bad nobody produces stuff like this anymore. Or at least not that I know of.
171) Covers 
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(171) Adventure Aug 1962 V138 #6
170) Rennier 
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super Forum, i like
169) Bill K. 
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Sorry frown Gimpers there was not a single gimp scene or action in "Pompeii" at all. No nudity at all either. Special effects were very good and the acting was good but no Roman orgies, no torture or rape of women at all. Just men killing each other mostly in the arena as Pompeii was being destroyed by volcano ash, fiery lava rocks and the final blast of fiery ash cloud. Movie worth seeing if you like muscle bound guys (a chick movie) and the volcano erupting scenes and the action was very good too. Bill K.
168) Thomas Chaser 
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(168) The third segment of "Rose Racked" by ShadowPlayers.Com

Now we come to the final chapter of "Rose Racked", in which the victim, already taut on the rack, is given her final stretches.

In the previous set of vidcaps, we saw Rose attached to the machine, then tightened and fondled. Now we enter the most dangerous - and albeit most exciting - part of the action. This is also the part that proves to us as the critical viewer that what we're seeing is real.

First, notice how the hands were attached to the machine. Rose is wearing leather bondage bracelets around her wrists and the heavy metal manacles of the machine are then fastened farther up her arm, so that when the tension is applied the heavy metal will be pulling on the softer leather. This is to prevent damage to the hand. Leather will "give" around a bone to evenly distribute the torsional stress. Metal won't. Localized stress is bad; distributed stress isn't.

Second, notice how, despite the bondage leather wrist cuffs, her hands are turning purple. This is somewhat normal and not very dangerous provided circulation isn't cut off for very long. A slight tingling for a few minutes after the victim is released, but nothing permanent. However, if left like this for very long, neurological damage can occur.

Third, notice how the level of the chains has risen from the last montage of vidcaps to this one. This is evidence that greater stress has indeed been placed on Rose. In the first row of this third set of caps, the torturer tightens the winch one notch. On the second row, he tightens it a second notch and we can see the effect the stress has on Rose's disposition. I tried to capture the range of facial emotions she made when the cog slipped into the notch on the wheel. On the third row, he's tightened it a third notch, and you can see the immediate effect of the pain. She's now at her limit, and the clip ends shortly after this point.

If this were a true interrogation, the inquisitor would have relaxed the tension and let her recover momentarily. The blood flow would have caused her muscles to ache and she would be very much aware of her predicament. Dan Hawke once put Liz Tyler on a rack and tightened it up and forced her to orgasm. She later remarked that, initially, the tension wasn't bad up until she orgasmed. Afterwards, when her body relaxed, the tension was "scary". In a true interrogation, I suspect the same would be true to someone stretched, then relaxed, then stretched, then relaxed. The ache would increase with each additional stretching.

So, going panel by panel. Panel 1: starting tension. Panel 2: tightened one notch. Panel 3: reaction. Panel 4: tightened a second notch. Panel 5: reaction. Panel 6, 7, and 8: letting the stress take its toll. Panel 9: the windlass being turned a third notch. Panel 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14: range of emotions as she feels her body beginning to surrender to the pull of the chains. Panel 15: Closing shot. My guess is she used a safe word after this.

My point in all of this is, if you're going to do a rack scene, make is real as possible, even if you're just faking for the sake of safety. Racks take up a lot of room and require a bit of space. In "Rose Racked" there was a camera mounted above the victim, looking down, and this angle should definitely be included in filming the scene. It's dramatic and gives a good sense of the victim's body's positioning. Have a camera a) over the victim, b) at the head where the windlass is located, and c) at an angle where we can form a good 3D special interpretation of the placement of the victim on the rack, the space occupied by the torturer, and the viewer's perspective within the room.
167) Silvio Dante 
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(167) Great posts with the old pulp covers. Here is another....
166) Thomas Chaser 
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(166) The second set from "Rose Racked" by ShadowPlayers.Com

The victim has been secured to the rack, ready for the next stage of her torture. She could confess or she could be defiant. She is in peril of terrible pain that will start slowly and gradually increase. She knows this.

When I first saw this clip, I watched it like a voyeur. I got an emotional and sexual charge from the act I was seeing. Then I watched it again, this time with a studious eye, noticing things I had missed the first time through, like how the victim squirmed and tugged against her bonds with just enough reluctance to emote nonconsensual torture but not really enough to jeopardize the act itself. I then began to wrap a story around the clip with the idea that maybe I might write something in the future, using this clip as inspiration. The story I conceived was very similar to what Mood Pictures is contemplating - a documentary on the use of torture. My story was something like this:

A man offers coursework to sadists and military interrogators on the use of instruments of torture. For this installment, he has brought out a slave (indicated by her collar) submitted for the demonstration by her master (his mark is on her thigh, as he marks all of his sex slaves), a third-party to the piece, possibly a customer or just a friend. The slave is afraid of being tortured so she resists having her legs bound, but she is a slave and knows her place, so she allows herself to be bound although reluctantly. Once she is in place, she is merely a test subject; nothing more.

The teacher then demonstrates the use of the rack; how to sloooowly turn the windlass to maximize the fear building up in the victim, then when the chains start to tighten, how to crank the wheel even slower to allow the natural elasticity of the human body to adapt to the tension of the chains. Once the victim has initial tension on her body, the torturer can play with her a bit, to show her that she is helpless to protect herself. He can do anything he wants to her. His fingers trace a line along her skin, drawing our attention to specific places on her arms, her breasts, and between her thighs. He slaps her genitals, drawing a reaction. Then he slaps her mound of Venus again, just to show that he can. She turns her head, knowing she's helpless to prevent him from abusing her. He fondles her a bit more, playing with her body, squeezing her breasts and tickling her nipples, then he works his way back towards the terrible crank located far above her head where she can't see.

Then comes the final stretching, which I will get to next.
165) Jlive99 
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I absolutely loved Elite Pain's History of Pain: Spy Interrogations. I would suggest a follow up with types of tortures that are unique to certain geographic regions. Continue the documentary style then take viewers to South America where they show a woman being placed in the Parrot's Perch and tortured with electricity and whips. Then to Middle East, where a woman receives bastinado or falaka or is sentenced to caning. Maybe go to China and show the Tiger's Bench and bastinado.
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