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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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3816) Bergie14 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 06:19 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Thomas, Anna Chapman should have been tied to the St. Andrews in "real life".... Wow, that picture is unreal. Just amazing.
3815) MadBob 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 06:17 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3815) To celebrate my recent inclusion in the Notable Guests roster, here's my new image: "Escorting".
Hope you'll enjoy.
@ Fritz: Thanks bud. :)
@ Arc: "mentor" is the correct word.
3814) boccaccio 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 06:01 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Regarding voting on the gouging question.

I certainly hope the 'eyes' do not have it.
3813) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 03:53 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3813) Jimbo, do you remember the Anna Chapman spy scandal a few years back? Have you ever wondered if the Feds went easy on her interrogation? I'm thinking, just off the top of my head here, what if...

Dani Jensen ( is sitting at her desk at work when a man approaches her, flashes a badge, and arrests her for espionage, treason, whatever. She protests her arrest and claims she's innocent. The man removes a piece of cloth from a Ziploc bag and places it over her nose and mouth. She struggles a bit before weakening and passing out. She's pushed out of camera view, fade to black.

Scene opens with Dani stripped naked and bound to the St. Andrew's cross. A man, his face covered by a mask begins interrogating her about certain emails that the Feds have intercepted and demands to know her contacts and the name of her handler(s). So forth and so on. She says she's innocent. He oils her up with "a special oil that makes the electric shocks feel that much worse" and she claims she's innocent. Next he attaches the wires to her nipples and pussy and asks her about her connections again. She refuses to answer. He pushes the button/turns the crank/contacts the battery and she screams and convulses. So forth and so on until she passes out. Fade to black.

Next scene. Dani is still tied to the X-cross. The villain explains that she's obviously been trained to resist conventional torture techniques, so he's had to resort to unconventional methods. He introduces her to "Miss Ogeny", a specialist trained in the art of female seduction. She will torture Dani by seeing how hot she can get her and how many orgasms she can handle before she cracks. The character of Miss Ogeny can be whomever Dani plays best with; no particular casting necessary but she has to really be able to make the viewer believe she's a specialist in human pleasure (maybe an exotic-looking model like Kalina Ryu or Cassandra Cruz or Amira Adara or best yet my favorite bondage model India Summer who, being older, would make a very believable specialist given her field of expertise).

The idea being that the first half of the movie is a serious bondage film, but the second half... not so much. Meanwhile, the villain is in another room, watching on surveillance camera and talking on the telephone to "Washington" that he "has a live one and she's crying beautifully. I'll have her ready for you by tomorrow morning." The camera pans over the desk as he makes some small talk and we see that his badge and ID are fakes, sitting right next to a different badge and different ID, and another, and another. The villain says, "Yeah, by the time Tonya is done with her, Red will practically be begging us to sell her to Mohammed as a sex slave. Your idea to use Tonya to work her over was brilliant. This is gonna be our best score yet."

You wanted something that's not been done before - well, here ya go! I'm pretty sure if the Feds actually had an expert in female seduction who could coerce confessions just by making enemy agents orgasm almost continuously, the US intelligence network would be far better than it currently is. And even if the interrogation thing doesn't ring any bells, the sex-slave auction bit at the end give a nice alternative.
3812) frog 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 03:53 PM Permalink

3790) Kelderek: Thanks for the great interrogation scene. You are right. Just repeating “I don't know” will not work. This only increases her anguish, especially if it is true she does not know. Soon she will be blurting out any name, any address.

3743) JD: Thanks for posting this great scene. It has everything (almost) that makes a GIMP scene memorable. Tied to a frame, sweating, and whips. It is a pity it is short and sweet and her loincloth, or whatever, never comes off.

Re the poll:
I cannot recall the titles, but when I was an adolescent worm there were these Italian films –of which I only saw the very suggestive previews– since I was not of age to see them which dealt with Prehistory or Vikings. In the Prehistoric setting, young blonde virgins would be dragged naked (except for a loincloth) to stone altars. They would, of course, be sweaty and they would writhe magnificently as they were flogged by what must have been priests or shamans. I recall another scene from a Viking film (I managed to slip into the theater for this one) in which a consecrated virgin had broken her vows. She and her lover were hung AOH and held together with strands of thorns that dug into their flesh as they writhed and gyrated while being flogged. Nobody comes up with this type of “period piece” anymore, it seems.

I must also mention the following scenes that etched themselves into my psyche:

1. The strip and violation scene in the porno shop in The Howling

2. The first strangulation scene in Psycho Lover, when the psycho blocks the GIMP’s window from closing with a clothespin.

3. A fake Nazi interrogation and whip scene in an Italian movie (I guess) titled something like Mondo Bizarro.

4. The three scenes in A Clockwork Orange.

5. The adulteress punishment scene in Cannibal Holocaust.

6. The rack scene in Mark of the Devil I and in Naschy’s Inquisition, which has another great scene at the wheel involving hot coals and pincers.

7. The two scenes in Murder Set Pieces: one on a mattress and the other on gym equipment.

There are, of course, more, but I do not want to take up too much space.
3811) A Canadian 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 12:28 PM Permalink

I've been a bit tardy weighing in on the whole 'gouging' discussion.

For the record, I'm not fond of such messiness. It does nothing for me.
3810) Jimbo 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 10:54 AM Permalink

Maybe I should also mention the plot for this video. A woman (wholesome, girl next door type) is stalked and abducted by a monster. I guess you could say it's Hills Have Eyes, but the girl is kept alive and doesn't get saved.
3809) Jimbo 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 19 October 2014 10:48 AM Permalink

Thomas Chaser: Yes, I've seen that scene you are referring to, gorgeous women! I like the psychological aspect of that, but not necessarily the ending. I'm more into prolonged torture and captivity, not having the finale with her being killed or getting away.

Ralphus: He wasn't able to do the car scene aspect of it due to time constraints, but it still worked out well. It's listed on my link under "Alex Chance, Sextoy". The plot was a girl who uses her looks to get what she wants gets abducted by one of the guys she's teased, and turned into his sex slave. There's blowjobs, whippings, butt plug insertions, electrical shocking (implied), and sex.

I think Ms Chance did a good job, the only thing that got me was her reactions to being "shocked". In previous customs that he's done for me, the actresses (Holly West, Nicki Hunter) did a GREAT job of convulsing. Alex screamed loudly, which works, but didn't do any convulsing.

I paid about 2k for the video, minus additional props/wardrobe. The rate for the model depends on who you want, and he charges half that rate for him, about $100 for the cameraman, and location rates vary. Alex charged $1,500 since anal was included.

Tim Woodman (the actor and owner of the site) is very professional throughout the whole process, and goes the extra mile. With this video, there was an issue with the wardrobe arriving on time, and he adjusted the schedule to ensure he was home to pick it up and use it for the shoot. He plays the villain role pretty well and is versatile as to the kind of villain. I've had him play the heartless villain as well as inbred hillbilly villain, and he nailed both.

As for my solicit for torture ideas, I was pretty vague initially. He is pretty flexible on what he can do. I'm into tortures that have a psychological effect on the GIMP, most of my video ideas are centered around the premise of the woman being abducted and either sold into slavery, or broken down as a "pet" or "toy" for the villain. I'd say impalement torture is something that I'm into. Whipping is fine, but after seeing many of ZFX's videos, I'd like something more unique that hasn't been done. I guess that's why I was vague when I put the question out initially, I'm looking for a broad spectrum.

Thanks for the responses so far guys.
3808) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Sunday, 19 October 2014 01:17 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3808) I happened to be going through my library and stumbled across this little gem called "Sveta and Leena" from CruxDreams.Com. Sadly, half of that development team is no longer alive but at least his work remains with us. Anyway, it starts out like most of Makar's crucifixion videos but in one scene change the two women take turns playing with the other's nudity as one is bound helplessly to the cross. Some pretty hot stuff from ImageMaker and Makar.

In post 3798, Jimbo wrote: "I need some feedback for another custom I'm going to have done. I'm looking for some different bondage positions or torture methods. If anyone has thought of one or seen a pretty cool one, please let me know."

First, I need to know what was done in the previous custom. There's no need to pay for something you've already paid to see in a previous movie.

Second, I'm guessing this is a low-budge affair, which means a modern setting with a simple-to-execute plot and subsequent torture. Ok, think about some common household items: soldering iron, stapler, pliers, and power tools can all be repurposed into torture implements. Depending on how gory you want to go, a trip to Home Depot with a $50 gift card will get you a lot of rope, duct tape, and hand tools. From there, the sky's the limit.

Third, did you ever see the scene in "I, The Jury" with Barbara Carrera when the bad guy is having a "sexual counseling" session with two hot twins? He binds their hands behind their backs, then uses a knife to cut away their lingerie. Then he pushes them down onto a mattress and tells one twin to say that she loves him. If he doesn't believe her, he makes a quick cut to her skin. This apparently goes on for awhile until he finally believes her and stabs both of the twins to death. I've never seen anything like that ever done in a porn video. Maybe your custom should be about a guy with a loose screw who kidnaps women and forces them to tell him that they love him, or else they get a cut-cut-cut. The movie ends when one woman convinces him that she enjoys being cut and that she loves it when he punishes her. This totally disrupts his psyche and he ends up stabbing himself to death, leaving her tied to whatever and slowly bleeding to death. Fade to black and roll credits.
3807) Ralphus 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 11:20 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Jimbo wrote:

Also, not sure if anyone remembers, but I solicited some opinions for a custom I was having done by Pro Villain Productions. I got the final product, and I definitely liked it. I've had a few customs done by him, and he always delivers.

Ah yes, I remember you mentioning that. That was the abduction where she's put in a car and driven to her destination, right? Well, tell us what you had done. Is the video listed on the Pro-Villain site right now? Actress, cost...?

I need some feedback for another custom I'm going to have done. I'm looking for some different bondage positions or torture methods. If anyone has thought of one or seen a pretty cool one, please let me know.

You'll have to be more specific than that. What kinda tortures are you into? And more specifically, what kind of stuff will this guy shoot?


K9mmv: Dig the animated GIF! I can never get enough of Farrel's work; he did some of the best torture artworks I've ever seen, particularly breast torture.

Hey, you've given me an idea for a new set of daily pictures at the top of the site.

3806) K9mmv 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 06:36 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3806) Found gif of work by Farrel.
3805) Reine Margot 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 18 October 2014 01:49 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3805) An update on the status of Olalla, and the IndieGoGo Campaign Perks!

To the contributors of the Olalla IndieGoGo Campaign,

The release date of October 31st is drawing closer, so we wanted to give a quick update on the post-production status of the film.

The film has been with the sound mixers for two weeks now, and they should finish with that in one more week.

Amy has been working on the color grading/correction of the film, which should be done at the end of next week. At which point we can begin taking photo stills from the film, and assembling thumbnails to choose from for those whose perk included an 8x10 signed photo!

Our subtitles are being translated right now. The finished film will have a selection of English, English hearing impaired, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese subtitles!

Perks (other than the DVD, or Download of the film) such as signed copies of the script, tee shirts, photos, signed books, etc. will be distributed after the release of the film, as we're putting all of our efforts into getting the movie out at the moment. If your perks included a tee-shirt, we will be contacting you to ask your preferred size.

Also, if you contributed at the Associate Producer level, and your contribution was not anonymous, you will be included in the credits of the film. If that's not something you want, please contact us
3804) JD 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 11:37 AM Permalink

(3804) From a very disturbing and definetely non-erotic movie 'Theater Bizzare' of 2011 comes this scene. I only mentioning it because it's technically a racking scene and Ralphus might want to add it to his stash. Courtesy to the guy(s) behind

Fritz might like it though, the whole movie is peppered with dismemberments, guts and gore.

The Theatre Bizarre from radstop on Vimeo.

3803) Covers 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 07:34 AM Permalink

(3803) Man's Adventure July 1967
3802) Bill K. 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 01:00 AM Permalink

Today's picture would have been more erotic without the knives pushed through the Gimp's hands holding her down. That to me is mutilation but more acceptable then eyeballs being cut out or her tit being cut off.

I think when you start cutting up and stabbing a gimp you're not taking into consideration her agony and shock. She not going to care if she's being raped. Bill K.
3801) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 12:23 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3801) Pedro sent me another rush of an interview with Giuletta and her whipping scene. The vidcap above is from that scene and let me tell you that the few seconds I saw were the most intense whipping scenes I've ever seen Mood, ElitePain, or anybody else produce. In the post-scene interview she was still crying and weeping while trying to answer questions. I mean this stuff was HARD! Fans of pain will love this scene tremendously. From what I've seen so far it will be much more intense that the first History of Pain film.

Which brings me to the whole eye-gouging controversy in the "Ilsa" film. An empty eye socket on a woman is not attractive. The fear, the squirming, the begging when she realizes it is about to be forced out of her body is the turn-on; not the result itself.
3800) K9mmv 
IP logged
Saturday, 18 October 2014 12:05 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

We had a conversation like this before when someone put up one of those "Giallo" covers with a woman being branded in the face, and another guy wrote "Don't disfigure the face!" I agree. Not in the face!!! And eye gouging? Really?? I'm surprised we're even having this conversation.

It's why I liked Hostel 2 but not 1. In "Irreversible" the guy pretty much totals her face, but it's all off camera with sound effects, and the after effects are barely glimpsed. Also, no eye gouging. They almost had me going in "Cape Fear" until I heard the arm crack. When he bit a hole in her cheek it was time to check out.
3799) Bill K. 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 11:32 PM Permalink

(3799) Z Nation sci-fy series gore and mutilation is good entertainment but in a Gimp type movie no good and not erotic.

It's not only the face but the entire body should only have whip, branding, bruises and similar marks to me.

In horror movies like Saw, Hostel, etc., mutilations are the storyline and they're good scenes but they're not erotic to me.

Amy and Red Feline make erotic movies without the gore. No Zombies just sexy witches and gimps. That's my erotic thing. Bill K.
3798) Jimbo 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 10:12 PM Permalink

Eye gouging: Turn-on or no
I'd say no, but not because it's gruesome or too graphic. For me, I like when the victim sees everything that is happening to her, the tortures, the humiliation. You take an eye out of the equation, less for her to see.

Also, not sure if anyone remembers, but I solicited some opinions for a custom I was having done by Pro Villain Productions. I got the final product, and I definitely liked it. I've had a few customs done by him, and he always delivers. One of the few actors who can play a wide variety of villains. I definitely recommend him if you're looking for a custom video, he can do a lot of different things, and the actresses he has worked with are all top notch.

I need some feedback for another custom I'm going to have done. I'm looking for some different bondage positions or torture methods. If anyone has thought of one or seen a pretty cool one, please let me know.
3797) Arcas 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Friday, 17 October 2014 10:01 PM Permalink

Ralphus wrote: "What do people think? Am I the only perv, even on this board, who considers this a sexy look? Take a beautiful face and mess it up a little bit."

I'll answer... though I suspect my response should be obvious from my work. I think faces are really important in a scene. They can sell it or sink it. If your GIMP looks like she's just fresh outta the powder room, it often ruins tension. Seeing hints of torment in a face lends so much extra impact. Scratches, dried blood, smeared mascara, red-rimmed or blood shot eyes. As humans we always look to faces to read a scene and when we see these signs of stress and distress, it just makes our emotional connection stronger.

So yeah - I'm all for a face that show's it's been through some rough stuff. It's just when you go over the top and turn it into a gorefest that you risk losing an erotic attachment (at least for me).
3796) Ralphus 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 08:56 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Eye gouging as a turn-on: First off, let me get back to the whole cheek biting sequence in Cape Fear that foreshadowed this current topic.

I wrote it was "a particularly nasty scene, and not enjoyable in the least. I can't imagine anyone getting a stiffie over seeing a woman get her face bit off. Unless that person is the same type who would order a custom video where a woman gets disemboweled."

That was, of course, a semi-knowing nod to Fritz, who indeed did just that. I tease him over that from time to time, because he likes to push the limits of what others might consider extreme. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that; Fritz is a gore-hound. Howie (anyone remember him?), who gave one of Fritz's blood-soaked customs an A+, is probably a gore-hound, too. In fact, if I recall, that particular custom was a top seller for PKF, so there's lots of guys out there who get off on that stuff. To which I say, it's all good.

When you get down to it, it's all fantasy, no one is really getting their eyes gouged out or their faces bitten off, so anything goes as long as it works for you. But I can tell you that on a personal level, once the damage is permanent and the victim's looks are ruined for life, it stops being fun for me and ceases to be a turn-on. This from a guy who likes to see pretty girls beaten up. From someone who thinks black eyes, bruises and a bloody lip are appealing attributes, because they scream "VICTIM" at first glance. I saw Lovelace with the beautiful Amanda Seyfried last night and took this vidcap:

What do people think? Am I the only perv, even on this board, who considers this a sexy look? Take a beautiful face and mess it up a little bit. Women's looks are their pride and joy; they know what sells themselves to men, so for a man to smack her a few times and leave a shiner or a few bruises takes her down a few pegs and shows her who's really the boss. Besides, in a week or two, she'll be back to normal.

But if you were to take that same scenario and, say, gouge out Amanda's eye, that's different. Now she's no longer beautiful; she's damaged physically and nothing's going to fix it. She's permanently disfigured. And suddenly she's not sexy anymore, she's tainted and no longer appealing. I wouldn't feel lust for her, I would feel sorry for her. And that's a cock-shrinker if there ever was one.

That's why when it comes to dismemberment, disfigurement, any kind of permanent damage, I draw the line. I'm sure in this case, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with people who feel otherwise; it's just that I have my limits and that's where it ceases to be enjoyable anymore.

Let's hear from the rest of you.
3795) K9mmv 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 04:59 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@Megan "@K9mmv and Fritz: I agree that eye trauma can be both especially terrifying and stomach-turning, gross-out squikcy. But in the GIMP context, there's delicious power to leverage in that gut reaction!"

Here's my deal. Remember that scene in "Hostel 2" where the guy is torturing the blonde in the pink dress with an electric saw and then fucks up giving her an accidental lobotomy, turning her into a drooling retard, and then he doesn't want to torture her any more because she looks gross? Also the dungeon had a makeup lady so the girls are carefully made up before they are tortured to death. How ironic. Or not really. I can only get excited about messing with them if they still look nice. Within reason, considering the circumstances. I could go on. I must ponder this a lengthy time.
3794) K9mmv 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 04:48 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3794) Red and blue glasses version.
3793) K9mmv 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 04:46 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3793) And so Cheryl Ladd and Lonnie Anderson came to a bad end- I mean Grace and Blythe. Too bad we will never know what happened to them. Such attractive ladies. 9 hours of work. This can be printed out and made into a stereopticon card for anyone who has such a device. I don't need one. I'm able to just see it.
3792) JD 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 03:10 PM Permalink

(3792) Vielen Dank, Herr Fritz!

Eye gouging was a grossing experience for me in an RPG game I loved, The Witcher (2). The whole gaming experience is raw and unadulterated and served the purpose but certainly didn't do anything in the excitement department.

Luckily, they show a good dungeon scene at the start of the game that makes up for it.

3791) Megan 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 02:48 PM Permalink

@K9mmv and Fritz: I agree that eye trauma can be both especially terrifying and stomach-turning, gross-out squikcy. But in the GIMP context, there's delicious power to leverage in that gut reaction!

We'd been talking (or at least I'd been talking) earlier about the mechanical nature of electroshock torture--about how amperes wrench muscles and for all intents and purposes rack the shocked body. Electricity is, of course, mercilessly indiscriminate; it courses between contacts and, if any of those contacts happen to be on the head or face, then among the muscles it will wrench, contract, squeeze will be those that position the victim's eyes.

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then what a sight we get from various applied amperages--the pretty, fluttering lashes of the GIMP struggling to clench her eyes shut; the crossing or rolling eyes of the GIMP who's strength fails against the current; or the wide, petrified, thousand-yard glare of the GIMP whose ocular muscles are clenching hard enough to squeeze her eyeballs from her skull like a pair of grapes!

(I have always loved the bloodshot eyes of Arcas's electroshock victims for this reason--they're an exquisite sign of both tears shed and mechanical *pressure* endured.)

The torturer or interrogator aiming not to damage his or her prey permanently is probably smart to incorporate some kind of eye restraint into his or her electroshock regimen, be it a simple taping-down of the eyelashes or more elaborate restraint pads strapped or pressed atop the eyeballs. Either makes for such a delicious preparatory detail--another sign of the tormentor's skill and dire intent.

Were it my fantasy hand on the console's "DC Amperes" knob, I have often thought I would employ a sort of hybrid approach to the electroshock eye-popping problem (using the word "problem" lightly, of course). Because I *would* want to leverage the terror and agony--I would want the GIMP to feel like her eyes were about to snap out of her skull with every shock, but I would also probably want her to ultimately keep them. My solution: cut a ping-pong ball in half and affix each translucent hemisphere to a strap that holds them over the GIMP's eyes. That way, when we shock our GIMP, her eyes can bulge from her skull and bounce around the interiors of the ping-pong ball hemispheres--but they can't completely pop out. And because because the ping-pong ball hemispheres are just barely translucent, we interrogators get just a hint of the delicious sight of this occurring--a glance of a wide, terrified iris as an eye ball presses against a hemisphere's interior and snaps back.
3790) Kelderek 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 02:12 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Electro torture is a hot GIMP topic right now, so let me contribute with a freshly made pic!

Just repeating "I don't know" doesn't impress the interrogators... she's beginning to understand that now!

(As usual, click for full size big grin )

3789) Covers 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 09:48 AM Permalink

(3789) Here's a little something that might be of interest to the electrotorture fans among us. Yes, it's a 50/50 mix of men and women. Deal with it. smile

3788) Covers 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 09:41 AM Permalink

(3788) Today's MAM cover is from Man's Adventure July 1965.
3787) Fritz 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 01:04 AM Permalink

K9mmv wrote:

Okay, injury to the eye is my top number one gross-out and is not sexy at all. I don't get it.

Like I said, “not for everyone by any means”. I suspect the vast majority of readers will sympathize with you. I know that one of them, a certain female writer who's been known to pop up here, is going to be very, very displeased. And to be honest, I can't say I'm always jiggy with this sort of thing myself – but in the context of the film, it worked for me.

After all… as per the poll question, it's a very short scene – and now maybe we know why it is.
3786) K9mmv 
IP logged
Friday, 17 October 2014 12:43 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Okay, injury to the eye is my top number one gross-out and is not sexy at all. I don't get it. I don't even flinch at decapitation or cannibalism.
3785) Fritz 
IP logged
Thursday, 16 October 2014 11:36 PM Permalink

Assorted distractions are keeping me away from this place, but I figured I should check in at least once so I don't miss my own poll suggestion.

But first, congratulations to my pal MadBob and the other notable guest honorees. Truly a deserving group this year. And what better way to celebrate than to feature a series of MadBob pics of the day?

* * * * *

I thought the current poll question was a good idea at the time, but in hindsight I'm not so sure. I guessed the definition of “mainstream” would be a problem, but it turns out not everyone interprets a “scene” the same way either. As a result, Poor Cecily was voted as having both longest and shortest scenes by two different posters – the latter example completely embodied within the former (a scene within a scene I guess). My understanding is that a scene is one uninterrupted sequence of GIMP action. It could feature multiple victims and perils – but with no significant exposition or other non-GIMP gorp to break up the fun stuff.

With that in mind, for briefest scene I was going to choose Cape Fear, if only to bait Ralphus, but I have to be honest and nominate a much shorter candidate which clocks in at only four seconds. That would be Haji's eye-gouging in Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks:

It's basically a shock cut which reveals that what we thought was a sheep's eye consumed by one of the other characters, was actually plucked from the lovely victim's face. Although Haji has already endured a variety of tortures in previous scenes (and still has more to go), this single shot – not for everyone by any means – gave me a frisson for its sheer unexpectedness and brutality. And Haji's moan and expression of agony certainly is GIMP-worthy in my book, if only for a heartbeat.

Choosing the longest scene proved more difficult. Many have already been mentioned below. Also, I did not include movies by Red Feline, Teraz and other producers who release feature length films primarily for the GIMP market. In the end, I chose Franco's Women in Cell Block 9 because of the lengthy (over 15 minutes in my cut) sequence in which three of the comely political prisoners are tortured one after the other:

You could argue this makes for three separate scenes, but as the GIMP action is virtually continuous, I like to see it as one (similar to the dungeon scene in Poor Cecily, which is slightly shorter).

* * * * *

JD: I can't say for sure, but that picture looks very much like a panel from a French fumetti comic. Elvifrance published a few series in color, and the style of your image is quite similar to that of some of the copies in my collection.
3784) A Viewer 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 11:29 PM Permalink

This may be off topic but I found a website at [] which does reviews of hentai complete with pictures. It even includes Imma Youjo 4 which was discussed here a few weeks ago.
3783) Covers 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 11:12 PM Permalink

(3783) Man's Adventure July 1961
3782) Thomas Chaser 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:57 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3782) Renzo, you have the right film but the wrong scene! The best part is after the three cheerleaders are abducted and forced to strip. They're taken back to the Evil Guy's lair where he lines them up and tells them why he kidnapped them, then he fondles their young nipples and - worst of all - pulls back a curtain to reveal what will happen to them if they continue to resist. If nothing else, Cheri Caffaro gave us that piece of GIMP cinematic treasure.
3781) JD 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:58 PM Permalink

(3781) Found this on Tumblr. Anyone got any idea where's coming from?
3780) Renzo Novatore 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 05:13 PM Permalink

re: the poll question, I've always really liked those first couple scenes in "The Abductors", the one in which the blonde chick is being dragged screaming down the hallway with her hands tied behind her back, and the second scene, which was longer and awesome, of the three girls kidnapped (and stripped, bound and gagged in the process) from their car, which is later set on fire by their abductors. Great scene.

3779) Bill K. 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 04:20 PM Permalink

When a gimp is electrocuted with 110vac house current, the current shorts out their nervous system so their motion function is paralyzed so the only reaction you will see is her shaking.

When using a high voltage shocking devices with a two to five second interval between shocks I would think you will get much body reaction with screaming and pleading from the gimp.

True or false?

Also I have no knowledge in how painful these shocking devices are compared to just regular electrocution with constant current. Anybody know which is a worse torture and most painful? Bill K.
3778) JD 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 12:31 PM Permalink

Thanks MB. The whole movie is worth seeing, as it builds to the atmosphere and provide a good insight into dictatorial regimes of the 60-70s. One could download it from Youtube and then use the english subtitles from places like []
3777) MadBob 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 12:01 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

A very short scene that still turns me on a lot is this one:

The youtube link is for the full movie (which is not particularly interesting),
but true GIMPers will jump to 47:48 and enjoy.. ;)

3776) darkroom 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:32 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3776) Thomas Chaser, thanks for that delicious Fair Game post. That scene still does it for me, the way they run her down, aggress her, mock her and cut her shirt open…

Also, thanks JD and Ralphus for the insight on improving the electro-shock scenes. ZFX does it well and I have played around with FX in Adobe Premier, but am still trying to work out the “amplitude.” Don’t want to kill the model, you know.

And yes, I hate tattoos as well. Alisha Adams, who you are referring to, has done several shoots on Hardtied and Infernal Restraints. She’s great to work with, but that tattoo… Oh well, it’s hard to find models to do these shoots, let alone models without tattoos who can act. Beggars can’t be choosers, but you’re right, I can work to conceal the tats…

3775) Joanna 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 04:08 AM Permalink

@Ralphus: The electro torture scene in The Pick Up is red hot and one of my top torture scenes ever.

The everyday surroundings and improvised torture method makes it so easy to imagine yourself as the victim in her place, lying on your own living room floor, stripped down to your tights and panties, hands tied behind your back and your ankles bound, tape gagged, with your heart pounding as you try to figure out what he's planning next; then he comes over to you with a split lamp cord and two pieces of tape, and you suddenly realize just what he has in mind...
3774) J Scourge 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 02:09 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3774) There have been some memorable scenes from TV shows that come to mind when we talk about GIMP scenes in the mainstream. I know movies specifically were mentioned but I take the liberty of including TV shows in the mix.

Years ago, a number of years before Smallville was on, there was a syndicated program called Superboy. One episode I loved featured the character of Lana Lang on a rack. This scene definitely did the job of arousing me! Naturally I played it further in my imagination--and in that, Superboy was quite delayed--and Lana was in a lot more pain.

More caps and a video clip in the Torture Rack Scenes Database.

J Scourge
3773) Mark Evans 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 01:53 AM Permalink

I'm loving all the discussions about electricity. I'd like to add that electrodes must have a great effect on the outcome too right? Wouldn't 120V AC from the outlet, for example, either burn the skin if thin copper wire with small surface area contact points are used, or make the whole body rigid with muscle contractions if large conductive contacts are used? It surely affects how much amperage is allowed into the body, and the effect on the skin based on how concentrated the entry point is.

I think a nice, realistic way of making a good contact is shown in this clip. Water and salt soaked cloth over a large area. That would surely pump as much juice into the victim as possible without burning the skin. I could only wish it was a female in this scene.

3772) Ralphus 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 01:50 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3772) JD: Thanks for the link to the "Black Scorpion" rack scene. I had never seen that one before. I'll put it in the ever-growing list of additions to the databases. I've slowly been adding new ones. If you check all 4 databases, all have recent additions, the best of which is Scorned in the Electro Database, which dmon alerted us about recently. A good scene that could have been a great one without male interference.


And speaking of electric shock,

Darkroom wrote:

With that in mind, however, how would you stage the scene to make it more believable, equipment that is (on a budget no less). Just clipping wires to the nipples from a battery charger probably wouldn't work. So what would?

With due respect to JD's opinions, I have some of my own that contradict what he wrote. First off, I love electro torture scenes, and I've seen all kinds, real and simulated. The main problem with showing electric shock is that in real life, it's invisible and it's silent. In other words, you really can't see any of the damage that's happening to the woman, and you have to rely solely on her reactions to tell if anything is happening. (This is excepting the use of a stun gun, which, of course, emits a visible spark when in use). Even if the talent you're using is an Academy Award-winning actress, I have no problems with enhancing an electro scene with yes, FX sparks. Is it realistic? No, most likely not, but it does help a scene IMO if the viewer can see what she's supposedly feeling. Don't go nuts with the effects, but a subtle spark or two can work wonders. Rick Masters of ZFX does that with his movies and it gives his electro scenes an extra kick, and it really makes a big difference.

I also don't have a problem with using tape. In my opinion, one of the best electro scenes in history was in The Pick-Up, where the bad guy tapes bare wires to his victim's nipples and plugs the electrical cord in the outlet. ZAP! Can't get much more simple, and oh, so much fun.

Lastly, I'll agree with JD on this point...use sound effects. An electrical buzzing noise when the power is surging through her nipples will definitely enhance the illusion. Again, don't overdo it, but experiment and see which audio effect will work best. You'll be surprised how much better it will make your scene if you do it right.

Oh, and this is important, too. If you're going to use the same model that you linked in your post, cover up that damn tattoo first.
3771) Arcas 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 09:26 PM Permalink

(3771) 'K... here's another bit of ouchie nastiness. This one is a personal project with the model was inspired by Deathtrap Production's (deliciously tasty) "Luna Vera".
3770) JD 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 08:16 PM Permalink

(3770) darkroom wrote: "With that in mind, however, how would you stage the scene to make it more believable, equipment that is (on a budget no less). Just clipping wires to the nipples from a battery charger probably wouldn't work. So what would?

Can only speak for myself but a pair of solid looking, firmly attached pair of clips are the must. Something like in Teraz movies, if you want. There are some menacing looking yet harmless clips in my local sex shop, probably in yours, as well.

If you strive for authenticity than use a double wired clip. This way you can pass the illusion that there's a circuit between the jaws of the clip rather than from one nipple to the other. That would kill your victim due to cardiac arrest before it can experience any kind of serious pain.

Don't use tape, please. In the heavy sweating experience you try to recreate they would just fly away in the wriggling of the vic.

You don't have to show a Acme 3000 Electrifier Plus full of gadgets and LEDs like a discount replica from a Star Wars memorabilia. Just press a button in the dark and our twisted minds will do the rest. If you can't get a good piece of scenery without sinking the budget just keep it outside the frame. But what's INSIDE the frame should look convincing.

Use a atomizer (kind of a spray used time ago to apply parfumes for aristocrats) to spray water progressively on the sweaty parts of the body prone to. Atomizers will leave some clumps of water on skin, rather than a uniform mist, simulating perfectly the natural sweating. Don't overdo it but add a little bit extra between shots. At the end of the scene, your vic should look drenched in sweat.

Don't add FX sparks. There's no way you can get sparks in those conditions.

Set up a proper wriggling pattern with your model. If you ever did a nerve conduction velocity test in your life you should be aware of the sensation when electricity hits the nervous terminals. The pain is highly localised on them nipples, try to show it. Running out of air to scream like in the Japanese scenes when they pass current between legs is more fake than a 3 dollar bill. Unless Japanese women breathe with their vagina.

Add sound. There's innumerable places you can download buzzing sounds that can be easily looped in your favorite video editor application. While it's unlikely that modern electronics will make that sounds (they gave up on step-up/step-down transformers with their coils and 50/60Hz buzzing cores for 20 years now) it still provide an nice historic touch, especially if you have an older timeframe (like Nazi getting the French maiden or those pesky Argentineans of the 70s and their political dissidents).

Well, that's just me. But I'd buy a movie that follow those guidelines in a jiffy.
3769) Thomas Chaser 
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(3769) I've been chatting with Pedro about his upcoming film "History of Pain 2: The Inquisition" and he tells me that he has three different artists working on the special effects; something he's never done before. I've been pestering him about trying to get the film out by Halloween, but with part of the production outsourced, it is out of his control.

So what do you get when you push a Hungarian artist to get a film out the door? You get a teaser video of great scene building up to a bunch of color test bars, that's what.

What's more, he's got a Roman vacation planned this month, too, like he's not going to be busy polishing his film or anything. But, maybe the vacation is a good thing. Maybe HOP3 will be about the glory days of the Roman Empire with bastinado, flaying, whipping, and, of course, crucifixion. I haven't seen anything like that ever done so maybe that could be the epic that crux fans have been dreaming of.
3768) Thomas Chaser 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 07:22 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3768) darkroom wrote: "Best scenes in mainstream? I'd vote for Fair Game, where a tight little brunette is stretched over the hood of a truck, her clothes cut off, and taken for a joyride through the outback."

Ahh, yes. Cassandra Delaney was a nice little package in that film. Here's the scene you're talking about. But don't worry about her. She married John Denver in the end.
3767) Kasey 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 03:47 PM Permalink

Hi. Here's a bit of info on the Picana; as used on the girl in Garage Olimpo
3766) Bill K. 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 01:01 PM Permalink

Darkroom, I believe if you are targeting just the sensitive nipples or pussy you use a shocking device like Wired Pussy KINK guys use.

If you're electrocuting through her body by connecting to nipples or elsewhere, a battery charge 12vdc is too low so I don't even know if electrical device in Eda's story is a real product or made up.

If it's real, it has the be an AC power supply which as the bad guys crank up the juice they are increasing the voltage. Where you find this product I'm not sure? Perhaps an arc welder? Cost I don't know. Bill K.
3765) Daniel 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 12:26 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

There is something very appealing about the victim's dance. Having the hand crank you could have her 'dance' for you all day!

Great illustration!
3764) Bronx_Warrior 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 10:32 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Naked breasts and Leather straps
Month back Ralphus has shared this sexy pic from the low budget movie "Late Fee (2009)" This is the only nude scene in this confusing movie appears only 10 seconds.. At first the straps are covering victim's nipples later the straps down under victim's bare breasts. Good one.

3763) darkroom 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 10:29 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3763) This electroshock theme has me curious. As most of you know, I produce bondage movies and enjoy the electro theme, though in my projects, the shocks aren't real - it's up to the model to make it seem real.

With that in mind, however, how would you stage the scene to make it more believable, equipment that is (on a budget no less). Just clipping wires to the nipples from a battery charger probably wouldn't work. So what would?

3762) darkroom 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 10:17 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Great work Arcas. You and Joseph Farrel are the best in my book. Keep it coming!

Best scenes in mainstream? I'd vote for Fair Game, where a tight little brunette is stretched over the hood of a truck, her clothes cut off, and taken for a joyride through the outback.

The old 80s movie Fatal Pulse had some great scenes as well, the electro scene one of the gems...

3761) Covers 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 07:54 AM Permalink

(3761) Snakes...Why does it always have to be snakes? smile

From Man's Adventure July 1959
3760) JD 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 07:18 AM Permalink

(3760) Megan, U da best. lol We have to figure out how to make you write more often.

3759) Arcas 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 03:02 AM Permalink

(3759) MADBOB: Hey, glad you could come up for air and say "hi". Gee.... I'm not sure I've ever been labeled as a "mentor" before. It's... strange. Kinda tickles.

Well folks, my peril production has been way down this year... at least as far as personal pieces. But here's a commission that I just completed for a private client who graciously gave the OK for a public rollout. It's a Lara Croft piece done to his spec. Enjoy?
3758) Bill K. 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 01:34 AM Permalink

Another point is electro shock devices may not apply to ohms law.

When shocking someone with 12 DCV or higher with a charged capacitor hurts much more for an instant second in time, than accidently touching a 110 VAC house current.

Done both of those things.

The point is those electro shock device must hurt and work like a static electricity shock does. It's the very high voltage discharge instantly to a targeted body part being shocked and in that case Ohms law and amps are not a factor. Bill K.
3757) Megan 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 11:35 PM Permalink

@JD, Mad Bob, Bill K.: details are so exciting! The elementary electromotive physics spin my imagination's devious analytical wheels in tingly directions. Something Joanna wrote earlier applies, here--just contemplating the specialized device(s), the way in which their form both indicates and derives from function--it makes most thrilling foreplay for the main course.

The minute I read JD's clarification, my mind darted, of course, to that old chestnut we call Ohm's law--voltage equalling current times resistance, E = IR. And I realized the remarkable, elegant simplicity this implies with real numbers: if sweaty skin's resistance is around 5000 ohms, multiplied by .02 amperes or so--a quantity I am told would be sufficient current to stimulate strong skeletal muscle contractions but unlikely to reach or impede the heart in a non-direct current path--we get 100 volts, even.

Which brings me to what I like most about JD's point: reminding us that it's more about amperes than volts recasts electroshock torture imagery as more of a deliberate mechanical enterprise than a barbecue. Because coursing electrons--counted as amperes--contract muscles. They do mechanical work. And this is where the electroshock deliciousness centers, for me: in the explosive, sweat-slicked strain of the victim struggling for control of her own body against the amperes otherwise wrenching muscle and flesh from bone.

In her fiction, Eda describes the sensation of electricity coursing through flesh as that of a knife, slicing up and down her victims' bodies with wicked abandon. It always strikes me as an especially elegant way to imagine how the purely mechanical force of a shock would feel--muscles contracting hard enough, awkwardly enough, or far enough beyond coordination to slowly tear themselves, to rip tendons, even to stress and dislocate joints.

In this way, shocking a victim seems akin to racking her from the inside, out. A profound test of endurance, will, and physical conditioning. Whew! So thank you, modern era physics, for adding new dimension to an ageless classic!
3756) JD 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:47 PM Permalink

(3756) Bill K, MadBob is right, the schematic is from this page that deals with such constant current solutions.


I must agree with you that a pulsing aplication is more effective but that's a completely different discution (and electronic circuit) whatsoever. It's not that I suggest to anyone to try those things in real life, but when we talk fantasies that voltage fetishism always nags at me. 100 volts! 1000 volts! A million volts!!! D'oh.

Not to be completely off-topic, here's a rack scene from Black Scorpion, episode 14, don't think I've seen it in the database (master R, feel free to add it to your files if so inclined). Another brainchild of Roger Corman and as a bonus, Lana Clarkson's playing the villain. You can't have enough LC in your diet.

DVDripped by your undersigned.

Black Scorpion from Richard Jewell on Vimeo.

3755) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 06:28 PM Permalink

MadBob, mosfet devices operate at uAMP or below .000100 amps. Guys I was guessing that was a functioning electro shock circuit shown but I looked it up and I don't know what that circuit does. So I retract (please disregard) my previous posts but still say electro shock devices have to be static high voltage type circuit or pulsating high voltage with current limiters (save low non constant current) for them to work. Bill K.
3754) leknight 
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Good poll question. I'll second the scene from "The House That Vanished." Yummy. My absolute favorite short scene is the opening of "Spine," where a dark haired woman is hogtied naked on the floor. The shot begins with her gagged whimpers off-camera, the pans down to show her struggling. The villain finishes her off way too soon.

As for long scenes, the first victim in "Don't Go In the House," the beautiful girl who gets burned to death. Hot stuff! razz (stick out tongue) I also love the dancer who gets chased into the basement and tied to a table saw in "Savage Weekend." Caitlin O'Heaney. Grrr.
3753) MadBob 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 04:27 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

BillK, sorry to contradict you, but the data displayed on the left side of the image are the mosfet's specs.
The circuit in the picture is there to illustrate one of the typical applications of that component, as normally indicated in datasheets.
3752) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 02:46 PM Permalink

Gimpers, the electronic device posted at 3740 by JD according to displayed specs is a pulsating voltage 0v to 200 v device delivering very 4.1 milliseconds and up to 200v shock and not a constant current device. Voltage matters in this circuit and current don't matter in this circuit. That what the specs said. Bill K.
3751) Severo 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 02:18 PM Permalink

I agree with Thomas Chaser regarding WAXWORK.

Deborah Foreman was great.

She made a dream scene from a poor scene.

Only looking at her face (she was not nude) was a great experience :)
3750) Mr. 0 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 12:58 PM Permalink

Hm, favorite longest and shortest GIMP scenes from mainstream movies? Interesting.

My favorite longest mainstream GIMP scene is Maggie Gyllenhaal forced to strip scene in Strip Search (2004), which lasted roughly 12 minutes and 9 seconds:

My favorite shortest GIMP scene in a mainstream movie is Virginia Gordon's AOH scene from Hot Spur (1968), which sadly only amounted to around 30 seconds:

3749) Mad Max 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 09:32 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3749) totally agree with two posters: Thomas Chaser is right on target with his praise of Lana Clarkson in Barbarian Queen---I remember being thrilled when the villain rips off her top, but just blown away when the next scene is our heroine in the dungeon...
and Mark Evans, I found many Fear Factor episodes very sexy, thanks for posting this one, I'd never seen favorite was Monica, who got her own Playboy pictorial...
3748) MadBob 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 09:05 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@JD: GREAT explanatory post, man!
Yeah, the constant current generator is a must have for any good torturer. Plus, power mosfets are so cheap these days.. ;)
3747) MadBob 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 08:54 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Thanks Ralphus for including me among the "Notable Guests" (hey, that sounds cool :) ): I'm VERY honored, especially when I take a look at the other members of the group!

I also wish to thank my friend and mentor Arcas: without you it simply wouldn't have been possible.

And a big thanks to all those who have liked my work, very often providing useful (and sometimes exciting) feedback.

Sorry for chiming in so late, it's a very busy period in my life (for positive reasons), but at the same time I don't have much time for producing new art.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to dedicate some time to Poser, and the first image will be an exclusive for GIMP, promised.
3746) Covers 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:31 AM Permalink

(3746) Man's Adventure July 1958 V1 #8 Stanley Pubs
3745) Mark Evans 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 01:41 AM Permalink

Regarding the comments below about Garage Olimpo, I totally agree. I can't even describe the disappointment when the scene ended so abruptly. They could have at least shown a bit more detail:

Maybe some discussion before the torture:

Perhaps a few shocks:

And even some footage of her suffering from the other camera:

Just my opinion, that's what I would have liked to see.

On another note, has anyone ever found the content on Fear Factor to be somewhat erotic? Check out the upside-down hanging scenes in this episode, tell me what you think.

You need Flash to view this object

3744) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 01:05 AM Permalink

JD: "Didn't rant for a while" That electronic circuit is likely both a current limiter device and a pulsating current device. It hurts much more if the voltage is high (like 200v shown) with safe current if it's pulsating. A constant current level will deaden the nerves and unsafe 100ma ( .1 amp ) or higher will permanently destroy them.

Like static electricity, it hurts like hell and if a gimp get shocked every 4.1m seconds it hurts even more. Bill K.
3743) JD 
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Monday, 13 October 2014 11:38 PM Permalink

(3743) OK, no rant without some compensation. Since the discution evolved toward favorites movies, here's my all time favorite mainstream movie scene (slightly ahead Barbarian Queen series).

Isabela, the Devils' Dutchess.

Here's the clip, DVDrip by your undersigned.

isabella duchessa from radstop on Vimeo.

3742) Tosoadn 
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Monday, 13 October 2014 11:37 PM Permalink

(3742) Ralphus - Thanks for pointing out the review I enjoyed it. In my book "Lipstick", "Clockwork Orange" and "Irreversible" make up the unholy trinity of mainstream rape scenes.

Note: The attached picture has nothing to do with my post. I included it because it is a favorite of mine and gives something for those who don't want to be bored by my comments.
3741) elkcreek 
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Monday, 13 October 2014 11:34 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Shortest, and the first movie scene that got me up was Muti in Flash Gordon, "not the bore worms!"

Before that there were a few mainstream TV scenes that made me aware. Wonder Women when Lynda Carter was tied spread eagle, and Charlie's Angels (Angel in Springtime) when Cheryl Ladd was beat up. Short scenes but hot nonetheless.

For the longest it's a tie. Jemma Dellender in I Spit on Your Grave Too which is a gimp movie not really a Gimp scene. The other one is the rape of Jo Ann Harris in Act of Vengeance.
3740) JD 
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Monday, 13 October 2014 10:34 PM Permalink

Didn't rant for a while ... let me bitch about the voltages in electro-torture ... voltage DOESN'T MATTER. Voltage doesn't hurt in itself (think violet wands and their thousands and thousands of volts).

What matters mon amis is AMPERAGE. There is a relation between them two, as described by Ohm's law, and they are corelated with resistance. Now, human body has WILD different resistances, depending on the area ... smallest being somewhere around the soles and highest probably armpits when sweaty and genitalia. So, as far as I can see, anyone in those dictatorial regimes that seem to have a dungeon under every one of their stadiums gotta have a 'constant current generator'. It's a simple electrical contraption that adjust it's voltage according to the resistance encountered to provide a constant (and adjustable) current.

It looks like this.

So, let's talk about how she squirmed under two amps rather than hundreds of volts. I know, it's rather anti-climatic. Just bitchin'. Damn, that felt good.
3739) Ralphus 
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(3739) Obiwan wrote (in Post 3710)

I'm sure this has been posted here before, but there's news that they are remaking I Spit on Your Grave the 3rd time.


Um, no...this is the first I've heard about it. And as I look over the link you posted, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing. Let's look over the synopsis:

Following her rape, Jennifer Hills wrote a best-selling account of her ordeal and of the controversial trial in which she was accused of taking the law into her own hands and brutally killing her assailants. In the small town where the rape and revenge took place, the relatives of the four rapists she killed are furious that the court declared her not guilty and resolve to take justice into their own hands.

Okay, I get that part. "I Spit On Your Grave: The Next Chapter". But what I don't get is having Camille Keaton play this role again. Granted, she doesn't look bad in the accompanying picture, but the woman is 67 years old! Surely she's not going to be the one playing the victim, right? Does anybody really want to see a gang-rape of a 67-year old woman? The IMDB right now only lists her in the cast (along with the original director, Meir Zarchi).

I'm crossing my fingers, hoping there's more they're not telling us. Like her character has a granddaughter, maybe 22-23 years old, who the relatives decide needs to pay for Grandma's getting away with murder. That would be fine, in fact, I would welcome that. But if it's what I'm afraid of right now, this could kill the franchise. After the strides this series has climbed to, culminating in the best GIMP film of last year (pictured above), this would be a huge step back.


Tosoadn: Good call on Lipstick. Quite possibly the best mainstream rape scene ever filmed. If you've never read it, check out John Galt's excellent review here:

And here's more stills from the movie:
3738) Thomas Chaser 
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Monday, 13 October 2014 10:02 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3738) In post 3734, Kasey wrote: "My long scene, and my first experience with watching a gimp scene was from the movie Waxwork.
I remember I think I was 14 and was watching it with my family and the scene where the Marque DeSade whips the girl until she's soaked with sweat comes up...and she begs him not to stop

That was Deborah Foreman, who was something of a hot talent when that film came out. After that she made a few more films but "Waxwork" was probably her high point. She did "Valley Girl" as the lead character who fawned over an undiscovered Nicholas Cage at the local mall, then the teen comedy "Real Genius" as the girl Val Kilmer has to chase, then another teen comedy with "My Chaffeur". I think "Waxwork" was a chance to do something other than comedy stuff, but still turned out to be comedic. I always thought her scene where she's strapped between the poles and whipped was one of those "So close but not quite" type scenes that are wonderfully acted yet (a) contain no nudity, (b) because there's no nudity we lose our willing suspension of disbelief and (c) there's no nudity.

Anyone who's read the Marquis' work knows that he would've stripped her naked outright before he had even administered a single lash. That scene is saved by the acting, because otherwise it's total rubbish. That's why I favor actresses like Lana Clarkson and Brinke Stevens. They use their bodies to sell the scene because that's what the scene calls for. That scene in "Waxwork" could've been so much more if Linnea Quigley had been cast in that role.

As for Ms. Foreman, well, as she got older, the whole non-nudity thing became a career limiter. Roles she could've gotten ended up going to Pamela Anderson, Erika Eleniak, and other nude models turned actresses who weren't above a little cheesecake to carry a movie to a payday.
3737) Bergie14 
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Love Thomas Chaser's choices. Brinke Stevens, in particular, is unreal in the hard to find "unrated" version of "Slave Girls..." Stripped, strapped down, and raped all while maintaining the defiance of her character.
3736) Bill K. 
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Terrific post Kathyrne and that appears to be a breasts eating zombie instead of brains eating zombie. Sadly must of been a Gimper before dead for sure. Bill K.
3735) Kathyrne 
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(3735) Happy October the 13th!

Originally I had a witch looking through the door window, but I decided to focus closer in on the girl and the zombie instead.

Y'all enjoy! big grin
3734) Kasey 
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I totally agree with dmon; the Garage Olimpo scene is extremely arousing for me. I would give anything to see her suffer through that torture.

I managed to find a version with English subtitles on youtube: her first torture session lasted ten hours with 15,000 volts with a picana....and just turned 18 years old too....nice! Why can't directors be more adventurous? Even hearing her screaming from down the hallway would've added so much to the scene.

Anyway, seeing her naked and sweating spread out on that table as he prepares for her second torture session is a special moment. Her shuddering breaths as he hooks the wire over her toe...and then the buzz of electricity when the picana is plugged in. Slick just thinking about it.

That is my short scene.

My long scene, and my first experience with watching a gimp scene was from the movie Waxwork.
I remember I think I was 14 and was watching it with my family and the scene where the Marque DeSade whips the girl until she's soaked with sweat comes up...and she begs him not to stop; well, my knickers were like a damn paddling pool. I went into my room and barely had to touch myself I was that turned on.

But, Garage Olimpo is my favorite scene. Although it doesn't show her torture, imagining such a beautiful girl suffer so dreadfully makes it a win for me.

I live in hope that some director like Eli Roth pushes the boat out and directs the electro torture scene, or whipping scene that we've all been crying out for.
Anyway, sorry if I've been rambling.xx
3733) Bronx_Warrior 
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(3733) Naked Breasts and Straps
Today I got crazy movie!.. Movie name is "Easter Casket" got released in 2013 with budget of $3000 (can't believe...IMDB info) The snapshots and trailer are promising more BDSM & nudity in this film. Looks like this is mix of Nun-Spoliation and Horror movie wink Anyone has clip of this nun nude bondage in this film?

3732) dmon 
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A Canadian: "I suppose my definition of "short" (regardless of how long the scene actually ran) would be the ones that shoulda run longer."

This is me as well. There are two that come to mind as well. The Garage Olimpo scene in which we arrive just in time... to have missed what would have probably been some pretty exciting electric torture. I still get turned on seeing her naked on that table and the buildup for the following torture she's going to endure, but we never get to see any of it. confused

Secondly, there is a second electric torture scene in Amor e Revolucao not mentioned in the database, possibly because it was missed or possibly because it is so incredibly short it might not deserve an entry. It's in episode 199 and the victim is quite a beauty. But you barely get to see her shocked at all.

3731) Sloth 
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Interesting poll question - in the short category I submit the scene in the otherwise utter yawn fest "The House That Vanished" where Judy Matheson is controlled with a belt around her neck, is tossed around as the unseen assailant strips off her nightie and rapes her on her bed - better still she is strangled off screen and found by her roommate the following morning.

In the longer category still enjoy the Gaby Fuchs rack scene in "Mark of the Devil", to include her tongue extraction - throw her BATS scene in and it does the job.

Stay well all
3730) Covers 
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(3730) MAM cover of the day is from Man's Adventure Jan 1966.
3729) Pedro 
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(3729) I am very proud to become a Notable Guest of this forum. I really appreciate.

Regarding the poll... And I know I will not be popular with this among p.c. US based readers. My favorite longest scene of mine is the whipping in 12 Years a Slave. In my view this is the bravest most realistic (female) whipping scene ever produced in a mainstream film.

I want to mention one thing which may not be obvious for everybody. The whole several minutes long scene was recorded with ONE CONTINUOUS shot. So when watching this scene you must keep in mind that the Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o is naked throughout the scene not just for those few seconds when we actually see her bare naked.
3728) Thomas Chaser 
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(3728) GIMP POLL:
What is/are the shortest and/or longest mainstream movie GIMP scene(s) that managed to turn you on?

I held off on answering this one because I was curious to see what everyone else would say first, for two reasons: (1) I didn't want to influence anybody's thought process, and (2) I'm always curious about scenes I might have missed. Anyway, my vote is the classic Lana Clarkson as the Barbarian Queen in the dungeon and tortured by a needle to her tit. There aren't too many films that can hit that many buttons in one scene (actually two, because after the breakway the story comes back to her on the rack and being raped). She went on to do a second movie in the series and was even hotter, but you never forget your first time so I'm leaning towards "Barbarian Queen".

My second choice? Tough call. I've already mentioned Lana in the two Barbarian Queen movies so I'll change up to spread the wealth. There are two scenes in the same movie, with the same actress. First is Brinke Stevens chained to a wall and having her lingerie ripped away and the second is Brinke Stevens stripped naked on a table while her ankles are held down by a robot and chains bind her wrists. Both are in "Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity". The latter shot is shown in a camera pan but I've attempted to piece the mosaic together so you can see why the scene is so hot. The table doesn't quite line up and she's squirming during the scene so the body lines are bit off, but you get the general idea.
3727) Tosoadn 
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(3727) Ooops hit submit instead of preview.

A longer favorite of mine is the scene from "Lipstick". Over 8 minutes from when he starts to get physical and when he walks out the door.

Honorable mention (since it is a short not a feature film) goes to "Unwatchable":


I don't think providing a turn on for perverts was their intent, merely a happy side effect.
3726) Tosoadn 
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(3726) Well I guess it's time to stop lurking.

In answer to the poll question.

A couple of shorter scenes that rate high for me because they are amongst my earliest.

Billy Jack - Jean staked to the ground naked and then raped.

Born Losers - A young women is stripped half naked and groped in front of her father is order to coerce them not to press charges against biker gang. (Pictured)
3725) Arcas 
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Sunday, 12 October 2014 12:02 PM Permalink

Ah! Finally found one scene of Penny in the pit... though like most of the scene it tends to just tease you as to the full extent of the peril, which honestly was a bit ill-defined... but sexy as hell all the same :)

3724) MAV 
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Response to the GIMP poll question:

I had to look through my AOH torture database, but on the short side I'll say Olga Kurylenko's nude AOH whipping in Hitman which is almost blink and you miss it:


For the longest, I'd have to say it's a tie between Peta Wilson's AOH torture scene in La Femme Nikita:

and Tabrett Bethell's AOH torture scene in Legend of the Seeker:

All scenes involve AOH, skimpy or no clothing, and brutal torture >:)
3723) Arcas 
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Regarding the poll question, there are certainly a number of previously mentioned scenes that come up near the top of my list. But as for me and my personal tastes, I'd have to say that the short torture/snuff videos from "Videodrome" win out the number one slot. Maybe it's because they were so hard to see in detail... but implied so much more. In retrospect they feel like Insex, just gone totally off the hook.

When the full, unprocessed footage was finally released as a DVD extra, I was surprised at how stilted and underwhelming it was. I think the short videofeed tease factor let the imagination fill in the rest with spectacular results.

While I can't find any good caps of the scene, another short one that teased the hell outta me was Penny (Ellen Barkin) in The Pit from "Buckaroo Banzai".

I'm sure there's a dozen other scenes that I once obsessed on that I just can't muster to memory at the moment...
3722) MAV 
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@DrYuya: I think you are referring to ZDAD81 which has this whipping scene:

The outfit and the not stretched AOH in the preview clip don't do it for me. A recent GIGA release TGGP-61 shows a better AOH stretched whipping scene and what looks to be a Lethal-Weapon-like AOH electro scene, although the heroine is clothed. I think this one will be better!

3721) Covers 
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(3721) Today, the actual published cover from Man's Adventure Jan 1965. See how much better it looks with a shitload of text over that boring background foliage! smile
3720) A Canadian 
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(3720) The poll question: This is an odd one. I can't say I normally think of my mainstream GIMP scenes this way.

I suppose my definition of "short" (regardless of how long the scene actually ran) would be the ones that shoulda run longer. Two examples come to mind:

  • Gerie Bronson's rape scene in The Abductors. It's a great scene. But just as it really gets rolling, it suddenly ends. It should have been longer.

  • The "derelict casino" scene in A Clockwork Orange. Another great scene. But Alex and his droogs broke things up a little too soon.

The part about the longer scene is more challenging.

One example that comes to mind is the gang rape scene in Because of the Cats ([]). I can't say it was overly long but it was longer than normal for this type of scene.
3719) Greg 
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Cool idea and an easy one for me. Two of what would have to rate as my own favourite scenes of all time are, boringly enough old fashioned whipping scenes. The first is Land of the Pharaohs' which is at best some 6 seconds of cinematic history and the other, is the whipping scene from Angelique and the king, where the slave girl is whipped and lasts a nominal 10 seconds split. What a shitty hand history dealt us with those two beauties.

I do, luckily, have some mouth watering stills of the Angelique scene, which only goes to show that tantalizingly there was more shot but ended up on the cutting room floor. Or perhaps more realistically in the censor man's own little film store...bastard!! Those are the shortest and IMO the best.

The longest wall to wall gimp for brutality, reality and sheer bloody, mind blowing, gimpery has to be Malficarum and I honestly cannot see anyone beating that little beauty. How pleased I am to have lived in the generation that saw the first moon landing and that peach of a where is my calculator for the antibot test?
3718) Matt 
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Lisa Eichhorn's in Opposing Force; Leslie Stefanson in General's Daughter, and of course, Lana Clarkson's in both Barbarian Queen movies.
3717) Badger 
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My best long scene is a tie between Corinne Clery in Hitchhike and Susan George in Straw Dogs. I know, both edge on being consensual, but never quite flip over. As for a short scene, I sure would have liked to see a bit more of Naomi Rapace in ...Dragon Tattoo.41
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