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3128) dmon 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 09:49 AM Permalink

Not really into scalping' K9mmv to answer your 3096 post, scalping was started sometime in the 1800s by the white settlers and the US government to pay money for Indian hair scalps for proof they were killed. The Indians retaliated by doing the same.

First time poster here, but I just wanted to chime in as I am a fellow history buff (I have degrees in it after all). This theory about scalping, while accepted in some circles, is shakily supported at best. Numerous first-hand accounts by European settlers (the Dutch and French for example) written well before the 1800s detailed the Native American practice of scalping. For instance, a Dutchman in the 1630s traveled into Mohawk territory in upstate New York and found human scalps stuck on wooden stakes surrounding Native camps.

Also, to suggest that white settlers invented scalping is probably to suggest that white Europeans had some history of the practice, which there is absolutely no evidence to support. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that white settlers never scalped in order to turn in hair bounties, but they most likely got it from the Natives. At least that's what most of the sources suggest. But again, there's never such thing as a 100% reliable primary source, is there?

Oh, by the way, I'm an electro guy through and through. I have very distinct tastes when it comes to the board's subject and have been lurking here for a long long time, waiting for the right time to post. Thanks smile
3127) provost 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 09:12 AM Permalink

Wonderful interview! Thanks very much!! What a charming and thoughtful young woman, frank in her answers and yet also a bit reserved, aloof....dignified.
Of course, now I would really love to see her challenged with the bastinado and bands!
Still no word from Nancy? That's sad, and a bit worrisome.
3126) Covers 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 08:14 AM Permalink

(3126) Today's MAM cover is from Man's Action May 1963 V4 No7
3125) petelobo 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 05:12 AM Permalink

(3125) JD,

Thanks for posting that link re the study of breast trauma and cancer. My problem with that finding is the question of what exactly is defined as trauma? It's such a poorly defined (and increasingly popular) word that it could cover anything, I suppose, from a few slaps with a flogger to being thrown against a steering wheel in an auto accident. Even then, the conclusion that it was "plausible" to state that there was an increase in risk is not the same as saying that breast trauma causes cancer.

The other obvious problems with such a finding is the likelihood of co-existing variables. For example, is a woman who regularly suffers breast trauma more likely to be in an abusive relationship with all the attendant emotional trauma as well? How did the intensity and regularity of whatever was being done change the increase in likelihood? Would surgery to open the breast and slide bags of silicone into it be considered trauma? How about having them mashed in a mammography unit? How about a hard fuck which causes them to bounce and jerk regularly for several minutes?

As you point out, there are many other much more significant risk factors.

I did a quick Google search and found this:

Trauma to the breast
There is no evidence to support a link between trauma or injury to the breast and risk of breast cancer.

and this

THEORY: A study by scientists at the University of Lancaster found that physical trauma (a blow to the breast area) could cause breast cancer. However, other experts contest that because of trauma to the breast, the breast itself is being examined and followed more closely than usual, and that is why breast cancer is detected, rather than it being due to the actual injury.
EXPERT COMMENT: Some people believe that physical injuries can lead to cancer, but there's no good evidence for this. Cancers are fundamentally caused by faulty or damaged genes and take a very long time to develop, and it's much more likely that injuries draw attention to tumours that are already there.

So, in honor of this good news, I post the above from one of my all time favorite victims (Mila from Red Feline--remember them?)...
3124) Mwb 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 04:46 AM Permalink

Someone wanted to know where to get 912 tit whipping.

Found it here.Not free I'm afraid.

3123) Mwb 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 04:03 AM Permalink

(3123) This is one of my favorites.

I guess you could call it semi-GIMP.

Hazel knew what was coming. She just didn't know where or how hard I would cane her.

She knows now.

Here's where to find it:

3122) Bill K. 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 01:31 AM Permalink

(3122) Today's picture: You got it wrong, Ralphus.

Dinosaurs eat women. Bill K.
3121) Mark Evans 
IP logged
Friday, 29 August 2014 12:19 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Does anyone like tasers?

3120) JD 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:57 PM Permalink

@Pedro and TC:

There are a number of aride peer-to-peer reviewed studies in the oncology field that actually shows a direct correlation between physical abuse and the incidence of breast cancer. I have to know that because it's part of my daily job. One of the most conclusive (and respectable) studies was conducted in the late 90s and published in 2001 in NIH.


If I wouldn't be aware of all these info I'd wholeheartedly enjoy a good breast slapping, rest assured.

Finally, I got to admit that inherited genetics is the first culprit for these cancers, followed by random mutations, as showed by a older University of Lancaster study in the late 2000s. But while not a primary factor, trauma doesn't help, that's for sure.

An old professor of mine used to say that cancers are like a lottery we participate every day. Some days we can buy more tickets, some days we can buy less.

Sorry for some bad English, not my first language.

3119) Ralphus 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:36 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3119) I'm glad to see that Gulietta has gotten some support on the board, even after I railed against casting her in the movie. I have to admit she doesn't look bad in that picture that Thomas Chaser posted. Having her gagged improves her looks, as it does with any woman (it's an established fact). Some may question the concept of using gags in an Inquisition film, since the idea is to make them talk, but I don't have a problem with it. I think it adds an extra element to the scene, and even though it may not be historically accurate, I think it works in the context of the surroundings.

And from what I understand from talking to Pedro, Gulietta is not replacing Nancy, only taking over a couple of her scenes, and the footage that Nancy already shot will remain in the film. That's definitely good news.

BTW, I loved the interview with Roxanne. I wonder if the bloody mark on her right boob is real or whether that was makeup? You never know with these guys; she had just been whipped, after all. At any rate, hearing her answer honestly that she did not enjoy any of what she went through was very interesting stuff. I also liked after she admitted that it was more painful to be caned, that the interviewer decided then okay, she would caned next time! I got a nice little sadistic chuckle out of that.

This also gives me the opportunity to finally make a new addition to the GIMP Interviews section, so it's now got a permanent place on the site.
3118) Bill K. 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 10:17 PM Permalink

"Not really into scalping" K9mmv to answer your 3096 post, scalping was started sometime in the 1800s by the white settlers and the US government to pay money for Indian hair scalps for proof they were killed. The Indians retaliated by doing the same.

The history of white settlers vs. Indians is equal to each other in brutality toward Gimps and there has been some posts of gimp (mostly Indian torture of Gimps) artwork and stories from the 1700s to 1800s here and always welcome.

If that what you were asking? Bill K.
3117) Bill K. 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:46 PM Permalink

Thank you Pedro for answering my bats question. Still very much interested in the movie and I eagerly await its release and reviews. Bill K.
3116) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:40 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3116) And speaking of breast whipping...
3115) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:18 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3115) Poor Roxanne awaits her turn on the rack in "History of Pain: Inquisition".

Regarding breast punishment and breast cancer, there is no link. The female breast is a remarkable development in that it is designed to take abuse, such as a nursing infant's tendency to head-butt the breast to induce more milk flow. The female breast can take a lot of slapping, punching, and squeezing. Just don't puncture it unless you know what you're getting into (literally). As for the cancer thing, genetics and oral consumables have a bigger role in that.

If you haven't seen Roxanne's interview yet, I would encourage you to give it a few minutes. She gives some good answers. I found it entertaining to watch, anyway.
3114) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Thursday, 28 August 2014 06:33 PM Permalink

Bill K. - Sorry no execution. Only depiction of torture methods of the inquisition in a torture chamber. Very similar to the first part (Spy Interrogations) just another era and another situation... This is what we plan. Each part depicts the typical torture methods of an era or a situation. We'll do this until we can keep it interesting and our customers also find it interesting.
3113) Bill K. 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 06:02 PM Permalink

"Burn her! Burn the witch!" Those are my exact thoughts too. Thomas Chaser I knew you mean branding her but mine are along the lines evolving into stake damsel or BATS.

Which bring me to this question for you Thomas and "History of Pain: Inquisition" by Mood Pictures: is there going to be a bats or witch execution at all?

Because this movie is about torturing witches and not about witch execution at all. At least not the crowded town square type anyways. Am I right?

It's not a bad thing if no bats because I still find dungeon torture methods and devices erotic but the Bats nut in me has to know. Bill K.
3112) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Thursday, 28 August 2014 05:49 PM Permalink

JD - "Reason being that I'm fully aware that every trauma is increasing the likelihood of breast cancer on victims."

Before starting shooting BDSM videos we consulted with a good traumatologist about what body parts can we hit with what force? We also asked this specific question: Is it right that hitting the breast may cause cancer?
No - he told. It's an urban legend, and he doesn't know anything which would prove its validity.
Of course he may be wrong, but he seemed to be quite sure about it.

As I promised, we made an interview with Roxanne using the questions received here on the forum.

3111) boccaccio 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 05:14 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

"Reason being that I'm fully aware that every trauma is increasing the likelihood of breast cancer on victims. That turns me off automatically. I would enjoy a fumetti on this topic but not a real thing. The burden of medical knowledge."

Well, personally I have no interest in striking a woman ever, under any conditions. My stories and my interest in BDSM material are purely fantasy. Sexual fantasy. I wouldn't watch an actual punitive flogging in Saudi Arabia or any of the other countries where such practices are common.

As for the voyeuristic satisfaction derived from watching a video in which two consenting adults engaged in sexual activity that might conceivably be injurious, I feel slightly more guilty. But then, don't most of us have friends who drink, smoke, take part in dangerous sports or engage in other possibly unhealthy activities? Many would say that acting in porn films without condoms is insanely risky. And yet there doesn't seem to be a shortage of performers in such films.

From the voyeuristic point of view, I think there is a yawning chasm between viewers of child pornography, in which there can be no question of informed consent, and viewers of BDSM activity where everyone is over 18 and a willing participant.
3110) boccaccio 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:59 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@ TRG 3108

"Pretty body getting thrashed isn't enough by itself."

Almost everyone would prefer a good storyline or at least some interesting context to the lack of same. I tend to like historical and outdoor settings myself. But, just for one example, the people at Insex apparently did OK without any attempt, most of the time, to explain why the poor girl was getting worked over.

In their "live shows" (I've only seen a few) they appeared to take audience requests over the internet. In "Twitchy and Wet" for instance, one hears an electronic voice say something to the effect, "Please, no whipping. Just breast slapping."

And sure enough, in the ensuing minute or so, PG slaps 912's lovely breasts until they are dancing for our pleasure.

Just because some unknown client asked him to. Fortunately for us all, the client's request that there be "no whipping" was disregarded.

About forty or fifty times.

For me, if the model/actress is attractive enough (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course) and the bondage, flogging, slapping etc appear convincing enough, I'm content.

At these words, Teresa, not thinking, spat at the ugly little man in front of her, spraying saliva over his face. "Cobardes! My brothers weel keel you both, Yankee dogs! You will see!"

In less than two heartbeats Teresa felt the vicious tongues of Ernie's whip bite into each of her swollen breasts.

"Is that so?" Ernie smirked, before snapping the tails of the whip across the gentle curve of her mons. "Them greaser hermanos 'a yers ain't gonna keel nobody!" he snorted as he slashed at each of Teresa's glorious coppery tits again, aiming for, and finding, her dark, puffy nipples. "So don't think yer goin' home from the dance, just yet, mija!"

"Aiiiiaa! Aaaghhhh!!" Teresa moaned as the whip scalded her succulent breasts. Even Ernie's dire warning to be still could not stifle her cries of pain.
3109) JD 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:57 PM Permalink

Breast whipping ... for me it's a great phantasy but a fast turn off in real life scenarios. Reason being that I'm fully aware that every trauma is increasing the likelihood of breast cancer on victims. That turns me off automatically. I would enjoy a fumetti on this topic but not a real thing. The burden of medical knowledge. :/
3108) TRG 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:28 PM Permalink

Ralphus said: "Now, this is not an absolute blanket statement, but I think you've got to at least have context for a scene to work for me. "

Exactly. Look at straight pornography. You know it's going to end up with the cock in the pussy. What makes each story different is the lead-in, and having a clever one is what makes it exciting. It's about how you get there. Same thing with what we talk about here. There has to be a story, even a slight one, for us to care about why this Sweet Young Thing is getting the snot whipped out of her. Pretty body getting thrashed isn't enough by itself.
3107) Daniel 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:22 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink


Thank you! Again for posting that lovely wench being whipped in the old factory!

As you pointed out so many films don't bother to take advantage of 'locations'. An old barn or tack room would provide a S--t load of splintered wood, ropes and maybe some straw on the floor.

I think my all time favorite would be an old 'Pirate Ship' turned into a 'Punish-ship'!
3106) Alice 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:22 PM Permalink

WOW! I knew Giulietta will be great! big grin

Branded on her left breast, exactly on the heart... I love it already cool
3105) Daniel 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 04:12 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Checking out the vidcaps of the Lady's longing for the lash, I will have to go with the two with a little meat on their bones. It would send me over the top if they were wearing 'tummy chains'.
3104) brainmaster 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 03:50 PM Permalink

Ok, so I posted that cruxbitch video on xahamster and few had much to say about it. Well, since no one came forwards, like any of the video producers here, I will give my comments.

Actress: Why is it so hard to get a hot looking woman to actually make some noise and move around? Cruxbitches seems to find women who get it.

Location: Who wants to see a woman tortured in a bedroom or some white walled sterile looking room, or some plastic looking dungeon set? Cruxbitches went out and found great locations to shoot as did Blakemore. Ambiance is important. Abandoned factories and warehouses. Love the outdoors scenes, shacks in the woods, hanging from trees.

Bondage: So many of these whipping and bondage scene vid caps are so lame. Bodies should be displayed in a flattering and yet perilous way. Strain, arching, suspended, taught. Not lose, scrunched, and bent over. Just stop wasting film on this. Clearly Sunny shows that such positions along with good squirming reactions can be done. Almost all the crux bitches show this can be done.

Story: Hot slut shows up at abandoned warehouse dressed in flimsy slutty dress just asking for it. Masked Villain grabs her and give it to her. Simple but effective.

Whipping: Villain swings arm hard and fast, calls her names, grunts from effort. No blabbering about counting or silly talk coming from the Villain. No 5 minute breaks between strokes. He's whipping her so hard she is wearing him out.

Responsiveness: Sunny is jerking, twisting, writhing, all in a way which says, I'm so fucking sexy to suffer like this. No gags! How much hotter it is to hear her crying out, howling out doors, the echo along the wall.

Story again: She is worn out, gets up, puts that skimply slutty dress on and stumbles back out, and then...masked villains grabs her again and tears her up some more. Can I say gimp academy?

My wish: For Rick to give Candle very similar treatment in his next video.
3103) boccaccio 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 03:42 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Thanks for the compliment, Willie and may I say that your own stories rank with the very best. "Savage Justice" (I think that was the name) remains among the very best flogging stories I've ever read. "A Place of Execution" and that story about the British outpost in Cawnpore (Kanpur) were also first rate.

Did you ever have a chance to finish the story you were working on about the Luxembourgian lovely who was captured by villainous Nazis? You had mentioned a possible collaboration with a prominent artist. Just wondered if that project was ever completed or is still under active consideration.

I e-mailed you a link concerning "Blow By Blow" at your 999 e-mail. If you're not still using it that e-mail address, drop me a line and I'll re-send it.

"Blow by Blow" is quite good, but is less breast-centric than "Twitchy" although it must be said that the lovely 912 bravely endures a tight and prolonged breast bondage during much of the film. At one time breast bondage was a favorite predilection of mine, but not quite so much nowadays.
3102) Willie 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Thursday, 28 August 2014 03:07 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I would also like to thank those who have been contributing to the breast whipping topic. I find my views on the subject almost identical to those of Dalpass - and also Boccaccio with whom I share a penchant for writing stories on this self same theme - though the quality of his prose on the subject theme remains unchallenged imo and continues to be an inspiration.

Dalpass: your comments could have emanated from my own keyboard. T&W remains 'best in class' though I have seen a couple of stills from 'Blow by Blow' (Part 1) with 912, which may have promise but I cannot locate the video anywhere on the net. As for ZFX, I just took another look at Penelope Pace in ‘Cheerleaders of Perilous U: Violation of Vicki Fixx’on the Fetish Movies VOD site and I must say it's very good. I always thought it a great shame that Tabitha Jordan, whose physical form (after enhancement) perhaps represented my ideal when it comes to breast whipping victims, did not do more scenes of this nature for ZFX. That fantasy lives on only in my imagination.

Covers: a big thanks to you too. I continue to enjoy your posts of those wonderful pulp mag covers and inside scans.
3101) Emy 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:35 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Vorrei iscrivermi smile
3100) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 07:51 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3100) Burn her! Burn the witch!

Here is a picture from yesterday's shooting of "History of Pain: Inquisition" with Giuliana as the victim. I like her expression; stoic, defiant, yet pleading for mercy.
3099) dalpass 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 07:35 AM Permalink

Thanks to all who contributed on the topic of tit-whipping, and particularly, those who mentioned their favorite scenes. It is nice to know that there is more to look for (and look forward to) in the area of well-endowed ladies having their endowments beaten. It remains a relatively barren topic, for obvious reasons. Is my observation correct that the more well-endowed the model, the less likely it is that she will be filmed undergoing a thorough and proper boob-whipping?

For my personal favorite, 912’s ‘Twitchy & Wet” remains the gold standard. It’s been years since that was shot, and very few clips have come close. I’ve seen some Pain4Fem, and there are some very good clips, but for the most part, they are (as someone posted earlier) too ‘clinical’. Paingate/WhippedWomen is less clinical, but only a few of their models meet my standard for well-endowed. From the world of Kink, all the nice moments of big boobs being beaten are very brief, and buried amidst hours of less interesting stuff (part of their ‘something for everyone’ esthetic, I suppose. I suspect they reach a ‘number of hits and where’ agreement with each model, before the shoot).

Context and storyline are still nice to have, and can add to the scene, but they're like side ingredients to the main dish. Leave them out, and the dish may be bland (or clinical). Too much, and you ruin the dish. And if the main dish/scene is not good anyway, no amount of context can save it.

Interrogation storylines are probably the most utilized, but does anyone recall any good videos involving ‘turnabout’? I've always liked the ‘payback’ theme of ‘Cheerleaders of Perilous U: Violation of Vicki Fixx’. Coincidentally, Penny Pace’s frontal whipping in that movie is my favorite well-endowed tit-whipping from ZFX (it has all the ingredients, marred only by the ballgag – we want to hear them scream and beg). Then again, with the news that Rick is shooting with two bustys – Candle Boxxx and Kendra James -- one can only hope that he comes up a tit-whipping scene that tops VVF.
3098) Covers 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 07:23 AM Permalink

(3098) Another MAM inside scan, from Man's Action May 1963.
3097) K9mmv 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 01:17 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

You mean it's all right to like cartoons? I was hesitant to put up stuff like Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair having her feet tortured, or the redhead from Scooby Doo being savagely raped by various monsters, but "eh" maybe everyone has seen those already.
3096) K9mmv 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 01:11 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3096) This caught my fancy too. Probably not for everybody. Not quite as harsh as Green Inferno? Maybe this is the kind of thing we'd be looking at if this group existed in the 1700s. Not really into scalping, kind of like the hair-pulling and menace that precedes it. There's also a famous oil painting that looked like this that I was always fond of.
3095) K9mmv 
IP logged
Thursday, 28 August 2014 01:04 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3095) I like this. Even though the face is turned away from the viewer it has a raw, grim grittiness worthy of Wonder Woman. More like a snapshot taken of a victim by a serial killer rather than comic art. Wonder Woman Bondage written by Frank Miller??? The Dark Knight? 300?
3094) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:29 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3094) Here is a compilation of vidcaps from an Elite Pain film where Giulietta was a slave along with Nancy (the rouged nipples has something to do with the club's rules about slave presentation and I'm not really sure what's going on with that motorcycle helmet - those crazy Hungarians are into all sorts of odd things). This should give you some idea of how the two models compare. Certainly, Nancy stole our hearts as the innocent little sister in "History of Pain: Military Interrogation", but I think Giuliana has a fair shot at playing the strong woman fighting to resist the painful tortures of the Inquisition. Physically, G has the goods, with the added benefit of no ugly-ass tattoos to disrupt our willing suspension of disbelief that we're seeing an Inquisition film. Hopefully this will put some concerns to rest.

Also, I have it on good authority that Roxy suffers a breast whipping. :)
3093) Thomas Chaser 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 07:50 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3093) Boccaccio, I've seen "Rent" and I agree, that's a good clip, but my all-time favorite PainGate/WhippedWomen clip is "Vernisage", done in the old RealTime video format (hence the piss-poor resolution compared to modern HD).

The clip begins with two men taking a tour of a local art gallery that features large oil paintings. As they tour the gallery, they come to the "interactive art" section, where a "painting" of a cuffed naked woman is framed on the wall (see above). According to the gallery program, the men have to hit the painting to get a reaction, so they begin whipping "her" with a couple of whips positioned conveniently nearby. What happens next is a gradual escalation of pain until the "pain-ting" thanks them for attending the gallery and participating in the art. End of movie.

I point out this clip as an example that a story doesn't have to be complex, but it does have to at least set a context for the action. The story in this clip is the first and only time I've seen such a concept told in a whipping film, and I think it's ripe for being re-done with modern equipment. Its certainly a unique idea worth exploring. PKF/Deep South could do this up nicely. ZFX could turn it into a full-length movie where by innocent girls are brainwashed and put on display as "pain-tings" to the general public, who think they are whipping androids. Just a thought.
3092) Daniel 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 07:41 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I have to agree with Alice and Provost that maybe 'torturer' turned tortured may result in a GREAT thing!
Excited, is the feeling I'm getting!
3091) Alice 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 06:22 PM Permalink

Gulietta as a victim... I've never tried to imagine that - but it may be interesting smile

Waiting more and more on the film!
3090) cul jeep 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 03:03 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

In the 80's The Evil That Men Do was released in theaters. In the theater version there was a scene of a female being tortured at the start of the film. This version was never released on video or DVD. Does anyone have or has anyone scene the theater version?
3089) boccaccio 
IP logged
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 02:45 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3089) While I think that plot/story line/context is hugely important in full length non-explicit films with s & m elements (girls in prison, Japanese girl gangs, and similar genres, I think we're being a little tough on Pain4Fem.

Their regular customers have seen the girl in prison punished for rebelliousness/stealing/what have you motif quite a few times and I think the producers assume that their audience is familiar with that context in their shorter films, in which what's his name, usually wearing a uniform, starts flogging a pretty girl who usually isn't wearing much more than a fearful expression.

Does anyone watch Insex Films expecting much context? Sex and Submission? The old ZFX films did have story lines, but, for the most part, there wasn't a whole lot of verisimilitude, was there?

Several people, including me have mentioned a fondness for the dungeon scene in "Poor Cecily."

I've seen that entire film two or three times, I think, (and the dungeon scene many more times!) and I have no recollection whatever of what poor Cecily did to end up in the dungeon? Even after reading the summary at IMDB it's not entirely clear. I seem to remember that the people running the dungeon are trying to get her to confess to witchcraft, but I forget why. I have the vague idea that she offended a nobleman or noblewoman and that she witchcraft charge is just a vindictive ploy, but I'm not sure.

And I don't really care. The dungeon scene, like the short breast-whipping films of Pain4Fem, is self-defining. At least for me.

As a writer myself, I do go to a lot of trouble to create characterization and atmosphere such that the reader feels that he (or she) is, at the very least, in the room while the 'thrill scene' is being acted out.

On my best days, I hope I'm able to give an imaginative reader the sense that (or she) is taking part in administering (or receiving) the punishment de jour.

But as much as I enjoy writing thrill scenes, a picture *is* worth, if not a thousand words, at least a well-written sentence or two. Pain Gate, for example, often goes to some trouble and expense to create a mise-en-scene, but the dialogue is usually so lame that the setting and costumes are all but wasted.

In my favorite Pain Gate film, the lovely Shirley owes some back rent to 'Machine' and his lady friend. They talk her into submitting to a flogging in return for forgiveness of the debt.

But once she's strung up and the bodice of that pale white chemise is lowered, baring her lovely breasts for the lash, who cares about the rent?


"At a nod from the captain, Raka began beating his drum again, slowly and softly at first, and then, by degrees, increasingly louder and faster, with each beat of the drum bringing Erika Weiss a heartbeat closer to new agony. When the swift percussion had reached its crescendo in volume, McMahon silenced the drummer with a glance, and the general's ghastly whip took flight again. The cruel warlord aimed the second stroke at the creamy, unmarked skin just below Erika's reddening shoulder blades.


The nine claws of the cat tore at the blonde's bare flesh, clinging to it for a dreadful instant in time, before sliding down her torso, leaving an irregular trail of fire across her naked back.

"Urgghh!!" Erika groaned again, still softly, but louder than before. The force of the second blow, like the first, had driven her upper body into the rough-burred grating and once again her defenseless breasts felt the abrading kiss of the bars.

General Wang watched the pale body writhing against the crude iron grating with mounting excitement. Erika's efforts to keep the front of her body away from the bars of the grating had forced her to bow her back outward slightly, enhancing the natural curvature of her body. Her beautifully shaped buttocks, cleft by a shadowy groove that promised forbidden pleasures, undulated in sensuous circles as her body reacted to the shock of the lash.

What an addition to the harem of sex-slaves at his island fortress this blonde demi-goddess was going to make!"
3088) Bronx_Warrior 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:35 PM Permalink

Actress naked and tied on table:

I got a new movie name "Femme Fatales" (no idea who is this actress)

3087) provost 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:46 AM Permalink

A different view...

I, too, am sorry to learn of Nancy's disappearance and hope she just as mysteriously returns to the cast someday soon. But I also welcome the new addition and suggest that there is a certain ...excitement... to having a strong woman in the subject's position. Having been on the giving end of the transaction has made her acutely aware of what is coming and how most recipients react, and anticipation can heighten sensation. And she is quite attractive, in a severe way. I would love to see the blonde assistant from the Pain4Fem site take a turn under the lash.... Perhaps this is making the best of a bad thing, but there's nothing wrong with that...and with wishing Nancy well and hoping she'll return.
3086) Badger 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:25 AM Permalink

petelobo wrote: "Leaves too much to your imagination? A fantasy? I don't even know how to respond to that."

The point really shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Someone with an infinite amount of imagination does't need anything else but that imagination. Close your eyes and go crazy. You'll save a fortune on downloads.
3085) Thomas Chaser 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:00 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Brainmaster, let me also extend my thanks for sharing that clip. I thought I had most of their stuff worth having, but apparently that one slipped under my radar.

Here's another one I'll add to my shopping list as well. I think its called "Peeing Crux Bitch Model Sunny", but I'm not certain of that.

3084) Covers 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 07:30 AM Permalink

(3084) Brainmaster, thanks for the xHamster video. I'm not particularly into whipping, but the strappado suspension scenes are amazing. Sunny must have a background in gymnastics or something similar to have such shoulder strength and flexibility.


Today's MAM inside scan is from Man's Action May 1963.
3083) Ralphus 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:49 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Thomas Chaser wrote:

Nancy told the studio she was on her way for the day's filming... except she never arrived...Anyway, they moved on without her.

Oh no, that's extremely bad news! No Nancy? God, having your talent bail on you before a shoot has to be a producer's worst nightmare. I'm sure it's happened before to everyone who works in the biz, but it still sucks.

In her place they cast Gulietta, who was the blonde executioner in "History of Pain: Military Interrogation" and "Milgram Experiment 2", so she has experience as the domina.

I'm sorry. I haven't seen the rushes, but she's totally the wrong choice. It's not that she's not attractive, although personally she does nothing for me. It's just that physically, she's completely wrong for the part. You want an Ilsa type to dish out the punishment? She would be great for that role. But as a victim? No way. Especially replacing a sweet, innocent girl like Nancy. I mean, who would you rather see play the part...the one on the left, or on the right?

It will be interesting to see how that translates to her as the victim. I'm imagining a strong woman, taken by the Inquisition, suffering under the lash defiantly until finally her spirit is broken... but that's just my guess.

Yeah, and I'm imagining fast-forwarding through all of her scenes. It's a shame, because earlier I was praising them for their excellent casting. A realistic Inquisition film with 3 drop-dead gorgeous actresses? Well, we're down to 2 now. Are you telling me with all the good-looking women they have at their disposal, this was the only one they could come up with?

Yeah, I know, it was on short notice. They probably had to go with Gulietta or call off the day's shoot. It's a lose-lose situation. But you have to look at the overall quality of your movie. What's the most important aspect of a bondage production? In fact, what are the top 3 most important things? The answer is casting, casting, casting.

Color me disappointed.
3082) JD 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 11:40 PM Permalink

TC, you're soooo funny. smile I read this forum chasing your posts.
3081) Thomas Chaser 
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(3081) A still from "History of Pain: Inquisition" by Mood Pictures

Talk about a snake-bit production...

Apparently Nancy told the studio she was on her way for the day's filming... except she never arrived. Calls to her phone were declined. Maybe she was kidnapped by ISIS. Maybe she slammed her hand in a car door and is, at this very moment, pinned to her car, unable to reach her keys to free herself. The horror! Anyway, they moved on without her. In her place they cast Gulietta, who was the blonde executioner in "History of Pain: Military Interrogation" and "Milgram Experiment 2", so she has experience as the domina. It will be interesting to see how that translates to her as the victim. I'm imagining a strong woman, taken by the Inquisition, suffering under the lash defiantly until finally her spirit is broken... but that's just my guess. Pedro has promised me pics from today's filming so we'll see how it turned out.

In the meantime, I can tell you that Roxanne has performed admirably through her illness, took her whipping like a champ, and has graciously answered the questions that we submitted. As I said before, Pedro will include it as bonus footage in the final film, and will have a special link for readers of this forum to the interview part once its ready.

As to what happened to Nancy, when the mystery is revealed, I will pass it along. Top men are working on extracting the truth in the name of all that is holy.
3080) Daniel 
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That model "Sunny" has a body built for torture! Good film!
3079) JD 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 07:26 PM Permalink

(3079) The clip with Miela () can be downloaded for free from the promotional area of the spanking server's website.


The forth on the left column. HD, full length. I liked the quality and it convinced me to buy a couple other.
3078) windar 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 07:03 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Online ratt said:

Can we establish that what's happening is non-consensual (at least out of the gate, even if the action is re-established as consensual at the end)? This is big for me -- the "Oh, master, thank you for making me your slave" thing doesn't do much for me.

There seems to be a strong general preference for non-consent, which I share. So how do we establish this? Well, you could have the girl kick and scream as she is being tied up. This requires pretty good acting skills and risks actual real-world injury to either party. You could have the guy show a knife or a gun. But that still requires some acting ability (I have seen such scenes badly done and they are laughable).

So, the simplest way for unskilled actors is to have a semblance of a backstory. Nothing Shakespearean, just the bare bones. The discussion, I believe started with Whipping-Films. In these, the girl walks into the room, strips and lets herself be chained up. Why? Who knows? So, not that satisfying over all.

Now suppose the guy reads from a paper: “You were convicted of drunk driving and sentenced to 100 lashes. I have been contracted by the Department of Corrections to administer your punishment. Any failure to comply on your part will be reported and will result in your being arrested and subjected to additional punishment.” Now, we have a judicial non-consent scenario. Better, isn’t it? And all from a 20 sec story.

By the way, I believe Pain4Fem is generally such a judicial scenario, though they may make that explicit in all cases.
3077) Esso 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 06:43 PM Permalink

Re: Ralphus's lead GIF today of Miela. It can be found at Clips4sale by entering Miela in the search engine. IN the list that is brought up it is listed as "Breasts 0208." No plot but she suffers nicely and for $4...
3076) Dr Yuya 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 06:29 PM Permalink

I almost didn't respond to the story issue any further...knowing that by the time I was ready to do so it'd already be covered several different ways. And yes I don't really have much to add.

But all other points aside I do get that Pain4fem and sites like it are doing what they set out to do. And by the "three questions" that's most certainly well and good for them. They also make money off it (obviously or they wouldn't still be around and making new stuff) and everybody who wants that stuff is probably happy with their work, and willing to pay more.

So safe to say there's nobody who needs to change here, just opinions to throw around with clearly two sides. An individual who watches doesn't necessarily have the same obligation to care about Coleridges questions as the maker does. Heck if we did then every single review ever would be quite positive indeed. I'd like rom-coms if it were so, for goodness sake!

And as for story, if my original post didn't indicate it well enough, I'm another who mostly just wants context if nothing else. It is true in movies like Poor Cecily, Dead But Dreaming etc I've watched the whippings a hundred times but only read the synopsis of the plot and briefly seen the rest of the movies once. But hey, I still know what's happening and why...and it helps.

Pain4fem though...not only doesn't even provide typed up explanations of why what's happening is happening in their clips, but when I try to use my imagination that she's somewhat forced...5/10 of their clips tell me otherwise when they show her casually walking up to the whipping post and helping the tormenter strap her in. So in fact this particular company often goes a step beyond just not giving me anything and actually gives me what I don't want to see. Again...just an opinion

On the flip side, I've also seen some of their movies...which do have a basic plot and I've found vastly superior to the standalone clips. There's one..."Precinct Patrol" that has one of the better AOH bullwhippings I've ever seen. So I guess my assessment of the company isn't all bad...just wish they'd do more work like this. But again...they need to pay their bills before pleasing me

3075) petelobo 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 06:23 PM Permalink

Shots that don't tell me why the victim is there leave way too much to my imagination

Leaves too much to your imagination? A fantasy? I don't even know how to respond to that.
3074) yukon 
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love the website
3073) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 04:54 PM Permalink

Daniel wrote "Imagine, the magazines like Playboy, Hustler without story lines of some kind".

There was a storyline confused ? in Playboy and Hustler! Who knew confused !

Kelderek post 3071, If you take song requests, mine is Michael Jackson's Thriller: [] , very fitting for that shocking peril. Bill K.
3072) brainmaster 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 03:54 PM Permalink

Ok, so I'm reading along about story lines and looking at these lame whipping captures. Here is how to do it right in accordance with my peculiar tastes. I give it an A. The only thing missing is whip marks to give it an A+

3071) Kelderek 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 03:22 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Here is a new picture for you!

Time for some music... bring out the Screamaphone and plug it into your keyboard! big grin

3070) cmf 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 03:00 PM Permalink

A bit of establishing storyline is important. As are the sets. Having a particular set allows the imagination to fill in another little bit of background story for our fantasies.

Acting is important as well. Agree with A Canadian, non-consensual is key. I liked it when the Kink crew separated the before/after interviews from the actual scenes.

I'm conflicted about dialogue, however. The cries from the victim are paramount, however, when the abuser(s) talk(s) too much it's very distracting.
Or maybe it's what's being said that's important. Big difference between loving murmurs while coaxing another orgasm from a willing victim and torturing a helpless GIMP.

Well, again, different strokes...
3069) online ratt 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 02:55 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3069) Re. story or not: I agree 100% with A Canadian. Good acting is critical, and so is context. I don't need an hour of backstory, but I do need just enough to establish a couple of things.

* Do the methods of kidnapping / rape / torture make sense for the characters and setting? For example, am I being asked to believe that a high school boy who's captured his hot teacher has an empty warehouse full of exotic tools for experimenting on her? Seems unlikely without a little explanation: I'd be more able to suspend disbelief if he hauled her into the forest in the trunk of his car, staked her out, and tortured her with simple portable tools, or else dragged her into the school shop over the long weekend where he'd have access to vices and clamps, soldering irons, and big fat dowels.

* Can we establish that what's happening is non-consensual (at least out of the gate, even if the action is re-established as consensual at the end)? This is big for me -- the "Oh, master, thank you for making me your slave" thing doesn't do much for me. To me, the n/c scenario feels more real with a motivation, even if it's thin. Sometimes the kidnapper is just a psycho and the motivation is little more than "You're hot; I had to have you; I brought you to my pre-built dungeon" and that's ok.

But I prefer going a little deeper into the motivation (and also my victims smile duh-dumph-ching) -- for example, if it's a revenge scenario, I love to vicariously feel the righteousness as he gives the nipple clamps that slow extra turn, or if it's a torture-vids-for-profit gig, then the glee of the torturer as he reacts to the victim's confusion and shock about what's going to happen is another great psychological moment.

For me, the emotions surrounding the scene really do add to it -- the hate and/or lust from the torturer, the understanding or confusion and panic from the victim.

And as A Canadian said, "Where a story can be helpful is that I think it helps the actors get into character." That too.

This is what I'm talking about -- a story in a nutshell. Not much, but it establishes the mood.

Desperate to buy a bus ticket and escape, she held out on the pimp, who's making her an example for his other new whore. She's spread out on the bed in the shabby apartment, gagged mouth working, straining against the ropes, eyes wide with terror and anguish, as the curling iron in her cunt slowly gets hotter. With a grim smile, the pimp leans over and gives her left tit a savage twist before turning to the other girl. Forced into a compact ball of agony, her shins are tied to her thighs and knees to her neck, with her arms forced up behind her back and secured to her neck with a wire that cuts deeply into her flesh. He grabs a handful of long, black hair and jerks her head towards the atrocity on the bed: "You're going to watch, hear, and smell this, and if I ever have to put you there, know that it will be even worse.


PS - picture unrelated. But interesting.
3068) Daniel 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 12:55 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I feel that a story line is VERY important!
The imagination is like a stick of dynamite without a fuse!
Imagine, the magazines like Playboy, Hustler without story lines of some kind.
My 3 cents worth!
3067) Badger 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 08:28 AM Permalink

I couldn't agree more with Ralphus about the importance of at least the semblance of a story line. The difference between -- for example -- a whipping or a hogtie that follows the victim being dragged into the room after -- for example -- an incidence of road rage and that same whipping or hogtie that is already in progress when the scene begins is the difference in whether I will watch or not. Seems so simple, and probably would not bother those viewers who don't care. But it rarely happens. Shots that don't tell me why the victim is there leave way too much to my imagination.
3066) Covers 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 07:28 AM Permalink

(3066) MAM cover of the day is from Man's Action May 1962 V4 #1.
3065) Mr. 0 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 05:26 AM Permalink

Since this forum is on "tit whipping" craze as of late, I'll contribute by showing you something from Paingate:

A strike across the nipples....must have been hellish! cool
3064) petelobo 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 04:59 AM Permalink

(3064) The story is in the performance.
You'll never make me cry, you bastard.
O god! Not again.
Please stop...
3063) petelobo 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 04:50 AM Permalink

(3063) So I'm looking at the two animated GIF's of Miela suffering in today's daily pic (BTW Ralphus, thanks for the great stuff you've been posting during this discussion). Watch her move, watch her face respond, watch her breasts dance. Be great if we could hear her voice as well. What a pity for those of you who can't relate to these because there's no "psychological context" or storyline.

Maybe she let Peter cuff her, or maybe she struggled against him. Maybe she's being paid to do the scene or maybe her husband is punishing her for fooling around at a party or maybe she's been kidnapped and is being filmed to add piquancy to a ransom demand or... What matters to me is that she is clearly feeling those blows and clearly suffering. No matter how "consensual" she was in getting hooked up, she wants it to stop NOW. And it won't.

The problem with the play-acting or little two-line setups that some are saying would improve the situation is this: Put her in a medieval dungeon, and a bunch of you who aren't turned on by that fantasy don't want to buy it. Put her in a prison or interrogation situation and others for whom that does nothing are turned off.

As for the argument that, if you have to actually use your imagination to do the setup (what a strain!), why not imagine the whole thing...? I say if you can imagine this woman with this body and the way she responds, more power to you! Go ahead and imagine it all. But I, like many of us, am turned on by what I see, by what I hear. I don't have access to Miela or to a model like her, so hell: give me the meat, and I'll take care of putting it in a sandwich or a stew or an omelet or whatever I'm hungry for.

The only thing for me that disqualifies an image or video is unresponsiveness. That's why I hate silicone bags like those on yesterday's model. Whip the hell out of them and they don't move. That's not real. A model who simply stands there and does a Timex (takes a licking and keeps on ticking), no response--no anger, no pleading, no pain, no fear, no giving up hope--is as fake as a bolt-on.

So for me the importance of the context is that the actress has it--whatever it might be. She will never let him make her cry. She's scared, she's whatever. And the story, to me, is what happens to that attitude. The process takes her out of herself, forces her to submit. Make up any story you like, but without that the whole thing is just like watching someone exercise at the gym.

You can do the setup. Swell. But if she doesn't respond emotionally to what is happening, it's a waste of time. If she responds, even without knowing what is "supposed to be" happening because someone set it up, it engages.
3062) Matt 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 02:42 AM Permalink

Bill K: ET storylines or Sci-Fi in general are sadly lacking. There's been series where GIMP potential has been there, but not exploited: The Stargate franchise (SG-1, SG: Atlantis, and SG: Universe), Firefly, the Battlestar: Galactica remake, and so on.

Joanna: there are a number of reasons for a torture session not set in an interrogation. In a POW setting, not showing the proper respect to a guard or officer, being caught communicating from cell to cell or building to building, even cheering for your side when there's an air raid nearby.
3061) Ralphus 
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 01:21 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(3061) Story or not: This is a good thread so far, let's hear from more of you.

Now, this is not an absolute blanket statement, but I think you've got to at least have context for a scene to work for me. Here's an example. Today I happened to find one of those Whipping Caprice vids online so I took a look. It was one of those clips where they let her out of her cell and chain her to post and turn the whipping machine on her. There was almost no talking, no real story of any kind, and pretty much done matter-of-factly. Caprice willingly allows herself to be chained up, and doesn't say a word. So despite her obvious beauty and the fact that she was clearly experiencing pain while being whipped, the whole thing pretty much left me cold.

How could it have been improved? Take an extra minute or 2 and set up a storyline. Have the whipmaster explain to Caprice the reason she is about to be punished beforehand. Maybe she was cheating on a test. Maybe she was caught smoking cigarettes. Maybe she stole something and this is how they punish offenders. It really doesn't matter what exactly, but there needs to be something. And Caprice could start crying or beg for mercy, but the guy totally ignores her and chains her up anyway despite her protests.

And what have we done here? We've created drama. We've created context. And we've just improved the scene, because now the whipping means something more. And Caprice is no longer just a cute girl about to be whipped, she's also a bad girl. She's guilty. She deserves this. And now her whipping is more intensified in the eyes of the viewer. Think we might take a little more delight in watching her getting whipped now?

Or flip it around. What if Caprice was totally innocent, and we saw a short introductory scene where she's being set up by someone. So now instead of starting off cold, we have some sympathy for her. This poor girl is being punished for something she didn't do. This is going to stir our emotions one way or the other. We already want to see her tortured because she's attractive but add that extra context and the scene takes on a whole new meaning.

Granted, we're asking a little more from the performers. The victim especially has to know how to act. But hell, if you're willing to be tied up and whipped, how much harder is it to learn a few lines while you're at it? And if she gives a lousy, unconvincing performance...well, there you go. She's now being punished for being a bad actress. Works for me.
3060) Bill K. 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 08:01 PM Permalink

(3060) The gimp storyline is more erotically enjoyable to me if it's about medieval witches or Nazi torture or has a science fiction element such as aliens torturing a gimp like in this picture.

The gimp characters cannot be real or are long dead and buried in the past. I can't feel anything for them. Bill K.
3059) windar 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 06:48 PM Permalink

For me, without a story, the psychological element is missing. How a person reacts to physical sensations like pain is greatly influenced by their thoughts and emotions. The gorgeous young woman tied naked to a post and whipped, is she being punished lawfully for some crime she committed, was she dragged off the street for no reason she can see or is she being asked to betray a friend or confess to some crime she is innocent of? All of those and many other possible scenarios will affect how she deals with the physical signals, which after all, must be processed by the cerebral cortex.

The story doesn’t have to be Shakespearean in depth or dramatic quality, but to have no context at all leaves this viewer unmoved. And sure, we can imagine whatever story we like, but as someone pointed out, why not then dispense with the film and simply imagine the whole thing?
3058) A Canadian 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 05:49 PM Permalink

I wade into the "story" debate somewhat cautiously. I know we've had this discussion way back in the past, and I can't say with certainty whether my comments today will be consistent with what I have posted before (a middle-age memory prevents me from recalling, and my commitment to laziness prevents me from checking).

Here's my current position.

I'm not necessarily fussy about a story -- but I do think context and good acting are important.

It is important that I believe a film's scenes are non-consensual. That doesn't necessarily require a one-hour set-up of dialogue and plot. A quick opening that sets the stage would probably work just as well. For example, a movie that opens with a fully dressed woman tied AOH and crying out, "Oh, evil Dr. Ralphus, why are you holding me hostage?", might work just fine.

Where a story can be helpful is that I think it helps the actors get into character.

For example, there was no plot in Torture Club, which I recently reviewed.

In that film, the absence of plot wasn't the problem. Instead, what hurt that film somewhat was the absence of dialogue, which left many scenes without the necessary tension.

A storyline isn't essential. But a non-consensual context and good acting certainly are.
3057) petelobo 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 05:15 PM Permalink

Dr. Yuya,

Coleridge's 3 questions for critics were: What was the "artist" trying to do? How well did he do it? Was it worth doing?

Pain4fem tries to produces brief high-quality videos of attractive women being whipped. They aren't Red Feline, but their videos cost 65 cents a minute, and they do what they try to do very well and quite prolifically.

Would I compare a 3-minute whipping video of Miela with Mila Joya in Marquis de la Croix? Hell no. Just like I wouldn't compare a French omelet with a fried egg sandwich. They aren't meant to be the same, but both can be very satisfying in the right situation.

Paingate/Whipped Women tries to have a story line in many of their videos, and I get as frustrated watching them as I do reading the stories of "milky-white breasts quivering under the brutal strokes of the lash..." If you buy PG/WW vids for the stories, then you probably buy Playboy for the articles.

I can watch movies with stories and believable performances in many places. I can imagine my own scenarios into which to fit a great gimp clip or image. I admit that occasionally the two can be combined, but if you are honest with yourself, I think you'd have to admit that you've watched the dungeon scene in Poor Cecily a hundred times for every one you watched the whole movie.
3056) Joanna 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 04:23 PM Permalink

I like stories too: there should be reason for the torture even if it's not an interrogation.
3055) nick 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 12:02 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I enjoy LARGE-breasted females being tortured with whips, meat skewers, etc., etc. and executed by firing squad and variations!
3054) Dr Yuya 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 10:35 AM Permalink

"Story or not" in my book really comes down to which studio puts more effort in or doesn't.

A complete work that's in any kind of way a means to cater to a fantasy includes story ALONG with the technical details and effects. To say story should be disregarded in my book is another way of saying its okay to pay a company money (often the same amount of money) for doing half the job.

Use my imagination? Sure...but I could also just imagine a girl being whipped. Better yet, I could draw up some images or make an animation of it for free. I believe I'm paying to have all that done for me though, so that I don't have to work my imagination if I don't feel like it.

Now, I'm in the camp of people who doesn't believe the story in porn/bdsm work needs to be FANTASTIC...though there are those types as well. But it needs to be there and preferably coherent enough so that I know what's bringing about the situation the victim has found herself in.
3053) Covers 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 07:42 AM Permalink

(3053) Man's Action Mar 1964
3052) petelo 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 05:57 AM Permalink

(3052) No offense to those of you who have to have "story" and who refuse to look at really good stuff if there's any possibility that the model wasn't dragged into the studio screaming and hung up without any consnet at all...Use your imagination! None of these girls is saying, "whip me harder, daddy", and they definitely are suffering. Here's a nice image you should be able to do something with...
3051) petelobo 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 05:39 AM Permalink

(3051) The niche clips option gives you the 3 minute heart of the artichoke. On the Spanking Server itself you get the whole video with hooking up and unhooking (still no story) to be stripped out, but you can get a clip package of 8 (about 24 minutes of the good stuff) for $16 (12 euro) for about 65 cents per minute instead of a dollar. And the packages are separated by type of punishment (e.g. breast whipping).

Here's a more buxom model, Miela, who has a bunch of clips. And these are real puppies--not stuffed animals like the girl in the GIF at the top today. They MOVE!
3050) petelobo 
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Monday, 25 August 2014 05:27 AM Permalink

(3050) OK, so Caprice has many of the best-selling clips. She's one of their newest models, so that's no surprise. Here's a girl named Ines with a bunch of older videos, good actress, great body and the same body type as Caprice
3049) Thomas Chaser 
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(3049) Pedro will get answers to our questions, even if he has to beat them out of Roxy.

I've sent the questions from me, Ralphus, and Provost for Roxy (pictured above) and Nancy to Pedro so that he can film them when they restart shooting on Tuesday (late Monday USA time). He says the interview will probably be bonus material included in the final video, and he will also have a link for the interview exclusive to GIMP forum readers. See, it pays to read this forum.

If you have a question, you have until 6pm Monday Eastern Time to get it to me. Otherwise, Roxy's suffering under the lash will be for naught.
3048) Thomas Chaser 
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(3048) "Caprice fullbody 2803" - Starting upper left and going clockwise: (a) Clip opening shot, (b) a stroke to her ass, (c) she apparently is a little aroused by the whipping, even as she tries to avoid the flogger, and (d) a nice stroke to her breasts.

Ralphus asked: "Of particular interest to me is Little Caprice...she is such a cute girl. Indeed, I noticed on the Clips4Sale site that Masamune linked, 3 of the 4 most popular clips feature her, including the body whipping one. One question...after looking over the short video preview samples they have on their site, are these videos consensual? There doesn't appear to be use of force, like the girls are volunteering to be whipped, and that's kind of a turn off."

If it's possible for there to be "forced consent", that's where I would put the "Caprice 3" clip I reviewed. I see consent as a girl saying "I want you to whip me because I like to be whipped, or am willing to try it at least once." The girl's motive and reward is personal. The next stage of consent is reward-based: "Let me whip you and I'll pay you money/earn time towards early release from prison", which is a form of forced consent. The girl needs the money and being whipped is the best alternative she sees to getting it. She doesn't necessarily want to be whipped, but it's a means to an end. Then there's non-consent, which is there's no way in seven hells the girl is going to agree to be whipped and she may or may not fight having it done to her. I'd say the Pain4Fem videos fall somewhere squarely on the middle, or are simply silent on the arrangement.

Caprice fullbody 2803 is a good example of staying silent on consent. The clip starts with Caprice stripped naked (except for her Fuck Me pumps) and oiled on her contact points (breasts, belly, back, hips, thighs, ass). Is she being paid for this? We aren't told. But, she does seem terrified of being whipped and is constantly twisting and trying to avoid the whip, so wrap any story around that you want. Maybe she's being punished for violating prison rules. Maybe she's being whipped as part of her sentencing. Or maybe she's being whipped because the prison warden is a sick bastard that way. There's nothing to tell us otherwise. We don't see her being strung up nor do we see her being released from the cuffs around her wrists. All we see is her being whipped and then, when it's over, the blindfold is removed so that we can see the terror in her eyes. Fin. Not a lot to it, which is to be expected since the whole thing is only 5 minutes long. See my compilation above for some screen grabs.

Is it worth $6? I think so. She's certainly lovely and the clip is filmed in HD so you have top-notch image clarity (my screen grabs don't do it justice). There's no visible markings but Caprice does emote well. Either she's a good actress or Pain4Fem has figured out that oiling the skin reduces welts so that the girls can do a mainstream shoot later. That doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the length. Seems like a lot of their clips are only 2 or 3 or 5 minutes long. Really? You go to the trouble to bring a model in for 5 minutes of tape? How much was left on the cutting room floor that could've been recycled to extend the clip another five minutes? Such a waste. If I had to give it a rating, I'd give it a B due to the length (or lack thereof) and no backstory to put the action into any sort of context (sometimes that's good if you want to use your own imagination). The model is great, the camerawork is great, but the whipping could be harder and the length longer.

My rating: B

Available at: []
3047) Ralphus 
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(3047) Thomas Chaser: Thanks for bringing us up to date with your reviews. Of particular interest to me is Little Caprice...she is such a cute girl. Indeed, I noticed on the Clips4Sale site that Masamune linked, 3 of the 4 most popular clips feature her, including the body whipping one. One question...after looking over the short video preview samples they have on their site, are these videos consensual? There doesn't appear to be use of force, like the girls are volunteering to be whipped, and that's kind of a turn off.

The links for your movies are in the Pain4Fem section of the Reviews page.
3046) Bill K. 
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The more I think back there are a lot breast whipping movies out there. It's just there haven't been a lot of lively conversations about them here until now.

I posted this same lactating breasts whipping scene long while back: [] , which considering the current topic is worth revisiting.

It didn't get much attention back then and I forgot about it until now. Whipping lactating breasts doubles the fun and the pain or does it? Comment anyone? Bill K.
3045) Masamune 
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About Caprice, there is also this nice full body whipping:

Caprice fullbody 2803
Caprice fullbody whipping. []

3044) cmf 
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to dalpass and everyone on the forum:

Breast-whipping scenes? Wow, even to my somewhat limited tastes, there's a lot of them:

Sandy Carey, the blonde woman on the rack being whipped in Poor Cecily, definitely.

Ryanne, (what a lovely woman), in the PKF Studios video "punishment_death". The absence of any significant tattoos on that beautiful natural body is notable.

HOM films. The actresses Ashley Renee, Nikki Dial, Chris Collins, Gigi, Teri Diver, among others, spring to mind.

Actresses Kymberly Jane, Holly Wood and Sybill Hawthorne, in a number of Dungeon Corp videos.

"Extreme Exorcism" from the paysite Whipped Women, where a beautiful brunette is tied to the rack, whipped and also doused in hot wax. Sorry I don't the name of the actress in this clip, but like Ryanne, the lack of any significant tattoos (at least on the front of her body) is notable.

Actresses Hana Liska and I believe Maria Vaslova in the Roman Nowicki/Teraz Films release "Mark of the Whip".

Honorable Mention: Sonja, a very attractive, busty blonde girl, who appeared in a couple of Paingate whipping series from way back when (about the same time as Shirley, I believe). Granted, most of the strokes are from the breasts down, but she is just so hot, and suffers so well, that I'm giving her an Honorable Mention.

I'm not necessarily jazzed by the styles of Pain4Fem and ElitePain. A little bit too "clinical" for my taste, and not enough "naked". big grin
3043) Covers 
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(3043) Today's MAM cover is from Man's Action Mar 1963 Eastman art
3042) provost 
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The soles of a woman's feet are usually quite sensitive, and so one can get very strong reactions from very modest treatments. This makes more sense to me than causing harm to little effect.

Anyway, it can be exciting to pay some attention to milady's soles in the course of interrogation or punishment. Two simple treatments: simply stroking lightly up and down along her sole with a pointy device--an awl, even a toothpick--elicits a strong response, as does placing a rubber band around her foot and snapping it against her sole. Either of these usually causes a lot of squirming and pleading without causing any harm or damage. Certainly not a substitute for all the other stuff discussed here, simply a complement.

Note that Amy was proud to endure standing on the spiked board--the only one of the cast and crew to do so, she said. To my ear she is asking to have her soles tested more rigorously, to show us what she can endure...and it has been a while since we've heard from her....captive of the editing suite. perhaps?
3041) Thomas Chaser 
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(3041) Bocaccio wrote: "You have good taste!"

Thank you, sir! :)

He also wrote about Celine 2: "Yes, I like that one too, but have the same reservations you do. The model is first rate, and the subject matter is impeccable, but, as with Pain4Fem's other machine breast-whipping films, the set-up time and the aftermath are over-long relative to the amount of action

Even so, though, there are quite a few strokes per minute, and the strokes leave very convincing marks. The model is not in agony (as in Elite Club films which are much too heavy for me)but clearly the whipping is painful. In too many films, a woman is struck on the breasts with a flogger ten, twenty, thirty times without leaving a mark. Even the best actress can't really sell the authenticity of those kinds of scenes, although there are some notable exceptions. The flogging in the dungeon scene of "Poor Cecily" has such excellent production values -- staging, sound, plot, that the whipping and branding of a blonde prisoner is very convincing.

At least it was the first thirty times I watched it. :)

The Teraz films that I've seen feature some extended floggings - and lovely models - but they go to the other extreme -- the too-rapid appearance of excessive markings.

My other little quibble with the machine breast-whipping films is that, for me, the visceral sexual pleasure that one or more male punishers derives from inflicting sexual punishment is one of the cornerstones of my stories."

I don't mind the long set-up because it allows the scene to build drama. I want to see the victim brought in and shown the instruments of her punishment. I want to see her reaction when she's shown the whip. I want to see her teased with the whip against her bare body. It's part of the torture - the fear, the helplessness, the anticipation, the dreadful waiting as she's buckled into place. But what bothers me with the SpankingMachine clips is the brevity. Whap-whap-whap-whap, some astringent to prevent infection, and done. All that set up for five minutes of whipping? It take me longer to put on my shoes in the morning.

My first exposure to "Poor Cecily" was a still that was posted on a thread dedicated to rack torture. I didn't even know the name of the movie it came from; just some random blonde stretched out across a monstrously huge wooden slab with thick ropes around her wrists and ankles while some guy in a powdered wig interrogated her. I was fascinated. I was entranced. I was hooked. Then I got the name of the movie, then I got the movie. From there, every whipping and/or racking scene has been measured against that standard. And really, despite the grainy pictures, it's still a great scene (and I'm right there with you on the viewing count!). If I were a rich man, I'd recreate that scene - powdered wigs and all - with as many beautiful women as I could get to endure it. Both the blonde (name unknown), the salt-and-pepper duo, and Angela Field (the titular character) make the rack scene(s) work for me. The rest of that movie can rot, but if there's a "Best Scenes In A Movie" museum somewhere, that one should be preserved. It got everything right.

When Mood Pictures had told me they were going to shoot an Inquisition film, I jumped at the chance to have Nancy, Roxy, and whomever else they could get to recreate that rack scene. But alas, that takes space that their little soundstage doesn't have, so instead we're going to get a very good Plan B: something similar to the stretching shown in "Akelarre", which I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing.

What I like about the machine-made whippings is that, to paraphrase "The Terminator" films, the machine has no remorse, no feelings, no conscience. It will keep coming with the whip no matter how much the victim cries out (or until someone hits the "OFF" switch). In some of the whippings where the whip has been wielded by an actor, it seems as though the intensity varies unless the whipper is very, very good at being bad to the whippee. That's a tough pill to swallow for people, though, as we've seen in "The Milgram Experiment" films, maybe not as hard as I think it is.

I will confess that as I've watched the films from Whipping-Films.Com, I've noticed a certain artistry to how to bring a victim along, and certainly with how "Daniel", who does the whipping for that studio, does his best to stretch the whipping sessions without making it tedious. We've talked about "Lashes Per Second" but not about how strong, where to hit, how many hits to give in a particular area, how many strokes to give before giving the victim a break, etc. Provost has requested that I ask Nancy and Roxy, two models for Mood Pictures, about where they fear being hit, etc., and I'm curious to know their answers. You don't hear much about foot whipping, but from what I've read at a scholastic level it sounds like a maximum "results for effort expended" technique. Of course, you also have to consider the damage done to the model suffering under the lash; something a real torturer wouldn't necessarily worry about. Still, when it comes to whipping, ElitePain seems to push a lot farther than other studios do (even farther than its sister studio Mood Pictures). Like you, I'm not really into something as hard as some of the EP clips and they have turned me off because of it. Still, those do have some educational value insofar as showing what a whip can really do to a person, and as you mentioned, it takes some of the realism out of a Teraz Films special effect.

Ok, this is getting longer than I had planned, so I'll end it here with a closing shot of the final whipstroke that Caprice endured in "Caprice 3". Despite the brevity of her whipping, it really is a good clip to get.
3040) Thomas Chaser 
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(3040) While I'm reviewing SpankingMachine.Com clips, I might as well cover my other favorite clip from that site - Caprice 3.

Like "Celine 2", the background story isn't told, but generally it's that, in the future, female inmates have the option to undergo corporal punishment in exchange for early release from jail. However, this clip doesn't really go into that but I assume Caprice is supposed to be a high-end call girl because a) she's wearing stylish platform shoes, b) she's wearing a fairly high-end looking dress, and c)she has her diamond stud.


Caprice is extremely camera-friendly and easy on the eyes, as you can see in my composite of vidcaps above. She's brought into the punishment room (unfettered) and told to remove her dress, which she hands to the female security officer. Cuffs are then placed on her wrists and she's bound to the T-frame whipping post, arms outspread. The male security guard then shows her the instrument that will be used to whip her, takes a few swings in the air, bolts it onto the swinging arm of the robot, then teases her with it. After he's done playing with her, it's showtime.

The other two panels are taken from early on in the session, but you get the general idea.

This clip was recorded in HD mode so you get much better image delivery than what you see in my vidcaps (there was some loss of clarity as a result of the process I use for screen-capture, then re-sizing, and then uploading). You can see everything, right down to the goose-bumps on her skin as it welts up. As with most Pain4Fem (or whatever) clips, the framing and camerawork are top-notch.

If there's a flaw, it's that the clip is brief. Action starts 4 seconds into the clip and the whipping starts at the 2:30 mark. Whipping ends at 6:00, but Caprice stays bound to the frame while astringent is applied, causing her more pain (and allowing us to get close-up examinations of her welts). Action ends at 7:08.

Caprice has some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen in a whipping video - fear, anxiety, "oh shit, here it comes", pain, recovery, another "oh shit, here it comes" look, and pain again. Her body is flawless with young, firm natural breasts and pouty nipples begging to be stroked and whipped. Her eyes are dark and draw you in to her dire predicament. Really, this clip is a must-have if you're a breast-whipping fan.

Still, I'm giving it a "B" because of the length. Only 3:30 of whipping? Only 7 minutes total? I can't help but think that if there had been a break at the 10-stroke point for her to recover, the session could have gone on for another five minutes at least. As it is, it's very short; almost too short unless you set your player for "autorepeat" or "loop" or whatever.

My rating: B

Get it at: []
3039) boccaccio 
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@ Thomas Chaser 3037

You have good taste!

Yes, I like that one too, but have the same reservations you do. The model is first rate, and the subject matter is impeccable, but, as with Pain4Fem's other machine breast-whipping films, the set-up time and the aftermath are over-long relative to the amount of action

Even so, though, there are quite a few strokes per minute, and the strokes leave very convincing marks. The model is not in agony (as in Elite Club films which are much too heavy for me)but clearly the whipping is painful. In too many films, a woman is struck on the breasts with a flogger ten, twenty, thirty times without leaving a mark. Even the best actress can't really sell the authenticity of those kinds of scenes, although there are some notable exceptions. The flogging in the dungeon scene of "Poor Cecily" has such excellent production values -- staging, sound, plot, that the whipping and branding of a blonde prisoner is very convincing.

At least it was the first thirty times I watched it. smile

The Teraz films that I've seen feature some extended floggings - and lovely models - but they go to the other extreme -- the too-rapid appearance of excessive markings.

My other little quibble with the machine breast-whipping films is that, for me, the visceral sexual pleasure that one or more male punishers derives from inflicting sexual punishment is one of the cornerstones of my stories. That's why I'm not much of a fan of impact-free torments, like electricity and candle wax. It's not unlike the difference in satisfaction that might result from hitting a real line drive and hitting a line drive in a video game.

Not that I have any intention of striking an actual woman myself, of course.

But then, intent on winning his father's approval, the younger Gutmayer decided to be more eclectic in his choice of targets.

Hans Gutmayer had circled the dark-eyed beauty relentlessly, lashing out at her deep-cleft buttocks with a force that caused her body to shiver deliciously. He followed that stroke with a withering blow across her back that caused her to scream for the first time. The next blow stung her slender calves and the one after that left a reddish-brown streak across her mid-section, halfway between her dark-tipped breasts and her enticing navel.

The thief's daughter, driven frantic by pain, didn't know which way to turn in her leather bonds. If she turned her back on her tormentor, she gave herself no chance to brace herself for the next lash. But if she turned to face him, she took the risk of …


More than two decades later Gutmayer could still remember the thrill of exhilaration he had felt when he had whipped his cadet belt across Gabriella's yielding breasts for the first time. He had timed the blow perfectly, sweeping the belt forward just as she had spun around quickly in what proved to be the agonizingly wrong direction.

For a split-second Gabriella froze, and then the pain, a deep, burning pain, surged through her tempting breasts like a wildfire and her legs gave out and she hung limply from the chains in shock.

Hans' crusty old father had lifted a fist in triumph as if his son had won a decoration for valor.
3038) A Canadian 
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(3038) Thomas Chaser: Thanks for the mini-review of Celine 2. You've got to award points to the makers of the clip for their imaginative approach to whippings. And Celine looks like quite a find.


TRG: Now, it's saline injections. I give up.
3037) Thomas Chaser 
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(3037) Bocaccio's picture in post #3032 is from the same folks that do Pain4Fem.Com, SpankingServer.Com and Spanking Machine. My favorite breast-whipping video is in their Spanking Machine line and features Celine, who did a number of clips for them. Specifically, my favorite is her in Celine 2 (you can see more images at [] ).

The pictures on the website don't do the clip justice because you don't get the sense of story behind it. So, looking at the panel I created above, Celine is brought into the punishment room wearing bra, underwear, robe, and shackles. She's guided to the whipping post and is then forced to strip to her panties. Afterwards, she has her shackles replaced with leather cuffs around her wrists and has her arms locked to the far ends of the post. The man ("Peter", I think his name is) then shows her the rod that will act as the whip and teases her with it. He then installs it in the whipping machine as the woman ("Ingrid" or "Ilsa" or something like that) sits down at the controls to operate it. Once Peter has determined the placement of the machine in relation to Celine's captive body, he steps back and gives the signal to Ingrid/Ilsa to start the punishment.

Because it is a machine, each stroke is the same severity, but the machine raises and lowers the swinging arm so as to spread the punishment around a bit (plus the natural movement of the victim). Celine takes a fair amount of strokes and gives us a good reaction to each one, although you can see that she is struggling to remain stoic through her ordeal.

After her punishment is over, she is released from the frame and given the robe to put back on. Shackles are once again locked around her wrists and ankles and the camera fades to black.

Pain4Fem/SpankingServer/SpankingMachine and whatever other name they're using does a good job of choosing the camera angles and framing the action. There's not a lot of empty space once the action starts. Image clarity is good, although there is some "staircasing" when you freeze-frame. Overall, though, in live-action mode you won't notice it and it won't detract from the show.

Overall, I rate it an "A" based on the attractiveness of the model, the effort made to build the robot, the whipping frame, and the set, the good photography, and the pacing of the strokes. If I have one complaint, its that I wish the clip was about twice as long and the whipping twice as long as well. Action starts about ten seconds into the clip and the whipping starts about 3:30 in. Whipping stops at the 8-minute mark, so do the math. Total clip time is 10:18, with the last two minutes spent watching Celine flinch as astringent is applied to her welts, causing her to flinch with each wipe (so, really, you get two minutes of bonus pain if you want to look at it that way), then being released from the frame and re-dressed and re-shackled.

There is no story told in the clip, but according to the older clips, the basic premise is that, in the future, female convicts are given the choice to suffer severe corporal punishment in exchange for gaining "time earned" on early release from prison. If that works for you, hey great. My own personal storyline for this clip is that Celine is a university graduate assistant who has been "volun-told" to submit herself to a demonstration for scholastic purposes. The shackles are to keep her from changing her mind - once she's in "the study", she can't get out until it is over. Anyway, that's my idea. I may write a story based on that idea some day.

My grade: A
Available from: []
3036) petelobo 
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Saturday, 23 August 2014 05:11 PM Permalink

(3036) Sure would love to know more about the gif in today's pic: who and from what. Looks like Kink.

Here's one from a site rarely mentioned here, disenomedia (Pain4Fem). Spectacular models, great production values, broad range of topics and reasonable prices. Check out their breast whipping packages for about $15 (8 videos each)
3035) mr bush 
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Redhead (natural) well-endowed (naturally) standing spread-eagle for... (Post 3024)

That girl is Ryanne and she cherishes that bush. I paid John Marshall (PKF films) to do a film where she is abducted, tied to chair and has some pubes cut off to send to her husband. It is called Abducted/Abused.
3034) TRG 
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On several occasions, Blakemore has posted a wild description of injecting a woman’s breasts with different concoctions to make them swell up several cup sizes. I use the word “wild” because the way he writes about it makes it seem like he is exaggerating a bit. In other words, that he’s full of s**t. (See especially his post of December 13, 2013. There are a few others worth reading.)

But he was not making that up! Thanks to the NY Times, America’s newspaper of record, I give you this: a story on women getting saline injections to temporarily enlarge their breasts for social occasions.

It’s all the thing, though some doctors don't recommend it. And I would be somewhat miffed if I had hot sex one night with a C cup and woke up next to an A cup. Might make me want to tie her up and work out my disappointment.
3033) boccaccio 
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(3033) On second thought, the photo of 912 attached below is not from "Twitchy and Wet" if the 2005 date is correct, although the pose is quite similar.

The photo I've attached is from "T & W."

The cane is just one of several instruments in this film, that is assigned the delightful task of disciplining 912's tantalizing treasures.
3032) boccaccio 
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(3032) dalpass 3022 wrote:

"Have to jump in, as the Forum is finally focusing on my favorite scenario – well-endowed babes getting their boobs whipped and beaten. J Scourge, petelobo, Bill K, of course Ralphus, and the best story author on the topic, Boccaccio, and others all giving their thumbs-up for this delightful topic. Bravo!"

Thanks, dalpass. I hope you've been well. A wise man once said that writers should write about what they love.

For me, the creme de la creme of breast-whipping films is "Twitchy and Wet" from Insex and starring the lovely 912. I see that someone else has already appended a photo from that film, but there are a number of other photos and gifs from that and other 912 films here:


912 did about half a dozen Insex films, and her lovely breasts invariably received a lot of attention, but never so much as in "Twitchy." More importantly she was, IMO, in her best physical shape at the time of that filming. In some of her other films she seems five or ten lbs heavier.

A number of PainGate films feature nice and convincing breast-whipping scenes. My favorite is "Pay the Rest" starring a very pretty blonde named Shirley. Unfortunately the only internet version I've seen lately is messed up -- the sound and picture are not in sync. And who likes to see a leather whip biting into a lovely breast and then hear the impact half a second later (or maybe it's earlier). In general, though, the models in the PainGate and Whipped Women videos, at least the ones to whom the best breast-whippings are administered, tend to be on the small-breasted side.

I also like the three-minute or so video from which the attached picture is taken. "Busty Blonde Babe Endures a Kinky Breast Whipping" is its Googlable title.

Another brief vignette on my favorite topic:

Although only a handful of strokes had been delivered, Erika’s creamy breasts were already blushing in the moonlight.

As Erika’s upper body continued to quiver uncontrollably, Fong sneered, “Very nice, very nice. Dance for me, wench.”

Fong studied the assortment of instruments of discipline at his disposal for a moment before reaching again for the knotted whip.

Hsi Fong turned the whip handle over in his hands impatiently, eyeing Erika’s succulent pleasure-melons as he waited for the last few grains of sands to drop. Astride the general's iron-hard cock, with her wrists pulled painfully high by the chains, the blonde prisoner's superb, pink-nippled breasts rose and fell deliciously. She twisted and turned frantically in her bonds, her pain-globes quivering fearfully as she awaited the next stroke.

"Bitte...please... no more"

"Forgive me, fraulein," the Commissioner of Corrupt Practices grinned evilly as he drew back the whip. "But we have only just begun."

With those words Hsi Fong delivered yet another stroke to Erika's whip-reddened mounds.



The earlier stroke of the multi-thonged whip had been a swift downward stroke to the upper slopes of Erika’s breasts. The second one, however was delivered at only a slight downward angle and crashed into her defenseless treasures with punishing ferocity, one of its knots finding Erika’s swollen left nipple.

“Well struck, my friend!” General Wang grunted as Erika’s body shuddered in pain. Each stroke to her sensitive breasts seemed to tighten the grip of her vagina around his iron-hard cock."
3031) provost 
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A question for Nancy and Roxie:

Suppose you're to receive 100 lashes on your bare flesh. How would you divide them among your back, breasts, belly, ass, and soles? Which are the most tender parts? Which are toughest, strongest?

Thanks for your excellent performances and for indulging us with these questions!
3030) Mwb 
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Saturday, 23 August 2014 10:16 AM Permalink

(3030) Lets not forget the lovely 912
3029) Thomas Chaser 
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(3029) Ralphus asked in response to my offer to help with ZFX film production: "What, are you gonna volunteer to tie up and torture his models for him? God, that must be a brutal job."

Ha, ha, ha! :) I actually do have experience in film production work. In fact, I used to do my own still-film development back in the day of cyanide baths and pushing/pulling exposures. I can frame a shot and control lighting and depth-of-field with aperture controls and all that stuff. Of course, now its all digital so that's handled by in-camera software processing and editing programs, which is why I gigged Whipping-Films for using consumer-grade stuff. There's nothing more tell-tale than staircasing and vignetting at extreme ends of spectrum.

Someone else can wield the whip. I'd rather capture the shot and carry the cables.

And just for kicks, here's a vidcap from "Goon Squad" for those who have never seen the film.
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