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This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
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We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

1. Be respectful of others
2. Stay on topic with the theme of the board
3. Only 3 picture posts per day, please
4. Respect our producers! No linking to commercial bondage file-sharing sites

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

Thanks for visiting the GIMP Forum. Please feel free to post or comment...
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31616) Ralphus 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:33 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31616) The latest poll question: Wow, some really interesting stories, stuff I did not expect to be reading.  I think compared to a lot of recent posters, my true story is rather bland.  Navyrotor's visit to a professional dom (31592) blew me away (I had no idea doms did roleplays with men AND supplied female victims...but I've never requested a professional's services before).  And Troicha's (31584) confession that he borrowed bondage videos from his DAD is totally cool.  I could not imagine sharing my bondage fetish with my dad, although since I was adopted, there was little chance of that anyway.  Just think, you got your perviness from your old man!  Also great to see old friend T back here again after many moons.

Anybody else care to share their real-life experience?  Remember, this forum is totally anonymous, and you're among friends here.


A Viewer wrote:

Where were those cheerleader daily pictures from?

The last 6 were from an excellent artist named Caljedi1.  Here's his DeviantArt page:

Unfortunately it appears he's lost the urge the create new artworks, as his page hasn't been updated for a couple of years now.


I have some bad news. The next season of Criminal Minds is going to be its last. The show has provided a lot of GIMP scenes in its 300+ episodes.

I'm not as enamored with Criminal Minds as I could have been.  Yeah, they gave us a LOT of scenes (the Brian's Page database lists them as having an astounding 117 of them) but how many were really good?  Granted, I never watched the show regularly but the episodes I've seen all stopped short of really delivering a GIMP home run.  Part of it is likely the medium they were working in: mainstream US television.  There's only so much you can do on network TV.  It's hard to say they were sanitized with a subject matter like that but every single one I saw fell short.  If anyone can tell me what episodes were actually good, I'm sure we would love to know.


Anybody interested in being a voting member for the 2019 GIMP Hall of Fame, please contact me via email.  I'll be sending out the new ballots in hopefully a few days.
31615) Navyrotor 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:27 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31615) Removing Hope

It was his favorite trick to pull... kidnap her, bind her, keep her in the dark, tell her the horrible things he was going to do to her (in fact show her tapes of the previous victim’s suffering) - for days on end... until the mere sound of his approach would make her entire young body shake uncontrollably with fear.

Sudden light, gentleness, untying, cleaning up, telling her the ransom had been paid and that he would drive her to a safe location... just walk through this door to the garage, and we’ll get in the car. Hope, tears of joy, the hint of a smile.

Then - the slamming shut of the steel door behind her, and his torture chamber in full display, with no way out. Restored hope, crushed in an instant, falling to her knees as he approaches with the knife and stun gun. The eyes fall in disbelief, the tears flow, the trembling begins anew, the sobbing becomes unintelligible.

His new victim is ready.
31614) JD 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:09 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@MadamBathory: Got my membership and got a look. It's promising but I have a few criticisms. Why keep the sets so small (compared to other venues that offer sets of hundred images, your sets are very small). With the advent of the digital photography shooting from multiple angles is dirt cheap. Since the images are midsize, the bandwidth consumption is negligible so that can't be factor.

Secondly, please check the older sets for members, some of them are broken, not loading anything. Those in the lower 12th seem to misbehave.

Thirdly, as a personal preferences, you put too much emphasis on clothing. I think I can speak for the vast majority of the male audience when saying we like skin. The more, the better. My fav is Restrained Elegance, they strike a good balance between art and gratification.
31613) Navyrotor 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:53 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31613) Word for the Day:


/rəˈɡret/ verb
1. feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done; "She immediately regretted her words."
31612) Provost 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:23 PM Permalink

Margot, it was quite appropiate to post the call for help to this group and I would like to contribute, so please pass along the info...along with our wishes that all will be well.
31611) A Viewer 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 04:07 PM Permalink

Where were those cheerleader daily pictures from?

I have some bad news. The next season of Criminal Minds is going to be its last. The show has provided a lot of GIMP scenes in its 300+ episodes.
31610) Navyrotor 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 02:32 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31610) 31607 ~ madamebathory

I love your bench - especially the metal restraints. While I like the arms overhead, it’s nice to sometimes have other options, for various reasons (such as having her mouth accessible).

The only thing I’d do different with your design is make the bench itself metal (although the contrast of the dark enameled wood is nice, too). There are few things more enjoyable than watching a tightly secured and stretched out victim thrash about and scream because of well-applied electricity. The sound of clanking steel and rattling chains adds so much to witnessing the suffering.

I once had the pleasure of conducting an amazing scene in which the girl cried so much - just from the shear FEAR of impending torture - that her tears pooled up on the metal platform (much like the type of steel in this photo). It was so wet I was able to transfer her tears to her exposed tits, belly and legs to increase the conductivity for my shock baton.

The lead-up to the application of the shocks was the best part - she was practically wailing while begging feverishly for mercy and choking on her own saliva even before the fun began. It was a concert of sounds that I can still hear. Pure heaven.
31609) Karl Thomas Wagner 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 11:57 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31609) More cane strokes!
31608) Brainmaster 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:09 AM Permalink

An interesting poll question and interesting responses.

By the time I was 16, I was pretty openly expressive of the fact that I was a feminist's worst nightmare, but I didn't talk about details. At 23 I married my submissive kinky Asian wife and enjoyed 22 years of gimp games. Soon after we could afford a 2 bedroom apartment, I would convert our room into a dungeon. Once my nosey mangina mamma boy brother nosed his way into our dungeon and felt compelled to tell our mother. She being the prim and proper protestant lady pretended not to hear it.

About 5 years later, some family drama ended up bringing my slut sister and haughty mother to stay with us for a time. I told them what the situation was and to suck it up. I reassured my mother that our activities were 100 percent consensual and mutually pleasurable. She would see my dungeon and give me the holier than thou "why don't you just get rid of that stuff" look. My sister actually jumped to my defense and told her she had a number of friends who liked being whipped and that it wasn't uncommon.

Whether or not people know or who knows depends much on where you are at in life. When you are open about it, it can't be used to blackmail you and it will attracts women who share your interest. Because my family knows, I can't be threatened with exposure. On the other hand, if it were something I just ran around and told everyone, I could hurt me financially because of the crazy PC purtinanism. Other than that, I don't give a rat's ass what they think.
31607) madambathory 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:09 AM Permalink

(31607) A few months ago I built a bench where you can fix the victim by the neck, wrists and feet ... and I tried it with Zoya. I must say that it is becoming one of my favorite toys.
31606) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 07:31 AM Permalink

(31606) Wonder Woman and Star Sapphire by Robb Phipps
31605) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:31 AM Permalink

BDSM-FITNESS wrote: My sister started it all of by asking me to whip her out of curiously having scene BDSM on the Internet.

Then this was a little bit incestuous, wasn't it. I mean though whipping someone is legally not a sexual intercourse, I am usually not interested in someone being whipped if I don't find that person erotic in any way...

I don't mean this any negative way, it just made me very curious because I haven't heard about this practice between siblings, and would like to read what this exactly meant for you. (I mean if - in the end - you fulfilled your sister's wish.)

By the way did this happen recently in your adulthood? Since you mention she saw this on the internet. In my childhood there was no internet.
Troicha - I am going to get back to you once I've dug up something nice from Ariel.
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 02:32 AM Permalink

The poll question:

YES some my friends and relatives know. My sister started it all of by asking me to whip her out of curiously having scene BDSM on the Internet.

We where both hooked in hours getting an adrenaline rush like in workout and contests in sports.

Working out before a whipping a higher the pain tolerance

Some friends and relatives go for it but other have no interest walk away and do not speak to you

We are all different – so whatever you are into it's your body you can look after it or not - respect people that are NOT in this and help others explore BDSM

GOOD luck
31603) Flintstone 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 11:39 PM Permalink

re Poll question: One of my best friends, who was also my roommate in collage at the time, found my "stash", which was in a box under a blanket in my closet, when he came into my room while I was gone to borrow the blanket. I noticed the blanket had been rearranged later, but couldn't say anything obviously. A few days later, we were watching a basketball game on TV in the apartment, and he asked me a hypothetical question about finding something out about someone that was really unexpected and not knowing what to do about it. I asked him if it changed anything, he said that he guessed it didn't. I told him not to worry about it, and that was the end of it, it was never brought up again. He died a while back, and we stayed friends until he passed, I still miss him... don't find friends like that often
31602) Thx1139 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 11:10 PM Permalink

Poll question: So far as I know, there is only one person who is aware of my interest in this subject matter in the nearly 40 years that it has been with me. I'm not sure my friends would understand or approve, and my career profession most certainly would not have, so there was no point in revealing it to anyone. The interesting thing is that one person who does know is an artist in this genre, and is someone I worked with decades ago (on projects completely unrelated). I only discovered this a few years ago, and it was a bit of a surprise. Sometimes I wonder who else that I know may be one of the anonymous names that I see online here and elsewhere.
31601) A Canadian 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 09:24 PM Permalink

The poll question: No, my friends and relatives don't know. They know I like adult films but I've never said anything about GIMP content.

I'm not certain how they would react if they did know.

For the most part, I suspect it wouldn't be a big deal, as it's well known that I'm very open-minded when it comes to so-called moral issues.

I do have some immediate family members who are extremely religious (of the no-alcohol-allowed variety). They might be a bit more shocked, although they certainly know my views are entirely different from theirs.

My thinking about how others might react may come from the fact that I don't actually see it as a big deal.

I know from past polls and discussions that some GIMPers feel quite marginalized or unique because they like GIMP content.

I'm not in that camp. I know my tastes aren't universally shared, but that's true for everyone.

One difference in my case may also be the fact that I don't participate in the BDSM lifestyle beyond my interest in GIMP films.

Perhaps that makes me less self-conscious about my GIMP interests, but that's just a guess. It could just be I'm naive or lacking in self-awareness. smile
31600) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 08:14 PM Permalink

Margot - Wow, do you speak Hungarian or someone translated for you? Google translator doesn't used to make such perfect translations...
No I cannot recall ANY Spanish person around our ElitePain studio during our history... not even a Spanish employer staff member or model. So this must have been a misunderstanding or someone made up being connected to us...

Once you wrote me that I have met Jac in Vegas, but I still don't remember. When you reminded me that it was a very cold snowy winter - and it really was so, when I last time was there -- I accepted that mr Alzheimer is coming... and I didn't argue any more...

My business partner (Pablo) doesn't speak Spanish, our former co-producer Lomp doesn't even speak English and has never been in America, and they didn't met Jac either...

I sent you a private mail regarding the other matter. Martyr is my TOP TOP favorite from your company, and if that gorgeous lady is in trouble I want to be among the first who can help. I hope others will join me.
31599) Reine Margot 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 06:11 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Camille Needs Our Support

I hesitated to post this, but I consider you all our friends, almost like family, in many ways. So, here it is.

The beginning of our incredibly rich Red Feline Adventure was possible because of our very beautiful and talented Carmen, better known as Camille. With Jac, she is the creator of Red Feline Pictures. Her early films, beginning with Red Feline on The Cross, launched our fiercely independent film company and made it possible for us to grow in totally unexpected ways. In all this time, two decades, she never asked for anything, until now. She's been living and working as a performance artist in France, she was doing fantastic but due to health issues she is suddenly facing some very hard times.

We want to help her raise the money she needs to help pay her urgent medical and other needs. All the proceeds from the films she worked on will go to her, not just her usual percentage, which isn't much at this time because her films haven't been selling in enough numbers lately, like they did before, when she had a comfortable life as a parisian university student with her proceeds from her wonderful films.

We also have some unreleased material of her, like the Rehearsal Tapes for the Inquisition Series and The Training of Camille Series. To those who can contribute 100 dollars or more to her cause, we offer those never seen, ever, videos.

Her aim is to raise 8,000 Euros. She already managed to get some of those needed funds from friends and relatives. We want to help her reach her goal and reach it soon. I will have more details and links for those who wish to contribute in my next post, in the meantime you can contact me at

I understand this is an unusual request but I feel this is urgent. We have a lot of love for her and we will do whatever we can to make her meet her goals and get better. Than you all for your understanding. I don't know how long we will make the unreleased materials available to our supporters, but it will be at least for two weeks. We do need to raise as much as we can in a short time.

Red Feline On The Cross

Martyr Or The Death of St Eulalia

All the VIA CRUCIS OF CAMILLE and THE INQUISITION Series will also help Camille

And now, a personal message to Pedro

Szia Pedro. Jac találkozott valakivel az ElitePain-től, de ő spanyol volt, és nem magyar, mint te. Van bármilyen spanyol társad? Van spanyol társad? Jac és Amy kicsit persze csodálkoztak, mert egy igazán hosszú beszélgetést folytattak ezzel a személlyel Las Vegas-ban.

End of personal message. Nothing mysterious, just a note about a past encounter.

Get your DVDs, DOWNLOADs, Join the Club for $8.00

Mila À La Croix Download

Mila À La Croix DVD

Visit our FREE site - Red Feline Pictures


I've noticed a number of DOWNLOAD and DVD orders were rejected due to Security Reasons.

I first thought that our processor company was some kind of Tight Ass I Will Make Your Life Miserable If Not Impossible type of company, until I took a careful look at the notifications I received. One thing most of them if not all have in common is a Weird Date of Birth!

For some strange reason, the buyer, or buyers, put as Date of Birth the year 2016 or 2018! W?T?F?!!!??? I don't understand ... Why?!
It looks something like this:

Birthday: 1/7/2018 - Payment Result - Message: Transaction Declined Due to Security Reasons

So, if you have been rejected lately, that IS ONE reason! Please, when you enter the information with your order, use your name, your date of birth, and all that information CORRECTLY! Thank you for your attention.

Right, this post was made under extreme duress ... except for the message to Pedro, that was just for fun to help me deal with the stress. Is not everyday that we get some hard and stressful news, specially from someone we care for so very much. I'll return to normal soon.

31598) yyy 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:59 PM Permalink

(31598) The St. Andrews cross is nice, but only if the victim (Sapphire Blue) is tautly stretched and tied on it...
31597) Ralphus 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:24 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31597) Damn, why am I not surprised?  Once again, it's Queen Blu adding to her already record win total.  Congrats, this was not a well-known title.

This week's movie is the 1967 thriller Danger Route, starring the luminous Barbara Bouchet, one of my favorite actresses.  She was one of the biggest international stars of the 1960s and 70s, and all it takes is one look to understand why.  In this country, she probably best known for playing appearing in a famous episode of Star Trek and for playing Miss Moneypenny in the original Casino Royale, which is where I first saw her.  But despite her penchant for stripping naked in almost every movie she was in, as well as starring in a number of horror films and giallos, Barbara Bouchet mostly avoided the ropes throughout her long and successful career. 

This movie, however, is the one big exception.  Not only does she get tied up on screen, she also endures burning torture (my favorite!).  The burning is only implied, but watching Barbara's beautiful face writhing in pain makes this one a must-see.

Here's the Ralphus Edit.

31596) _blu 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:26 PM Permalink

@ ralphus
'danger route' (1967)...
31595) Ralphus 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:11 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

It's time to play GIMP TRIVIA!
Another tough one, so once again, it all comes down to who can guess the quickest

The name of this movie is:
A: Amuck B: Cry of a Prostitute
C: Danger Route D: The French Sex Murders

Here, let me help you with your makeup, Sweetie
31594) Provost 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 04:58 PM Permalink

A few brief comments....

Madam Bathory: bastinado in the parrot’s perch justified the price of a 3-month subscription. Looking forward to more of your lovely models, dark sets, and darker imagination...and some faces and video.

T...what a lovely love story! Reminds me of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan (sans bdsm).

Navyrotor—fine fantasy, and thanks for the lead...

Pedro....a merciless tease!

I’m thinking this has become a safe space for folks like us. As for the guilt and shame of our peculiar interests, I have 3 responses. First, my interests are personal and not for all to know. Second, What is there about sex and sexual interests that is not, objectively speaking, ridiculous or gross? Third, whatever discomfort we may cause our play partners in acting out these consensual fantasies, they are trial in comparison to the damage wholesome, all-American football causes its players (and I am a lifetime fan).
None of that means we’ll be accepted—that was a dream 40 years ago—SM—The Last Taboo—and, sadly, remains such...but we have this site and one another.....
31593) yyy 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 04:28 PM Permalink

re: 31592) Navyrotor. Damn that sounds hot! Glad you had a chance, and the means, to live that out!
31592) Navyrotor 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 03:53 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31592) Hiding the Perversion

Absolutely, I’ve had to... from everyone, until I was fortunate to find a “play partner” that wanted to engage in role play sessions - the first one cost me, but many after that did not. Just when I had given up on ever having my perverse thoughts come to life, I was able to act out dozens of different scenes, most of which were my penchant for military interrogation and torture... and it was with a tight little brunette who could take all of it.

But likely my most mind-blowing experience was at a dungeon in Georgia (check out []). It was expensive, but I did a role play with her brunette plaything that I will play back in my head forever. I was initially captured snooping around in an enemy torture facility (the photo) by an evil enemy lieutenant in a black vinyl catsuit and boots. After being tied AOH, she went to get my copilot, a hot brunette, who was led in and forced to her knees in front of me. If I didn’t give her what they wanted, she’d be tortured in front of me...

Of course I refused, and the fun began. She was stripped of her Air Force uniform except for gun belt and boots, secured to the cross in front of me and whipped mercilessly. It was pretty convincing. Every now and then the lieutenant would provide me with some punishment, and “accidental reward.”

When neither of us would break, I was freed, at gunpoint, and was told to torture my colleague with a TAZapper on her tits, midriff, and inner thighs. She cried and screamed convincingly - which wasn’t hard to do, because I was free to be pretty rough.

Then I was tied to her, face-to-face, on the cross, and subjected to a brutal whipping and electrical shocks, while my cock was rubbing up against her tight belly, her gun belt and occasionally her tits. She cried and begged me to have the pain stop, by telling the enemy what they wanted to know. Her realistic suffering was out of this world.

The crescendo was my escape, and the two of us torturing the enemy lieutenant. We forced her to strip except for panties and boots, and cuffed her to the rack in the chamber, on her back - her wrists and ankles spread eagle and pulled really tight. We enacted our revenge on her tough body (mostly electro after a good wetting down, including an electric dildo that went two places eventually), while the two of us were allowed to make out until I was... shall we say - satisfied.

I have to say I was shocked by how far things were allowed to go, but it was all legal, technically, because there was no penetration. Fucking. Amazing. And highly recommended if you find that you have the means at some point.
31591) JD 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 03:35 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Thanks madambathory, sounds appealing.

Reflecting over the phrasing of the poll "perversion of yours' ... I wonder how much meaning still comprises ... Perversion used to be defined as any relation that doesn't help in procreation. From anal sex to homosexualism, they were all perversions. Guess what, no one (unless a strong Evangelical) would call today being gay a perversion but rather a lifestyle ... I wonder if our vice will ever become as accepted as a lesbian relationship. I know there are differences and our instinct of female-protection-at-all-costs will kick in and probably make our lifestyle less likely to be accepted.

Back to the topic of the day, I think having this 'perversion' has one huge bonus that many people might not realize. It gives stability to an existing relationship, vanilla or not. If you understand that most relations are broken by adventures in the immediate work enviroments, you understand that someone like me cannot be atracted by the girl in the next office in the heterosexual way. Yeah, I can imagine her stripped and backwhipped but I don't carry this impulse in real life since the chances that she's into deep BDSM style is close to nil. So yeah, here comes the fidelity that in a long run offers stability and a less stresful life. Cheers to being a perv!
31590) lashes 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 03:10 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Greetings all,

Does anyone know what happened to Alex from Flexi-slave?????
31589) Jan 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 02:59 PM Permalink

Since you are keen on feedback: These are my thoughts to "Domina Competition 2".

1st round: Buttock whipping: The device, the victim is strapped into, annoys me somewhat. Lying facedown, outstretched sight to frontal charms is impossible and for a buttock punishment I prefer when the buttocks are more upstretched, at least in the all-fours-position. Well, personal taste, I know..

2nd round: Bastinado is not exciting to me at all. Well, I know you have your fans in this departement. And I am certain you have made them happy. But for me this punishment is absolutely superfluous.

3rd round: Back whipping: Once again the device annoys me somewhat. The diagonal poles hinder some side views to the tits.
Also wrap-around-strokes are thus impossible. Well, wrap-around strokes were not intended anyway, I know. But still I think there are better ways to tie a victim up. I am absolutely no fan of outstretched arms in a standing position, but if you have to use this position than simple vertical poles (like Victoria Young in "The Maid") could be better. Better of course the whole position is more vertical (AOH). Of course once again personal taste, I know.

4th round: Body whipping: Now you almost made up for everything before! I like very much. The victim gets more desperate, which excited my sadistic nature a lot. Perfect. Only some wrap-around or frontal strokes were missing.

The characters:

The victim: is for me -sorry- average.
neither alluring nor turning off. During the last round she excited me a bit, because she came close to the end of her tether.

A pure disappointment. No emotions at all. Far too stony-faced. I thought this movie was meant to be a competition. No worried look when she lost a round. No triumphal glance when she won her round. No sadistic glee, when she made the victim hurt etc. etc.

Great as always. But could not save the movie for me..

All in all:
Good degree of severity. Technically perfect. Great Ariel. Strange bondage devices. Average victim. Lack of enthusiasm (Artemis). A bit disappointing. Not one of your best movies.

As for the prospect of a 3rd part I am not so excited. But if you have to... I would suggest Ariel-Amanda again. I am not so much of a Kittina-Fan. But I am certain even Kittina would surely be better than Artemis. As for a forfeit: What about a further WOP-episode? smile


Your poll:
Well, when I lived under the roof of my parents I used to collect HOM-magazines. I stored them in my drawers. Then one day my parents "surprised" me by an invitation to a soccer game. They fetched me from vocational school. They told me they even wanted to bring my scarf of my team, but could not find it. They searched all drawers... Then I knew they know. Nothing was said. But it was highly embarassing for me. Now I keep everything hidden...
31588) yyy 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 02:42 PM Permalink

(31588) more: poll. My Mom knew that I was into porn, but the vanilla type. She got rid of a sizeable collection of nudie mags when I was in the Service, but we never spoke about it (my Dad was gone by that time). So I'm not sure what her reaction to finding bondage porn would have been.

The only other time was when I was rooming with a couple other guys (in the Service). One of the guys was sneaking around in my room and discovered my stash of bondage magazines. But we never spoke about it. Maybe he liked them, too! I left that base soon afterwards.

re: 31583) T, very nice step in the journey with your marriage, and congratulations on your first-born.

re: 31573) JD, "...The theme you use (medieval settings) is very attractive to me..."
Yes, like medieval settings, too, but has anyone considered a setting that is similar in appearance: a post-apocalyptic world? I can easily imagine the bandits/crazies (think Mad Max) gang tormenting and torturing tied naked female captives around a roaring fire at night...or in a post-apocalyptic dungeon. A nice feature of these settings is that in addition to all the medieval tools, you have the modern torture tools at your disposal as well. Image (modified Damian) vaguely post-apocalyptic?

re: 31587) MAV, thanks for that MAV! Katy Rose is classified as "skinny" but she looks absolutely perfect to me. I also liked the preview of "BDSM model Eliza Keagan tied up and whipped".

31587) MAV 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 10:14 AM Permalink

I'm gonna stay away from the serious talk and just talk about more (AOH) GIMPs, including a new flexislave release that looks appetizing 😈. At the link you can get a preview of "Katy Rose" writhing under the lash!

31586) Troicha 
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 09:59 AM Permalink

Pedro, Pedro…………Pedro!!!
You are in trouble now

Perhaps you missed that recently I posted quite a lot shorties with Ariel... (mainly animgifs)

Do I strike you as blind or oblivious???? …Eh???… Of course I’ve seen the pictures and the two anigifs of Ariel you posted … miserable oaf!!!

Which is why when I said: Since I miss Ariel very much....have you anything of her BTS? Any old footage or pics?” ………I meant anything you hadn’t already posted before……you silly man

And yes please do dig up something special!!!

Furthermore: (about Zazie’s films)

First of all... We have three(!!) films with Zazie

OMFG……you really do think I’m blind > PD7 …..a WoP episode and “Save Your Friend,” I know the films she is in you silly man.

she had some angry words towards us after the scene when we repeated 25 punishment strokes for Darcia because we found that Zazie didn't hit her hard enough

And Zazie damn right should have been angry with you ……only a true monster would actually execute such a film……… stepped way over the line with that one you sick bastard!!!!

Also: Zazie's third film to be moved to 2020...

Oh no no no no no …..NO!! Listen here, first you delay “WoP: The Duel” for over a year…..then you delay Zazie’s WOP 7 months….then you tell us PD7 out in mid-Feb…..then you tell us “oh it will now be released in second half of Feb”…………then you propose to delay “Save Your Friend” until 2020????

Fuck NO!!! ………you’re the biggest tease I’ve ever seen Pedro… miserly bastard!!!!


Now that I’ve released my anger at you…….let’s talk business

Concerning Domina Comp 3

but what should the forfeit be??? should ask that question of the entire forum

Just to give you the heads up………..I am going to contact your support address and ask your dear assistant to forward my email to you…..we have something important to discuss


It’s funny, but in that pic of Ariel you uploaded …..she actually looks …………almost curvy....

I never thought of her as attractive before…….almost looked like she gained weight.

I just thought of your punishment for pissing me off here………….you have to go up to Ariel and say “mmmmh you’re looking nice and curvy there baby…..have you been eating a little too much Goulash???”

(Just make sure you sign your last will and testament and also don’t forget to pick out your tombstone beforehand)

But before you commit suicide....please tell Ariel just how gorgeous I think she looks in that photo.....especially with her hair done up like that.....ROWRRRR!!
31585) Diceman 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 09:31 AM Permalink

@Ralphus: Got to say, stories like the guy mooching off you really make my blood boil; you open your home, are up front, honest and provide shelter for an extended time, then get treated like that. Fucked up families are ten a penny and so much comes down to luck of the draw. But that is some cold, calculated, hypocritical shit. And when you kicked him out, well, you were just the bad guy he knew you were, right? Disgusting.
31584) Troicha 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 09:00 AM Permalink



Well there we go ….you had me worried man.
You know, it’s funny what Pedro said about Zazie thinking he was a sick man for enjoying whipping.. …..but then she and her boyfriend “pee each other,” I didn’t dare ask him for clarification…………that’s utterly gross

I once made insensitive comments about Zazie ……how sick she had to be for smiling and laughing before getting whipped……I was right!!

Go figure that such an innocent looking blonde would be as dirty and disgusting as that……….little creep!

It’s funny considering her mainstream career…….she could easy be called sick and perverted just for being a porn actress………..I bet she’s encountered judgment numerous times especially in her personal life ……

People will always judge us as sick bastards for enjoying our vices (bitches screaming in pain)….just because it’s not “popular opinion.”

My mother caught me with one of my dad’s bondage tapes 23 years ago when they were getting divorced ………… being the PURITAN CUNT that she is………she called CPS and tried to have him arrested....


Our neighbors found out and wouldn’t let me hang out with their kids anymore…………they wouldn’t send their children over to the “House of Horrors” where the “serial killer” was grooming his son to take up after him…….. it’s funny but most of the kids in my neighborhood were girls……………and thanks to her bullshit “intervention”……..I spent most of my life far apart from girls .,…..I only got my first girlfriend a year ago………at my age I should have had several girlfriends by now…..probably married with kids…..GREAT JOB, MOM!!!!

My dad and I had had to hide almost his entire collection………..CPS would randomly show up and threaten to call the cops if he didn’t let them search for “evidence” of his “debauchery”

Rumors were started in school and followed me all the way to through to when I finally graduated high school.

Is it any wonder I am such a misogynistic creep??

Everyone is a sick fuck in their own way…….we all have what we enjoy……….one man’s trash is another man’s treasure
Fuck all the haters…………enjoy whatever makes you happy……….whatever makes your
“Mr. Happy” stand up in all its glory.
31583) T 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 08:10 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

All of these are true stories about myself...

The names are omitted to protect the guilty.

Back when I was a wee little kid, my mom took note of the way I’d watch certain caroon shows and then gleefully “tie up” the characters in my preschool coloring books with crayon. (Cheetara of the Thunder Cats and Jem & The Holograms being particularly focused upon)

Later on, both of my parents took note of my growing movie collection. DVDs like Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Mark of the Devil and the Olga films were just sticking out like sore thumbs from the rest. I even let my dad borrow my copy of Illsa, just to see what became of the set of Hogan’s Heroes.

I was the first of my young friend group to make the logical next step with the game Dungeons & Dragons, since there are obvious sex dungeons and kinky dog-whistles hidden all throughout the early stuff. (The Vault of the Drow adventure stands out for presenting kids with a society of whip-weilding dominatrixes who keep people chained up as playthings.) They used to sell these things at Toys-R-Us. (Thank God!)

My friends did take note of the odd way this stuff seemed to resonate with me, but somehow just seemed to disturb them.

Later still, a married friend of mine and staunch Catholic, confessed to me that her husband just wasn’t satisfying her sexually. She told me how all her lady friends were reading 50 Shades of Grey, and that he just wasn’t interested in anything like that...

I told her everything.

Well, skipping ahead a few years: this shook our friendship and she stopped talking to me for about a year and a half.

Then, out of the blue, she calls me up and asks me out for coffee. It turns out, she pushed me away because what I told her was just too perfect for her own inner weirdness and she needed to tie up some loose ends.

He’s out of the picture now, we’re happily married and my son was born just last year.

The moral of my story, if there is one, is to play your cards close to your chest but be honest when someone asks you directly about it. Chances are, they feel the same way, but have ther own inner turmoil about it. Side note: don’t be creepy. Women have to deal with that stuff all the time, and you’re making all kinky people seem like Ted Bundy (who, by the way, got close to victims by acting like a perfectly normal guy)

In my experience, sociopaths and narcissists are responsible for the backlash against us. It’s easier to paint kink as a convenient straw man rather than face the fact that society is making its own assholes without porn’s help.
31582) Covers the Relentless 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 07:39 AM Permalink

(31582) Wonder Woman and Robots by Al Rio
31581) frog 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 07:42 AM Permalink

(31581) Not much time today, so I am posting the latest issue of Eerie Tales: The continuation of the first Silith episode.

I have been following the poll with a lot of interest, since it reveals different perspectives on our particular sickness, perversion, sadistic cruelty, whatever you want to call it and is labelled by others who cannot comprehend what makes us tick. It is also very personal, for it calls for an exposé of personal experiences.

I have noticed several themes that I plan to address later. Such as:
1. Can you respect and love a woman that subjects herself to the “indignities” we might dish out?
2. Catholicism and Christianity as related to perversion.
3. The need for secrecy and prudence in a world that does not get what some of us are about.

In any case, one of the reasons I love this virtual place is that this issues can be discussed even if we all do not similar tastes or predilections.


@ madambathory: great pics lately! I have a soft spot for Inquisitorial scenarios, as is well known.
31580) Luka 
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What about this one?
Constance Bound & Gagged Under Pendulum

31579) madambathory 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 06:03 AM Permalink

(31579) @31573)JD

For the moment 3 updates per week plus a few bonus galleries. the photos are in HD resolution and there are 30-40 per gallery.
Yes, the castle has some fantastic dungeons
however, we are just starting up, we are also preparing videos and with time even live sessions.
but for now we are here and we are slowly growing up.
31578) Ralphus 
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(31578) Bill asked:

Ralphus would it matter if it was just plain porn and not "LESBIAN DILDO BONDAGE" she found?

Oh, I'm sure the fact that it was an explicit bondage cover made it a lot worse that just a Playboy or Penthouse (and I know there were some of those in my box of goodies).  Anybody could get caught with nudie mags; they are part of any curious young man's rite of passage.  But bondage?  Nope, that takes a special kind of depraved sick monster to get his kicks looking at a naked woman bound up in white ropes with a big red ball in her mouth being vaginally plunged with a big thick dildo.  It's a pretty shocking cover for the uninitiated, and a helluva lot worse than your comparatively tame Playboy cover.  Indeed, this was the kind of cover you would only find in an adult bookstore, a place I guarantee my 50-year old mother had never set foot inside of.  From my perspective, there couldn't have been a worse magazine for her to inadvertently stumble upon, one that confirmed in bright red shiny letters that her son was truly a filthy deviant spawn of Satan.
31577) Magdalena 
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For the poll: mom knows since Christmas two years ago. I wanted to show her a vanilla photo of some kind on my phone, before I knew it she had grabbed it and started scrolling through my photos. I was constantly urging her not to, but "you need not have secrets from your mom".

Then that look in her eyes when she exclaimed: "but some things indeed should stay private," followed shortly after by "let's not tell your dad".

Some of my friends know I am active in the kink scene, but not in detail.

As for religion, I am a convert to Sikhism, my once mentor (he's deceased) had a certain clairvoyance about it and in the group once stated "some bunnies like to be tied up" while throwing a glance at me (I do bunny pet play with my partner). We got very close, and I was with him right until his last breath. Despite not exactly supporting my wilder endeavours, he expressed his appreciation of my ability of devotional love shortly before he passed away.
31576) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 02:47 AM Permalink

(31576) I add to my previous post that most religious zealous that find us Gimpers evil doers would also burn at the stake slutty teachers.

It's just not guy and gals Gimpers that are evil but any slutty women are evil also.

Ralphus would it matter if it was just plain porn and not "LESBIAN DILDO BONDAGE" she found?

Any erotic sexual fantasy desires are evil, plain porn or bondage or Gimp to many. Will Burner
31575) petelobo 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 02:30 AM Permalink


You might consider the possibility that there could be a spiritual force that imbues everything in the universe without being the God of Catholics or Jews or Muslims or other religions: some anthropomorphic big guy with a beard who lives above the clouds and sends people to heaven or hell. Sounds like your mom and sisters understood a god of love, even though they might have referenced a god of revenge.
31574) Bill K. 
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 01:24 AM Permalink

Ralphus my Dad didn't believe in God but my deceased mother 15 years now and still alive sister are devout Catholics and I forget how many times my Mother would say "I'll pray for your soul" because I made it known when I was a young teenager some 55 years ago I didn't believe in God.
But she still loved me.

That's just as bad than if they knew about my fembats and gimp fantasies which they don't or didn't know.

If Mom or Sister found out I am a Gimper they just say "I'll pray for your soul" and they still love me.

It seems to me it's the females of a religious family...Mom, sisters etc... that get upset if they find out you're a Gimper where the men really don't care even if they pretend they do.

Religions rely on fear of hell damnation "you'll burn in hell" to keep its members under their control which makes them the religious leaders Gimpers or a member of the SD forum I think.

I don't believe if there is really a God he would have sent men and women which is about 4 billion atheists to burn in hell for ever simply for not believe in him or being Gimpers.

God is not Donald Trump.

Sorry Gimpers if my answer to the poll was too personally detailed. Will Burner
31573) JD 
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@madambathory: How many updates a month and how large are the photosets? I'm considering getting a subscription (a first). The theme you use (medieval settings) is very attractive to me but I need a bit more details before commiting.

As for the poll, nothing valuable to contribute. Keep your cards to the chest people and you won't be hurt. All these tribulations reminds me of an Australian pedophile group composed only by non-offenders who were gathering to share the life experiences that were bestowed on them due to their unnatural attraction. I felt sympathy for them, since they are kindred spirits with us, the sadists.

I don't understand why Ralphus was shocked by the reaction of his squatter. We are, in the eyes of the average citizen, monsters that need to be locked away preemptively. The fact we didn't ACTUALLY do anything criminal is more of a second thought, not a defining criteria.

In the same line of thought, I wouldn't let my kids in the care of any of the Australian Pedo Club (even if I know they never harmed any kid ever) as much as I wouldn't let my still attractive wife on a Purge night with you pervs for a second. Especially when reading in succulent details what one would do to a female ... makes you wonder if those people have a solid grasp of what's real and what's in our fucked up missaligned brains. The only thing that keeps us out of jail.

For those of you less immersed into the pop lingua, a Purge night is a concept of a limited period of time when law-enforcement doesn't apply anymore. You can do anything you want without incurring any social penalty. It's from a successful movie franchise.

That being said, I don't trust too many of you to continue to keep his part of the social contract smile. Only because sexual drive is the second most powerful instinct in mammals (us included) after self-preservation. Heck, even myself I might go to the shed and build a artisanal rack and stretch innocent females caught unaware. Dunno, never been in those shoes of total impunity.
31572) Ralphus 
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(31572) Pedro wrote:

That's interesting. Do I understand well that you haven't talked to them about this but it somehow got revealed, perhaps accidentally?

Here's part of what I posted here back in 2007, courtesy of the Guestbook Archives.

"When I was still living at home and about to move out into my first new place away from my parents, I was in the midst of moving boxes from my bedroom when I returned from the car to discover my "stash" (which at the time was fairly small) in my closet was fully exposed. Apparently, my mom had decided to help me pack up some of my stuff and had stumbled across my magazines. I recall that right on the top of the stack was a VERY explicit magazine cover with the title "LESBIAN DILDO BONDAGE". The cover showed a woman stuffing a dildo into the pussy of a bound and ballgagged victim, in full, glorious color. I come back into my room and I break out into a cold sweat when I see that right out in the open. It was quite obvious I hadn't left things that way. They had been discovered. I can just imagine my mom's reaction to finding out her son was a filthy degenerate pervert.

She never said anything to me about her find, but when I mentioned I was going to grab one last box of magazines before I left, she got really, really mad! She never said why she was angry, but she didn't have to. I knew."

With my religious sister, she wrote me an email years ago saying words to the effect that I had fallen over into the dark side and away from God and it was pretty much a condemnation of me as a person in general. Them Christians, they are a hateful bunch, despite their propaganda that depicts them as loving, accepting people. That's part of the reason why I dumped Christianity a few years ago and now I'm a proud, born-again atheist.

Oh, and BTW, my best friend who trashed me to his girlfriend and called me sick? He also claimed to be this good, devout Christian (although he never, ever went to church the entire time he was staying with me) and claimed he didn't judge others, but he sure judged me, didn't he?
31571) Diceman 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 10:28 PM Permalink

Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

My mother knows I have an interest in bondage, BDSM and the sex industry. She was attached to military police, has worked some horrific cases and is entirely accepting. She's actually encouraged me to pursue things professionally over the years.

My father has no idea and wouldn't be able to handle it. Two of my siblings have a vague sense of my interest in burlesque and fetish from an artistic perspective, but don't know any more than that. They are waiting for any excuse to disown me and preen about it, so will use anything to that end regardless of their personal views.

My brother in law would consider me sick and deny me access to my niece, which my sister would go along with.

Otherwise good relationships have gone bad, and I have faced harassment about it, almost to the point of violence in one case.

I do have a close friend who knows, who I taught about bondage. I was his point of contact and support when we were working things out as teenagers; he came from a very restrictive and religious household and essentially had no one to talk to about such things. As we matured, we went into creative industries, which brought some more liberated and experimental people our way, but we still have to be careful.

A lot of my interests I can explain away with my work, which I generally do until I've left a few hints and gained enough of a reaction to assess.
31570) Pedro 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 10:00 PM Permalink

(31570) Ralphus wrote: I know my mom and my sister and her family know about my "perversion"

That's interesting. Do I understand well that you haven't talked to them about this but it somehow got revealed, perhaps accidentally?

I am really looking forward to this "poll" because that's quite an interesting subject and so far I read mainly answers stating that nobody used to talk about this to friends and relatives... Which is ok, but what I am really interested in, is what happens when you DO talk?
Troicha wrote: In Ariel's clit-piercing scene, you mentioned you were thinking about Domina Competition 3.....Are you in fact working on/have already completed shooting that film .......or no? that interview I was actually just teasing that lovely girl.

BUT, I am constantly looking forward to make the next sequel just I haven't found the next good competing pair of dominas. I don't think it would be too interesting to make another Amanda-Ariel fight. Kittina may be a good candidate to fight against Amanda or Ariel... but what should the forfeit be???
mohamed ahmed asked: Do you have sex with the model before shooting?

No. Neither before, nor after... I mean never... And I hope this won't change...
And sorry, but I am not going to produce films which contain sex. Rape scenes are prohibited by our payment processor, plain sex scenes (even after a whipping) doesn't interest me even a little...

We had a few films in the past which contained either blowjob or fucking - none of them were made by me. By the way -except for the bloody "The Complaint" - none of them sells well... so there is not even a financial reason to make them... sorry...

Troicha wrote: I have to say, reviewing Special rules really inflamed my passion for Ariel's sadism.

Ah OK. Good to know that... such feedbacks help me a lot in deciding which way to go. I will cast in her more often then.
Recent experience shows that there are slight changes in her attitude which made Amanda (and others) easier to co-operate with her in films.

Troicha wrote about Lyen: the fact that she doesn't deserve the pain and suffering she much more entertaining to watch!

Here, I think we have some common interest again. I also love when someone is punished when she didn't deserve that. That was the main idea behind Martial Law III - to make Lyen's Character (Benedetta Bernardelli) suffer instead of the real traitor...

He continued this way: Since I miss Ariel very much....have you anything of her BTS? Any old footage or pics?

Perhaps you missed that recently I posted quite a lot shorties with Ariel... (mainly animgifs)

Will this time the above picture do, or should I dig up something more special?

The honest reviewer went on, asking this: Zazie not reappearing for more that still the case?

First of all... We have three(!!) films with Zazie, and only the first one is to be released this month. Who knows whether or not her third film will be even released this year at all... I strongly hope we will discover some new talents and their films make at least Zazie's third film to be moved to 2020...

Second.. She didn't say she would not come back, we didn't even ask her yet. Our experience is better not ask this question immediately after a shooting, because right after the whipping most girls usually tell they won't ever come back. But some of them do come back a few times.

She had some angry words towards us after the scene when we repeated 25 punishment strokes for Darcia because we found that Zazie didn't hit her hard enough. Zazie was angry with us, and I understand this, probably we pushed the envelope... but she knew in advance that if she wouldn't hit hard enough then this is going to happen... She just thought this was only the usual cliché when we warned her.

Darkseid asked: a question about the electric torture to Lyen and Ariel in Martial Law 3 and 4. It is fake, isn't it?

Not entirely fake. You hear a buzzing sound which suggests that this is a very seious - at least 110V - electricity which is used. The sound is completely fake.
The device we actually use is a battery operated TENS unit which is actually very uncomfortable (to say the least) and if turned onto it's max power actually almost unbearable painful. (You can see such a device in the hand of Gigi below) The device visible in the scene is not the device actually providing the electro shock, which was off scene in Martial Law 3 and 4, because I felt that the actually device didn't look scary and seriously enough to be shown

You could see this unit in many ElitePain films, for example in the Lomp's Court series it was used in the electric chair interrogations...

31569) Ralphus 
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(31569) 31546) Troicha wrote:

You know who that blonde is, right?

Uh oh, I'm supposed to know? I'm still trying to live down not identifying Victoria Young from that picture a while back. Okay, now that I look again, it's gotta be Zazie, right? If it's not her, it should be. That's my final answer.


31535) Pedro: []

Great post, I love topics like this, because everyone can relate. With great trepidation I'm going to finally replace the very popular bondage position poll with your query and see if we can get some more feedback, because I think this is fascinating stuff and I'd like to hear more stories.

So let's make it official.

Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?
If they learned about it, how did they react?

I know my mom and my sister and her family know about my "perversion"; it's never spoken of in direct conversations with me but I'm sure they've talked about me behind my back. My sister is extremely religious and I know she doesn't approve of me, even if she doesn't come out and say it.

Last year I reacquainted myself with an old high school and college buddy I hadn't talked to in probably 30 years or so. We used to be best friends but sort of drifted away from each other over the years. Well, ironically he discovered my "Dusty the Wonder Dog" home movie on YouTube (he was in it) and he left a message on the YouTube site. We got back together again and I discovered he was down on his luck financially so I invited him to crash at my place until he could get back on his feet. I bought him food, I bought him gas, I let him stay with me for free, and this went on for weeks and weeks, almost 2 full months.

Before I invited him down, I told him I ran an adult bondage website and asked if he had a problem with that. He said he didn't and I took him at his word. But I later found out that he had been constantly texting with his girlfriend about me on his phone and discovered he had written all these terrible things about me, calling me sick and claiming the only reason he felt safe around me was because he wasn't a woman. He and his girlfriend had been trashing me up and down for weeks. When I found that out, I threw him out and we haven't had any contact for over a year now. Ironically, I contacted his girlfriend on Facebook and explained my situation, and now she and I are pretty good friends.

Bottom line is our perversions will never be understood by most people, unless they have the fetish themselves. You can't be open about it in public, because people will think you're sick and you'll lose them or lose your job or worse. That's why this forum is so important, because it allows folks who may have dark thoughts to congregate without fear of shame or reprisal. We're all pervs and sick fucks here, and that's perfectly all right.

Anyway, that's my take, I'd love to hear from the rest of you.
31568) Kurzbister 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 03:58 PM Permalink

A lot of people around me are into some form of bdsm, rope play and so on. I think it's both popular and mainstream today. At the same time there is still a friendly bdsm community, so if someone has a real interest, it is not a problem, even as a complete amateur, get to the harsher spanking events. The joke is that no one understands why someone would need some other background than "let's play with ropes and a cane" or "master and slave" things. The fact that drawing freaky pictures is sometimes more attractive to me than just have "decent" bdsm and sex, would probably make everyone laugh. From other point of view, this is, in our oversexed and oversaturated time, just pure goofyness. And honestly, I am not interested in their silly little deviations too. So the only real person I show my drawings is my wife.
31567) Troicha 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 02:50 PM Permalink


In Ariel's clit-piercing scene, you mentioned you were thinking about Domina Competition 3.....

Are you in fact working on/have already completed shooting that film .......or no?
31566) Hofrax 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 02:03 PM Permalink

Regarding whether anyone else is aware of my proclivities, I would say that the only one is my wife, but only to a certain extent. This is kind of a messed up thing, but I have no interest in pursuing any of these proclivities with her, even if she might be willing up to a point. I guess you could say I have what’s called a “Madonna-Whore” complex. I love and respect my wife a great deal, and it’s because of this I could never do any of those things to her.

In my mind, a woman who would let me bind, whip, or do other GIMP-like things to her is not worthy of love and respect, but debasement and contempt. Before I was married, I often frequented a prostitute who would let me do some of those things to her. Whenever we had sex I had her tied to the bed AOH and it was the best sex I ever had. And she was beautiful. But in my mind she was no more than an object , to be looked down on, degraded, and used. I could never love or respect such a person. Indeed I would fantasize about doing even worse things to her. In contrast, my wife never occupies those fantasies.
31565) Neti Chavo 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 11:50 AM Permalink

Lurker, oh darn! Very limited videos and would take a while to find it. And I'm a big fan of rack scenes.

I have torn out pages from old HOM mags. Also have downloaded and printed many pics over the years.
31564) Badger 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 11:09 AM Permalink

Do your relatives know about this perversion of yours? Do your friends know about this perversion of yours? If they learned about it how did they react?

Yes. This is a question that we have returned to several times but one that I never get tired of.

None of my friends or family knows of my proclivities. (Whether one calls it a perversion raises the question of whether the secret fantasies of anyone who is honest with themselves fall inside or outside some pre-defined range of normal or mainstream. Only because we live together do I occasionally wonder whether my wife knows, but, if so, also knows that, my fantasies not not adversely affect our relationship. I have no interest in telling any of my friends because, if for no other reason, it might change the character of our friendship for no good reason.

I happen to believe that sexual excitement is entirely spontaneous. I cannot see how my body might be trained not to get excited by images of women tied to a bed or some such thing. Either something turns you on or it does not. Fortunately, particularly in 2019 and forward, we have almost unlimited opportunities to ... er... address that excitement in a safe, legal, and victimless way. I absolutely will not judge anyone else's such "perversions". In a world where children are being separated from their mothers and fathers perhaps to never be reunited, I think that my interests fare pretty well.
31563) madambathory 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 10:52 AM Permalink

(31563) Still some outdoor photos and the continuation of the session in the dungeons of the castle.
31562) madambathory 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 10:43 AM Permalink

(31562) The girl was stripped and put in stock, after which she was taken to the inner courtyard of the castle and left there for about 30 minutes ... obviously it was full of shame. He knew we would take BDSM-style photos, but not that they would be stripped and exposed naked.
then he confessed to me that he liked it too.
31561) Covers the Relentless 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 07:44 AM Permalink

(31561) Wonder Woman 68 Art. Carried off.
31560) lurker10 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 04:02 AM Permalink

31537) Neto Chaco

You wrote:
I'm still purging and have only made a small dent.

If you come across any Hidden Pleasures material, I want to be first in line to take it off your hands. Especially any rack stuff. big grin
31559) lurker10 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 03:20 AM Permalink

31538) madambathory

Thank you for the additional pictures.

Your rack's large mechanical advantage makes it seriously dangerous, I think it's capable of breaking the rope and bowing the windlass/axle in a test. The axle bearing design is elegantly simple; if I were building a rack, I'd use it over other designs I've seen.
31558) lurker10 
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Monday, 11 February 2019 02:36 AM Permalink

31547) lionrobe

Hot. About as realistic as you're going to get with renders. I notice that the rippers are one-sided; unless he uses both of them on one breast, top and bottom, he's not going to have a lot of control. Torturers do have their pride in a job well done.

Good job. Thanks.
31557) mohamed ahmed 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 10:06 PM Permalink

Hello Pedro
There is a question
Maybe it's personal
Do you have sex with the model before shooting?
If your answer is yes
Is it possible to remind us of the girl who had sex with her before shooting or after shooting
I saw in one of your movies after filming
One person had sex with a girl after beating her and there was a mark on her body
It would be fun if you produced movies that had sex after beating as another kind of girl's torture
Example (The Complaint )
I would like to have a short photo or video with you for sex before or after shooting to send it
31556) El Wananchi 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 09:57 PM Permalink

Hallo, everyone,

Though I am out of the business of writing, and should catch up with the latest stories if I ever wanted to come back, I still rummage the site quite often.

Regarding Pedro's question regarding whether one shares his... inclination... with friends&family, it is a quite interesting one.

I just wrote stories, and have shared that fact with some close friends. They have always shown interest to know if I am "into that thing", but then I answer "No, just write stories". They immediately ask (they are smart guys) "How do you make a reality check, then?", so I clarify that I do not write on consensual BDSM, but only on "pseudo-historical-fantasy interrogation scenarios". If I must, I further clarify saying "Like spy stories with some female character". I do not know if they understand, but usually they stop asking. I have never shown a single story to anyone I personally know.

Regards to all,

El Wananchi
31555) TorNorth 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 07:49 PM Permalink

(31555) Random London River
31554) Racklover 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 05:36 PM Permalink

I do not mean to swamp the board with messages, but I am in a writing mood. Wanted to thank the many members who have posted and keep this site stimulating, especially Ralphus, our esteemed director.

I would also like to encourage others to write in with descriptions of their personal experiences with girlfriends or wives. I do see this occasionally and appreciate it. I have been married twice and both wives would be tied each time we made love, in various positions. And, I have also had the pleasure to visit commercial dungeons in NYC and LA where I had numerous sessions with submissives (no outright sex but plenty of BDSM) including suspensions, impact play, rack play, etc. Typically these women are friendly, attractive, "into" the scene, and doing their utmost to create a memorable scene. Don't knock it until you try it.

No one did it better than Blakemore!
31553) Racklover 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 05:25 PM Permalink

Wanted to vote on favorite positions. AOH, either standing or suspended by wrists, spreadeagle, stretched on a rack, and elbows together behind the back. Hope this is not too many votes. All these positions put a body under stretch or strain, define the helplessness and vulnerability, and the restrictive power of bondage. Dislike wimpy positions and asymmetry.
31552) Racklover 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 05:13 PM Permalink

In reference to Floor 13.
Thanks for the amazing post. Would like to hear much more from this articulate and sexy member. Your descriptions of what you like about various positions was unique, rarely encountered. Suggest you post some pictures which could easily shield your identity while providing some examples of your favored positions.

In reference to muscular bondage, you were right, BondageChannel did feature "Fit Bondage" models. If you have not already, check out Chloe who is very thin but has superb musculature on display, you can count individual abs and arm/leg muscles. She has a spreadeagle scene, also one where she is bent backwards over a pole with her head pulled back.

Also, you may want to check out "Mandy K" who is very muscular and fit on our own member's site Captive Cuties (Johnny T), and she appears elsewhere such as Badman videos where she was strappado'd and spreadeagled standing against a wall and sprayed with water (exremely tight spreadeagle the way you like).

Captive Cuties has at least one more muscular model who is spreadeagled on a St Andrews cross among other positions, very sexy. Then there is Alex from Paingate and Flexislave (muscular gymnast/masochist). And Shannon Kelly who is very muscular on Water Bondage (and other sites) who also gets oiled up (great to showcase her muscles).

Dungeon Corp has a number of beauties, and one, Alexis, is shown in a scene in which her arms are held straight out from her body, rigidly, with beautiful definition of her biceps and triceps. Some of these can be found on

And the well known Ariel X who, on Strict Restraint (part of DungeonCorp), is spreadeagled very tightly against a wall and then pulled forward by a crotch chain into even tighter bondage, delicious.

And my final recommendation is Water Bondage again, model Kylie (great muscle tone), who is stretched on an upright rack by a mistress and another model. And unlike many rack scenes which turn out to be tepid, Kylie is stretched bowstring tight, not to be missed if you like that look.

Floor 13, please contribute more.
31551) yyy 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 04:04 PM Permalink

(31551) Upon reflection, maybe it's more correct to say that I like bondage on Japanese girls/women? Rather than Japanese bondage?

Or am I getting too concerned with the semantics? lol

31550) JD 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 04:01 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@Pedro: I don't share my interests with anyone, not even the better half who, much like anyone who read 50 Shades is open to some light spice but nothing too out of her comfort zone.

Regarding the revulsion of the 'normative' society it's easiest to be explained from the evolutionary point of view. Much like the protection for children hardwired in our neurological firmware, protection for women comes as a natural second. When the natives of precolumbian America were going to war against their neighbours, they would kill any single male they found but will invariably spare the females who were taken in captivity. The archetype of fecundity is well entagled with the idea of protection. We are all cavemen at heart. 10,000 of years of 'modernity' can't supress over a million years of protohumanism.

@Troicha: Good review!

@Margot: Simply love those south-american nipples. Love them, indeed!

@madambathory : One can't have enough racks in his daily diet. Thanks!
31549) yyy 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 03:00 PM Permalink

(31549) re: 31530) Kinbaku, "...are there any who like Japanese bondage (kinbaku)/BDSM and collect video on this topic?"

Yes, of course! Though shibari doesn't do anything for me. I prefer it when they do western-style bondage on beautiful Japanese girls/women. It emphasizes the helplessness of the subject, while not covering up too much of her body. My opinion, anyway. The last image is from the 'Iron Crimson' series, where they seem to take their cue from DungeonCorp and Kink. (This whole censorship/pixellation thing is a real drag).

And I just want to say, Ed, I know this pink-nipple thing is your thang, but man you're really missing out on some beautiful ladies with brown nipples. Or do you consider a dusty rose color pink instead of brown? wink

re: 31535) Pedro, "...Do your relatives know about this perversion of yours? Do your friends know..."

Aw hell no. I keep it firmly hidden away. And none of this dressing up in leather and chains, though I do love heavy metal. big grin

31548) Bman 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 01:33 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Gimp poll question: Other-- gyro chair with knees and belly secured.
31547) lionrobe 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 01:22 PM Permalink

(31547) 31534) lurker10

That's a work I commissioned, glad you like it....

31546) Troicha 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 01:21 PM Permalink


I have to say, reviewing Special rules really inflamed my passion for Ariel's sadism. It feels like forever since we've seen we've seen her in action.

From Wop 24 possibly Escape Room in May.....we may have a total deluge of my favorite dominatrix ;(

Lucy caused me a headache with her constant moaning but Lyen - who suffered much more - was very cooperative as always...

You really don't like Lucy much.....I saw her get interviewed in porn movies....such a bitch! Totally rude.

Lyen on the other hand.....that lady.....I don't know her at all, but everything about her screams classy and shes the nicest person you'll ever know......which is of course why I just love to see her in pain.......the fact that she doesn't deserve the pain and suffering she much more entertaining to watch!


You posted previously that after the "Save Your Friend" film was over, Zazie was not happy with you and that it may have been her last film with you....


Since I miss Ariel very much....have you anything of her BTS? Any old footage or pics?

Zazie not reappearing for more that still the case?


31528) Ralphus,

You know who that blonde is, right?
31545) Reine Margot 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 01:15 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Maleficarum Monxa Mala - Return To The Beginning

The Post Production of Maleficarum Monxa Mala is going very well. After setting all the footage on the timeline in its proper order of shots and scenes, Jac went back to the beginning of the film to start cutting it down. The slow process of building the movie is underway with the First Cut for the first 30 to 40 minutes of the film, which were in a Rough Cut state for some time. The rest of the film, consisting of close to 4 hours of footage, will be entering the Rough Cut. All the footage is now assembled together in need of some good cutting.

Jac revisited those early scenes in the film that set the entire story in motion. Trimming them down, making them more dynamic and to the point. When he was done with that work, he was satisfied and ready to move on to the scenes that had not been cut at all.

Read more of The return to the beginning of Maleficarum Monxa Mala at the Red Feline Club

frog Reine Margot: Keep them coming, please. Particularly enjoyed this one []. And, of course, Mila. She looks so iconically beatific in [].

If Simone wishes, she can become a big star in our Red Feline constellation, perhaps to the level of Camille and Amy. Mila is already up there, and she looks amazing in Mila À La Croix.

Mila À La Croix - 63 min. - Color.

A Red Feline Pictures film

Mila À La Croix Download

Mila À La Croix DVD

Visit our FREE site - Red Feline Pictures

Where you can buy DVDs, DOWNLOADs, Join the Club for $8.00, read reviews, the good ones, and much, much more.

31544) Darkseid 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 12:55 PM Permalink

@Troicha: This is the scene where you know you are a monster (if you enjoy it) or human if you feel your heart breaking for her.

So, considering that it's one of my favourite ever scene in EP history, I'm a monster #@*%!

@Pedro: a question about the electric torture to Lyen and Ariel in Martial Law 3 and 4. It is fake, isn't it? That' not a real "electric torture" but an acted one, am I right?
31543) Lashes 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 12:01 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Greetings all,

"Pedro" thank you for being so candid about 'kinks' help losing family and friends!
A story that really needs to be told!~!

Thanks again!~!
31542) Covers the Relentless 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 12:04 PM Permalink

(31542) Wonder Woman 19
31541) Ed 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 11:30 AM Permalink

"All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer." --Robert Owen, 1828

What turns you on but doesn't for me is perverse. What turns me on but doesn't for you is normal, and that it doesn't do for you is stupid.

Whatever legally lifts the dick is good and not perverse. Any claims--and certainly attempted legislation--otherwise is foolish.

Acceptance if this basic truth is why I don't worry about how I write what I write. Some will like it, some won't, but that's on them, not me.

For me, it's more about definite turn OFFS, than turn ons. Armpit/leg hair, overweight bodies, brown nipples, ornamental piercings, tattoos, and don't even get me started on filth, piss, or scat. I can't understand homosexuality, but have some friends that can't understand hetero. No worries, neither of us insist that the other has to. They are happy as they are, I'm happy as I am, and no harm done.

Indeed, the only time harm is done is when I try to dictate to you what is acceptable and properly arousing. This comment should not, must not imply that the abuse of children is just some point along a line of sexual behavior. Fantasy is fantasy. FORCED sexual behavior is, and should be, a crime.
31540) Juliette 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 10 February 2019 09:06 AM Permalink



She has to blow his dich and she gets a facial. Then there is waiting SUSPENSION for her!

Get it here:
31539) Neto Chaco 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 08:56 AM Permalink

I apologize for my previous posting, wasn't well written. I need another cup of coffee!
31538) madambathory 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 10 February 2019 08:55 AM Permalink

(31538) 31533) lurker10: I hope you see well smile
31537) Neto Chaco 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 08:43 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Pedro, none of my relatives know about my interests. Most of my relatives were brought up strict Catholics, so forget it.

Almost none of my friends know. Generally I may did that I enjoy spanking a female, get those cheeks a bit red and enter the temple. Now my lovely ex-wife loved being tied up spread-eagle and made love too. Perhaps some very light spanking along the way and that's about it. The problem at this point is what to do with all that I've downloaded and collected going back to the early 80's. I'm still purging and have only made a small dent. Do wish I had a couple of friends to pass on my goodies. I am giving away my "vanilla" porn. But I'm sure there are some.

Yes norms change and will continue to do so. But extreme punishments, BATS and bloody pics etc. no thank you. Some of your activities are just too brutal for me. I still don't understand the appeal but I've come to accept it in others. BTW one of my favorites are mild to moderate whipping and flogging on a luscious AOH body. Its the blood that's a turn off.

Thank you for asking the question. I'll be curious what others may write about it.

But what I've learned from this site particularly is that many of the viewers don't seem that pathological. Of course sadistic sociopaths and women haters are out there, but I don't sense that here.
31536) DarthSaad 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 10 February 2019 06:33 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@31506 Ed

Yes, you have, my friend, yes you have. I've been writing for over 20 years with no thought beyond the writing. Something I don't think I have ever mentioned is that I lost my right arm 25 years ago, and so must type with just my left. That does, as you might imagine, slow the process down appreciably.

Damn, that is harsh.

My suggestion, if you are going to give this a go, would be to try one of those programs that let you speak into a headset and then it puts into the word doc for you. I've never gotten used to them myself, but for you it might well be better than trying to type big stories to deadlines.

Also, figure out how you will get paid. All my payments go through a Paypal account, which is linked to the email account I use for people to contact me.

Finally, you need to decide what you will charge. When I started out I was very cheap - about half a cent per word. As I got positive feedback and grew more confident in my abilities I gradually raised my price, but I wanted to be competitive at the beginning to attract clients and build my rep.
31535) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 10 February 2019 06:18 AM Permalink

Ralphus wrote: Non-GIMPers just don't understand the appeal of a bound, tortured woman; on the contrary, it's abhorrent to them....My only question is...what's wrong with those other folks? Are they completely oblivious to one of life's special pleasures?

Yes. Most people are happy with his own perversion but finds other perversions disgusting, and in case of some selected perversions they even find it worth fighting against it.

I remember when I started this Mood Pictures business, I talked about it to one of my best friends. I told him a started producing spanking videos. He said: "That's cool! Show me!" And when I showed him the actual video of some of our first movies (not even the most severe), I saw a very strong shock on his face, and he asked me to close the video player immediately. After that I felt that our friendship was never the same again.

Once I had a short conversation regarding this subject with Zazie. She told me she thinks we were sick because we enjoy the suffering of a girl. I asked whether she doesn't have any perversions?
No, she said... the most perverse thing is they pee each other sometimes with her boyfriend... but that's normal she said... Well, for me that's not normal, I find that gross, though I don't condemn her that at all, for doing that. We should just accept that we have different perversions... in the end I think she seemed to understand my view regarding this matter... at least I recall her saying... "well, yes everyone has his/her own perversion, after all"

What I have learned during the many years is that the films we produce, in the eye of a non-GIMPer is something against humanity, which cries for some action. I BET that even on this forum there are a few readers who think we should burn in hell. Even on spanking forums I used to read comments like hard spanking is ok, but Mood Pictures is beyond every limit...

Yes... that's so... my perversion/my limits are ok, but other's is sickness and should be hunted down...

Hitting someone... ok... but a female??? What kind of human does this???? - that is a general view of a nonGIMPer which I heard from various people even from my family.Yes, I have some relatives who terminated all connection with me since they learnt about my business... but ehh... from their point of view probably that's the best they could do, that's what their humanity dictated for them....

There may change about this attitude in the future, as the attitude about gays changed a lot... nowadays it is not politically correct if you don't have at least a few gay friends...50 years ago the situation was just the opposite....

But until then I advise our models not to post pictures with marks in their entire beauty at places where the viewers of these photos are mainly of vanilla preferences...

Now that this subject came up...

QUESTION FOR ALL: Do your relatives know about this perversion of yours? Do your friends know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it how did they react?

This subject may have been discussed here earlier but I think it worth bringing up time to time...
31534) lurker10 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 06:03 AM Permalink

Breast rippers

31533) lurker10 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 05:32 AM Permalink

31531) madambathory

Your rack looks very practical and powerful, with a huge mechanical advantage. A few more pictures, please.
31532) lurker10 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 05:26 AM Permalink

31506) Ed

You wrote:
I don't think I have ever mentioned is that I lost my right arm 25 years ago, and so must type with just my left. That does, as you might imagine, slow the process down appreciably.

You should google "voice dictation freeware" and look at the reviews. I'm quite sure you tell your stories to yourself in your head already.
31531) madambathory 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 04:38 AM Permalink

(31531) one of my concerning the rack torture...
31530) Kinbaku 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 04:18 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink


I wonder are there any who like Japanese bondage (kinbaku)/BDSM and collect video on this topic?
31529) lionrobe 
IP logged
Sunday, 10 February 2019 02:35 AM Permalink

About stories of members and not members, found here and there, years ago or right now, any chance to have a place here to add our favs carefully displayed in appropriate folders (nazi, medieval, junta,WWWest,and so on) ? I know, there is BDSMlIBRARY for that, and we can give the link(s), but how will we share our "reviews" ? There are stories I would like to share and "try" to comment...
31528) Ralphus 
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Sunday, 10 February 2019 02:22 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31528) Commenting on a few recent posts...

31500) Looks like Blu is showing off even when it doesn't count on her official total.  

31507) Navyrotor: Love the "Aubrey Abducted" manip...that's great stuff.  Unless it's not a manip and that's a real pic of Aubrey tied up, in which case it's even better.
31512) Suspender: Equally awesome classic Insex shot of Piglet, thanks.  And who would have guessed you would have chosen "suspended by wrists" as your official vote?
I keep wanting to wrap up this poll but people keep coming out and voting, so we'll continue this one indefinitely.  This is one of the more popular polls we've had in a while.
Here's the latest poll results.
What is your favorite bondage position? And for what reasons do you like it so much? You may name multiple positions, and posting pictures is great, but make sure you single out which is your favorite as we will be keeping track.
A) Spreadeagled on bed, table, rack, etc 21 votes
B) Tied to chair 5 votes 
C) Tied to pole/stake 1 vote 
D) Standing, hands tied above (AOH) 15 votes 
E) Hung suspended by wrists 5 votes 
F) Hung upside-down 5 votes 
G) Tied to horizontal pole 0 votes 
H) Hogtied 1 vote 
I) Something else (please specify) 11 votes
 31514) Troicha: Great job on your latest review; very thorough and an intriguing read, thank you.  That "impromptu scene" has me very curious to see this one...sounds like Ariel was being extra evil there.  From the interview Pedro posted (available in GIMP Interviews), Lyen Parker seems like such a nice lady, and everyone seems to agree she's one of the best victims in Pedro's stable, so once again it's casting, casting, casting.  Your top victim, your best dom, so just roll camera and make sure everything's in focus and you'll have some nasty entertainment for us sick fucks.  Looks like a winner.

The link for your latest is here:

Pedro wrote:

...our experience is that whenever our pictures accidentally get mixed into the vanilla stuff (for example on xhamster the administrators accidentally set it to appear in a vanilla category) we get a big big outrage which is on the spectrum of "these sadists should be killed" to "they should be sent to prison" and "why did you let them do this to you"...

That's hilarious, but I'm sure 100% true.  Non-GIMPers just don't understand the appeal of a bound, tortured woman; on the contrary, it's abhorrent to them.  We, on the other hand, can appreciate that women look even hotter with a gag or a few bruises and some bloody whip marks.  My only question is...what's wrong with those other folks?  Are they completely oblivious to one of life's special pleasures?


31527) Troicha wrote:

Ralphus, consider this my way of thanking you.

Ha, thanks!  Beautiful, especially that cute little blonde.  Too bad somebody scribbled on their arms; they're a quick Photoshop session away from perfection.
31527) Troicha 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 10:01 PM Permalink

(31527) Ralphus, consider this my way of thanking you.
31526) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 9 February 2019 09:19 PM Permalink

mohamed ahmed - That photo was definitely made during the shooting of The Escape Room. The bandage on her arm was there in that film. See the picture below:

Based on how nicely she is smiling without any tears, I assume that photo must have been shot before her first whipping scene in that film.

Of course we order meals for the girls. We usually work 8-12 hours they could not work that long if they were hungry. Anyway that particular shooting was extremely long. We finished early morning. Lucy caused me a headache with her constant moaning but Lyen - who suffered much more - was very cooperative as always...
31525) Mad Max 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 09:14 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

go for it, Jimbo!
31524) Gog 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 08:03 PM Permalink

Pedro (post 31501) ~ Too funny! Just too slow for _blu. You know that's because she was a contestant on Jeopardy right? It was a special edition show at that.

big grin


Frog ~ I'm glad someone does. lol

And BTW....alien abductions are cool.

The one w/Mila Jovovich in "The Fourth Kind" could have been a real good one if the producers hadn't have petered out.

oh well. smile
31523) mohamed ahmed 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 07:35 PM Permalink

(31523) This photo is very nice
Lynn Parker has been on her Twitter account for some time
She said behind the scene
Photo date
It is a very nice sign to stick to her right hand
There is bleeding on her left arm
Do you remember the picture after any session?
It was also interesting if the girls were fed meals after beating
What do you think Pedro?
31522) mohamed ahmed 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 06:02 PM Permalink

Thanks Pedro
Your interest in comments
Waiting for appearance Painful Duel 7
To see Zazie and her interesting reactions
Thanks again
31521) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 9 February 2019 05:52 PM Permalink

mohamed achmed: Regarding Zazie. If I remember well, I advised her not to post about our shooting for the vanilla crowd, because our experience is that whenever our pictures accidentally get mixed into the vanilla stuff (for example on xhamster the administrators accidentally set it to appear in a vanilla category) we get a big big outrage which is on the spectrum of "these sadists should be killed" to "they should be sent to prison" and "why did you let them do this to you"...
31520) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 9 February 2019 05:44 PM Permalink

(31520) Frog: Here's Ariel in her Des-pa-cito top for your pleasure...
Troicha: It was interesting to read your very review. When I am going to read your C-D-E grade reviews.. I will try to remember this one too :)

I always wonder: was that a glimpse of the “real” Ariel? I always wonder whether she is genuinely that cruel ...

You can bet you always see the real Ariel. Her many faces you see in our films that's all Ariel. Furthermore the real Ariel off-screen is even more vicious...

regarding THAT scene Troicha wrote: This is the scene where you know you are a monster (if you enjoy it) or human if you feel your heart breaking for her.

Well... I feel both way at the same time... my heart breaks... (especially because I know that Lyen is one of the kindest people I have ever met in this adult industry...) in the meantime I just sooo love the way she cries....
31519) mohamed ahmed 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 05:30 PM Permalink

Hello pedro
I have followed up an account zazie
On Twitter
And looked into tweets
I did not find her talking about her experience with you at all
Every day you make a new tweet
I've done it until May 2018
When was the first day shooting with zazie ?
Does Zazie feel shame because she appeared in movies crying?
31518) Spike 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 04:17 PM Permalink

Jimbo: "A taste of her own medicine" Cool pic!!
31517) frog 
IP logged
Saturday, 9 February 2019 03:48 PM Permalink

@Pedro and 31514) Troicha: I have said this before, but I just love that Des pa cito top on Ariel. It is just plain meanness. I would also like to rip it off her, although not despacito.
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