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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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31716) frog 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 03:55 PM Permalink

31711) Quoom Great composition. Thanks for []


31706) PedroJohnny Thanks for sharing this gif. Excellent, even if not frontal. []


Here is a continuation of my answer to the poll. Picking up on something Hofrax said.

31566) Hofrax wrote: “In my mind, a woman who would let me bind, whip, or do other GIMP-like things to her is not worthy of love and respect, but debasement and contempt.” Au contraire, my friend. I know it is all a question of personal beliefs and preferences, but such women are precisely the type of woman I would hold in great esteem and admiration. Just the fact that she desires that, and that her desire will satisfy my desire is as erotic as the Platonic myth of how opposites yearn to fuse in the original unity the enjoyed before becoming separate.

I have never had adventures in dungeons or had sisters introduce me to forbidden pleasures. In the first case, because I had no access to such places; the expense involved would have made a hole in a student’s budget; and, finally, from the pics I have seen they do not look realistic enough for me. The images that occupy one’s fantasies are the ones that started one on the road to perdition, and, in my case, these came from films in which medieval and other type of dungeons were displayed, as were other realistic interrogation scenes; or from Christian iconography, particularly the one dealing with martyrs.

There were a few women that found out about my particular tastes in the course of our relationship. The first instance happened by chance. If I remember correctly, I had given her some hints, but had left it at that, rapidly becoming embarrassed.

One night, however, as we were talking about what made us tick, she confessed that she had rape fantasies and had never dared say so to anyone. Some time passed before anything came of it. Then, she suggested some weeks later that I tie her hands and rough her up.

I had no rope at that moment, so I used the pants of some old pajamas to tie her wrists behind her back. She was very supple and I pulled her arms back until her back was almost straight. I got scared, thinking I could harm her, but she begged for more, particularly for me to be very rough on her breasts, which were available to the hand that was not holding her arms back. She was no screamer, but had a deep voice, so her moans and squirming just threw me off the wall. After it was all over, we were sort of embarrassed by the whole thing, so the game was not repeated for a while.

After a few repetitions of the above, I managed to muster the courage to ask her if she would like to be bound with rope. She did not answer at first, but one day she suggested we could try it. We only met during the weekends, so I spent all that week pacing my room at night imagining things in a wild state of agitation.

Finally, I got hold of an old length of rope suitable for the purpose. Before going to pick her up at her home the night I had decided to do the deed, I prepared the rope using a trick my dad had shown me. The idea is that one end of the rope has a loop through which you can pass the other end and, presto, you can quickly tie her wrists.

Suffice it to say, that my excitement during these preparations was almost as intense as the meetings we had had before.

The last thing we did, before we broke up, was that she wanted to make her rape fantasy more realistic. I will never forget that night. We ended up on the kitchen floor after I had ripped her clothes off and had rough sex. This was my first experience with a woman who knew what I fantasized about. She never revealed our secret that I know off, and she never acted as if she was doing things just to please me. She seemed to be enjoying her part in the game as I did myself.

It was then, that I was sure, despite what some feminists say, that there are women out there who have inclinations similar to ours and who also have a hard time accepting it is so.
31715) yyy 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 03:54 PM Permalink

(31715) Prelude to a Goblin gangbang.

Tied gangbangs count as GIMP material, right?

Sorry I don't know who the artist is, having gotten this off a pay-site, and I believe it used to be on tumblr as well.

31714) Troicha 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 03:57 PM Permalink

Wheel of Pain 26 Review

The latest movie of the Wheel of Pain game is here featuring Russian lady Ms. Nataly Gold, who has prior experience in Bdsm/whipping. She wanted to complete 5 rounds to earn $ 2500. The rules are the same as always, she must spin the wheel to determine each punishment she must endure, if she says “I quit” then no money.

The Rounds:

(1): 40 lashes on back, tied to a cross. Her reactions to the whip here are indeed rather muted.

(2): 50 lashes on ass, with a whip, tied facedown. In this round the pain really starts to get to her, tears run down her face and her reactions as much louder.

(3): 70 lashes on full body, whip, Aoh position. This is the round that should have been, but wasn't. Amanda hits her on the back and ass……yet again. She completely ignores the rest of Nataly Gold’s body. A savage whipping, yet we don’t get treated to viewing an entire body (front and back) getting thrashed.

Round 3 was the best one. Amanda lashed her in the two areas where she had already been whipped so Ms. Gold's suffering truly was compounded by that and her moans and screams were much more intense as a result.

Language Issue:

As Nataly Gold does not speak Hungarian, English was the language spoken in this film, the first time that has ever happened. Neither Amanda nor Ms. Gold were fluent in English, so viewers who are interested in the dialogue may have to replay the video a few times to understand. In the future, subtitles are a must regardless of what language is spoken.

Nataly Gold:

Her performance in this film was controversial, primarily her Botox-filled face and lack of willingness to display her emotions. She is a pornstar, pornstars and plastic surgery are part and parcel. Yet that plastic surgery makes her face look both inhuman and botches her reactions to the whip. She cannot move her facial muscles around with all those damn fillers, so for those viewers who love to see anguish and despair on the victim's face…you will not be happy. However, her screams…..they quite satisfactory.

Many viewers have expressed dissatisfaction with Nataly Gold, primarily with her facial expressions and emotions…….they were correct. The point that must be stressed however is that her vocal reactions were certainly not muted. Especially in the first round as her back is lashed by Amanda ……….her rather high-pitched rapid breathing and the way her body shook and twitched after each lash as well as the desperation and exhaustion in her eyes, especially as it was only twenty strokes into the first round and she had a long way to go.... Also in the third round, in the AOH position, she was practically jumping up and down at times after each lash…..unrestricted positions (where not every limb is totally strapped down) are quite necessary for a whipping film. It really enhances enjoyment of the victim's suffering as you watch them struggle in vain to avoid more whip lashes.

Honestly if she returns for another film, She should wear a mask, so that only her eyes and mouth are visible. It will in no way make any difference to her facial expressions as they were so limited.

Amanda as Host:

Not bad, very obvious that this was her first time hosting (even if that wasn't previously known). She however, did a poor job of explaining the rules…..those who don't know them already would have been very confused………limited English may have had an effect here…..but for new viewers she should have explained rules better. The original host is simply the best.

Amanda as Dominatrix:

Very good, she hits as hard as ever and shows no mercy. She taunted Nataly Gold during every round, she never did that to anyone except Cleo (who she knew). Many viewers enjoy that and hopefully Amanda continues to do so in the future.

However, in the third round, Amanda stood to the side of Nataly Gold….the side where her face was obscured by Ms. Gold’s shadow…..pity. Many viewers enjoy watching the domina’s face as she does her whipping…..yet for parts of the third round, we cannot see enough of Amanda’s face so as to ascertain her expression.

The Film Itself

In terms of film quality: the lighting was as dark, brooding and intense as ever, nothing to distract viewers from the whipping and the sounds of Ms. Gold’s agony. Pedro is a natural with the camera, plenty of good angles and closeups. There was indeed a small editing issue in the third round, yet Pedro has addressed that issue in a very satisfactory manner.

This is the first time we get to see the new Wheel of Pain in action: it is superb. It is truly the product of a sadist; Pedro's cruelty and malice are on perfect display here, as many of the punishments are redesigned/replaced by ones with more lashes. Depending on what the submissive spins, they may suffer just as severely in 2-3 rounds as they would have in 5 rounds with the old wheel. So if you prefer 5-rounds shows you will have less to be disappointed about as the new wheel is simply more efficient and can present more suffering in a shorter period of time.

Final Note

In the end, this film is moderately entertaining, the whippings themselves are not painful to watch. If Nataly Gold did not have a face full of fillers this film would have been much better.

The two major issues for this film are as follows:

A submissive marred by plastic surgery, poor English and perhaps some …….emotional/psychological issues were what let this film down. Again, her reactions in the second and third round were definitely more animated and expressive (in part due to Pedro's insistence), so at least those two last two rounds are worth paying for. It is hard to "fail" a whipping film especially as Ms. Gold took is no pushover and took tremendous punishment. She is no pushover and took tremendous punishment from the No 1 Dominatrix at Elite Pain even though she did not complete so many rounds as she wanted. I cannot blame her totally as plastic surgery and Botox are not criminal, she just needs to learn that it is OK not to hold back your tears and to let your screams loose. I must stress again, that she is a pleasure to listen to when she is getting whipped, it is merely annoying to observe her wooden facial reactions....especially in the first round.

Amanda only whipped Ms. Gold's back and ass for the entire film. We did not get to see the front of Nataly Gold get whipped.....even when Amanda had the chance. Perhaps she (or Pedro) did feel some sympathy over the breast implant issue. When Ms. Gold asked where she would get hit for that round, Amanda indicated that "he" (as in Pedro) wanted her to strike her on her back and ass...again...disappointing! In the end it was their decision where to hit her for the 70 strokes, but the film would have been far more entertaining for us viewers if Amanda had alternated between whipping her front and back.

The positions used here were quite good, especially that new wooden cross. I personally loved the second position where she is lying on her belly. That position really allows for excellent close-ups of the victims' faces… I still enjoyed that even with Ms. Gold’s less than expressive face. The AOH position never gets old, and (more than any other position) really gives us viewers a chance to observe just how severe an effect the whippings have on the victim's body as they thrash around freely.

Why should you buy this film? If you enjoy a savage whipping in the classic AOH it! If you do not care for facial expressions and you simply enjoy hearing endless moans and vocal it! Again, round 3 was the one that made this film worth buying....very intense!

Final Grade: B-

Get it here:
31713) yyy 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 03:43 PM Permalink

(31713) Chichi Medina spreadeagle on the floor. After the hot wax, getting whipped on her feet, then begging with her eyes as the Demon moves to her pussy with the whip.

And just some musing. In thinking of this, I am reminded of how separate our fetishes are, under the umbrella of GIMP. I'm interested in, among other things, Cartel (both Mexican and South American) punishment scenarios. Also ISIS punishment/torture scenarios. And also true fantasy stuff with aliens, monsters, orcs and trolls, etc., sometimes with comely elfmaidens. I have a fertile imagination. big grin Image to follow.

31712) Reine Margot 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 17 February 2019 01:35 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Three Ring Circus of Pain

Jac is in the middle of intense post production work. He has arrived to the center piece of the movie, that's when everything goes bat crazy, to use the American jargon. The story centers on Leticia, played by Simone, who at that point of the story where Jac is in the editing, reacts to the Mad Monk's advances and she says what he doesn't really want to hear, unleashing his holy wrath. From that moment on, the fate of all 6 novices is sealed.

One after the other, the novices fall from grace, one after the other, they shed their blood, one after the other they suffer torture.  Leticia, who suffers the most because she's the center of all the pandemonium she causes. She's tortured while the others are tortured. She suffers while the others, one at a time, maybe two at a time, go through their painful ordeals. And in the most bizarre way, they all collaborate in the suffering of the others. All except one, Justa, who, with her own truth, increases the wrath of the Mad Monk.

This is the second act in the film and it is the most intense. It was the most difficult to shoot and it is the most difficult to edit and it is the center piece of the film. It begins at around 30 minutes into the film and it goes on until almost the very end, over an hour of incredibly fierce and extreme torture for all.

Read more of Three Ring Circus of Pain at the Red Feline Club

Sloth I have tried two times to purchase some or your movies, but the transaction is declined due to the security reasons you mention. But there's no field where I can enter my date of birth! I checked multiple times...there's something wrong with the system, if you get a message about this issue, because it is not possible to enter a date at all! Please fix this, I would like to buy some movies! Thanks

We are working with our tech support to locate the problem and solve it. We have an unusual number of card rejects, which are simply not normal. If the problem is not solved in a reasonable time, we might need to change the companies that provide the services we use. It's totally annoying. In the meantime, for those who are suffering this problem, we can work with PayPal. Contact us at and let us know the film you want and we'll arrange it.

Pedro Margot - Wow, do you speak Hungarian or someone translated for you? Google translator doesn't used to make such perfect translations... No I cannot recall ANY Spanish person around our ElitePain studio during our history... not even a Spanish employer staff member or model. So this must have been a misunderstanding or someone made up being connected to us... Once you wrote me that I have met Jac in Vegas, but I still don't remember. When you reminded me that it was a very cold snowy winter - and it really was so, when I last time was there -- I accepted that mr Alzheimer is coming... and I didn't argue any more... My business partner (Pablo) doesn't speak Spanish, our former co-producer Lomp doesn't even speak English and has never been in America, and they didn't met Jac either... I sent you a private mail regarding the other matter. Martyr is my TOP TOP favorite from your company, and if that gorgeous lady is in trouble I want to be among the first who can help. I hope others will join me..

Ahogy próbáltam a tökéletes magyar választ megírni, azon gondolkodtam, hogy vajon számodra van-e ennek értelme, merthogy te meg kell, hogy értsd, mert ismered a történetet. Mindenesetre, Jac emlékezett rá, hogy beszélt egy férfival, aki miután találkozott Amy-vel, összehasonlitotta őt valaki mással, akivel együtt dolgozott. Volt egy másik férfi is a standnál, magasabb, fiatalabb, s nem beszélt sokat, de egy ponton beleszólt a beszélgetésbe. Ez utóbbi adott Jac-nek egy CD-t. Most meg fogja keresni. Akárhogy is, talán valami másik üzleti társaság volt, vagy másik személy, akit Pedro-nak hívtak, és Spanyolországból jött. Ő is ott volt.

(Loosely translated: When writing the (perfect) Hungarian message I was thinking that if it makes (perfect) sense to you, it is because you have the context of what I wrote. In any case, what Jac remembers of that time is that he was talking to a man who after meeting Amy, he compared her to someone he worked with. There was another person at the stand, taller, younger, who did not talk much but at one point participated of the conversation. The man in question gave Jac a DVD. He's going to look for it. However, maybe it was some other company, some other person, whose name was Pedro, from Spain, and he was there too.) Oh well. ... and THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTIBUTION!

And we're very grateful to everyone that contributed to Camille's cause. When she recieved the cash she said she was extremely grateful, to the point of tears. We'll be accepting some contributions still, as we wait for the results of her tests. We will not be setting up a page. Just contact us at to let us know if you want to contribute. THANK YOU! (Don't send pay pal contributions to the redfeline email. It's not connected to PayPal, only is)

jyydubs Reine Margot - I asked sometime ago about this. Will any other films be posted to Vimeo? Maleficarum? New stuff? I just ask due to quality. Content on Vimeo is markedly better than from your VOD site. This is why I haven't purchased the most recent releases. Thanks.

Vimeo allows for large film files and you can watch them for a fee. A DVD file is less than 4 gigas in size. A movie file, Full HD i1080 like the ones we have in Vimeo is at least 20 gigas in size. The actual size of the 2K film is around 90 gigas. That's what makes the visual difference. You should see our DCP version of the films, the format we use for movie theaters. It's just too awesome to behold.

Amy and Jac thought that because of the low rental fee at Vimeo, a lot less than going to a movie theatre, a lot of people would watch our films there, but it doesn't happen that way. Most people prefer to buy the films to keep them, either as a download or a DVD. The difference is huge, for every 100 people that buy our films, maybe ONE watches it at Vimeo.

Lets say that we get 1000 hits from this very place at Red Feline Pictures, where you buy our films, Vimeo gets only 10 hits during the same period of time. No kidding. We thought if would be the other way around.

We could try streaming our films at the club or something like that, for a monthly fee, like Netflix, for example, and you can watch all of our films all the time. Of course that works if we get one million people to join and we have lots of films to offer. However, the streaming possibility could work at one point under some interesting circumstances. Like a pay per view deal, which is basically what we have with Vimeo.

Mila À La Croix - 63 min. - Color.

A Red Feline Pictures film

Mila À La Croix Download

Mila À La Croix DVD

Visit our FREE site - Red Feline Pictures

Where you can buy DVDs, DOWNLOADs, Join the Club for $8.00, read reviews, the good ones, and much, much more.

31711) Quoom 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 17 February 2019 01:10 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31711) "Does this little fire make you remember how you burnt Rome, you Christian whore?"
31710) Osouk 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 12:54 PM Permalink

When my partner and I were first together, over 30 years ago, we watched some bondage films together. This was in the spirit of experimentation as you often have in the early days of a relationship, and not as a result of my interests. We've not discussed it since. They were quite mild, nothing like the extreme content I'm interested in. As I've said before, I've never had any inclination to move from fantasy to reality - I can't imagine it being satisfying - if it works for you, great, but it holds no appeal for me.

I've never discussed it with anyone else, again I've never wanted to. I can't see that anything good could come of it, only something negative and I don't want that. I sometimes wonder if any of my family or friends have read my stories.

I can quite understand why people would be horrified by our interests - I think a lot of people operate in a different way to me, and if you don't understand that fantasing doesn't mean you want to actually do it then why would you think it's OK?

Fortunately I'm quite happy with the way things are - I don't need my partner to be part of my fantasy world, I'm happy existing in it on my own - although perhaps as I'm posting this I'm not on my own at all.
31709) Ralphus 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 12:24 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31709) JD: That clip is from the Spanish TV series Piratas

If you go into the TV section of the Whipping Scenes Database, you'll find better video clips, too, without those annoying watermarks.
31708) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Sunday, 17 February 2019 12:18 PM Permalink

That's Piratas (2011) a spanish tv series. Season 1 Episode 1 if I know well.

31707) JD 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 12:05 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31707) Where's this flogging video from? It has a horrible logo I could live without.

31706) PedroJohnny 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 10:26 AM Permalink

(31706) Hi chaps ! I want to comeback to "The Dossier" movie we speak here in April 2018, 12th, 15th and 16th days.

I was able too see the movie on Amazon Prime UK, but I can not buy it because I don't live in UK. Do you know how could I get it ? Thanks !
razz (stick out tongue) Is there any uncut version ? razz (stick out tongue)

As I love this kind of mainstream crime movie where storytelling makes a woman character being stripped for interrogation by mafia or gang, I'm very keen on the building stress it comes from "The Dossier".

It's a pity that the whipped scene itself doesn't show the GIMP Joceline Brooke-Hamilton full frontal naked, even though she is regular at it in various shootings and especially beacause we could see her bush a some times in "The Dossier". With that FFN view, the whipped scene would have been perfect ! embarrassment

31705) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 10:05 AM Permalink

(31705) Wonder Woman captured by Shawn Van Briesen
31704) lionrobe 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 07:17 AM Permalink

(31704) Debreasting and sharp objects

1140 pics

31703) Sanderson 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 06:30 AM Permalink

I have a much simpler answer than most of the people here, and more boring. No - no one knows of my "preferences", and no one (I think) ever has. I haven't had many partners (married twice, but only one girlfriend apart form that), and none of them responded to my discreet hints. So it stays hidden. It helps that my wife is very technophobic - she shies away from the computer, so it's easy for me to conceal what I do on it.
31702) yyy 
IP logged
Sunday, 17 February 2019 01:11 AM Permalink

(31702) re: 31699) MAV, thanks for this great picture. Chrissy Marie looks really stretched and awesome. The girl on the right displaying proper AOH is Chichi Medina, a fantastic hardbody who bears more than a passing resemblance to hottie Salma Hayek.
31701) Pedro 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 16 February 2019 10:37 PM Permalink

Thank you for those who tried to help me find out what Liv says after a whipstroke. I've listened to that several times. Is it possible that she says "Please don't hit me THERE?" - just because it seems Amanda hit her nipples several times before that and another one landed on her left nipple. Not sure though...

Here's my favorite moment so far. This time I clearly understand the sentence because it is in Hungarian.The two girls were bound quite near next to each other. And when Amanda hit Liv, most of the strokes unintentionally hit the very right of Zazie's bottom... She tried to complain... at least she gave it a try...

PD7 - next Friday. (to avoid unnecessary questions)
31700) Brainmaster 
IP logged
Saturday, 16 February 2019 05:22 PM Permalink

Oh Gog: You posted a pix of the greatest gimp actress of all time.

Blakemore: It's good to hear from you. I grew up in the 70s so not quite so repressed. My 14 years old sister would come to my room wearing skimpy see through nighties with g strings on and parade around in front of me so I would get her high and give her attention. I was 18 19 and wouldn't dare risk going to prison or infuriating my mother so I had to suffer and suffer. She totally got off on my suffering. Cock teasers fucking deserve it.
I've been thinking a lot about this duel nature you had described in women in the past and have written a story much based on the idea but alas my brain, eyes, fingers and imagination have a hard time jiving together to get past the grammar police.
31699) MAV 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Saturday, 16 February 2019 04:17 PM Permalink

@Gog - Don't get me started 😡 While that Mckenzie girl has some great knockers in that "The Job" trailer, arms apart is upper spreadeagle. Wrists need to be tied together dammit. Maybe this AOH snob should try to emphasize that AOH creates an "A" shape with the arms. Here is Chrissy Marie and a friend showcasing proper AOH😈

31698) frog 
IP logged
Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:28 PM Permalink

(31698) Here is the first part of my answer to the current poll. I do not want to take up too much space.

In 31535) Pedro started the ball rolling on this last poll. Our illustrious host Ralphus took up the gauntlet and turned it into an official poll. The response and answers have been very interesting.

Ralphus, for example, wrote: “Bottom line is our perversions will never be understood by most people, unless they have the fetish themselves. You can't be open about it in public, because people will think you're sick and you'll lose them or lose your job or worse. That's why this forum is so important, because it allows folks who may have dark thoughts to congregate without fear of shame or reprisal. We're all pervs and sick fucks here, and that's perfectly all right.”

As for me, I would have to agree with him, although I think his perspective is the result of the time in which we found out about our “perverse” inclination. Way back when, having the type of fantasies we harbor was almost tantamount to being a serial killer in the making or worse.

Now, some of the things that are presented here are considered a “lifestyle”, and people can engage more freely in it, consider it part of their identity as it were. When I was growing up and, particularly reaching adolescence, that was not the case; and these sorts of fantasies had to be kept under wraps, even from friends, lest one be considered a freak. So, I learnt to keep my secrets to myself.

Even though I have said this before, I must say a few words about how the whole thing started. It was very early on, even before puberty. The first thing I recall was the cover of a pulp publication, one of those cheap detective novels. The cover immediately became etched in neurons that were in the process of making the connections that are necessary to develop our brains. It presented a nude redhead tied to a wheel, like one of those water wheels in mills, her body arched over the wooden frame, her breasts jutting upwards, and a look of real anguish on her face. She was being accosted by a man, that obviously was bent on inflicting real pain. Behind the pair, was another man bursting through the door, obviously intent on saving her.

Suffice it to say that I have been looking for that cover ever since the book, which the adults of the house had left misplaced, mysteriously disappeared from under my mattress where I kept it hidden to peek at the cover every so often. This memory is also, what makes me hate when a “hero” comes to save the damsel in distress.

After that, there were the few scenes in movies that suggested evil things about to happen to GIMPS. Brief glimpses at whips falling on bare backs; or sweating virgins being scourged with thorny branches; or Isabel Sarli being roughly stripped.

Some of these scenes occurred in Sword and Sandal epics, which I was allowed to see; or in the previews that showed scenes of Italian productions with prehistoric or Viking themes, which I was not allowed to see because of the occasional nudity. I have not been able to locate scenes from those Italian films again. In those days, at least where I lived, movie previews were not classified. That is why I got to see the Sarli stripping scene before The Hound of the Baskervilles which I had gone to see with my parents.

Then, of course, there were the MAM covers I caught a glimpse off in the town’s main magazine shop. I managed to take some of them home and tried to keep them secret. That lasted until the early 70s, when MAM magazines became extinct.

Then I substituted with Playboy and others. Not necessarily because of the beauties there, but because I could use certain poses to imagine them stretched on the rack, or mercilessly flogged, or in some other sort of peril. I still remember the first issue of Oui, if I am not mistaken, in which some male models were showing off the latest fashion, while a female model was abducted, taken to a cellar or basement, stripped, and finally tied AOH. A few days ago, I came upon that last image while prospecting the net for my composites.

The Blakemore epiphany came in 1973-74. I had never seen his work until I came upon an issue of Hustler which ran a review of a couple of his loops. The one that got me hooked featured Sherry, if I am not mistaken. He had her tied to a kitchen table and was pouring honey over her as she struggled and opened wide those great eyes of hers. I had never seen women bound in such a fashion, and never naked or almost naked. There were no adult stores that carried that fare where I lived, so I depended on snail mail, once I got a hold of HOM's address, and my trips to NY to get the stuff.

Obviously, it’s almost impossible to keep things like this stashed in secret forever, especially when your mom decides to clean closets and turn mattresses over. So, one day you come home from school and find your precious collection gone. You also expect a good talking to, but as Blakemore suggests, such things were kept under wraps and not talked about.

I knew, then, that my folks had more than an inkling of my proclivities, but nothing was said. I never talked in detail about this with my best friends either.
31697) Lamentation 
IP logged
Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:26 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31697) Ralphus,

The beauteous Barbara Bouchet can be found on display in the movie Amuck! (also known as: Hot Bed of Sex, Replica di un delitto, En busca del placer, A Fúria do Assassino, In Search of Pleasure, Leather and Whips, and Maniac Mansion).

Her mini-skirt dressed escape via a transom from the cellar will get your juices flowing. Ms. Bouchet's near rape concluding the movie is a viewing pleasure.

The film can be found here: []
31696) Daiko Duke 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:10 PM Permalink

Hi Pedro, I'm sorry for my English but I had to rely on the translator because it's not my language. Allow me, however, first of all to greet the community; I'm at my first post and I hope to be welcome. I've been following you for a while now, but I've never intervened, at least so far ...

I wanted to advance, if you like, some suggestions for a future Domina Competition 3. While having much appreciated the pircing to the clitoris of Ariel, the second chapter in my opinion highlighted a problem that in the first had not appeared, or the possibility of not seeing one or two rounds of the competition in case the winner emerged first. I think we should always get to the last challenge but, to motivate a domination maybe already defeated, it would be appropriate to intervene on the issue of final punishment, making it more or less intense depending on the severity of the defeat. With only three possible results (3-2 / 4-1 / 5-0) the variants to consider are not so many; I have a few examples:

- the type of punishment could always be the same but the shots vary according to the result obtained, with the highest number in the case of 5-0 and the minor number in the case of 3-2. It works very well with the whip;

- three totally different punishments and each corresponding to a result. The defeat dominates the scheduled one based on how the race ends;

- three different punishments, and the defeat dominates it will receive only one or all three according to the final result, with the 5-0 that corresponds to three punishments, the 4-1 that corresponds to two punishments, the 3-2 that corresponds to only one punishment. In the case of 4-1 and 3-2 it may be prefixed as a punishment to jump or the choice left to the defeated domina. In this case also the punches drawn by lot work well, where the number of extractions varies according to the result.

I apologize for the long post and I hope to have contributed, still a greeting.
31695) PL 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 02:17 PM Permalink

(31695) Oh yes, Blakemore is still the best. I had all his movies, which has good storylines, beautiful actresses, inventive gimp & good editings which induce audience's own imaginations.
31694) JD 
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marathonmann said @Darkseid!
The dangerous thing is not the voltage, it's the amperage. You only need a few mA.

31693) Lashes 
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Thank you for the 'stop by' Blakemore!
Similar situation growing up except for the mother figure!
The sister was 'step' but as devious as they come!
I got my first bull whip while on a boy-scout outing to the desert!
Sandy loved it and used it anyway she could! 12 years old I began my life long trip into BDSM! 1959!!!! :)
31692) Ed 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 01:32 PM Permalink

Chuckles: Back in the day, I used to travel regularly to L.A. on business and have visited various "dungeons" there. I went to The Chateau in the late 1980s. I think it was on Sunset Blvd. It was a walk-up like you described. I went there once and sessioned with a smoking hot, very young sub. We were both too inexperienced and nervous to have a good time.

Sounds about right. I didn't have the same inhibitions as for me it was always just role play. One player I still remember (my second) went by the name of Papillion. One of my few blow jobs. Another was named Sandy. Not as good a time as she refused to be blindfolded (I was shy about being naked in such a situation.) That makes for my three total visits. Each visit was expensive. $100 an hour. In 1978, that was a lot, but the experience was worth it. (When I have money, I spend it, and especially to indulge a taboo fantasy.) So three times and three hours. I do remember the second. I had finished and was sitting on a couch in their general room. Can't remember the name of the owner, but was sitting next to him. There was some sub, crawling on her knees. She kissed his shoes. I was beside him so she kissed my boots (what I wore at the time.) "I am Master Ed", I said, required, yet knowing nothing of the scene or what was expected of me.

I was, and always have been, a simple role player. That brought me decision in Portland. "Just a role player," they said. Not into the lifestyle," they said Portland also had its Goreans. Sorry, but not my scene. So I wasn't welcome. Ok. whatever. We all do whatever floats the boat. But never, never, anything that abuses others. Fantasy is fantasy, Abuse is not to be tolerated.
31691) Gog 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 11:39 AM Permalink

Mav~ Does this count as AOH?
31690) Navyrotor 
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(31690) Oh Hell Yes...

The gorgeous Missy Peregrym as a cop in Rookie Blue. She’s knocked out in a storage locker, and awakes to discover she’s been bound and tape gagged. The villain plans to strangle her, but insists she not look at him while he’s doing it... so he takes more duct tape and covers her eyes before he gets to work. This is a super hot scene, with a super hot actress that ends all too soon with her rescue. Boo.

31689) Navyrotor 
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(31689) What she’s saying: “Mmmpphh!!!!”

Her thought bubble: “Oh, FUCK! What is he doing with those clamps? And what the fuck are they wired to?!”
31688) marathonmann 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 10:39 AM Permalink

The dangerous thing is not the voltage, it's the amperage. You only need a few mA.
31687) Navyrotor 
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(31687) Few Things More Appealing...

... than a duct tape gag. Oh, you are so correct. The only thing I’d do different is stuff her mouth first, and then wrap the tape all the way around her head.

She looks worried, doesn’t she? Smart girl.
31686) Darkseid 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 09:01 AM Permalink

I have a suggestion for a new game to alternate with wheel of pain, so that a model who had a wheel can have a new interesting game after a few weeks/months…

The rules derived from Domina Competition, but without any competition.
There are 5 round and the girl must mandatorily complete all of them to earn her prize (like WOP Special Rules with Lyen). Each round the girl receive the punishment in one part of her body. The 5 parts are feet, pussy, ass, back and tits. The order must be drawn before the start of the game.

To know how many strokes she must receive, the girl have to roll a dice each round (dice of pain??), just like Domina Competition. This time the number will be multiplied by 10 (in competition was by 5 but two times, so it’s the same).

Now, this simple rule can have some problem. I think that in a similar game 10 strokes is a too “soft” punishment and it should be discarded. On the other hand a girl particulary unlucky can have a total number of strokes over 250 or even 300 strokes that is umbearable. So I can suggest some modifications, you can chose wich one you prefer (always that you’re interested on this game, of course).

1. The 150 rules: if after 5 rounds the total number is less than 150 strokes, the girl must receive additional strokes until 150 is reached. They will be administered on the body part that received less strokes during the 5 rounds (if there are more than one, they will be equally divided).

On the other hand if the number of 150 is reached or exceeded after 3 rounds, in the last two rounds the number of strokes is constantly 15. If 150 is reached after 4 rounds, the round 5 will be with 20 strokes. This should bring to a “fair” number of total strokes.

2. Discard the ends. The numbers 1 and 6 are discarded. There can be some “bonus” for these scores. For example the score 1 will lower by 5 strokes the score (if the girl scores 1, she must roll again. If scores 4, she will receive 35 instead of 40) . On the contrary the score 6 will increase of 5.

3. Encoded score. Each score corresponds to a number of strokes: 1=20; 2=25; 3=30; 4=35; 5=40; 6=50. Even in this case the final number should be “fair”

I’ve “projected” this game because it has two benefits: it guarantees a fair number of strokes and it cover all the body parts of the girl, so that all “fetishes” are satisfied. Let me know what do you think about that.

or @Pedro
Some questions about that electro devices. I know that of course there are different levels of intensity (I think it’s the voltage, isn’t it?) but there are also other parameters, like frequency of the pulses and the amplitude of the pulses. How are they used? Which combination (low amplitude/high frequency?) is used for pain and bdsm? And which one for sexual arousement? Thank you very much.
31685) Gog 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 08:19 AM Permalink

Madambathory~ The pictures you posted on post 31659 with the shoes placed neatly on the chair next to the model reminded me of something. I knew somebody who liked to be tied in semi-public places. I guess the thrill for her was to try and free herself before someone saw or found her.

Anyway, your picture brought that back to memory because of the shoes placed on the chair like that. Brings to mind (imagination) a scenario of self-bondage gone wrong. Discovered by a GIMP minded perv(s) and subject to all that could go wrong.

31684) Covers the Relentless 
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 07:39 AM Permalink

(31684) Wonder Woman by skelebomb dcxb442-f86f19b4-fb46-4742-9d3b-b79becbebb00
31683) Bgui 
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(31683) Hi Pedro
Do you remember EliteClub:21st Case, I think one of the most severe pussy torment I have ever seen,
The Slave pussy is totally swollen and bruised, black and blue and she looked desperate...
Will be great to see Nataly Gold in a such scene, she has shoot recently lot of BDSM WHIPPING degrading scenes, she’s a real Slave...
What do you think about ?
31682) Chuckles 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 11:57 PM Permalink


Back in the day, I used to travel regularly to L.A. on business and have visited various "dungeons" there. I went to The Chateau in the late 1980s. I think it was on Sunset Blvd. It was a walk-up like you described. I went there once and sessioned with a smoking hot, very young sub. We were both too inexperienced and nervous to have a good time. It later relocated to a bigger, better equipped facility in Van Nuys and I went there two or three times before it went out of business. Similar "dungeons" subsequently popped up in the L.A. area to replace it and I've visited a couple of them.

I'm not familiar with Esoteric Encounters or organizations like it.
31681) zeke 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 11:56 PM Permalink

(31681) Re 1679) Blakemore: glad to see you're still alive and kicking and recounting what we all must envy. Your family life must have been amazing. Was your dad around for all this? My only wish is that you could have continued the great work, which, IMHO, has not been matched by anybody coming even close. [no pun intended]
31680) zaffi 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 09:38 PM Permalink


I'm not native speaker but the second part is indeed "Please don't hit". The first part is harder to tell, but I think it is just the count. Maybe for native speaker would be obvious but to me sounds like thirteen or thirty. But actually doesn't matter that much that I don't understand all of what she said, the fact that she talks and begs during the whipping is hot.
31679) Blakemore 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 06:40 PM Permalink

Yeah, I'm still here, but double by-pass is a bitch. Having read a lot of you guys posts about "who knew", I found them informative and interesting.

I was extremely lucky to have been 10yrs. old in 1951, because in a completely Southern Baptist Fundamentalist farming community PEOPLE SIMPLY DID NOT SEE...what they didn't WANT to see.

You must keep in mind that words like 'homosexual' did not exist. (They were "Queers"). Ideas such as 'BDSM' had not been invented and INCEST simply did not exist. The list of repression goes on and on...but when I was in high school, girls still ran from the room crying or in shock or in terror because they had just started to menstruate...AND DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO THEM! How could they when their mothers didn't dare tell them for fear that their daughter might tell one of her friends about what was going to happen...and the friend might then ask HER mother, and that was a risk nobody could take...because the friend's mother might go ballistic because this was about SEX! SEX...did not exist and everyone knew that. Yeah, it WAS that bad...worse even and unless you were a horny teenage male in the late 40's-50's and early 60's you just can't even comprehend how repressed American Society was.

Now, what are you going to do when by the age of 10 you are actually a very good artist...COMPELLED to trace Pin-Up illustrations by Gil Elvgren and re-draw the girls nude, tied and gagged being tortured?

What are you going to do when by the age of 12 your 13 year old sister has become not just drop-dead gorgeous, but has a pair of Double-D tits and has become a "professional" fucking cock-tease? She loved to stand in my bedroom door in a pair of 4" heels and nothing but one of my white shirts and watch me jack-off...fingering herself to orgasm again and again. Not only that, she loved my drawings and human nature being what it is, it was inevitable that I tied her and THAT started a fantastic but incestuous relationship that included real torture that lasted well into adulthood.

To top it off, our mother knew what we were doing and absolutely approved because our mother was known in Europe as Vera Knight...gorgeous victim of countless bondage-torture-rape films.
(Save yourselves the trouble because you will not find even a whisper on the internet about Vera Knight or the huge movie production unit of the Nazi's. I know about shit that people simply would not believe and that's a crying shame because if you do not know history...if you don't know what happened and how it was pulled-off your ass has had it)!

We hid in plain sight because all of those sanctimonious Christians KNEW that NOBODY THEY KNEW could even imagine such perversion so they were not looking and were incapable of even thinking such a thing could happen.

(This is a community so fucked-up on religion that they allowed a pedophile preacher to torture their young daughters and screw them to "Drive Satan from them"! No shit folks. And the Ph.D President of the Southern Baptist Association bought in to this insanity!

Exceptionally beautiful, a little too sexually mature for their age girls who had C or D-cup tits were OBVIOUSLY "Daughters of Satan". They were put here to temp men's lust and steal their souls! The only way to save these 10 to 12 year old young Honeys was to fucking torture and fuck them and the religious bastards got away with it! 1955...not 1655)!

Therefore, I was well schooled by my hot sister and even hotter mother in the ways of bondage and making females suffer.

Believe me my is one hell of a rush to be sitting beside your beautiful 14 yr. old sister in church, watching her kick her toe and work the muscles of her thigh to make the wooden dildo you made that is 2" in diameter and 10" long with tiny little barbs all over it...STRAPPED INTO HER PUSSY...move and torture her!

None of this should surprise any of you if you have seen my work.

My opinion? The world is not going to change, not as long as things like Puritianism-Christianity-Islam and the like still exist, keeping human sexuality crushed in a world of guilt and fear. But look at it this way...none of them will EVER know the ecstasy an orgasm with your cock buried in the hot...dripping wet pussy of a helpless, gagged female who may or may NOT want that cock...even if she is your fabulously erotic sister or mother!
31678) Ed 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:13 PM Permalink

Totally unrelated to anything current here, save that something spurred my memory.

Back in the mid-70's, there was a role-play place in LA. They called themselves "The Chateau." (I was Navy based out of San Diego at the time. They had a couple of "dungeons" on a second floor operation where they would charge by the hour to play out BDSM fantasies. Presumably both sub and dom, although being strictly dom, I don't know. I only went a couple of times (distance and cost being crucial factors), but I just thought of the place and wondered if any others here knew of it.

There was also an organization(?) named Esoteric Encounters. Join and some guy would connect you with someone, anywhere in the country, who was the opposite end of the dom/sub spectrum as you. I met one girl that way who lived in Michigan (I was in Chicago at the time). He matched me with another in NYC, but after flying there, she told me that she had recently reconnected with her once-steady boyfriend, so spent a weekend there with nothing to show but a damn fine Italian meal and appreciation for how tiny NYC apartments were, even then.

Haven't heard of either in the 40+ years since, but they were there back then.

Just curious.
31677) Provost 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:09 PM Permalink

Dear Madame Bathory,

Along with Pedro I admire the aesthetics of your site and look forward to having more photos, videos, and live feeds of your lovely models in their cruel and desperate surrounds. But speaking of desperate and cruel, it is difficult to find the button to log into members’ access to your page. Where is it? I found it once or twice by accident....

31676) Ed 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:00 PM Permalink

Ralphus, Please add me to your list of Hall Of Fame voters. I may not recognize all the candidates (and won't vote for anyone I don't know), but I do have some preferences for obvious reasons.

You also have my email. No offense if not.
31675) Flintstone 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 04:23 PM Permalink

to Ralphus: Boss, I would like to vote in the Hall of Fame balloting again, I believe you have my email address, thanks.
31674) lawrence 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 03:41 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Any date yet for the PD scene with Zazie :)
31673) Madambathory 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 03:15 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

@JD Thank you very much for your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback, because we would like to satisfy as many tastes as possible. We are still at the beginning of our journey and you have to start somewhere. The sets are smaller, but we post three updates a week, even though we promisse only two. We are planning to have videos also and in the future live streaming even. But for now, this is where we start. And of course we plan to get better and better as we grow. As for the skin part, we took example from "Shackled maidens", who also had many sets with clothing, as well as nude.

@Pedro We sincerely apologize, but your message failed to reach us. I double checked all the inboxes and there is no message from you. Please, contact us via e-mail And if it is not a problem, better in english. We are not Hungarian, but close though, from Slovenia.
31672) frog 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 03:03 PM Permalink

(31672) Here is a, shall we say, hotter tribute to Ms. Lane. Thought of our distinguished host while working on it. No marks or bruises on the body, but the threat of the flame is a source of anguish and fear.
31671) frog 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 02:59 PM Permalink

(31671) Agatha tosses her head back so that her parched and broken lips may receive the rivulet of water that flows from her torturer’s metal cup. The man toys with her burning thirst by starting and stopping the flow of the fetid water. A rivulet of liquid runs down her bruised throat and mixes with the sweat that drips from her tortured body to the dungeons dirty floor.

The latest issue of Horrors of the Inquisition. A small tribute to Ashley Lane, one of my favorite GIMPS.

Haven’t had time to complete my answer to the poll yet. There are some very interesting insights and “confessions”, however. This may be one of the best polls so far.
31670) Jan 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 02:06 PM Permalink

Jan: Thanks for your feedback!
You are welcome! I hope I did not sadden you too much by my critical words, but I had to be honest. Especially regarding the positions: A buttock punishment should always be on curved upwards buttocks. The more the buttocks come upwards the better. And a whipping should always be AOH, the lesser outstretched the arms, the better. At least I think so. I hope you can do this in your next movies.

..caused some delay in the final release of the release of Zazie's & Liv's film..

Oh no! #@*%!

Painful Duel 7 - to be released next Friday

Oh good!! 👍
I have to admit I can hardly wait! Those first glimpses you shared are sooo promising! I appreciate very much. If you are making some progress with PD8 you must let us know.
Have a nice weekend!
31669) Pedro 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 01:06 PM Permalink

fowj: Sorry, I don't remember that girl's name. She has good acting skills but she didn't do nude, nor any submissive roles, and FEAR was her only appearance at us. Sorry.

Regarding Natalie... she was also a one-timer. She appeared in Lomp's production: Letter to my Brother

31668) fowj 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 12:54 PM Permalink

(31668) @Pedro

Hi dear Pedro...

Who is this girl? what's her name?

Can I watch her submissive movie??


And Could you tell me a list of Natalie's movies?? not Natalie Gold but Natalie in EPCasting!!!

thank you. and I'm looking for your next PD7. Of course, I will buy.
31667) Pedro 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 12:26 PM Permalink

@sonny sear: It's Painful Duel 7 - to be released next Friday.
31666) Darkroom 
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(31666) Hey Gimpers - Lurker, Ed, Boccaccio and others - THANKS for the shout out on my latest story, "Dancer's Demise."

As you've noted, there are many others at BDSM Library that are a bit older, but it's here on this forum where the feedback is most appreciated and enjoyed, so keep it coming.

You may observe a common theme in many of the stories, the slow, escalating torment of certain attributes. But the fantasy doesn't stop there.

You can shoot me at email or post here. I check in daily. I do enjoy the exchange of "ideas." I promise to keep them coming.

And you're right, Lurker, I know absolutely nothing about electricity, other than it sucks getting shocked.

You can also view a small sampling of my gimp-related art at []

And thanks to Ralphus for posting Dancer's Demise. I'd love to bring new material to the forum.
31665) Covers the Relentless 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 11:02 AM Permalink

(31665) Wonder Woman captured by Cheetah Robb Phipps02
31664) sonny sear 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 10:53 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31664) Greetings Pedro: What is that "Painful Duel" serial number? I looked through your website, and cannot find it. Is it not released yet? I am looking to buy.
31663) Hey You 
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Gimp poll:

My relatives dont know anything about it. My wife does and she is my roleplay captive quite often. She is into pain and bdsm too.

I told her openly when we were dating and question about what gets you on popped out and she admitted that she is into bondage too. Bondage slowly got into more. Heavy stuff. Whips. Wax. Cuffs. Roleplay scenarios.

As of late we are toying with idea to try to reach out to like minded couples and / or dominant ladys or guys and mix things up more. Hence why I'm dropping my mail address here.

If there is any interest from people here to take part in some kind of roleplay fantasy bdsm related with pleasurable endings to all involved, drop me a mail and we can see what can be done.
31662) Pedro 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 08:46 AM Permalink

@madambathory: I like the way you compose your pictures. They have an artistic merit. For example on these last pictures the shoe on the chair is perfectly placed. I love that the high heel shoe are not on the victim but this placement definitely adds to the beauty of the scene.

I sent you a private message via your website, but I haven't received an answer. I wrote you in Hungarian because I assumed for some reason you are also Hungarian. If I was wrong, sorry.
31661) Sloth 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 08:07 AM Permalink

I have a reply to Reine Margot on this:
For some strange reason, the buyer, or buyers, put as Date of Birth the year 2016 or 2018! W?T?F?!!!??? I don't understand ... Why?!
It looks something like this:
Birthday: 1/7/2018 - Payment Result - Message: Transaction Declined Due to Security Reasons
So, if you have been rejected lately, that IS ONE reason! Please, when you enter the information with your order, use your name, your date of birth, and all that information CORRECTLY! Thank you for your attention.

I have tried two times to purchase some or your movies, but the transaction is declined due to the security reasons you mention.
But there's no field where I can enter my date of birth! I checked multiple times...there's something wrong with the system, if you get a message about this issue, because it is not possible to enter a date at all!
Please fix this, I would like to buy some movies!
31660) yyy 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:38 AM Permalink

(31660) re: 31657) JD big grin
31659) madambathory 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:37 AM Permalink

(31659) First interrogation phase of a girl suspected of espionage ... naturally already from the first phase the suspect is stripped naked and left chained for several hours
31658) lurker10 
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Friday, 15 February 2019 05:07 AM Permalink

Note to Ed:

If you don't already know, Darkroom has a thing for tit torture. Some of it's rather unusual.

He doesn't know how electricity works, though. lol

31657) JD 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 11:38 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Pedro said I know JD will advise optional subtitles which will not play in the regular windows mediaplayer, so 95% of the customers would ask for help OR ask for refund

You think so? I mean most of the users (except Ralphus and few other cave dwellers) are using Chrome despite the fact that the Win OS comes with something else (bad, bad, bad). That's a fact, it's like 60+ %. I would be shocked if a similar large majority doesn't use VLC instead of that monstruosity called Windows Media Player (not to be confused with Classic Media Player, that's decent).
31656) BigD 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:45 PM Permalink

Hey Pedro, which "Painful Duel" movie is that clip you posted from? They are both hot actresses, and I may have to order that one sometime
31655) Pedro 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 08:01 PM Permalink

Pincopallino wrote: you can put subtitles in your videos (all your videos). WOP 26 was an agony to follow for people like me who understand very little spoken English.

This is the situation when you cannot please everyone. One viewer asks not to put subtitles at all, he doesn't care about the text. Another one is happy with subtitled Hungarian, but prefers spoken English without subtitles... and now you ask subtitles for spoken American English too... Very hard to decide which way to go...
I know JD will advise optional subtitles which will not play in the regular windows mediaplayer, so 95% of the customers would ask for help OR ask for refund because even simple download means technical difficulity for some less talented customers...
Jan: Thanks for your feedback!

I hope that since your yesterday post you found your lost pills. :)

SInce then I was looking for some nice BTS with Ariel. I hope this one qualifies. Finding it and editing it down casued some delay in the final release of the release of Zazie's & Liv's film, but I wanted to fulfil the request of the most rigorous reviewer of our films...
I had to keep the picture size down to keep the file size around 7 MB... which is still big (sorry Ralphus)
If you don't hear from me within a few days, I may have earned a lifetime ban...

I am always interested when I like a certain actress or actor, I always want to know how she/he behaves when not on-scene. SO here are my two favorites Lyen and Ariel in one of my favorite scene of ML4 - how we made that scene BTS

Troicha wrote: you stepped way over the line with that one you sick bastard!!!!

You know what? You may be right. And this is not the first time happening. First I got it with The Lie Detector film of Tippie, then when Ariel's clitoris was pierced... and now this one... hmm... maybe that film should be buried forever in the first place...

I am going to contact your support address and ask your dear assistant to forward my email to you…..we have something important to discuss

We haven't recieved anything so far.
31654) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 06:53 PM Permalink

(31654) "Ah, to be in Paris when the Valentine balloons are floating and the yellow vests are blooming."

Found this in a file from five years ago, so have no idea where it came from or who is the photographer.
31653) Ralphus 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:50 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

With today being Valentine's Day, somehow this video just seems appropriate lol

31652) _blu 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:43 PM Permalink

(31652) ...
31651) Pincopallino 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:32 PM Permalink

Please Pedro, you can put subtitles in your videos (all your videos). WOP 26 was an agony to follow for people like me who understand very little spoken English.
31650) Troicha 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:13 PM Permalink

Please please .....please don't......don't hit anymore please

Thats what I hear
31649) Pedro 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:09 PM Permalink

yyy wrote: Pedro, it sounds like more begging, "Please, please..." just before the Dom says "Shut up!", correct?

I don't know!! But for me it sounds like she is begging for or against something, but I cannot understand for what....

Indeed Amanda says "Shut up!" but I doubt she understood what Liv said. Not such a big problem, I was just getting curious what might she said...
31648) yyy 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 04:25 PM Permalink

re: 31647) Pedro, it sounds like more begging, "Please, please..." just before the Dom says "Shut up!", correct?

And btw, I had to save the clip to my laptop to get it to play, though this might be function of Windows 7.

31647) Pedro 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 04:06 PM Permalink

Though a few days ago I told that Liv (who is American) will not need subtitles, at one point I am quite lost because I don't understand any words from what she says in these few seconds, though it seems interesting.

I guess native English speakers will immediatly tell what she says... what I understand is the part "please don't"...

I am almost sure she didn't say "Please don't hit me", because this was only the first round, and she indeed went to round three... obviously she didn't want to stop at this point...

So anybody can help? (sound can be turned on at the upper right corner)

31646) yyy 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 03:22 PM Permalink

(31646) re: 31624) Navyrotor, "...This is the duo from Atlanta that I mentioned..."

Delicious! And Mistress Ayn has a decidedly nasty smirk/sneer going on. smile

re: 31641) nadin_0321, "...I love hanging ..."

I do, too, if it's done realistically. The filming is the hard part, and very hard to do. And then there's the editing. We are talking fantasy, right? The screencap is from Roadkill Studios 'Cattle Kitty'.

31645) Navyrotor 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 03:20 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31645) I want so very much to make her cry, scream and beg... for hours and hours.
31644) boccaccio 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 03:13 PM Permalink

(31644) As to the poll question --

When I was single, in the 1970's, a time during which there was a lot more office flirtation and sexual banter than now, occasionally a co-worker would bring up the subject of what turned them on. When the conversation came around to me, I would usually smile and say "whips and chains" or something like that, in what I hoped and believed was a roguish manner that suggested that I was not to be taken seriously.

My future wife, then in her mid twenties, worked in that same office and heard those half-joking remarks. By the end of the 70's we had become a couple (and are still married to this day), but neither of us ever proposed venturing into the dark side I had hinted at. I did, however frequently fantasize about gimpish scenes while we were making love. Perhaps at times I became very slightly more aggressive or forceful as a result of those fantasies, but never, ever to the point where she would have said, "Ow! That hurt!" or "Stop doing that!"

31643) yyy 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:55 PM Permalink

(31643) re: 31626) Jake, "...the picture's too big..."

Hi Jake, if you mean the file's over 800 kB, and it's a PNG (or other file type), here's a workaround that's worked for me:

Open the file in Paint and save it as a JPEG. You'll lose a tiny bit of resolution (?) but it will convert the file into the smaller file size JPEG (working from a Windows 7 laptop).

31642) Billy 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:42 PM Permalink

Hi, is it here any bdsm movie with forced water in mouth through tubes like this?

31641) nadin_0321 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:38 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I love hanging
31640) Navyrotor 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:16 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31640) That Look...

I know - no nudity, no distress, not even very good bondage. But the look on her sexy face is enough. I just want to go about removing that confident, haughty arrogance, step by step, one horrible torture method at a time. How amazing would that be?

Really, we have needs... is that too much to ask?
31639) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:15 PM Permalink

POLL additional information as requested by Ralphus.

I had kept my interest from puberty through college in the closet so to speak until one day I was in a bookstore and literally bumped into a young woman in the same section "bdsm" mags. After an awkward moment she joined me for coffee at a restaurant across the street and we decided to mutually try some role playing. Whatever I did to or with her she would do to or with me the next session.

That went well for a few months, then she became more dominant and did things like pierce and ring my nipples then order me to go to work with them laced together under my clothing. I was profoundly scared that someone would somehow find out and I'd lose my job. She also introduced me to cigarette burns. After that I told her I was no longer interested.

It would be ten years before I met another woman with similar interests, the unlamented e.

Anyway, the moral of this story is this: when your dominant takes back the nipple ring without undoing the clasp don't go rushing to the emergency room only to be embarrassed further by a nurse telling you "it will grow back".
31638) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:58 PM Permalink

Reine Margot: Hi, I'm a fan of Camille, or Carmen now that I know her name.

I would like to make a contribution but will not deal with PayPal due to previous issues with them over a friend's site. And I've just posted this month's charitable checks so I won't be able until this time next month. I'm sure Ralphus will give you my email address that I might discuss how I can help out.

In the meantime, tell Carmen she is not forgotten.
31637) Navyrotor 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:41 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31637) Want to get a GIMP’s attention?

Trust me when I say that with each one of these probes in their respective cavities and fired up, you will have her confessing to just about any crime you want her to confess to.

This device is ideal for interrogation scenes, because the level of shock can be adjusted nicely to slowly ratchet up the terror (once you figure out what the Japanese characters mean, of course).

Couple this with some electrodes on the tits, and you can really keep her guessing about what comes next, too. A real favorite is nipple clamps AND electrodes. Pure delight.
31636) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:30 PM Permalink

(31636) Found this at the Oxford University Bodlian Library. Just the thing for you BATS on Valentine's Day.
31635) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:27 PM Permalink

POLL: Nobody I work with knows my interest. As for good friends, only a few women who have shown their interest.
31634) The Bodyguard 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:08 PM Permalink

(31634) Have these delivered to your Valentine 'invalid' by Amazon/Ralphus Prime free delivery, with helpful insertion demonstration. Act Now. Supplies Going Fast!
31633) b. Snippet 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 12:48 PM Permalink

bobbyfisher on deviantart is the king of female bondage art. Check it out, especially his animations
31632) lionrobe 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 12:36 PM Permalink

(31632) One for Ralphus
31631) boccaccio 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 11:03 AM Permalink

(31631) @ Lurker 31621

Thanks for the info. I see that Darkroom has several stories at BDSMlibrary. I look forward to checking them out.
31630) jyydubs 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 11:00 AM Permalink

Reine Margot - I asked sometime ago about this. Will any other films be posted to Vimeo? Maleficarum? New stuff? I just ask due to quality. Content on Vimeo is markedly better than from your VOD site. This is why I haven't purchased the most recent releases. Thanks.
31629) Reine Margot 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:54 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Camille Update

We're very grateful to the contributions we received so far to help Camille reach her goal. We're all anxiously waiting to hear about the results of the tests she's going through, keeping our fingers crossed and our most positive thoughts are with her.

Camille has been in touch with Jac almost daily and expressed her gratitude for all the support she's getting. She wants you to know that she's in good spirits, active, and doing all she needs to do to get better and also to put herself back in track with her work.

Provost Margot, it was quite appropriate to post the call for help to this group and I would like to contribute, so please pass along the info...along with our wishes that all will be well.

Thank you Provost, I truly appreciate your comment. What we have been doing now is to send payment requests from PayPal to those people that contacted me at It's the easiest way, right now. We're going to be setting up something this weekend, if we need to do it. Right now, the PayPal request is working. You can contact me any time you want.

Meanwhile, the Post Production of Maleficarum Monxa Mala is going well. A lot of the film is in First Cut now. There will be some critical editing this weekend because it will be the very intense and long sequence where a lot happens simultaneously, like a three ring circus. A sequence that will be truly epic in the annals of gimp filmmaking. It will set the bar extremely high.

Read more about Maleficarum Monxa Mala at the Red Feline Club

And finally, Mila À La Croix is the favorite film this month, selling nicely and quietly. Our regular fans, and they are many, really, are all getting it. Thank you!

Mila À La Croix - 63 min. - Color.

A Red Feline Pictures film

Mila À La Croix Download

Mila À La Croix DVD

Visit our FREE site - Red Feline Pictures

Where you can buy DVDs, DOWNLOADs, Join the Club for $8.00, read reviews, the good ones, and much, much more.

31628) Flintstone 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:50 AM Permalink

To lurker 10: So the BDSM Writers Con, scheduled for August 2018, has been cancelled? In February 2019? Their founder's illness must have taken a while to diagnose...wonder if he/she came down with advanced procrastination...:)
31627) Jake 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:46 AM Permalink

(31627) Not quite what I had in mind, but this is still pretty good. Love the rope round her throat.
31626) Jake 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:40 AM Permalink

OK - the picture's too big. I'll have to describe it. It's a front-on picture of Asiana Starr, hands tied behind her back, legs spread, massive black ball-gag in her mouth, pink dress hiked up round her waist with a deliciously tight crotch rope tied through her pussy. Mmmm
31625) Jake 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 10:19 AM Permalink

We all have our favourite bondage models - this Valentine's day I wish I could do this to Asiana Starr.
31624) Navyrotor 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 09:22 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31624) Mistress Ayn:

This is the duo from Atlanta that I mentioned in the scene that I set up several years ago. Granted, this was an expensive experience, but I was amazed how far these two let me take things. Everyone was “on script” for the two hour session, and it played out as pretty authentic. I can still hear that little minx begging me not to shock her - and then her cries as she reacted. Having Ayn standing there with the .45 “making” me do it as she barked orders at me was icing on the cake. Worth every dime.
31623) Covers the Relentless 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 07:42 AM Permalink

(31623) Wonder Woman battue2
31622) Juliette 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:34 AM Permalink

(31622) Become member here: []

to get terrific bondage sex movies and thousands of pictures

You can download fantastic bdsm and bondage sex movies here:


I wish you a fantastic VALENTINES DAY! big grin

31621) lurker10 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 04:17 AM Permalink

31619) boccaccio

Darkroom wrote another "Dancer's Demise" in 2012. Same general premise, different cast of characters and details.

31620) lurker10 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 03:52 AM Permalink

(31620) Egad!

Who knew?

"BDSM Writers Con 2018 has been cancelled due to our Founders illness. We will return next year. Sign up for our Newsletter to be kept up-to-date on information about the conference and BDSM writers. "

31619) boccaccio 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:01 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(31619) Kudos to Darkroom for his recent story "Dancer's Demise." A nasty villain, some nasty henchmen and some nasty dialogue create excellent atmospherics for a tale of depraved cruelty.

I, for one, would enjoy seeing the further adventures of the aptly named villain, Martel, which is French for 'the Hammer.'

Charles 'the Hammer' Martel (the grandfather of Charlemagne) was an eighth century Frankish chieftain who defeated the Moors at the pivotal Battle of Tours in what is now central France in 732.

Many historians regard Tours as one of the critical battles in the history of western civilization. Had the battle gone the other way, much of western Europe might be Islamic as Albania and Bosnia are in southeastern Europe.
31618) Matt 
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Thursday, 14 February 2019 01:56 AM Permalink

Poll Q: Yes, my GF knows about it-in fact, we do GIMP roleplay. Other family doesn't know, and frankly, it's no one's business but mine and my GF's.
31617) JD 
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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 10:59 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Having a father-son interested in BDSM themes is not that out of ordinary. According to a study at [] one in 3 Americans are into diferent degree of BDSM flavours. (the worldwide average is one in 5, Americans are kinkier, go figure) So to have a father-son common interest would be 1/3*1/3 equally 1/9 chance. So yeah, in one of every 9 families, both a son and his father are BDSM curious. About 11%. Homosexuality stands at 8%. It's more likely to have a father-son into BDSM than to have a gay son/daughter. The crux here is disclosure.
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