Preserving the Legacy

Back when the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database (WSIMD) website closed in 2004, among the casualties was the work of their resident comic artist Snidely Whiplash. Even after being gone off the net for more than 10 years, Snidely's comics have continued to build a cult reputation among whipping enthusiasts, and when I ran a series of them at the top of the site last year, the reaction on the board was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Even WSIMD creator Oslo Netfetter, who no longer has an active presence on the net, stopped by and thanked me for keeping the legacy of Snidely Whiplash alive. That convinced me that something needed to be done to preserve these fine comics from falling into obscurity, and finding a place where future generations could enjoy them.

I had a number of the cartoons on my personal hard drive, but my collection was by no means complete. So I sent out the bat signal for anyone who still had any of the comics, to send them to me. I heard from a number of people, and while there was some overlap, everyone had something different in their collections that no one else had. Thanks go to Darkedo, Klingsor, Helland, Greg, JP and even Oslo himself, who didn't have any comics but offered up some valuable recollections about Snidely for this new section. I have no idea if what we have here now is totally complete, but it's as complete as I could find. If anyone else has any panels that we missed, please contact me.

According to Oslo, he doesn't know for certain, but he thinks it's likely that Snidely Whiplash is no longer with us. Olso wrote me that Snidely had been battling cancer for a while and then he just stopped hearing from him. In his personal life he was happily married and repaired home appliances for a living. Here's a bio pic I cribbed off his old CD compilation that used to be for sale on the WSIMD site:

Yeah, I agree, Snidely. Let's get on to the comics, shall we?

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