The GIMP Hall of Fame was established in 2017, in our 18th year on the Internet. This venue is designed to honor those individuals who've made a lasting contribution to the concept of extreme bondage, or, as our site name spells out, "Girls In Merciless Peril". It's a pretty broad definition, so we decided to narrow it down to these four fields: mainstream movies, bondage videos, GIMP art and literature. So in other words, at this point, we're not honoring specific movies, or books, comics, etc...but real people. Actual actors, actresses, directors, producers, authors and artists who have had a significant impact on the fetish as we know it.

So how does one choose the nominees to vote on? We put together a select committee, allowed them to select up to 20 names, and they submitted their individual lists and the votes were counted. With 11 people on the final committee, each voting randomly with nothing but their own personal criteria to guide them, we faced the possibility that up to 220 different candidates could receive nominations.

But in the end, in our initial year of voting, the committee selected an even dozen names for induction, with a nice mix...3 actresses, 4 directors, 4 artists and a bondage model. All in all, a very deserving bunch.

We'll see who makes it when the next class of nominees is chosen in 2018.

Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator

Those receiving multiple votes but missing the cut:

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