The GIMP Hall of Fame was established in 2017, in our 18th year on the Internet, as way to honor the best in the history of bondage entertainment. Last year, we put together a select committee of voters and asked them to submit a list of actors, actresses, directors, producers, authors and artists who have had a significant impact on the fetish as we know it. Despite having no ballot to work with and only their personal criteria to guide them, few could argue the worthiness of the dozen names that were selected for our initial class.

The voting has now concluded for the 2018 class of the GIMP Hall of Fame. This year, we nearly doubled the number of eligible voters from 11 to 21, including 4 women this time. For the first time the voters had an official ballot with names and links to research the candidates. And the final results were quite interesting. No fewer than 112 candidates received votes, but in the end, only 3 will enter the Hall this year.

Shockingly missing out by a single vote last year, the Father of S&M, the Marquis de Sade, led everyone in the voting this time with 13 votes. ZFX's most prolific bondage actress Lisa Kinkaid, who also narrowly missed the previous year, came through with 11 votes. And Ashley Renee, one of the first fetish models to really make a name for herself in the business, made the biggest increase from the previous year. Surprisingly, no one had voted for her in 2017, but after adding her name to the ballot, she received 10 votes to put her over the top for Hall recognition.

And just as interesting are the number of names that narrowly missed...7 different candidates all tied for fourth place. Even a single vote would have propelled any one of them into the Hall, but that just makes things even more intriguing when voting commences again in 2019.

Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator

2018 GIMP Hall of Fame final voting

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