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Well, ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen mostly, of course), it's been quite some time since I posted here, so this one's gonna be long. I'm embarrassed to say this, but finally, that is only today, I had been able to get my hands on some of Rick's new creations: Miss Ballista, SOB 3, Underland; as well as some recommended oldies: Scene of the Crime and Fair Warning. Here's my chance to express my heartfelt opinions about 'em.

Miss Ballista managed to truly live up to the hype, even exceed my expectations. It's the kind of film that has "classic" written all over it. Rick, you've done a wonderful job - it's coherent, consistently watchable, great special effects, etc. IMHO, it contains THE best performance by Lisa Kinkaid of all the videos I've seen. She must have really got into the role - I've never seen such fierce enthusiasm in her acting. Amazing job, Lisa! Keep it up! Yet, the opening "home invasion" sequence (still very good), could have been improved by some forcible penetration. I would also have loved to see Penelope being dominated longer at the end. But these are minor drawbacks for a work as accomplished as this. A firm A-

South of the Border III was also quite exceptional, probably the best "dungeon-style" video I've seen in a while. The main strength here is acting - a great ensemble, every single girl is doing her best. Christina, the blonde, is a standout screamer - her vocal/resistance skills could make her a worthy replacement for Chandra. Kimberly as good - watch her literally climb the walls in pain during a standout whipping scene! Kelly is at her usual whimpering best, and Lisa is given a very sexy "full cavity search", if you know what I mean. This is all prime ZFX, the kind of raw shit I'd like to see every time. One minor thing though - concentrate on one victim at a time, don't show the other one, while something else is going on, it's distracting. Also a bit more penetration and, please, more realistic (by pseudo-dicks, not dildos-according-to-plot). Is another sequel in the works ? Again, a solid A-

Underland 2, however, was definitely not in the same ballpark with the other two. Except for some nice electric torture of both Kelly and Lisa (good acting, girls) it had little to offer. One of the two rape scenes was plain fake, the other was too bizarro to be a turn-on (and what's with the "condom", anyway). That kind of material should be reserved for Shockwave. A C+

OK, now about the oldies. Scene of the Crime was as good as Ralphus suggested, with a surprisingly good production quality and an awesome, standard-setting "home invasion" scene. The rest of the movie cannot live up to that great scene, but hell, it alone is worth the purchase.

Fair Warning was more problematic. First of all, way to confusing, secondly - the awful "voodoo" lighting effects and equally bad sound distortion really spoiled the potentially great sequences. I'm happy ZFX moved away from that lately. True, this one has multiple penetration scenes, but they are hardly worth it.

Other videos of later dates are better. For classic scenes, check out the more obscure Hard Down Easy (Lisa Kinkaid-doggystyle while strangled with her own t-shirt!!), Gangland 2 (Kerri Downs-oral with a bang), Blunt Trauma III (Penelope- oral/anal simultaneously), Whiplash 4 (Lisa- doggystyle again/bent over a dentist's chair). I can't think of other ones right now, after all I haven't seen all of the videos, any other input on this topic would be nice.

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