A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

The Van

Reviewed by Rick Masters

Since it seems like the real reviewers (Ralphus and Gimp et al) are bogged down, and I type really fast, I'll shoot you an auto biographic review of The Van. I'll try to stick to the facts and not try to editorialize too much. That said, here goes!

The Van is a female over female movie. Basically, an anti porn zealot dressed as a man (Tabitha Jordan), who goes after a topless dancer/hooker (Stacy Freeman), abducts her and holds her captive in a van where she is tortured mercilessly and video taped, the anti porn chick wanting to show the evil of pornography and men by example. She has a hard time finding any domestically produced torture and snuff harsh enough to make her point, so she decides to make her own. She then goes to the media with the tapes claiming they were mad by those evil men. Truthfully she's a closet lesbian wanting to get her freak on and looking for an excuse to use and abuse some poor honey.

The abduction takes place in a sleazy lap dance/bottle club (the set for this was not well executed, but hopefully doesn't take away from the rest of the movie) which is a front for prostitution. Stacy goes to service her customer in the can, realizes she's a woman (she has an enormous dildo in her pants) but figures so what, as long as she/he pays. She starts sucking it like a pro when Tab goes berserk and beats her till she pukes, then shoves a long stem rose she bought for the dancer down her throat. I think she strangles on it until she's unconscious. The rest of the movie takes place in a van, where the hooker wakes up tied spread eagle nude and ballgagged. She has C clamps applied to her nips and puss, then Tab Shocks her with a cattle prod.

The next day she gets (a ton) of clothespins applied to her tits puss. I believe through most of this she has a red ball gag in. Tab fucks her several times with the strap-on and she is ass fucked with a very large tire iron. I believe she is whipped or beaten but I can't recall the implement (might be a radiator hose) and also in one scene she is trussed up in a semi suspended hogtied with a pillow case over her head. This was shot after Tabs boob job and she has a great look, unfortunately she is not tied in this movie. Stacy Freeman is a natural redhead, pale white skin, pretty face, nice little body and great set of tits. She also appeared in (I think) the first two Video Pirate movies.

Is it a good movie? I'll try to be objective as possible. I'd say if your into Girl Girl bondage, it's pretty good. It has been a fairly strong seller. My retrospective gripe is that the editing could have been tighter during the dance club sequence, the run time is kinda long, about 90 min. If it's of any interest to you, this was one of the most difficult (physically) movies to shoot because of tight space, unbelievable heat and was outdoors (the van was) so it was fairly risky footage to obtain.

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