A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

The Toolbox

Reviewed by Joek0

The Toolbox (ZFX, 1996) is a classic ZFX movie by Rick Masters. It stars Chandra Sweet, Lisa Kinkaid, Bryan Dunhill, and Rick Masters.

As the movie opens, a girl (Chandra Sweet) is shown to be on Spring Break. As she meanders around her motel room, we see a man (Bryan Dunhill) outside peeping on the poor unsuspecting girl. After a little while, he impersonates the maintenance man so that he can get inside. He tricks her into assisting him with the job of fixing the sink. When the moment presented itself, he grabbed her head and banged it against the sink leaving her knocked out on the floor. He ties, gags and blindfolds her and takes her away. The bondage in this and the next few scenes were not very tight and could have been better.

At his place, he removes her blindfold and threatens her to remove her shorts and panties. She complies out of fear and cries out in the process. He has some fun with the poor frightened girl. He then leashes her onto a wooden crate and leaves for a bit to get some playthings to torture her with. He returns with some clothespins and pins them on her lovely nipples. He also brings out a plastic dildo and forces her to suck on it. He also slightly inserts the dildo up her pussy scaring the poor girl. He then puts the dildo back into her mouth. He unites her from the crate and plays with her a bit more.

We finally get to see some tighter bondage in the next scene. Chandra is tied in a strappado position along with a crotch rope between her legs. Bryan then starts playing with her some more by sucking on her tits and gives her a nice ass spanking. He next places some clothespins on her nipples. He then gags her with her panties in her mouth and uses a tiny belt to keep it in. He has some more fun with her. This includes giving her a nice whipping. He then leaves her for a while to struggle in her bonds.

We next see another girl brought in for torture. This scene stars Lisa Kinkaid as the helpless captive. Her captor is played by Rick Masters. When she is brought in, she is gagged with her arms cuffed behind her. Rick starts off by fondling her sexy body. I really like how Rick verbally taunts Lisa. It humiliates her while also instilling her with fear. Rick really knows how to humiliate the poor girl. He next ties her knees together and connects it with a rope around her neck so that she is forced to keep her ass bent over. A little more fun is had before we return to Chandra.

Chandra watches as Bryan goes through her purse. He finds some laxatives which seem to interest him. He force feeds her a few of the laxatives. He next gets her to suck on an anal plug so that he can shove it up her ass. He shoves the anal plug up her ass and tapes it over with some red tape. He then ties her arms back over her head. I love how Chandra cries out in distress.

He then brings out a vacuum cleaner with the hose attached. Attached to the end of the hose is a clear plastic like funnel. He turns on the vacuum and brings the hose up to her tits. With the air being sucked in the hose, it acts like a breast pump on her tits. He does the same to her pussy as well. Very creative and inventive torture for Rick to pull off here. He then leaves her alone again to struggle with the anal plug in her ass while under the influence of a few laxatives in her system. We can also see the effects of the laxatives as her body starts to sweat profusely and her squirm around a lot with the urge to take a shit.

Back to Lisa and Rick. He sits her down on a chair and ties her legs spread to it. He also ties her neck to the back of the chair. He also brings out some scissors to cut holes in her bra to expose her nipples. He has some fun by sucking on them. Rick then brings out a plastic dick shaped dildo. He forces her to suck on the dildo while also playing with her pussy. He also adds a bit of breath play by connecting the rope around her neck to one of her spread out legs. He then gags her mouth with some yellow tape before leaving her to struggle. As a parting gift he also attaches a clothespin on her pussy.

This ends the movie and we are shown a preview of the sequel.

Great acting from our leading ladies. Chandra Sweet and Lisa Kinkaid are both on my list of favorite ZFX girls. They both really know how to play the role of a helpless victim.

Both Rick and Bryan know how to act and make great villains. They both know how to be mean and threatening and also know how to have fun at the expense of the victim.

I was hoping for an electric shock scene since Rick puts it in almost all his films, but there isnít one in this movie.

Overall, I would give this movie a B-. Rick really knows how to direct his actors to play their roles. Wish there was more torture going on in Lisaís scene. Rick spent most of his time verbally taunting Lisa. The torture scenes that were included were still done pretty well to ZFX standards.

My Grade: B-


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