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South of the Border 4: Atrocities

Reviewed by Ralphus

South of the Border 4: Atrocities continues this very successful series from ZFX with one of the most intense chapters yet. In Part 3, American lawyer Lisa Kinkaid had come to Mexico in an attempt to free her 3 young beautiful clients, who had all been imprisoned on drug charges and tortured. Lisa herself was framed with cocaine planted in her briefcase, was similarly bound and tortured but had escaped at the end. Now as Part 4 begins, she is about to pay for her escape.

Captured by guards outside of the prison, Lisa is brought inside, where she is bound with her hands high over her head, has her mouth stuffed with a thick, black ball gag and stripped of her clothing. She is then given a brutal and harsh whipping with a rubber hose at the hands of Joseph Marx, the man she escaped from the first time. Marx, quickly becoming ZFX's best villain, handles his role with a menacing glee, and Lisa's suffering is conveyed with a nice intensity. "This is a just a warm-up" glowers Marx, as Lisa passes out.

Indeed it is. A barely conscious Lisa is now tied, Joan of Arc style, to an upright post. But Marx has something else in mind than burning her. Something more modern. Using a stun gun, he repeatedly jolts her with electricity to all parts of her naked body. Obviously enjoying his work, Marx declares, "This should be the national pastime. Fuck baseball!" To increase her pain, he adds clothespins to her nipples and pussy lips and goes to work on her again. Although as always when ZFX attempts this sort of scene, the stun gun is actually off when it touches her body, but Lisa's convincing acting makes us think otherwise. The scene climaxes, so to speak, when Marx gives her an extra long dose of electricity to her pussy and she urinates uncontrollably, gushing out onto the floor. Wow! What an awesome scene!

Back in another part of the jail, dark-haired lovely Kelly McKay is suffering more electrical shock, this time with battery cables administered by veteran ZFX villain Travis Lee. Tied in an uncomfortable position by balancing on one foot, and gagged with a white cleave, Kelly writhes in torment as Lee applies shocks to her breasts and pussy in another highly charged scene (Okay, that was a pun, but it works!). Shocked into near-unconsciousness, Kelly's weakened form hangs limply from her bonds.

Later, Kelly is visited by another member of the jail, played by ZFX creator Rick Masters himself. Masters makes very infrequent appearances in his own tapes nowadays, but he proves he's as good as anyone at dishing out the abuse as he viciously berates Kelly with whippings and penetration. He removes her gag and further humiliates her by making her lick his boots.

More good stuff is to come. Lisa's suffering is about to continue. She is now tied to the whipping post, with her legs spread and her wrists tied above, facing the post this time. Masters joins Marx in interrogating the prisoner, this time delivering several nasty cracks of a bullwhip to her back and ass, in an extremely harsh and well-directed segment. Afterward, the red slash marks adorn Lisa's backside, and the scene is punctuated with some wonderful nasty dialogue to boot. Great stuff.

The other two prison victims, played by sexy brunette Kimberly Noble and buxom blonde Christina Anderson, are now given a good working-over by jailers Lee and Mad Dog. Ballgagged and tied side by side, Christina is tied standing with her arms above while Kimberly hangs upside-down. The girls are fondled and molested, and treated to clothespins on their nipples. Lots of nice squealing and muffled screams.

Then Christina, tied alone this time, is spreadeagled against the prison wall, and two men go at her with another violent whipping scene, severely whipping her ass, back and tits. It's a short, but in true ZFX fashion, exciting scene.

Next up, Lisa is subjected to one more torture, this one a unique upside-down dunking, as Marx and another man hang her by her ankles and slowly lower her head into a washtub filled with water. They raise her back up, and Lisa is coughing and sputtering. As if that weren't bad enough, Marx intensifies her torture by using the stun gun on her again. Over and over Lisa is dunked and shocked, until her body can take no more and she is finally lowered to the ground, her unconscious body now placed in the washtub and left there.

What would a ZFX video be without rape? Well, Christina is the victim here, forced to suck off Lee while taken from behind by another guard. Tied standing, with her arms behind her, she is noisily banged by one man, then he yields to Mad Dog, who takes up where the other left off, pounding away at her ass. He cums inside of her and Lee messily shoots his wad into Christina's mouth, smearing her face with cum. All finished with her mouth, he fills it again, this time with a nice red ball gag.

Having raped her, the men decide to have more fun with her. Christina is now spreadeagled against a wooden elevator door, and the men torment her with lots of clothespins. One clothespin is applied to each of her pert nipples, and several are clustered on her pussy, as the beautiful blonde noisily squirms in pain. They twist and pull at the clothespins and take delight at her suffering and screaming, taunting her with verbal abuse. Another outstanding scene.

The whip-a-thon continues for Kelly. Tied upside-down, with her wrists anchored to the floor, the ungagged Kelly is whipped by Lee. This scene leads up to a suspended whipping segment where she is tied hanging by her wrists and ankles and gets whipped by Mad Dog. This time she sports a nice tape gag. The funny thing about these two scenes is that Lee says nary a word to her while she's ungagged, but then Mad Dog peppers her with questions and demands that she answer him. She can't, she's gagged! :o) Oh well, we didn't really want to know anyway!

The teasers for Part 5 promise more exciting bondage tortures for the girls, but we will have to wait til next year for that. I'm not sure I can!

This series, which began a few years ago with Penelope Pace and Monica Moore in the first two chapters, has only gotten better. Part 3 had some great moments, but this installment is the best of them all. It starts out intense and never lets up, with at least five excellent scenes and no slack ones at all. Lisa Kinkaid has never looked more beautiful, and all her scenes are standouts. Christina runs a close second, and Joe Marx particularly is a devilishly good villain. Add great camerawork and direction by Masters and you have a must-see winner.

My Grade: A

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