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South of the Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture

Reviewed by Ralphus

South of the Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture is set in Mexico City, Mexico, as attractive blonde newcomer Christina Anderson is set up while buying drugs and is led away in handcuffs. The story then cuts back two days to show what happened to her friend. Kimberly Noble, who we first saw in Underland, is arrested and handcuffed by two Mexican officers, "Mad Dog" and veteran ZFX villain Travis Lee, who interrogate her for information.

Kimberly is feisty and not talking, so the men strip her, ballgag her and rape her on the floor of the dirty jail cell. It's unfortunate that the rape is clearly a "let's pretend" kind of thing, as the officer doesn't even bother to pull down his pants and just makes thrusts through his jeans, while Kimberly moans and acts as though he's really doing something. Kimberly is given a body cavity search and chained to the floor, and left alone in the cell.

Now Christina is given her chance to perform. As her friend Kimberly watches helplessly while hanging from a bar on the ceiling, Christina is brought into the same cell as before and given a similar treatment. She's indignant and denies that she knows anything, so she gets stripped, gagged, a body cavity search, and then chained spreadeagled while standing as the men let her have it with whips. They whip her until she loses consciousness, even though she's still standing up under her own power, a nice trick.

Next, another guard gives the still hanging Kimberly a vicious whipping all over her body, while she screams in pain and eventually passes out, hanging limply in her bonds. A bit of an improvement over the previous scene.

When we see Christina next, she is tied on the floor of the cell, still ballgagged, her wrists chained over her head. She has wires taped to her nipples on her big boobs, so we can guess what's coming next! The men return and try to extract more information from her, but she's still mouthy and abusive toward her captors (an odd reaction; acting scared seems like a more realistic approach). "You had your chance, Bitch", she is told, and a large electrical phallus is inserted in her pussy and taped inside. Then she is repeatedly shocked by the men, and her lithe body shakes as the current rushes through her.

The beautiful Kelly McKay is the next girl to be interrogated. She is only given one scene, but it's a nice one as she is cleave-gagged and whipped, and has a nightstick forced up her pussy. Her vocal reactions are quite good, and she acts like it really hurts. Like the other girls, she is beaten into near submission.

To the rescue comes Lisa Kinkaid, playing an attorney from the U.S. Embassy, here to get the three girls out of jail. They won't let her come in to state her case without being strip-searched against a wall first (Hey, you can't be too careful!).

In the best scene of the tape, Lisa meets with a CIA consulate, played in an excellent performance by Joseph Marx. He shows her a video of her clients being tortured in prison. "Has anyone else from the U.S. Embassy seen this?" Lisa inquires.

"I think a couple of people at the Embassy have copies," he answers. When Lisa asks if they're okay with this, Marx replies, "Actually, they wanted to know if they could get more copies!" :o)

When Lisa threatens to expose the videotape's contents to the United States, she is then herself arrested on drug charges, as Marx slips a bag of cocaine into her briefcase. Lisa protests, but she is handcuffed and given another thorough cavity search (Like I said, you just can't be too careful!) and strangled with her own scarf, lifted off the ground by it.

She collapses and awakens tied tightly to a chair, a sponge tied in her mouth with her scarf and rope, with clothespins adorning her tits and pussy. Her neck is even tied to the top of the chair. She looks very hot. The videotape of her friends being tortured plays in front of her for her entertainment.

Marx enters the room. "Enjoying Mexican hospitality?", he taunts her. He lights a cigarette and approaches her with it, and her wide-eyed look is great. He brings it down to her nipple and burns it. In close-up, it's obvious that the cig isn't lit as it presses her skin, and it also doesn't leave a burn mark, but it's still an exciting illusion.

He leaves her alone to watch the video, reminding her that she could get the same treatment. After he leaves, Lisa manages to free herself from her bonds, take his gun and escape. This sets up the story for another installment next time.

I had a mixed reaction to this tape. All four of the girls are very attractive, there are lots of scenes, but the tape really only comes alive in the final segment with Lisa. Director Rick Masters shoots the hell out of her scenes, with lots of close ups and handheld camerawork, something he was unable to do given the limitations of the jailhouse set he had to work with earlier in the tape. The rest of the tape ranges from okay to quite good, but it improves as it goes along. I'm looking forward to part 4.

My Grade: B-

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