A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

South of the Border

Reviewed by Jandals76

Review: South of the Border


Release date: February 1997

Length:60 mins (approx.)

Starring: Penelope Pace and Monica Moore

GIMP Factors: Kidnapping, suspending, rope bondage, molesting, verbal abuse.

Story: Two beautiful American sisters kidnapped and tortured by members of a guerrilla group.

Review: South of the Border

In Republic of Cordoba, a beautiful attractive American woman (Penelope Pace) is kidnapped by a man and brought to a captive. In a dungeon she is blindfolded, ball-gagged and suspended from the ceiling. Her captor demands her to confess activities that she has no idea about. As she refuses to speak, her captor's torment becomes more intensive.

First he molests all her body, particularly her bottom and ample breasts. No matters how much she moans from fear and discomfort, the mask-man's investigation never slows down but only escalates. He removes the jeans from the helpless girl. There is a video camera in the room to record the entire scene. When we notice, the captured lady has her large breasts tied with ropes over her cloth, her pussy exposed and still suspended from by the wrists from the ceiling. Mercilessly, the evil man slaps her naked ass and fingers her pussy, and decides to take some memorial pictures. It is no wonder that he stops photographing her for a while, in order to pull up her shirt-like costume to expose her breasts for better quality pictures.

Finally her blindfold is removed and her wrists are freed from the ceiling and the bondage, only to take her to another session. It is a wooden chair that she finds first after recovering her sights, a chair with a large dildo fixed on the seat! She refuses an offer to sit down on the chair, but the man does not care. Then she is bound to the chair and blindfolded once again. The next toy is a stun-gun. He enjoys giving her electric shocks for a while. Then he leaves her so that she can moan and groan, but no one else is there for her except for the camcorder. When he comes back, she is suspended by her wrists from the ceiling again, but this time she is naked except for her panties. She gets gagged again with her panties down, then a whipping session begins.

In the meantime her sister (Monica Moore) arrives in the country in search of her missing sister, but immediately abducted. She is as well blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair while her captors strips her and their hands freely explore the miserable girl's body. She is asked to tell them what she knows, but she says she knows nothing. It makes one of the men use a stick on her. The black stick is used in different ways to torment her. After a while they stop and offer her a coffee, from which she falls unconscious. They move unconscious Monica to the floor, strip her for forthcoming sessions.

We come back to Penelope who is now in a very uncomfortable position, completely naked. She standing but having her arms tied together in front of her breasts and they are linked to her feet. So that she has to keep her body bent, while maintaining the balance not to crash on the floor. Even so, her captor does not forget to play with her breasts and nipples.

The last scene is that Monica gains consciousness and finds herself in a bondage, that she is half-naked, gagged and standing spread-eagle at the same place her sister had suffered. She screams but no one is listening her.

To me, this film has many problems. First, when Pene is put into the dildo-chair, her wrists are obstructively tied in front so that you cannot observe what is happening with her pussy. Second, at next stage when she is suspended again, she is wearing a panty that had been already removed. Clearly, it is for a removing-panty-from-the-helpless-captive-show but I felt like a cold water on my head. Thirdly, the following whipping scene is no good, as the masked guy only aims at her belly, although her large tits and beautiful legs are just in front of him. There are a few more things I wish the movie to have, such as suspending upside-down, gang-rape, clothespins torture, more intensive whipping etc.

I personally give it a C+, but if I had been just give this from someone, it would be worth a B.

My Grade: C+

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