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The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid

Reviewed by Ralphus

The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid is ZFX Productions' newest video and DVD release, one that promises hardcore penetration for the first time, although not actual fucking, and is only available for ordering from ZFX's own website. This is a new concept video for the company. For once, actors are all playing themselves. The tape begins with Lisa Kinkaid (as Lisa Kinkaid) driving her car to go see Rick Masters at ZFX Studios, explaining to an unseen audience that often when she visits Rick, she ends up with a memory lapse and can't recall everything that happened to her that evening. Hmmm...I think I know where this is going to lead to (evil chuckle).

Lisa and Rick sit down for an interview, where she answers actual questions asked of her by her fans on the internet (The entire interview can be read at http://ralphus.net/special/interviews/lisakinkaid-20020630.html). After the interview, Lisa asks for some water, and Rick takes this opportunity to mix up his own cocktail of water, "GHB" (I dunno, don't ask) and his own piss (!) and gives it to poor, unsuspecting Lisa. "That tastes weird. You need to get a water softener," she comments to Rick.

It doesn't take long for the drug to take effect. Rick starts helping himself to Lisa's body until she passes out, then he suddenly undergoes a transformation and becomes this monstrous creature, complete with a huge alien dick (but of course!). A barely conscious (and unbound) Lisa is first fingerfucked, then penetrated by the creature's dick. Then he stuffs her panties in her mouth and gets a bit rougher, grabbing her by the neck as he pounds at her pussy. He follows this up by double-pummeling her from behind, adding a long tentacle up her ass while continuing to assault her pussy at the same time. Fans of "weird shit" should love it; I was lukewarm.

After her alien rape, Lisa is finally bound for the first time, left in a precarious position on a couch with her knees bent and her legs tied wide open, making her vulnerable for anything to be stuffed inside her, and thankfully, we are not let down. With her panties tied inside her mouth and a vibrating egg stimulating her clit, Lisa's ass is filled with a plug and her snatch is violated by a vibrator, which gets tied up inside of her. She moans and writhes and begins to have a "dirty dream", which leads us to some previously unreleased hardcore footage shot three years earlier.

In this first segment, she is wearing short shorts and a uniform top from a popular eating establishment better known for their waitresses than their food. Unfortunately, because of legal fears, the name on her top is optically fuzzed out, which draws attention to itself and away from the actual scene. Lisa (looking quite a bit different) is grabbed by a masked stranger and wrestled to the floor, where he gags her with black tape. Upon tying her wrists behind her, he tears open her panty hose and pulls off her shorts. Ripping the tape off her mouth, he makes her suck a large dildo, lubing it up for it to go directly into her pussy. No clever editing here; Lisa takes the whole thing straight up inside her. This is followed up by a very cool ass-plugging with a hot wing! (Mmmm...tasty!)

The next series of scenes begins with Lisa being grabbed from behind by another masked stranger. He puts a plastic bag over her head and forces her into submission as she gets weaker from the lack of air. He removes the bag and with her barely conscious, he strips off her clothing and gives her a vigorous ass-fucking with his finger.

The final segments really kick the show up a notch. Lisa is standing with her wrists tied above her from the ceiling. As she balances on a crate, the stranger ballgags her, then kicks the crate out from under her, causing her to dangle under her own weight as she hangs helplessly suspended. He takes his time, watching her, before he decides to increase her torment by adding heavy metal clamps from each of her nipples.

Taking a final swig from his beer bottle, he then takes the bottle and rapes Lisa's pussy with it, in a salute to the action in the old HOM film loops. It's a great scene, worth the price of the tape.

Next, Lisa is bound sitting on the floor, arms and legs spread wide, tied to a wooden platform. The man silences her pleas by inserting a pump gag into her mouth and squeezing until her cheeks are full and her eyes are wide. He then decorates her body, painfully, with multiple clothespins to her breasts and pussy lips, and films her suffering.

For her final bondage torment, Lisa is tied standing with her wrists bound behind and the rope tied off above her. Her mouth is gagged with several strips of yellow tape. Her assailant comes up behind her and violently rapes her from behind, simulated but very intense, adding some choking to her so that she hangs limply in her bonds after he's finished.

Back in the present now, Lisa wakes up, and Rick tells her she fell asleep after the interview. She believes him, although she can't understand how sore she is now. "I feel like I got fucked by a horse, Good God!" she murmurs as she walks out, not knowing she left her panties behind on the couch. Silly girl.

The DVD outtakes are, as usual, lots of fun, as we see Lisa spit, swear, smoke, belch and continually blow her lines. But none of that can possibly top hearing her hum "Pop Goes the Weasel" with her mouth taped as she prepares for her final ass rape in the last scene. Priceless stuff.

Overall, there's some good stuff in this latest show, and for fans of Lisa Kinkaid, it's a must-have, because we get to see some primo older stuff from the vaults. I'm not sure the "hardcore" insertion shots justify the higher $55 price, but I'd rather pay it and see this one then keep my money and miss it. It's not perfect, but definitely worth checking out for ZFX fans.

My Grade: B-


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