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Ballista 3: Bound For Glory

Reviewed by Ralphus

It's been seven long months, but Rick Masters and ZFX finally have a new video released, this time available in the DVD format for the first time. Ballista 3: Bound For Glory is the third and final chapter to his sci-fi Ballista comic book series that began three years ago with Miss Ballista and continued in 2000 with an even better sequel. This installment is more of the same, packed with lots of scenes.

After about 15 minutes of previous scenes from the first two chapters, bringing the story up to speed, the action commences with Ballista (played by Lisa Kinkaid) and comely coed Barbara Bayer being terrorized by two evil henchmen. Lisa is bound spreadeagled on a mattress, cleave-gagged and suffers from clothespins on her nipples. Barbara has her mouth stuffed with a huge ball and is fitted with a Hannibal Lector mask over her face. They tie Barbara so that she has to kneel with her face mashed into Lisa's pussy, and they simultaneously whip her ass while Lisa is forced to suck a rubber dildo, an obligatory ZFX tradition.

This is followed by a short scene of Barbara tied on an adjustable table, all wired up, her face completely covered with a gas mask device, while Lisa waits beside her, chair-tied. This is followed by redhead Bridgette Bayonne, all bound in plastic wrap, tied standing in a glass isolation booth. Her interrogator, Joseph Marx, zaps her with some electric shock treatment, but the scene falls flat because the bondage is weak and Bridgette could easily pull out her wires as she writhes a bit unconvincingly. It's a short scene, and with the exception of another very brief bondage scene with Bridgette later, this is all we see of both other girls for the rest of the way. It's all Lisa from this point on.

Next, Lisa has taken Barbara's place on the table, legs spread wide, but the only way I can tell it's her is because of the gold boots. Vibrators are taped on her legs and an electrical probe is taped inside her pussy. She is wearing a face-covering mask that has a long tube attached over the mouth area with wires jutting out from plugs over the eyes. A masked "Mr. Reemer" slaps and molests her body while berating her, then leaves and Marx comes in to begin her torture. He starts by filling her mask with "psychotropic gas" to give her hallucinations (It's sci-fi, just play along) then he rams her ass with a black dildo, painfully shoving it up inside her. Marx tapes it into place, and now with all her holes filled, he zaps her with several doses of electricity. As usual, Lisa reacts with convincing intensity. Unfortunately, what might have been a classic scene is severely muted, IMO, by the fact that we cannot see Lisa's face. All the other elements are there, but it was hard for me to get excited when the victim in this case looks like she has a huge Cootie head :)

No such problem occurs in the next scene, the best of the entire tape. Lisa is tied face down, arms knotted behind her, and her pretty face is accented by a red ball gag. Her ankles are tied to the side of the table.

Mr. Reemer enters and after some excellent verbal abuse and fondling, he bends her over and rapes her viscously from behind. As always with ZFX, the rape is simulated with rubber dildos, but it's a fine simulation nonetheless. Not finished with her, he flips Lisa over and bangs the bound girl's pussy from the front, then removes her gag and fucks her face, coating her mouth and face with jism. It's an outstanding scene that rivals the best rape scenes that ZFX has ever shot, and they've made several great ones.

As Reemer prepares to mount Lisa a third time, she manages to free her hands and pull off his mask. Surprise! It's her own brother (played by Masters) who was supposedly shot and killed in the first chapter, but it turns out that was a ruse, and he's actually the head of the whole evil organization. Masters explains everything to Lisa while she is bound naked to a chair, looking very hot indeed. He ballgags her and makes her suffer by applying multiple clothespins to her breasts and pussy. He sticks a vibrating egg between her sore pussy lips and ties a rope around her neck, pulling on the rope to make her choke.

At this point, Masters falls for the oldest trick in the book, that being the old "If you untie me I'll do anything for you" routine. Now free, Lisa knees Rick in the groin and chokes him with the rope, escaping when he passes out.

Now back in her Ballista costume with golden mask, Lisa is grabbed and chloroformed by two of Reemer's masked henchmen. They lead her into Reemer's office, bound to a rolling chair and gagged with black tape. He tells them to take her to the "playroom" and make her stay very unpleasant.

Lisa is then tied to a couch. The henchmen force a huge dildo gag into her mouth and buckle it on. A noose is placed over her neck and pulled on repeatedly by one man, while the other slowly cuts away her costume, first opening up holes for her breasts to stick through, then her pussy. Fans who have a fetish for seeing costumed super-heroines tied and tortured will love this scene.

The men make her suffer more by tightening vise clamps onto her nipples and her pussy. They take off her mask and continue to choke and torment her until she passes out. They now cut and rip off the remainder of her costume until she is naked once more.

The following scene has Lisa bound standing with a rope tied around her hair and fastened to the ceiling. Now conscious and ballgagged, wrists tied behind, her pussy is violated by a dildo shoved inside and tied between her legs, anchored there with a rope around her waist. Her legs are bound apart by a spreader bar. The men go off and leave her in this uncomfortable position.

But not for long. It's time for Lisa's body and mouth to be used by the men, and they tie her standing with her arms behind her, tied to the ceiling. Lisa is forced to suck one man's cock while the other reams her from behind in another fine scene, climaxing with a cum shot to Lisa's face while the other smears his cum all over her ass.

Finished with her, the men shove Lisa into a bathroom and lock the door behind her. But it's a bathroom that's already occupied, by another of ZFX's sex-starved plants, who proceeds to attack and sexually molest Lisa with tightening vines and squirting green goo, in a fine live-action homage to Japanese anime tentacle movies. It's an extremely well-done setpiece that may be of limited appeal to those like me who favor more realistic tortures, but I liked it.

The final scene has Lisa fallen asleep back at her computer, recalling the first scene in the first movie. Mr. Reemer approaches and knocks her out with a sharp slap to the face. He unbuttons her top and forces a rolled-up Ballista comic down her throat, in a scene that's shown from three different angles at the same time, a device I could have done without. But then it turns out Lisa was dreaming the whole thing, or was she? Well, I know I have dreams like this...

If you get the DVD, which I would definitely recommend over the VHS version, you will be treated to several minutes of often hilarious outtakes, the highlights of which show repeated shots of the scene where Lisa really does knee Rick in the groin, and then she's breaking up because she's afraid to actually do it again! Funny stuff, and an extra feature I hope we get with every ZFX DVD release from now on.

Overall, there's a lot to see with this new release. Some scenes work better than others, but the scenes that do make it well worth the cost. Lisa's hair grows a good three inches halfway through, not exactly a debit to the tape, but the difference is certainly noticeable, due to the large gap in time between when the scenes were filmed. Lisa is, as always, a wonderful and beautiful victim and it's her acting that gives most of this production its strength. As with the other two tapes in this series, Ballista 3 is a winner.

My Grade: B


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