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Ballista 2: Ballista Vs. The Evil Dr. Menace

Reviewed by Ralphus

After nearly a year, ZFX has finally released some new tapes, and if the others are up the high standards of this sequel to Miss Ballista, it will have been worth the wait. This video, entitled Ballista 2: Ballista Vs. The Evil Dr. Menace, plays like a live-action science fiction erotic comic book, perfectly blending horrific bondage and torture along with a fantasy sci-fi plot into one of ZFX's most satisfying efforts in a long time.

At then end of the first installment, Ballista, played by Lisa Kinkaid, had escaped from her cruel captor, Pornogra, and Trixie, the girl she had rescued the first time, had been recaptured by the evil men and taken away to be used some more. The ringleader of this evil organization is Mr. Reams (played by ZFX creator Rick Masters), who, along with former botany teacher Dr. Menace, devise a diabolical plan. As this one begins as we learn that the reason the girls had been abducted was to mate them with a plant to breed a super race of plant people to take over the world! Um...okay...I said this was science fiction, so let's just run with that. Sit back and let this one unfold, and you're in for a fun time.

It is decided that one of Dr. Menace's former students, played by striking newcomer Barbara Bayer, will be the guinea pig in this bizarre breeding experiment. In typical ZFX fashion, she is forcibly grabbed in her home, swiftly handcuffed and ballgagged, and led away. Like the specimen she is, she is wheeled into the laboratory on a cart and examined by two of the henchmen, who explain that she is about to become the mother of a whole new race of plant people.

But first they have to soften her up. She is strangled with a rope until she is unconscious and awakes fully nude, standing with her hands tied up over her head. The men quickly use a pulley and hoist her off the ground, so that she is hanging by her wrists in pendant position, her feet dangling just a few inches off the ground, so that she hangs uncomfortably under the pressure of her own body weight.

Her smooth skin is then marked up with red slashes as she is given a harsh suspended whipping by one of the men. What could have been a great scene is somewhat muted by Barbara's relatively quiet reaction to her treatment, but it's still a very brutal and expertly shot sequence.

Meanwhile, Trixie, played by cute redhead Bridgette Bayonne, is led into another room by the other henchman, Joseph Marx. He makes her straddle a dildo chair, forcing her down on it, essentially locking her pussy to the chair as he ties her to it. After silencing her with a ball gag, he delivers a vicious beating to the bound and helpless beauty, punching her over and over in the face and stomach. Although it's obvious in some of the shots that the blows are simulated, it's a credible illusion, and by the time he is finished, Bridgette's pretty face is covered with blood. Call me anything but PC, but I think she think she looks very appealing that way!

Marx isn't finished with her. He heats up a pot of coffee and while it is brewing, he tightens a belt around Bridgette's waist. Then he fixes Bridgette up with a special plug that fits inside her pussy. He tapes it inside so that nothing will come out, and we begin to understand what he is up to. He tapes up a funnel device to her mouth, saying this should keep her awake. He then proceeds to give her the "Juan Valdez Treatment", pouring the contents of five steaming pots of coffee into the funnel and down her throat, while the plug inside her keeps everything in! It's a deliciously inventive torture, and my favorite of several great setpieces that the tape still has to offer. "I'll bet you've really got to pee now, don't you?" Marx sadistically taunts her, as the girl is forced to guzzle down the fluid, and then is left alone to suffer for who knows how long.

Back to Barbara, and her plant-rape scene at the hands of a lecherous vine, which twists itself over her and attacks her mouth, pussy and asshole, sliding in and out of her cavities in a sexual attack. By using reverse motion and sound effects, director Masters creates a great simulated plant rape scene, something he has become adept at in such previous works as Seed, The Plant and Alien Probe 2.

To the rescue comes Lisa, bedecked in her lavender Ballista costume, but she is (predictably) captured and stripped by the men.

While Barbara is left tape-gagged and teetering on one foot while tied naked to a rack, the men ballgag Lisa and suspend her by her wrists, as she spins and twists wildly in a helpless attempt to get free. She is then subjected to electric shock on her breasts, pussy and all parts of her body at the hands of a violet wand.

They decide to add to her displeasure by administering a savage whipping, and Lisa's vocal cords get a workout, even while muffled by her gag. Another outstanding performance by one of ZFX's best victims, and an awesome scene to boot.

Lisa passes out, so the men decide to give more of the same treatment to Barbara, and, perhaps inspired by watching Lisa's great job, Barbara is a little more vocal this time, especially while being shocked.

More tortures await Lisa. She is penetrated by a huge buttplug, shoved painfully up her ass. Then they pick her up and slide her onto a dildo that is fastened onto a seat. With wires coming from the base of the dildo and the buttplug, it is not hard to guess what is in store for her.

She is strapped to the chair and her mouth is sealed with a large sink-stopper gag, taped over and connected to another wire. Clothespins are added to her pussy lips. A large metal bowl over her head is the final touch for this "electric chair", and a turn of the switch sends current flowing to all of Lisa's sensitive areas. She writhes around a bit as she is repeatedly given large doses of electricity, until she passes out. After they leave her, she is still uncontrollably spasming even after the juice has been turned off.

Barbara, now ballgagged and spreadeagled, encased behind the springs of a bedframe, is given one final "stimulation" to induce her labor. Clothespins are applied to her pert nipples, and she is given another dose of electric shock, this time with a cattle prod. Fans who like seeing helpless girls getting shocked will think this tape is pure heaven! Barbara gives her most convincing acting job in this scene, and the segment climaxes with another great computer simulation as her belly expands and she "gives birth" to a 2-foot long cucumber-like baby plant.

The final scene brings us finally back to Bridgette, who has been suffering for most of the length of the tape, squirming helplessly in her chair, unable to urinate. Marx returns and taunts her some more, but finally removes the plug from her pussy, and she pisses onto the floor, finally able to go after several hours.

Rick really pulls out all the stops for this one. The tape resembles a ZFX's Greatest Hits compilation, nearly 2 hours long, with scene after scene of memorable setpieces, ingenious settings and tortures, and as always, beautiful squirming victims. It's one of his finest efforts yet, and even tops last year's excellent Miss Ballista for sheer boldness and originality. Bring on Part 3!

My Grade: A

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