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Girl in the Lift

Reviewed by MAV

Girl in the Lift (Teraz Films)

I wont even explain the first 30 minutes of this 92 minute film. Just know that eastern European Hana Liska is naked and looking very hot for most of it, masturbating a lot.

At this 30 minute mark, she is accosted by the weirdly-masked villain who is some kind of security guard. Before she is bound, she is hit in the stomach and ass a few times before being penetrated with a billy club while she holds her arms above her head. She is then told to turn around still with her arms above her head leaning on the wall. Her asscheeks are spread open by the villain before he uses the billy club to penetrate her in the ass. She is then handcuffed arms behind and hit with the billy club in the stomach once before being led away with the billy club in her ass to the "lift".

In the lift (38 minutes in), the villain hangs nipple clamps from the ceiling and attaches them to Hana. A ballgag is then applied. She is left there for some time while the villain takes pictures. The next day, the villain forcefeeds Hana a bottle of water while she is still handcuffed with nipple clamps on in the lift. This is because he has set up a trap that will electrocute her when she urinates. Several minutes later, as Hana continues to struggle, the villain gets a long cattle prod to first stimulate her pussy which then causes her to be electrocuted.

Now 53 minutes in, we see Hana strung up AOH with a ballgag and an eyemask for 2 minutes. After this brief episode, the villain has Hana handcuffed arms behind with the ballgag again but this time with a chain attached to her pussy. Electrical wires are attached to the lift so that if the chain touches its fence Hana gets a jolt. After a few minutes of this, the villain gets a pole with a spiked dildo at one end and a marker on the other. The dildo end is inserted into her pussy and she is forced to write a security code.

After several minutes of this torment, the villain removes the nipple clamps but attaches the end to her pussy after she is bent over. He puts a plate of food in front of her which makes her try to bend over but unable to because of the pain. The villain then uncuffs her but leaves the ballgag on leaving Hana to walk out of the lift. Now at 68 minutes in, Hana is chained spreadeagle to the lift, still ballgagged. She is whipped across the front of her body for about 3 minutes before the villain removes the ballgag to ask her some questions. She responds defiantly and is slapped across the face several times and kneed and punched in the stomach a few times.

After a cutaway, the villain taunts a still spreadeagled Hana with the handle of a shovel, which is then inserted in her pussy. After another cutaway, we still see Hana writing while spreadeagled with the shovel still in her pussy. After this, the villain lets Hana go.

Overall, Hana looks smoking hot and moans/writhes great throughout her torment. Although you can ignore the plot, the awful broken English dialogue cannot be and does get annoying at some points.

I give this movie a B/B+.

Teraz Films

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