A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

10 Powershotz Shelena Clips

Reviewed by John Galt

Well, here is my long-talked-about review of The Saga of Shelena and Bryce, from Powershotz.com. This review discusses ten video clips, which means that many clips plus my standard loquaciousness equals kind of a long post. So, fair warning.

Steve Power mentioned in a post that he only got to do one shoot with the delectable Shelena before she got a boyfriend who put the kibosh on her modeling. Damn him. Damn him to hell. (The boyfriend, not Steve.) Shelena is achingly hot. She has a body that just won't quit. And her shoots are breathtaking. There are eleven Shelena and Bryce shoots, all shown on the linked page above. I provide links to each individual clip in its review below.

The first clip is Shelena....2nd Interview. In it, Shelena is told she got the job for which she interviewed and just needs to complete a urine test. When she comes out of the bathroom, the interviewer is waiting in the ubiquitous Powershotz ski mask-like thing. Apparently she has been hired as a bondage slave or something. This clip didn't do anything for me. There was some wrestling, pinning of arms behind the back, slapping, forced down onto the knees, and groping both on top of clothes and underneath clothes. Shelena is wearing panties but no bra, which is understandable since her breasts are perfect. He pulls her hair, covers her mouth with his hand, chokes her against the wall, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare butt and I think he fingered her pussy as well.

There was no real fighting in the scene. Shelena's struggling was minimal. She didn't try to escape or scream or even plead or beg. She kind of seemed resigned to whatever was happening, but that didn't stop the guy from treating her roughly. There wasn't anything wrong with the scene except little force was employed. If you enjoy seeing a guy manhandling a really hot chick, this would work for you. I would give it a C-.

Next up, Shelena - Back Down. Shelena is stretched out AOH on an angled board. Her wrists are fastened into leather straps at the top and her feet are fastened into leather straps at the bottom. The leather straps are attached to chains, so there's the sound of chain rattling against the hard wood when she struggles, which is a nice auditory bonus. She is wearing shoes, but oh well. She is wonderfully naked and the camera lingers over her body a nice long time, panning up and down and around and back. She has some tattoos (upper arm and foot), but in this instance I don't care. A riding crop appears in a "first-person shooter" (first-person cropper?) sort of way, and we watch as it runs up and down her body, pausing invitingly between her legs. It smacks her face, her nipple, her belly. There is also some hand slapping. She is instructed to open her mouth and a finger is slowly inserted deeply enough to gag her. Ooh that was a nice touch.

It is a short clip, but it establishes Shelena's bondage and provides an incredible tour of her sexy naked body. I loved every minute of it. Especially the finger gagging. There is mild slapping and mild whacks with the riding crop. The bondage is not overly stressful, but her body is nicely stretched. And I am in love with Shelena, so I will give this guided tour of her vulnerable nude and nubile body a lustful B. It is an extremely mild bondage and discipline GIMP scene but it pushed all my buttons.

The next scene includes Bryce, a dark-haired nicely tanned hottie, in addition to the beautiful Shelena. The clip is titled Shelena - Lubricated and Penetrated. My god the title alone gives me a hard-on.

Shelena is still stretched out on the angled board, wrists and ankles securely fastened at top and bottom. Bryce is on her knees, holding out a vibrator in her cupped hands like it is an offering to the God of Forced Orgasms. The masked guy talks to Bryce and caresses her face. Then the guy walks over and runs his hand up and down Shelena's naked torso, including several lingering circular stroking sessions between her legs and I am aching to know what that must have felt like. I need to remember to breathe.

Next, the guy pours some oil between Shelena's breasts and we watch a thin stream run down her belly and disappear between her legs. The camera moves down so we get a nice view of her pussy and he pours some more. This time, from pussy-cam view, see the oil course downward, pause ever-so-briefly to fill up her navel, then flow directly down to soak into the small patch of her light brown pubic hair and wet her cleft. The guy starts between her legs, which is precisely where I would have started, and begins massaging, kneading the oil into her smooth and (I'll go out on a limb here) deliciously supple skin. He oils up her breasts and spends a long time working her pussy.

The vibrator came out next, and started at the juncture between upper leg and torso, which must have tickled a bit judging by her response. The vibrator became intimately acquainted with Shelena's sex. The guy spends almost 5 minutes vibing Shelena's pussy, up and down, in and out, back and forth. And Shelena was arching and struggling the entire time. The part of this video clip that got me going was Shelena's response, which was natural and, I do believe, not faked at all. I think she was really getting excited from the bondage massaging and vibing. Her nostrils were flaring, her respiration increased, her pupils dilated, her eyes focused and unfocused, and her mouth was moving but no sounds were coming out. Watching the movement of her oiled-up rib cage and belly as she breathed deeply was magical. If the girl was acting she deserves an Academy Award.

So, bondage stimulation. No excessive force, no pushing Shelena past her pain limits, although her pleasure limits might have been achieved. Nothing rough at all. But the sight of Shelena's oiled body writhing beneath the ministrations of that vibrator were enough for me. There was nothing GIMP-worthy about this at all (well, except for the bondage part) but it gets an A from me.

Bryce....Making Shelena Come is the next clip. It picks up right where the previous one left off. The guy hands the vibrator to Bryce (who is naked and wearing a collar and leash, by the way, and spends all her time on her knees watching until now) and orders her to make Shelena come. And she does, which we know because Shelena tells her she came and Steve mentioned that he was pretty sure that Shelena came as well. I was convinced, after watching it again and again. This clip is all about Bryce moving the vibrator back and forth along Shelena's moist and oiled cleft, occasionally penetrating her as well, while Shelena moans and writhes and struggles.

Once Shelena comes, there is a (somewhat jarring) scene jump and we see Shelena back on the board, but head down this time, with her ankles (she is barefoot) fastened at the top and her wrists fastened at the bottom. The sweet part of this sequence is the sight of Bryce using both hands to force the vibrator against Shelena's pussy, working it back and forth and in and out. The sweetest part of this clip comes (no pun intended) about a minute into the upside-down part where Shelena tells Bryce that she just found the magical spot with the vibrator. There's a pause as Shelena experiences the vibratory goodness and suddenly she jerks her hands involuntarily and gasps. You can hear the chains attaching her wrists rattle and suddenly get pulled taut. She didn't fake that reaction. Shelena's head arches back a lot, and her face is flushed pink with exertion. There is no question in my mind that Shelena was authentically getting off in these video clips. Decide for yourself. Steve gave me permission to post an excerpt of this scene on YouTied.

As an added bonus, there were several shots of Bryce's face and she was concentrating on working Shelena over. Bryce was having some fun teasing and coaxing Shelena to orgasm. The video employed some halfway fades between Bryce's face and Shelena's body that were distracting. But I got used to it after multiple repeated viewings. Later clips used a split screen, which I liked a lot more.

Once again, just bondage, but more-or-less forced orgasm. I can't justify it as a GIMP rating, but Powershotz and Shelena get an A+ from me for this one. You know what I am basing it on, so draw your own conclusions. I want Shelena for Christmas.

That's basically it for Shelena stretched and vibed to orgasm, I am sad to say. She is in the other video clips, either being manhandled, fondled, groped, gagged, or as a beautiful, naked supporting character while Bryce is the object of oral, vaginal or anal attention. Bryce and her shapely ass feature prominently in the next few video clips.

In Shelena & Bryce - Buzz Saw, Bryce is on all fours with her wrists and ankles rope-tied together on a bench. Bryce has the most incredible butt, by the way. The masked man orders Bryce to arch her back downward and pours a puddle of oil on Bryce's delicious lower back. He oils up her back, thighs, and pussy. He takes his time doing it. Then he applies the vibrator to Bryce. Because of the angle, it is difficult to tell exactly where the vibrator is going, but it looks like it penetrates her pussy on several occasions. It most definitely penetrates her ass.

Shelena is just sitting naked on her haunches with her hands cuffed behind her back in front of Bryce to keep her from falling forward. Bryce has some extremely nice reactions, but she didn't sell me she had an orgasm. But I am convinced she had a great time.

So there's rope bondage and handcuff bondage. On-the-knees action doesn't do it to me like stretched out AOH action does. And hot as Bryce is, she doesn't do it for me like Shelena, but you know she comes damn close. Her oiled up body counts a lot. And she makes nice noises. So give this a B.

Shelena & Bryce - Glass Rod is the next clip I watched. It revolved around the use of a fairly long, ribbed glass rod on the girls. First, the guy had Shelena tilt her head back and open her mouth and he slowly pushed it into her mouth and far enough back into her throat that she reacted. She never actually gagged, which I was really waiting to see, but it was still very arousing because he worked her throat several times. He took a moment to reverse the rod and make her take the larger end in as well. Shelena had to open her mouth wider to accommodate it, but it still didn't go quite deep enough.

Next, he turned his attention to Bryce. With Bryce, he actually took a handful of her hair and forced the rod far enough into her mouth to gag her. Then he got her in kind of a headlock and slowly worked the rod in and out, pushing it deep enough to gag Bryce several times. That was hot. He reversed the rod on Bryce as well, and managed to gag her with the larger end once or twice. Very satisfying. Bryce struggled nicely as he exercised her gag reflex.

Finally, the rod comes out of the mouth and begins a deeply personal relationship with Bryce's ass. One small criticism is that we didn't get any close-up shots of Bryce's pussy and ass. I am not a big fan of gynecological and proctological exams in adult fare, but I kind of like to get a look at the lay of the land, so to speak, to better visualize what is happening. Bryce on her knees with her butt and nether regions all oiled down and poked up in the air was a delightful sight, but we never got a close-up look, even briefly.

Still, the rod disappeared into Bryce in an extremely satisfying manner. On numerous occasions, it went too deep, and it went in too hard. Bryce gasped and made the appropriate violation noises and lunged forward many times. I was thinking it was a good thing Shelena was kneeling in front of her in case she lost her balance and fell forward. In fact, at one point, the guy had Shelena move nearer to directly in front of Bryce and closer.

And then of course, the glass rod was reversed and the larger end was used to penetrate her. I was expecting a bigger reaction from Byrce when he pushed it all the way in, but she took it stoically. I was hoping for pained surprise and discomfort, but then again I'm a sick puppy. Even so, it was a very, very nice video clip from start to end. Even if it was mostly Bryce being orally, vaginally and anally violated by a glass rod.

So, once again, bondage and mildly forced penetration. There was a flicker of distress, but not enough to make this a GIMP gem. Even so, I was aroused and involved despite Shelena's generally sidelined status. Bryce was smoking. This gets an A- from me.

Okay, I couldn't really determine the sequence of all of the videos because of conflicting information. It didn't help that Shelena was wearing two different pairs of shoes during the shoots. I thought briefly about trying to determine their chronological order but it wasn't necessary for my perverse enjoyment so I abandoned the attempt. So don't be thinking I am going in order. I am just being lazy and reporting them as individual clips.

Shelena & Bryce - Bark Like a Dog! involved Shelena and Bryce both naked and looks like it takes place after Buzz Saw and Glass Rod because they are both still delightfully oiled up. Mask guy fondles, caresses, hand suffocates, hand and rope chokes, slaps, spanks, bends them backwards, bends them over forward, spreads them open, and generally has his way with both girls' bodies, but mostly Shelena. He forces them to kiss and lick and suck each other, but in very restrained ways. Neither Bryce's nor Shelena's tongue ever slides deeply into the other's sex or even mouth. Darn it.

There is a place where Shelena is instructed to bark like a dog and she sort of "woofs." When she's told to howl, her howl is minimally better. Personally, if I had Shelena naked and handcuffed and at my mercy, I would not worry about her inability to bark or howl, so no big deal. I greatly envied the masked man's free access to both girls' supple bodies, but the scene didn't catch fire for me. Handcuff bondage and rope bondage. Mild corporal punishment. I would rate the scene a C.

I was ambivalent about watching Shelena & Bryce - Laughing Girls because girls laughing during BDSM scenes just really breaks the mood for me. It wasn't like they were rolling on the floor laughing their asses off, they just laughed and giggled "inappropriately." The selling point of this clip is that the masked man punishes Bryce with a real spanking and whipping with the riding crop. He jerked her head back using her hair. He spun her roughly around on the stool she is perched on. He used both hands on her ass. She wasn't screaming in pain, but her expression indicated that she was feeling it as he smacked her butt, her breasts, and her face.

This is also the scene where we get a better look at Bryce as the masked guy spreads her ass cheeks. We don't get a close-up view, I was disappointed to see, but still it was nice. He also makes Shelena kiss Bryce's ass, but she just busses her on one butt cheek. No tongue up the asshole or anything. (Not that I was really expecting that, of course--that just isn't a Powershotz thing to do.) This clip the guy mostly explores Bryce's body. Still handcuff and rope bondage. Mild corporal punishment. This is another C for me.

Next up is Shelena & Bryce - Bryce Tied and Gagged. Chronologically, this scene takes place early on, before Shelena is stretched naked on the board, because both girls are dressed in black. Shelena is wearing a black bustier that lets her nipples show most of the time, and black matching panties. Bryce is wearing an extremely thin black shift that lets you see every contour of her body and her lovely nipples, and black thong panties. Shelena is standing with her hands cuffed behind her back to the post, with her ankles chained apart at the base. Bryce is on her knees on a hassock, with her arms bound behind her back.

This clip mostly involves the masked guy groping and manhandling both girls. There's more hand choking and rope choking. Basically, the same rough body exploration we've seen in other clips is repeated here. Bryce's shift is lifted to reveal her breasts. Bryce's nipples are pierced with rings, by the way. I am glad Shelena's are not, but on Bryce it looks kind of exciting. Her breasts and pierced nipples are smacked with the riding crop on occasion. Bryce is made to stand and her knees and ankles are tied together with rope. Then she is forced to her knees and eventually tightly gagged with a black ball gag. Bryce looks very hot in black.

So: post bondage, rope bondage, ball gagging and whipping with a riding crop but mostly groping. Once again, although Bryce and Shelena are both hot as hell to look at, the action in this scene didn't excite me. My grade for this one is a C-.

Shelena & Bryce - Two Girls Gagged is the continuation of Bryce Tied and Gagged. The girls are both in the same positions, still dressed in their respective black outfits. The masked man turns his attention to Shelena initially, then unfastens her from the post and forces her down on her knees beside Bryce with her hands fastened behind her back. He slowly unsnaps the bustier down the front and removes it, leaving Shelena clothed only in her panties. He pulls Bryce's black shift up over her head and around the back of her neck, exposing her breasts.

More manhandling, hair pulling, spanking, smacking with a riding crop, and generally pseudo-rough treatment. Shelena is also ball-gagged. Bryce's ball gag is removed and she is told to open her mouth. The guy sees how far he can stick his finger down her throat until she gags. Then he does it again. That was nice. He removes Shelena's ball gag and tells her to open her mouth. The sight of Shelena on her knees with her mouth open wide just waiting for something to be inserted is a memorable image. This time, the guy sticks the riding crop into Shelena's mouth and deep enough down her throat that she gags several times. That was exceptionally gratifying. Shelena looks so hot gagging on something deep down her throat. If he had done it enough that her eyes started watering this would have been an A+. But he didn't.

Steve gets points for the clever title, seeing as how he not only ball gagged the girls, but also made them gag a few times. More serious gagging with more distress would have made this exceptional. As it was, there was bondage and ball gagging. The throat gagging made this one stand out above the other manhandling and groping clips. I would give this one a C+.

All of the Shelena and Bryce clips are listed here. You can view the photo montages and read the descriptions, which are considerably less detailed than the descriptions I provided above. The entire set of clips all taken together would probably make a great (although tame) BDSM movie. And what do you know? There's a Powershotz DVD that looks like it does that exact thing! PZV119 - Second Interview appears to be the entire Shelena and Bryce saga, and all for just $40. Since all of the individual video clips would run $53, the DVD might be the way to go if you are interested. I am more into instant gratification, though, so downloading and watching the clips right now was what I wanted to do. If the DVD is a compilation of the individual clips, I would rate it a solid B+, but I would always be fast-forwarding to the scenes where Shelena is stretched out on that board.


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