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Lexis Lane - Stocked and Probed

Reviewed by John Galt

Lexis Lane - Stocked and Probed (Powershotz, 2007)

Lexis Lane is the most prolific model in the Powershotz catalog, accounting for 67 different downloadable video clips and 15 DVDs. Sadly, her last clip was posted in June 2007 and I can't find a recent trace of her on-line, with the exception of a couple of old Next-Door Models photoshoots. (She also spelled her name "Lexus Lane.") There are numerous downloadable clips that I like that feature Lexis. This one is the last one posted at Powershotz.

This 10-and-a-half minute clip begins with blond haired, voluptuous Lexis Lane on her knees (sitting back on her calves) in a portable wooden stock that is fastened around her throat and both wrists. She is wearing a strapless short-short pink dress that it looks like she was poured into.

The masked man walks in and fondles her ample breasts, then pulls the dress down to her waist, baring her upper body. He orders her to rise up off her calves and then proceeds to pull the dress down around her knees, baring her body. Next he has her bend over, placing her head (and hands) on the floor, and positions himself behind her, rocking against her and spanking her ass. When he pulls the dress completely off, we see that Lexis also has her ankles fastened together in leather cuffs. (She is barefoot, Sardu.)

Lexis is hot and sexy, but she is not an actress. Her response to almost everything done to her is a cross between a cry and a grunt, which works as far as communicating distress goes. But just so you know.

The masked man does some spanking and cropping and then tells her that when he has a pregnant slave girl he likes to butt fuck her. So that probably explains Lexis Lane's more robust voluptuousness in this clip and might also explain her subsequent disappearance from the (marginally) adult industry. But she looks sensational bent over on her hands and knees.

The masked man brings out the long wooden shaped dildo and teases Lexis Lane's ass and pussy for quite a while before plunging it into her pussy. From the sounds Lexis is making, there is some pain involved, which makes for a stimulating show. Lexis rocks forward and twitches, her feet bounce around, cross and uncross, and she generally looks like she is not having a good time. At one point, she groans loudly and says, "That shit hurts." It is a great dildo fucking scene.

Lexis is brought back up onto her knees and the dildo is used to tease between her legs again, and then slides up inside her pussy once again. From Lexis' expression and cries, it is still uncomfortable, possibly to the point of pain.

(There is no split screen in this video, so we didn't get to see Lexis' expression while she was bent over. We were watching the wooden dildo slide in and out of her pussy. So it is kind of nice seeing her expressions now.)

The masked man caresses Lexis' breasts with the wooden dildo, then leaves Lexis on her knees. The end.

SUMMARY: Lexis Lane, beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, blond, apparently pregnant, and bound in a portable wooden stock, is stripped naked, groped and fondled, spanked and cropped, and wooden dildo fucked by the masked man.

Lexis is one of my favorite Powershotz models, even though she was gone long before before I discovered the web site. Her legacy of 67 downloadable video clips includes some of the best clips I purchased from Powershotz. This one is a favorite of mine. She is pregnant, although not obviously. And she is stripped and sexually abused, and even though it is clearly consensual, she is doing some suffering. Lexis has an imperious air about her, and it is enjoyable watching her being used. This is not the best Lexis clip by far, but I give it an enthusiastic C+ for what it does accomplish.

This clip is available for download at the Powershotz store for only $5.00. Check out the thumbnails to see what pregnant Lexis looks like in this clip.

My Grade: C+


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