A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Lexis Lane - Nailed at the Post

Reviewed by John Galt

Okay, so here's an absolutely awesome Lexis Lane clip with high GIMP content.

Lexis Lane - Nailed at the Post (Powershotz, 2007)

We pick up in mid-action. Lexis Lane is crying out as she being loudly spanked on the ass. The masked man tells his assistant it's time for a beer, but before they leave, the masked man steps up behind Lexis, reaches around, and gropes and squeezes her full breasts. One last smack (to which Lexis cries out and calls him "fucker!") and then it's Miller Time.

Left alone, Lexis struggles mightily to escape. She is standing on a small wooden platform with a post set in the middle. Her wrists are tied to the post in front of her, mostly covered up by the white blouse that formerly clothed her. Her feet are a bit more than shoulder width apart, with her ankles secured to the platform with white rope. Lexis is wearing white stockings with lacy tops that reach up to the top of her shapely legs. Her white panties are pulled down to just above her knees. She is wearing black high heels. Other than that, she is gloriously nude.

For several minutes, Lexis struggles and cries out in distress, calling her captors "motherfuckers" among other things, demanding to be released, promising to do whatever they want, and looking pleadingly at the camera. It is not a bad acting job. The camera circles as she struggles, giving us nice views of her extremely sexy body as it showcases her distress. An exemplary struggle scene.

The masked man returns with his assistant. As the assistant mans the video camera, the masked man brandishes a ribbed glass rod. First, the masked man makes Lexis lick the rod and open her mouth so he can push it in, but sadly doesn't make her gag on it. Next, he teases between Lexis Lane's luscious legs, then proceeds to fuck her with it. Nice close-ups of the rod sliding deep into Lexis as she cries out, tenses and grimaces, and makes it sound like it really hurts bad. There is also spanking and hand gagging. This is an outstanding glass rod fucking scene, and Lexis sounds and looks like she is hurting.

Then it is the assistant's turn. He relinquishes the video camera, walks up behind Lexis, gropes her body, slaps her ass, and then fucks her from behind. He fucks her hard, pulling her hair to force her head back. Lexis grunts and cries out. When we pull back, we see that her shoes have been removed. I fantasize that it was done so he could thrust his cock up deeper inside her, but then I am always imagining stuff like that. He fucks her for several minutes, during which we get a roaming tour of the action, including a unique view up from the floor in front, where we can see her white panties stretched between her legs and his cock sliding in and out of her.

No cum shot. The masked man and his lucky assistant decide to go off and have another beer and the clip abruptly ends.

SUMMARY: Blond and beautiful Lexis Lane is standing on a wooden platform, her wrists tied to a wooden post and her ankles tied to the base, clad only in white hose with her panties pulled down to her knees, struggling to escape while her captors have a beer. When they return the masked man teases Lexis' mouth and pussy with a ribbed glass rod, then he fucks her hard with it, after which the assistant fucks her from behind with his cock. Hand gagging, hair pulling, ass smacking, body fondling and breast groping are included.

This is an excellent clip. It picks up in mid-action and ends abruptly, and moves quickly throughout. Lexis struggles a lot, sounds extremely distressed and plays the unwilling captor very well. Her penetration scenes look very uncomfortable, if not painful. Fear and humiliation, while not emoted at an Academy-Award-winning level, are apparent. This is one of my favorite Lexis Lane violation scenes, and it gets an A for its GIMP content and for the undeniable hotness of Lexis Lane.

This clip can be downloaded at the Powershotz for only $7.50. There's a nice thumbnail of Lexis crying out as she's being violated from the back.

My Grade: A


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