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Hazel... Paying the Price

Reviewed by John Galt

Hazel... Paying the Price (Powershotz, 2009)

Hazel escapesThis 18-minute clip opens as Hazel, wearing faded denim hip-huggers but completely topless, dashes out of her captor's house and flees into the nearby woods, her magnificent breasts bouncing freely. Her captor emerges shortly afterward, fires up his ATV, and sets off in pursuit. And after a brief chase he of course catches up and jumps Hazel.

Hazel capturedThere is a lengthy struggle scene, during which Hazel is choked, hand gagged, thrown to the ground, and has her ankles and wrists bound using duct tape. She is also duct tape gagged. There's a part where her captor tries to tape her wrists to her ankles, but it's a fail. Then he drives off, leaving Hazel struggling on the ground in the woods. (*sigh* Yes, with her hands duct taped in front, she could have taken off the tape gag and freed her ankles. It's not perfect.)

He returns shortly with a platform dragging behind his ATV, on which he places Hazel and drives back to the hideout with her in tow. It would have been awesome if he had just roped her feet to the back of the ATV and dragged her back, but since she is topless, that would have left her body in a much less appealing state. So I'm glad he didn't. But it would have been awesome.

The whole escape, chase, capture and return episode occupies the first third of the clip (about 6 minutes).

Hazel spread-eagledHazel chokingInside the hideout, Hazel is stripped naked and duct taped spread-eagled on top of a nice wooden dining table. And Hazel looks very appealing in a naked spread-eagle. The entire time she is begging to be let go and acting scared. Hazel does pretty good Frightened Victim.

Once Hazel is taped to the table, her captor pulls her up to where her head is hanging back off the end of the table and forces her to swallow his cock. Hazel's struggles as he force-feeds her his (real) cock are great. Her legs thrash so much she tears one foot free of her duct-tape bond. Her body arches up and she shakes her head trying to escape. Tears fill her eyes and she gasps for breath. It is a wholly believable forced oral sex ordeal. That takes up the second third of the clip.

Hazel leashedIn the final sequence, Hazel is briefly leashed and led around like a dog. Then she is brought up onto her knees for more forced oral sex, culminating in her captor ejaculating in her mouth. During this sequence, Hazel's hands and feet are not bound, and her captor keeps ordering her to keep her hands behind her back. Hands bound behind her back would have been nicer. The actual cock sucking is vigorous, deep and brutal.

Hazel's assailant keeps his hand on the back of her head, forcing her to go deep each time he forces her down on his cock. Hazel chokes and gags a lot, and she is not acting. When he lets her come up for air, she is gasping to catch her breath and shaking from exertion, tears streaming from her eyes and saliva covering her cheeks and chin. This goes on for almost 5 minutes and it is very nice.

The clip ends with Hazel seated on a stool, awaiting her next abuse.Hazel Gagging

I have never seen anyone ever do a better forced oral sex scene than Hazel. She really looks like she is in distress, she is always in character as the victim, she chokes and gags and shakes, and tears stream down her face. Contrast this with the gals you see in Cock Brutality or any of the rough oral sex sites, where it is apparent they are doing it for the money. Or the "forced" cock sucking on the bondage web sites where they basically take it in stride. Or Amber Rayne, god bless her, who begs for more no matter how rough it gets. Hazel is the Mistress of Forced Oral Sex, and I openly challenge anyone to show me someone who does it better. There are other Hazel clips I have reviewed that include forced oral sex that are just as impressive.

So, this clip gets an enthusiastic A. The escape-chase-capture-wrestle-subdue part was wasted on me, but if you like that sort of thing (A Canadian) it was fairly realistic. I am a sucker for naked spread-eagled babes, and adding rough cock sucking to it was the icing on the cake. And the final rough oral sex on her knees could have only been better if her hands had been tied behind her back. Her wrists were bound during the spread-eagle part. So yeah, even with that boring first third and not enough bondage at the very end, this was a stand-out clip if you are a fan of forced cock sucking. Or of Hazel.

Hazel... Paying the Price is available for download in the Powershotz catalog store for $9.50. The kidnap and abuse storyline from which this clip derives is on the Forced Fantasy Fuckettes DVD (VL-034), which I have not seen. But just so you know.

My Grade: A


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