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Wheel of Pain - The Duel

Reviewed by Steeltoiz

WoP The Duel - Review

When Benedetta Bernardelli, prisoner turned executioner (Lyen Parker), said to Ilsa Stixx, executioner turned prisoner (Mistress Ariel), " It seems our fates are inextricably intertwined", no truer words were ever said.

For this tour-de-force, the wheels were put into motion when they were paired in Martial Law 3 and Martial Law 4. Ariel was the dom for Lyen's WoP 20. The Lyen's sister avenged her in Ariel's WoP22. Ariel was dom in Lyen's WoP Special Rules and executioner to Lyen's player in Escape Room. Yes, their careers in the Mood Universe are "inextricably intertwined".

This film is a brilliant combination of brutal physical suffering and raw emotion. Both Ariel and Lyen when at the wheel before a spin, stood in fear of the other because pay-back was coming in just minutes.

As the dom, Lyen exacted revenge on Ariel. Lyen stood naked, whip in hand, divinely beautiful glaring at Ariel allowing all of Ariel's screams and suffering to wash over her like a summer breeze. Ariel with the whip was equally beautiful but one could see evil intent oozing from her pores. Her facial expression shifted seamlessly from determined to psycho-killer. Only Lyen's taunts and teasing could lure Ariel back to a sub role and she would make Lyen pay.

They administered brutal whippings to each other. Ariel was distressed by the beatings in a way not seen before. Lyen, in a later round, swayed, buckled and unleashed gut-wrenching screams. Screams she would need two and three breaths to complete.

The end will shock you. Be seated or stand near a soft place to land when you watch. Buy this film now. Buy it yesterday if you can.

My Grade: A+


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