A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 30

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Wheel of Pain 30 by ElitePain

Sarah Cute is a Hungarian model just looking to earn a little extra money by challenging herself against the Wheel of Pain, a nefarious device that has become known for its cruelty to the innocent and unwary. The rules are simple: spin the wheel, do the challenge, and if the contestant can finish, she gets some money. Sounds easy enough, right? Ms. Cute thinks so.

The first challenge she faces is a pussy whipping with a flat leather flogger. A hurdle, yes, but not insurmountable. She's bound to the whipping platform and prepared for the abuse she's about to endure.

Administering the punishment first is Lady Amanda, an ElitePain veteran whom I love for her power poses. But who really steals the show for me is the second dominatrix, Lady Kittina, who brings a level of psychological horror I haven't seen in an ElitePain/Mood Pictures film since the "Milgram Experiment" series. With her doll face looks and innocent charm, she knows exactly which buttons to push to get inside her victim's head. Once she's inside, bad things happen to good little girls who think they can beat the Wheel of Pain.

The doms each take turns beating the girl, changing places after 10 strokes. By the time they're done, Sarah's tender pussy is beaten raw.

Having survived the first challenge, Sarah decides to spin again. After all, she's here for more than just the paltry $500 won in the first challenge. She wants to win big! As a tear rolls down her bare breast, she takes the wheel and spins again.

This time, it's her back that will be subjected to the damage. Such a lovely body. Well-muscled and strong, with velvet skin and dark, exotic looks. It seems almost a shame to destroy it so cruelly. But the Wheel of Pain doesn't care about such things. It only cares about pushing its victim to the limits of its victim's pain threshold. The young woman, her back laid bare, is bound to a giant X-frame, her body spread and exposed to the kiss of the lash.

The whip, in the hands of a cruel and experienced mistress, draws diamond-sharp strikes of pain from the young woman.

Sarah jumps and twists beautifully as each lash pushes her closer to her limit. The doms take turns tenderizing her back, drawing breathless yelps of anguish from the poor girl as she is forced to count each blow. With each strike, her body struggles to take the pain. Then, she is finished. The challenge is over and she has won.

Sarah is faced with a decision. Should she spin the wheel? She has $1,000 in prize money. She has felt the biting kiss of the whip. She knows how it feels to be beaten by a merciless dominatrix. Does she have enough strength to face the Wheel of Pain again?

She decides that she does. She spins the wheel.

She chose poorly.

70 strokes is her sentence. 70 strokes against her back, butt, and thighs; a back that has already been subjected to so much abuse, and so much pain. The executioners know her fear; they can see it in her eyes. Lady Kittina smiles. Lady Amanda, the first to swing the whip, tells the poor victim how much the doms will enjoy this game but their victim, not so much.

Sarah, standing, is bound with her arms spread wide, her wrists encased in thick leather cuffs. Lady Amanda smirks as she prepares to attack the helpless young woman.

Each bite of the whip cuts deeper, the leather crossing over welts from the previous beating.

The doms take turns lashing the victim's young body, deriving sick pleasure from the girl's pain. Their victim is afforded only a moment's rest with each change in hand that wields the whip, before the blows come again.

Lady Amanda strikes the helpless girl with cold professionalism, but Lady Kittina smiles as she swings the whip against the bare skin of her victim. Truly, this is a woman not to be crossed. This is a woman who derives great joy from the torments of her victims. Such a beautiful face, so innocent, hides a black heart. She knows that she is breaking her victim's resolve, a victim so young and strong and pretty. In a voice dripping with evil, she tells her charge that "It's a long way to 70".

Sarah gasps and chokes and inhales deeply.

The whip falls again. And again. And again.

The doms switch as Sarah struggles against her bonds. Now it is Lady Amanda's turn to test the poor girl. Blow after blow falls against the back, hips, and thighs of the girl, but still she does not break.

Then, another brief rest as the whip is exchanged. Lady Kittina accepts the whip and Sarah knows what is to come.

With Lady Amanda, it is strictly business. But with Lady Kittina, it is something far more sinister.

The girl, terrified, hangs in her bonds as Lady Kittina takes her place behind the young victim.

Lady Kittina can see her victim's fear, drawing her strength from the helpless girl's horror. She asks, "Are you ready for more, little girl?"

Sarah chokes, and gasps, and cries.

I won't tell you how this movie ends. That would spoil what might be the most psychologically horrifying and delicious piece of Elite Pain film I've seen in a while. If you like your women young and strong and exotic, and your tormentors beautifully evil, you'll love this movie, particularly the last contest where Lady Kittina draws on Sarah's weaknesses to exploit the young girl's mental vulnerability. I hope I see Lady Kittina again in an Elite Pain film, and I hope I see Sarah again, perhaps in a Painful Duel series ("Painful Duel 7" with Zazie and Liv has this same element of terror in it). Lady Kittina has convinced me that if scores of young women go missing somewhere, and there's a castle dungeon nearby, she'll be in there with the helpless girls going full Modern-Day-Lady-Bathory on them. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Sarah go up against Lady Kittina again one on one to see who is stronger on her side of the whip. Nothing against Lady Amanda, but Sarah deserves a rematch, and I'm sure Lady Kittina wouldn't mind getting a few more strokes in against that beautiful body.

I can't really give this movie an "A" due to its being shorter than previous "Wheel of Pain" films, and because there is room for improvement with a sequel between Sarah and Lady Kittina; a sequel I'd love to see. Buy this film for the three contests we do get, and hope that we get to see Sarah subjected to Lady Kittina's whip again. This is a great prelude film for what could be a great combo package someday.

My Grade: B+


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