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Wheel of Pain 30

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 30 Review

Sarah Cute, another Hungarian pornstar has come to try her luck with the Wheel of Pain. Amanda and Kittina are her dominatrix's.

Round 1: 30 lashes on pussy. Even towards the end this girl barely makes a sound other than hurried breathing.

Round 2: 40 lashes on back. Again, although her tears flow freely down her face, she is mostly quiet for the duration of the round.

Round 3: 70 full lashes on full body. But don't let that phrase "Full Body" fool you, Amanda and Kittina simply lash her back again for the entirety of the rounds duration. This was the only round worth watching as the action finally starts to heat up here.

To be clear, the only reason to watch this film is for the third round where the girls get frustrated with Sara's lack of vocal reaction to the whip and then start striking her really hard. Unless you are curious about the performance of Lady Kittina or you actually think Sarah Cute is....cute then there is NO other reason to buy this highly boring Wheel of Pain episode. Literally one could sleep through the first two rounds with the volume on full-blast she was so quiet!

Sarah Cute, well it's not as though she had no reaction to the whip, just a mostly quiet one, but at least her tears flowed freely. Certainly better than Nataly Gold! Indeed she was so silent that Amanda even questioned whether or not her strokes were having any impact at all. Again, this inspired both girls to savage Sarah Cute even harder in the vain hopes of getting some real screams out of her. This was a major pity as the film was finally starting to get interesting, and then didn't last much longer.

Kittina, this was her Femsub debut, but aside from a new face to gaze upon she really didn't bring much to the table, most of this episode was all Amanda. It was actually nice to see the two ladies work as a team and not bitch and moan at each other. The only interesting part about Kittina in this film was after round 3 ended and she was practically molesting Sarah Cute. Unfortunately both Dominatrixes made the dumbass mistake of NOT hitting her on breasts, thighs or anywhere else; instead, they chose to strike her mostly on the back again. This was simply a missed opportunity as they should have struck Sara on her front as well as her back.

Make no mistake, this is the second-worst Wheel of Pain ever made since Lomp was fired. Not entirely boring, but this is one of those films that's just made for a refund; there's really no reason to ever watch this film more than once. Again, rounds 1&2 are so dull, you should just take a nap and set your alarm clock in time for the third round.

Blame for the failure of this film must land almost solely at the feet of the submissive…I mean after how she reacted because the Dominatrix's said mean things to her…..ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???? ARE YOU FOR REAL HONEY???? ….LEAVE HUNGARY….LEAVE THIS WORLD AND GO LIVE IN THE LAND OF NAMBY FUCKING PAMBY'S YOU FUCKING CRYBABY!!!!!

My Grade: C


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