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Wheel of Pain 29

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 29 Review

Zazie Skymm has returned to Elite Pain in order to win the equivalent of $2000. Both Amanda and Ariel take turns savaging her.

In the first interview, Zazie refers to Ariel as a cutie; Amanda mocks Ariel about it for much of the film.

Round 1: 40 lashes, back of thighs. Ariel starts off the round by taunting Zazie about how cute she really is. Zazie repeatedly complains that her pussy gets hit instead of her thighs and Ariel just laughs at her.

Round 2: Pussy whipping, 20 lashes. Amanda notices little Zazie's trembles of fear and mocks her accordingly. Suffice to say that it was very clear (even before her interview) that Zazie fears pussy torment the most.

Round 3: 30 lashes on back. Not an easy round for Zazie to bear and her reactions were on point, but it was the dullest round.

Round 4: Switch, Zazie chose to whip Amanda, who then spun 10 lashes on feet. Ariel mocked both of them and goaded Zazie to strike her more harshly. Amanda isn't naked to take her punishment……As she delivers her strokes, Zazie flinches and trembles, looking more and more like a frightening little rabbit. She knew full well what she was doing, making Amanda suffer now and then, later on, she knew the terrible fury of the bitch she had just unleashed she would have had to face….which is of course why she didn't want to go on to the 5th round initially.

Round 5: 50 full body lashes. Zazie (having spun the Domina's Choice field) is not the dumb blonde she appears to be because wisely she chose Ariel who selected her punishment. As soon As Ariel realized this, she could not hide her absolute and utter delight and tried to choose the most severe punishment only to be shut down by the host. Amanda was especially vicious to Zazie here for obvious reasons, which made this round the most entertaining. The fifth round was definitely the harshest and most vicious for poor little Zazie to suffer through as (again) this was the round that should sell the film to you. Zazie was in so much pain and so exhausted that she repeatedly miscounted much to Ariel and Amanda's delight.

The funny part about this film was that Zazie spun a lot of punishments with low numerical values, but still suffered greatly. Her reactions to her punishment were highly …..Reactive! She held nothing back and even taunted her dominas by mocking them in the end that she survived and they didn't break her. Zazie's reactions and expressions were much-improved from PD7. Defiance truly makes any model much more interesting to watch!

As far as criticism goes, there was nothing wrong with the action; it was picture-perfect and flawless. However, the watermark, on the other hand, that was problematic. If Pedro wishes to use a giant watermark again, it belongs in the lower right or left corner, out of the way and not near anyone's face. And Amanda getting whipped…..with her clothes on...... We all know just how sensitive Amanda is as a dominatrix to humiliation (much more so than Ariel). She should have been stripped naked to really debase her in front of her rival. We probably will never get to see Amanda submissive again, such a wasted opportunity!

Most of the rounds in the film were quite entertaining and the unofficial domina competition between Ariel and Amanda was very amusing. Their rivalry, Zazie's excellent reactions to the whip and overall, Rounds 1, 4 & 5 are what make this film worth your money. WoP 29 was one of the best episodes ever if less interesting in middle (rounds 2 & 3), the later rounds certainly more than make up for that. If you like Zazie, buy this film! If you want to observe Amanda's humiliation, buy this Film!

My Grade: B+


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