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Wheel of Pain 29

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Wheel of Pain 29 by ElitePain

Zazie Skymm is an adorable Hungarian girl who just happens to be a porn star. She's great in front of the camera, either naked or clothed, and could easily earn money as a television personality delivering light fluff reports on how great Budapest is for tourism.

Or she can earn money spinning the Wheel of Pain.

Fortunately for us, she chooses the latter.

She's no stranger to ElitePain. After her phenomenal appearance in Painful Duel 7, which boasts what could be the greatest Arms-Overhead whipping scene ever filmed, she became an overnight sensation in the genre. Fans clamored for her to make another appearance, and in this film, she doesn't disappoint. After being told the rules, she decides to spin the wheel and see what her first punishment will be. The fickle ticker of the wheel stops on a whipping on the back of her legs. So, off she goes to receive her punishment.

Now, if you've seen the previous entry in the series, Wheel of Pain 28, you know that the punishment is delivered by two doms, Ariel and Amanda, each of whom has particular strengths and weaknesses. I love Amanda. She seems to have her power poses down perfect. She doesn't overplay her role with overly dramatic facial expressions. She's strong, she's confident, she's exactly what I would expect from a professional dominatrix.

And then there's Ariel. The face of an angel, the body of a supermodel, but a terrible actress. The harder she tries, the worse she comes off. Word on the street is that she's the crueler of the two doms, but that doesn't really translate as well on video as you might think. I think she's just trying to compensate for how people perceive her, which is a shame because if she'd find her own image she'd be a lot better at her craft, rather than try to copy what she sees other doms doing. There is one thing that she can do very well; better than Amanda. She can do summer wardrobes.

In my reviews of previous films, I've given the runway fashion walk-off to Amanda. The woman just looks better in pants and bustier than Ariel does. But when it comes to the lighter colors and showing more skin, I give the nod to Ariel. She *owns* summer.

After successfully completing the first round of the game, Zazie agrees to take on another challenge. She had promised herself that she would do four challenges, no matter what. At $500 for winning each round, she planned on earning $2,000 for a nice vacation. So, she spins the wheel again and gets rewarded with a thorough pussy whipping.

After Amanda gets done with her set, she hands the strap over to Ariel, who delivers another set of painful blows to the poor girl's pussy.

That's one angry snapper.

Surviving the second round, Zazie moves on to Round Three, in which she draws strokes on her back. Doesn't sound as bad as getting her pussy slapped, right? Take a look at the result and see if you change your mind.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

Now Zazie has to make a decision. She's gone through three rounds of torturous punishment. Can she survive a fourth round? Will she risk losing the money she's earned up to this point? Can her tight, petite body handle the abuse?

She spins the wheel again.

This time she draws "Switch", which means that she and a dom of her choice will switch roles; she gets to whip one of the doms. She chooses a dom – Amanda – who spins the wheel and draws 10 strokes to the bottom of her feet, with those blows delivered by Zazie.

Zazie is afraid, because she knows that she's made a terrible mistake. Amanda will get to beat her next. And if the judges think Zazie is being too lenient, they'll disqualify Zazie and she'll lose the money. Either way, this can't end well for her.

Amanda is a tough ol' broad and she handles her punishment like a champ. Zazie, for her part, looks more frightened doing the whipping that she does as the one being whipped, but for a second, near the end of Amanda's 10 strokes, a quick smile escapes her lips, only to vanish when she realizes she's just a few strokes away from being on the receiving end of things from the woman she's currently beating.

After getting through this round, Zazie is given two special offers. If she spins the wheel and draws the harshest punishment – 70 strokes anywhere on her body – she won't have to do the challenge and will be awarded that round as a "win". She'll also receive a bonus prize of money that she'd lost in Painful Duel 7. It's a deal too good to pass up. She spins the wheel and draws "Dom's Choice", which means she picks a dom, and the dom picks the punishment.

Zazie, knowing that Amanda will be out for revenge, chooses Ariel. Ariel, predictably, initially chooses the harshest punishment, only to be told that it isn't eligible. So, Zazie will receive the second-worst punishment instead.

Fifty strokes, anywhere on the body.

Zazie is bound standing with her arms stretched wide apart, exposing her most sensitive areas to the kiss of the whip. But Zazie has some spirit in her, and isn't afraid to trade taunts with Amanda, who is still smarting from the earlier cropping that Zazie gave her.

But Zazie is helpless, her body stretched and bound, her skin bearing the marks from her earlier abuse. Amanda draws back the whip and lets it fly against the poor girl's back.

Zazie looks great in this position, her tight little body stretched and twisting under the whip as Amanda and Ariel trade off beating the helpless girl. Every swish of the whip brings unimaginable pain to skin already cut and abraded by leather. Zazie, determined to win, bears up under the abuse as best she can.

After 10 strokes, the doms trade off, and Ariel gets a crack at beating poor Zazie.

About half-way through the proceedings, Amanda taunts Zazie with a question that, rather than weakening the poor girl, raises her defiance.

I loved this exchange. Amanda, in the position of power, trying to break her victim. Zazie, helpless and strung from her bonds, refusing to break under the lash. This is great drama, and I thought it couldn't get any better until…

Until Zazie lost count.

Stretched and beaten, her body scarred by the cuts of the whip, she hangs, trembling as she tugs against the cuffs around her wrists. In a moment she loses her focus, and that's all it takes to lose count of her strokes.

Amanda catches her, and takes full advantage of the poor girl's distraction.

Now we see what Zazie is truly made of. Her body broken but her spirit strong, she shows that she's not afraid of Amanda's wrath. The two of them engage in a war of tongues and fortitude that is something I've never seen in any ElitePain film. Eventually, Amanda must trade off with Ariel, and then it's Ariel's turn to try and break the trembling girl.

I won't tell you how it ends, but this has got to be one of the best films ElitePain has put out this year. It's not as good as Painful Duel 7, which also starred Zazie, but it's good. You'll definitely want this one in your Zazie collection. The final round is pure gold. Or platinum. Or adamantium. Or whatever metal you value above all else. That's how good this is. Get it!

My Grade: A


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