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Wheel of Pain 29

Reviewed by Steeltoiz

ElitePain: Wheel of Pain 29 Review

Zazie needed $2000 to buy things for her house and she put her tender flesh and petite body on the line. The stern and powerful Amanda and the evil and forceful Ariel pounded her relentlessly.

Round one was whipping the back of her thighs. Early on Zazie tried not to cry or scream biting her lip to smother the sounds. Ariel took advantage that Zazie's pussy was also available with the upper thighs and struck it several times as collateral damage. Amanda's blows were not only painful but seemed to shock Zazie with their power. Before the end of the round, Zazie's back was arching, her chest was heaving to get air and her head was popping up from the intensity of the lashes.

Round two attacked her pussy. Zazie's body trembled and shook with every blow from what looked like the heavier of the two instruments used for pussy whipping. Amanda and Ariel struck her pussy again and again. Each stroke giving Zazie all the pain she could handle as her body quivered from strikes to the most sensitive part of her body.

All during the game, the doms taunted each other, they each also taunted Zazie putting her in the no-win position of judging who hits harder.

30 strokes on the back was round three. Zazie was bound to the cross kneeling on the platform on the floor. In this position gravity, no doubt increases whip velocity. Although she thought the back might be easier than the pussy and back thigh rounds, Zazie soon found there are no easy punishments on the Wheel of Pain. Each stroke from Ariel and Amanda not only to tore her skin but jarred her spine and blasted through her internal organs. By the end, she cried uncontrollably and certainly had one of those "what am I doing here moments".

Round four was "Switch". Zazie chose Amanda for punishment. Amanda spun 10 on the soles. Ariel taunted both of them. Once ordering Amanda to count then encouraging Zazie to hit harder. Amanda does not take this sort of thing well and squealed throughout. Zazie perhaps anticipating what was to come became more fearful with every stroke she dealt.

After the producer made her an offer she could not refuse, an exhausted Zazie was bound, arms spread in the air for 50 total body in round 5. The Doms concentrated on slicing up Zazie's back and buttocks. In the middle of the round, both Ariel and Amanda settled on striking the mid-back. At stroke 19 Zazie's knees buckled and she started to sway. Each stroke from the doms was more painful than Zazie's ability to express it in a scream. Zazie shook and wobbled. She cried and could not keep count as she struggled to stand and endorphins flooded her brain. Again and again, her skin was bruised, her spine shaken and her petite body quaked. In Painful Duel 7, she gave in at stroke 34. How will this end? Will our little homemaker survive?

WOP 29 is as complete, exciting and dramatic as any video could be. A tough yet vulnerable sub and two to relentless doms giving maximum effort with every throw of the whip. 5 stars. It will be difficult for Pedro to top this!

My Grade: A+


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