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Wheel of Pain 28

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Wheel of Pain 28 by ElitePain

The "Wheel of Pain" series is becoming my favorite series from the ElitePain stable, because of the selection of contestants that compete on the show. This episode's contestant is Darcia Lee, a porn star from Budapest who was introduced to the show through a previous performer, Zazie, who has become a fan favorite. Zazie gave Darcia some tips about the show, one critical one being that the blonde dominatrix (Ariel) is more cruel than the brunette (Amanda). With a potential to earn $3,000 by surviving six spins of the wheel, Darcia thinks she's strong enough to make it to the end.

In her first spin of the wheel, Darcia lands on "Domina's Choice", which requires her to choose either Ariel or Amanda as the domina, who will then choose which punishment Darcia will suffer. Fearing Ariel, Darcia chooses Amanda, who in turn chooses 50 Full Body Whippings for poor Darcia. Amanda points out to a fearful Darcia that she got off easy; Ariel would have selected 75.

Amanda has never looked better. I probably say that in every film she's in, but in this one, she definitely has found a look that works for her. She looks great in navy blue, and she looks really great when stripped down to bra and tights. I've seen her naked in previous films, and in my opinion, she looks better clothed. I say that not as an insult, but as a compliment because she really knows her body and how to dress it well. She projects power, even when she's just standing by the Wheel of Pain.

Darcia is forced to strip in front of both Amanda and Ariel, who will each take turns whipping the poor girl. There's some interesting banter between the two dominas as to who will be the better with the whip and will break poor Darcia first. Darcia has already expressed her fear of Ariel, but to be honest, I think Amanda does the better job in both performance and presentation.

In the opening shot, we're treated to a full-body pan of poor Darcia, the camera drinking in the lines of her body as she stands, arms overhead, waiting for her whipping. One thing I noticed was the mole on her ass. Maybe it's because I live in an area where skin cancer is a real danger so I'm hypersensitive to such skin tags, but a freckle with irregular lines on a part of the body that doesn't get much sunlight is something she may want to have checked.

Ariel gets the first crack at the contestant, giving her ten solid blows. Don't get me wrong, I like Ariel, but she needs work on her poses. For instance, compare this shot of her working on Darcia.

The hand on the hip is a little too casual. Now look at this shot from later in the session.

It's better. It's not particularly intimidating, but it does show her body, particularly her arms, in a much better angle. Even though you can't see the whip, you know it's there, and Ariel looks fantastic in the way she's cocked her hips and arms, as if poised for action. She looks very glamorous and athletic, but not particularly frightening. When she tries to project power and a bitchy attitude, it comes off as too forced. She should go with what works for her; she should be the glamorous dom.

And then there's Amanda, who always looks like she's about to whip someone; you, me, Darcia… one of us is going to feel the sting of the whip, and we'll like it!

Amanda has some of the best power poses in the genre. I bet she probably wakes up every morning, grabs a whip, and poses in front of a mirror. Or maybe it comes naturally. Either way, she's a joy to watch, and she looks like she enjoys her job.

After Darcia survives the round, she considers quitting. Then, she is informed that Zazie lasted 5 rounds, and Darcia has only completed one. So, rather than go home in shame, she decides to spin another round and see what happens.

Congratulations, Darcia! You're going to get your ass beat!

Each domina gets 20 strokes, for a total of 40, to dish out on the poor girl. And boy do they love their job.

During the session, Darcia gets some bonus punishment. As if a whipped ass wasn't enough, she gets some bonus play on her pussy. She hates it, but you'll love it. It becomes a sort of "game within a game" to spot which ones landed on her pussy and which ones just hit her ass.

Both dominas inadvertently hit the poor girl's genitals, and you can tell which ones land on her tender vulva, and which ones don't. Here's an example.

What do you think? Pussy strike or not? Trying to guess which ones did, and which ones didn't, actually makes this session much more dramatic and tension-filled. 40 lashes later, this is what Darcia's ass looks like.

At the end of the round, Darcia is shivering with shock; practically on the edge of convulsing right there on the frame. When she goes back to the Wheel of Pain, she tells the host that she's done, finished, kaput. She won't go on. She's reached her limit. Zazie is stronger than her. She wants to take her money and go home. She can't handle the rivalry between the two doms to see which one will break her first.

Then the host makes her a unique offer. Darcia can pick one dominatrix and only that dom will punish her. She won't have to worry about the rivalry between the two powerful women.

Darcia weighs her options. Zazie lasted six rounds. Six! And earned a lot of money. So, Darcia chooses Amanda. She thought she was getting the easier of the two.

Sucks to be her.

Darcia is bound on her back, her arms stretched over her head and bound to the end of the bench, her legs wide apart, offering Amanda her most sensitive and vulnerable region; a part of her body already tenderized by the whip in the previous round of punishment. Amanda, so talented with her power poses, gives us another one as she taunts the helpless young girl.

And then things get really intense.

I have to admit, I haven't seen a girl get this brutalized in an ElitePain film in a while. Darcia screams, begs, and pleads for mercy. But with Amanda, mercy is not forthcoming. She's a professional and she has a job to do. Blow after blow lands on the poor girl's tender organ, the tissue bruised and swollen with anger. You'll almost want to say, "Somebody stop her! Somebody save the poor girl!" But nobody is there to save her. Nobody is there to stop Amanda from beating the poor girl's pussy into a bloody pulp.

Darcia's long screams of anguish will wrap around your heart and want to rip it out of your body through your throat. I've never heard such agonizing sounds in any ElitePain film. You'll be screaming right along with her. Only Darcia can stop the brutality, and she's so far into her psychosis that she can only scream, and count, and scream, and count…and beg, and count, and scream.

I will say that I'm impressed by Darcia's performance, but the real stars are her breasts (which are real, and are spectacular) and her screams. This girl really delivers on the emotional punch that this game is designed to create. Horror film producers will want to duplicate her screams in slasher flicks, because there's no greater scream of pain and fear and terror ever recorded. If she ever wants to move on from porn, she should consider doing sound effects voice work.

ElitePain has put out better films (Painful Duel 7 comes to mind), but this one certainly delivers on the drama. It's not perfect, but it's "perfect enough".

My Grade: A-


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