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Wheel of Pain 28

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 28 Review

Darcia Lee, A friend of Zazie, tries her luck with the Wheel of Pain. She wanted to try six rounds - which no one else has ever completed. Right off the bat, this little girl was wide-eyed and very nervous. and when she met Lady Amanda onscreen she started fidgeting and twitching with fear......very amusing!

Note: before the first round even begins, we are treated to a scene of Darcia disrobing, Ariel and Amanda mock each other and taunt her cruelly. This scene is what really hypes up the film...by the time her wrists are restrained above her head, little Darcia looks even more terrified than before.

Round 1: Darcia spins the "DOMINA'S CHOICE" field, she then chose Amanda who selected 50 full body strokes…as an act of "mercy." During the whipping as both Domina's take turns flogging her, Ariel gets Darcia to admit that her strokes hurt more than Amanda's. This delighted Ariel who then proceeded to immediately rub it in Amanda's face.

Round 2: forty whiplashes on ass. Darcia gets "accidentally" struck on the pussy several times and begs for mercy repeatedly, neither domina obliges her.

Round 3: 30 pussy strokes with a strap. As Amanda mocks Darcia for choosing her instead of Ariel, the poor girl is already breathing hard, terrified of the pain to come. Amanda leans and slams the strap down on Darcia's pussy as hard as she can. From that very first stroke, Darcia's head rears up and she screams in agony…so loudly the people in the restaurant next door could surely hear it!

The best round was the third one. It was the most painful for poor Darcia to endure and Amanda repeatedly taunted her about giving up. Indeed, Amanda was so cruel she even made Darcia restart the 30 strokes as she tried to give up right after the first one.

The highlight of this film was the interactions between the two domina's Ariel and Amanda. Their competition, combined with the despair and desperation of Darcia made for a very entertaining film. These two taunted and insulted each other throughout the film repeatedly; this film was almost another Domina competition. Darcia was irrelevant here; she was a mere toy for the two vicious ladies as they painted her back, ass and pussy red.

The position used for the pussy whipping in round 3 was excellent, stretching her tightly on her back with her limbs spread. It looked like breathing was especially difficult for her, so when the strapping began, she really had a hard time keeping her composure. It was reminiscent of WoP: Special Rules in that she was repeatedly catching her breath while trying to scream, the pain was so severe that she was panting constantly.

Lady Amanda continues to impress, she was absolutely diabolical here. After watching Special Rules, I had always thought of Ariel as pure evil….Amanda outshined her here. Again this film was basically an unofficial domina competition.....and Amanda likely would have again beaten Ariel. (Even though in the first round Ariel got Darcia to admit that her strokes were harder). Ariel simply came across as the bratty, spoiled little diva while Amanda was the bitch you don't want to mess with. An excellent idea of Pedro's this was, having two Dominas whip her. This brought out the beast within Amanda and Darcia suffered all the more for it. Amanda was the ultimate tormentor of Darcia here and her performance in this film unquestionably solidified her as Evil Bitch No.1.

The main issue with this film was that for the 50 full body, neither domina lashes Darcia's tits…at all…whatsoever…not so much as one stroke! For another skinny porn star, she had a nice rack, for her breasts not to get lashed was criminal.....Amanda and Ariel totally fucked up here. Immediately after watching her take her bra off….the scene practically screamed WHIP HER DAMN BREASTS!

Solid whipping throughout, plenty of taunting in each round and lots of tears and moans from Darcia. Never a dull moment, very much worth your money!

My Grade: B+


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