A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 28

Reviewed by Jlive99

Wheel of Pain 28 is another classic. Ms. Darcia Lee from Budapest is a true gem as a submissive. She is very attractive and has that youthful naivete. Very cute and clearly in way over her head as she gets whipped.

There is a lot to love about WOP28. There are several unexpected twists or surprises. The Domina Choice on the Wheel of Pain is a great addition to the game. The submissive's selection of the Dominatrix also enhances the game. The on-screen stripping should be a requirement. The alternating between Lady Ariel and Lady Amanda after the contestant chooses Amanda over Lady Ariel because of fear and rumors of her harsh command of the whip was a pleasant surprise.

As always, the bondage positions are enjoyable. The arms of head whipping in scene one was excellent. The second scene in which Darcia is positioned in such a way that her pussy is also exposed to the whip during 40 stroke ass whipping is equally entertaining. The final position for the pussy whipping was also exceptional.

The banter between Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel add spice to the film. However, Darcia is the real star for me. She suffers so beautifully. By 4th or 5th lash it becomes evident that this film will be a huge challenge for her. Her eyes start to moisten and then the first streaking tear rolls down her face after the 7th stroke. Tears of pain and suffering roll down Darcia's face throughout the remainder of the film...even during the breaks when she spins the wheel. Her screams are perfection. When I daydream about GIMP prison and women being forced to hear the screams of their fellow inmates as they are punished, Darcia's screams would be the ideal audio. She gasps at times and even goes into silent suffering after the initial scream. Her writhing, crying and heavy breathing only intensify as Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel take turns whipping her.

Her reactions during the ass whipping are outstanding after the lash repeatedly catches her exposed pussy. The pussy strapping that followed was epic. I thought that there was no way she could endure 30 strokes. She displayed some unexpected resolve.

As mentioned by an earlier forum poster, Darcia has a beautiful body and lovely tits. I needed them to be whipped or strapped in this film. The full body whipping with the Domina Choice was a golden opportunity for her to be spun around for a breast whipping. She breasts were begging for the strap during her pussy whipping. I would have loved to have seen Lady Amanda offer to strap her breast a few times in order to avoid the full pussy whipping.

Overall, WOP28 is an enjoyable film with a beautiful submissive. The missed opportunity to whip her tits leads me to give this film an A-. It would have been B because of the disappointing missed opportunity but the dueling Dominas and Darcia Lee's beauty and performance make up for this lack of breast whipping.

I have even more respect for Lady Ariel. She continues to dish out the harshest blows with the whip but can take a harsh whipping better than several submissives. She is amazing. I can only fantasize about a poor submissive facing Lady Cleo, Lady Ariel and Lady Amanda in a whipping challenge.

Hopefully, Darcia can be convinced to return in another Elite Pain or Mood Picture. I would be happy to see her bound in the background on display if she refuses to be whipped again. However, I would try to get her to return in a scripted film with fewer strokes of the whip or a Painful Duel with Zazie.

My Grade: A-


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