A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 27

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 27 Review

Round 1: 25 lashes on front thighs. Before the round began she was cheerful and confident, Amanda quickly erased that sentiment. She starts the round off smiling at Amanda, by the time the round is over, she is giving her a death glare.

Round 2: 40 lashes, on ass Even by the 4th stroke in this round she was breathless and shaking, rocking back and forth.

Round 3: 30 lashes on the back. She is in so much pain here, that she forgot to count more than once. This is the round where she really began to piss Amanda off.

Round 4: 40 lashes on back: as she spun this punishment, she covered her face up and sobbed…she really knew how brutal it was going be for her! Both these ladies, during the previous rounds, taunted each other back and forth, adding fuel to the crescendo that was this round. By the 40th lash, she was sagging down almost to the floor, completely spent!

The 4th round, not only was she visibly terrified of taking it on (due to having already just received 30 lashes on her back), but Amanda is utterly merciless and wields her whip like a sledgehammer against her back. By the sound of the lash, Lady Amanda was striking the girl harder than she had ever struck anyone else. As just mentioned, she (Amanda) was so vicious that Blue Angel could barely stand by the end of the round and sank into her restraints several times.

Interplay between Domina and submissive, harsh whipping and very intense crying and moaning. This film was not only a war of words between the two ladies but a duel of personal will and endurance...one that Amanda decisively won. It was clear that Blue Angel only went for all those rounds (more so than simply for the money) to prove to Amanda just how tough she was (and also to increase her chances of spinning the "SWITCH.") This was two Alpha females in one room and both bitches wanted to be #1……Amanda triumphed handily.

Before the first round, during the initial interview, the host explained about the "SWITCH" field, her face lit up and she was already intrigued. More than once she said she only wanted to continue in order to increase her chances of landing on that field, as she was so angry at Amanda and wanted to return the favor. Again, in every single round, the two ladies repeatedly taunted one other multiple times...this was more than simple animosity and anger….it was hate. Indeed, her stubborn defiance was so great that she only entered the 4th round so as to prevent Amanda from getting her money, so as to really ensure Amanda personally left unsatisfied.

A dream scenario would be WoP: the Duel 2 with these two fiery ladies. Amanda is normally calm and relaxed but bitch Blue Angel really got under her skin. Going back to WoP 25, Amanda is mentally weak and if she had spun 25 on her breasts again, Blue Angel would cream her.

Blue Angel, the look on her face as she spins 40 lashes on her back….she nearly breaks down in tears. She bounced up and down erotically after every lash. The terror in her face as she spun 40 lashes on her back (after enduring 30 on her back)... She held nothing back; she was passionate, emotional and very expressive about her fears throughout the entire film.

She has a very big tat on her upper back, between shoulder blades. You can still see the outline of it, it was still visible enough to be distracting.

My Grade: A


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