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Wheel of Pain 25

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 25 Review.

The long-awaited debut of Mistress Amanda - as a victim - finally arrived! Lady Cleo teased, taunted and broke her in this film.

Standard WoP rules here. Amanda must spin the wheel to determine the punishment she receives and must take on and successfully survive each punishment in order to earn any money.

During the opening Interview, Amanda was intensely reluctant and tried to give up immediately right after she spun 25 on breasts...luckily the host and Pedro convince her not to quit.

The Rounds:

1): 25 strokes on breasts (again, Amanda initially refuses and has to be convinced to take on the round). Before the whipping begins, she takes a deep breath and you can see the dreadful anticipation in her eyes....she is not looking forward to this one bit. Amanda begs Cleo not to strike her on the nipples.....she is not lucky!

2): 40 Lashes on back with whip. Cleo calls her a coward once the whipping is over.

3): 50 full body whiplashes. Towards the beginning, Cleo turns Amanda around and gives her one lash to her front, this really freaks Amanda out as it was unexpected and her reactions are far more intense for the rest of the scene. Towards the end of the round, she is sagging in her restraints and dangling around weakly....as if she would have otherwise collapsed.

Round 3 was best, Amanda's wails of terror and one-step-away-from-hysteria made it the Cherry on top of the cake. At times it looked like she could barely hold herself together and you think she is going to quit at any moment.

Final Note:

Another excellent Wheel of pain episode, Amanda and Cleo are a great pairing no matter who is the domina or the submissive.

Psychologically, this was the most intense WoP episode thus far, as Amanda had clear reservations about her breasts being whipped and pre-conceived notions that she would fail to complete the round. At one point during round 1, she even begs Cleo not to strike her nipples; Cleo mocks her and tells her she should have given up before the round even began. As I said before during the third round, Cleo turned Amanda around and gave her a single lash to the front.....Amanda thought she was going to have her breasts flogged again. Her fear of breast-whipping was so intense she nearly panicked at the thought of even one more lash even after she had survived 25 of them previously!

Cleo was superb in this film, her combination of playful and cruel teasing; attractiveness and physical strength made her almost the perfect dominatrix. In each round, she mocked and tormented Amanda and one could observe just how much she truly enjoyed taking her revenge. Observing her playful giggling and delight in pushing Amanda to her limits was like watching a little girl fucking with a shiny new toy.....a living breathing toy......one that felt real pain and emotions which Cleo really torqued. The girl is no true sadist however she did slow down with the intensity and power of her lashes towards the end of round 3, and if one takes a look at the end of that scene (55:25 onward) you will see her true feelings on her face. SUCH A PITY WE WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!

All three scenes were (as a whole) quite good, Amanda's reactions never ceased to entertain. You could just see it in her eyes.....how much she wanted to quit after every stroke....but she held it together and did not say “I quit.” It was a strange dichotomy to watch: Amanda mentally did not want to even attempt any punishment at all, yet she could physically endure it all.....very interesting. Ultimately Amanda failed to "prove her toughness," to demonstrate that she was as tough as Cleo....as she said she wanted to at the beginning of the film. Cleo spun 5 times and endured 4 punishments, Amanda spun 5 times and suffered three punishments. At the end of WoP 23, Cleo was still laughing at and taunting Amanda......who (at the end of WoP 25) was a total wreck and a mere shell of even the reluctant person we saw in the first round.

The interview scene between rounds 2 and 3 was also intriguing (after Amanda spun 50 body lashes, she wanted to give up), the host had to call Cleo in to stop Amanda from quitting. He asked Cleo where she would hit Amanda for the 50 strokes......

Cleo stated that she would only hit Amanda on back and ass as she was being merciful. Suffice to say Amanda complained still and whined some more....yet did take on and survive that whipping. One can suspect Cleo said that only to persuade Amanda to enter the third round, and she basically confirmed it during the next round.

The wooden cross position used for round 2 was the weak point in this film for me. Personally, I prefer the submissive either tied lying down ( with fewer restraints) or standing in AOH position (with only arms chained), with their legs unrestrained. Either of the former two positions often allow for the submissive to wiggle around, giving us viewers a sense of how brutal the punishments were, how difficult it is for the submissive to endure them etc. In that round, Amanda's feet were pinned under her butt and thus she couldn't move around much. Also, that cross did block out parts of Amanda's face and thus more of the camerawork focused on the side and back of Amanda. I simply prefer unblemished facial shots of the victim as they endure their punishments.

Overall, this film was unusual in that virtually every scene was entertaining and the entire film was worth watching (interviews and the whippings). There wasn't any moment where I began to tune out and mentally “wander off.” Usually, the interview scenes are the methodical and rather boring parts of the film, yet the host keeps us entertained by prodding Amanda to continue by playing to her ego. I strongly recommend that viewers watch the whole film from beginning to end....it's just that good!

Why should you buy this film? If you wish to see abject terror in Amanda's eyes, as she undertakes her first ever whipping....buy it!! If you are curious as to how well Amanda could take a scourging as compared to her ability to dish one out....buy it!! If you want to observe how an immensely reluctant dominatrix can be persuaded to become submissive and to go through with each round....buy it!

My Grade: B+


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