A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 24

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 24 Review

Sweet, and fresh-looking young Lucy stars in her first-ever film with Elite Pain here. She wants to earn enough money to help out her parents and perhaps buy a small car.

For her first round, she spins 20 lashes on pussy. Our dear inexperienced victim remarks after the round that she had never suffered such pain before in her life.

In the second round she suffers 25 lashes on her breasts. During the punishment itself, Ariel strikes her repeatedly on her nipples and she is soon breathing very heavily.

For the third round she has the misfortune to spin the "50-full body" field and she is very scared to take it on.

Next, the wheel is merciful to her and she gets to double her $1500 to $3000. She certainly didn't want to give up and her determination to survive the next round increased tenfold. She goes on to spin the same punishment, 50 lashes, again. She has no confidence in her ability to endure it, but luckily the host convinces her to try it. Ariel sensed her fear and trepidation and totally capitalized on it. She stepped up her ferocity to even greater levels here and seemed determined to destroy Lucy in this round.

A brutally intense scene this was, with Ariel slashing Lucy with the whip on back and breast just as before. Towards the end of the round the whipping heats up even more, Lucy makes the mistake of turning around and showing her back to Ariel (after her breasts got whipped) and Ariel immediately pounces on this weakness and lashes her chest for the remainder of the round. Especially after stroke # 30, where Ariel lashed Lucy's nipple again, Lucy's screams even louder and pants so profusely that she looked like she wanted to give up right then and there. Ariel breaks her cold-hearted ice-princess act and smiles in delight at Lucy's pain. Lucy's reactions to the whip were glorious here; her panicked breathing and high-pitched screams really ramped up the savagery of this round.

Ariel's outfit was TOTALLY inappropriate for this film….or any other film...in history…..EVER! Our dear Pedro needs to learn that the 1980s are over and update his fashion sense accordingly. Literally every time one goes to look at Ariel, to admire her vicious bitch-face and so on, our eyes are drawn to those ridiculous beach-bimbo shorts. The fact that Ariel is already blonde….well that's doesn't help. Such an atrocious outfit made our little blonde beast look like some irresponsible 19 yr old out for some fun with friends afterwards and not someone to be feared in the slightest.

The major issue for this film was that Ariel kept looking to Pedro for the signal to strike……it was far too obvious and was highly annoying to observe. Although this isn't a MOOD film where it is total role-play fantasy, her constant and obvious side glances were an annoying reminder that we are indeed watching a film and prevents us from immersing ourselves fully into this film. The fact that such a phenomenon was also present in Escape Room (a film released more than 6 months after this one) shows this studio still has some work to do.

A very intense WoP episode with a fresh-faced little girl, some minor technicalities that kept it from being perfect.

My Grade: B+


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