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Wheel of Pain 24

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

The "Wheel of Pain" game show series' premise is pretty simple: a contestant spins a wheel on which are listed various corporal punishments, each showing a location and a number of strokes to be applied. For each spin, the contestant stands to win $500 if she can withstand the abuse indicated by the Wheel of Pain. It's a simple premise that works if the contestant is worth watching. In the case of Wheel of Pain 24, "Lucy", an exotic beauty whom I suspect has a touch of Oriental to her lineage, makes the film very much worth watching.

Lucy, it seems, has a backstory. Her parents are very poor, so she's come on the game show to win money so that she can help them out and perhaps even buy herself a small car. At $500 a spin, she's going to have to endure a lot of abuse to achieve such noble goals. Can she do it? A game of chance and stamina awaits!

The first spin finds poor Lucy subjected to a brutal pussy whipping. She's afraid of the pain, of course, but she's also very brave. She wants the money very badly and she thinks she can endure the torture to get it. She has a petite frame with strong feminine musculature, unmarked by tattoos and piercings, and such unspoiled beauty makes her later whippings that much more enjoyable to watch as she struggles against her bonds. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just get past the pussy whipping first, shall we?

What's interesting about this scene is how Lady Arielle is dressed in this film. She looks like she's ready for a day about town, perhaps doing a bit of light shopping before heading to the beach. She doesn't look like she's about to brutally beat a pretty girl into submission, but that's exactly what she does in this film. "Oh hey! A beach party! I'm totally down! But first I gotta go whip a bitch. I'll meet you guys there, m'kay?" MP> I won't go into too much detail about this scene, because Lucy explains it best.

There's also a certain vulnerability here, as not only must Lucy overcome her painful beating, she must also overcome her own sense of shame. So of course, what better way to exploit her shame than to make her expose her most intimate regions for the viewers watching at home?

The next round finds poor Lucy collared to the whipping post, hands raised and shackled overhead, as she tries to endure a painful breast whipping. This is one of my favorite devices in the Elite Pain equipment stable, because the position is flattering to most women, and the steel collar emphasizes their helpless situation. Sure, they could've used leather, but steel is so much more unforgiving, just like the Wheel of Pain.

I love this sequence. A beautiful girl, a great restraint position, a painful whipping; it's everything I look for in a scene, and Lady Arielle makes sure Lucy delivers every bit of agony she can. Those welts look like they sting!

Lucy certainly isn't enjoying this game.

The emcee reminds her that she's won $1,000 so far, and that if she spins again, she must complete the challenge or else lose the money. Lucy confesses that she came here to endure everything the Wheel of Pain could throw at her, so she spins again. Unfortunately for her, she spins the most brutal punishment on the wheel: a 50-stroke full body whipping. If she came here to endure everything the wheel could throw at her, the wheel is certainly going to throw it at her now.

She accepts the challenge and is bound to another one of my favorite pieces of Elite Pain bondage equipment; a little piece I call "the Y whipping post". The reason should be obvious.

A lot of beautiful women have been bound to this post and have suffered beautifully for it. Lucy is no exception. She puts on a brave face and counts the strokes as the whip cracks against her back, each stroke taking more of her strength from her body.

Surprisingly, she endures this challenge, despite her back being ripped to pieces by the cruel kiss of leather against her skin. All of that abuse, all of that pain, for $1,500 towards a small car. As it turns out, she had only recently gotten her driver's license, and having her own car would give her a newfound freedom. For that, she's willing to endure whatever the Wheel of Pain determines to be her fate. She decides to spin the wheel again and covers her face, unable to see what cruelty the wheel has in store for her.

This time, the wheel is kind. It doubles her money, if she can survive another round. She now can win $3,000 if she can endure the next challenge. If she declines, she can go home with the $1,500 she's won so far. $3,000 would go farther towards enabling her to realize her dream than $1,500 would. She takes a chance and spins the wheel again.

The Wheel of Pain can be a cruel mistress. In Lucy's case, it certainly is. What little hope she had before is dashed when the wheel rules her to receive another full body whipping. She's already endured 50 strokes on her back and ass. Can she endure another 50? She's given a 10-minute recovery period before going into the Punishment Room. That was quite possibly the longest 10 minutes of her life.

The shy young woman, naked but for the welts on her body, is bound with her wrists stretched high overhead, exposing every inch of her flesh to Lady Arielle's whip. If receiving 50 strokes on the Y-post wasn't enough to break her, being stretched and whipped all over her body will. Lady Arielle draws back her whip and places her stroke right on the girl's striped back.

Lucy tenses immediately, the burning lash crossing over the angry red welts from her previous whipping. Lucy suppresses a scream, a muffled yelp held deep in her throat, then bravely counts the stroke.

The second stroke tears a scream from the girl, her strength waning with the blow of the lash.

With each stroke, Lucy screams, then counts the stroke, knowing that soon the whip will whistle through the air once more, to come crashing against her body and tear another scream from her throat. Then, to make things more horrible, she's told to turn around. Lady Arielle will now go to work fresh, new skin. She takes careful aim and swings the whip.

Her aim is true, and Lucy's left tit feels the kiss of the whip against her taut nipple, ripping a scream from the helpless girl. She cries and begs and whimpers, then bravely counts the stroke, knowing what is to follow.

This is a very powerful scene, set up beautifully by the previous whippings to Lucy's back and breasts. Lucy, her tear-streaked face crying with pain, is a terrific submissive victim and I'd love to see her come back for another film; perhaps to capture her dreams, perhaps to challenge herself to push through to victory over the Wheel of Pain. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I just hope she doesn't find a decent job that pays enough for her to buy a car.

If I have a complaint about this film, it has to be Lady Arielle. Her actions alternate between cold, uncaring dom, and evil, leering dom. She needs to pick one or the other. I prefer her as the cold, uncaring dom, but in this film when she tries that angle, she almost looks bored. She's a bit better as the evil, leering dom, but not by much. One very big issue I have is her tendency to look off-camera for direction. A good dom doesn't need to know when it's ok to strike her victim. Yes, there's a medical concern and certainly the film director needs to control the action, but she shouldn't be so obviously out of touch with what she's doing. It's also distracting to the viewer. She either needs to pre-arrange a cue from her victim on when it's ok to strike again, or just develop her own sense of appropriateness for the scene.

There's no real role-play between victim and dom. The victim is there to win money; the dom is there to make sure she doesn't. After the game is over, each is free to go on with the lives and never see each other again. I would've liked to have seen some sort of epilogue between the two women; a tearful victim begging for mercy from her tormentor and asking why she was so cruel, and a dom perhaps explaining that she was simply doing her job (hey, it almost worked for the Nazis, right?).

But Lucy really carries this film, and I'm entranced (in a horrible way, of course) by her body and the way she responds to the whip. She's an interesting blend of exotic and erotic, with a great body that responds well to her punishment. Lady Cleo (of Wheel of Pain 23) may have a better body built to take a whipping, but Lucy cries beautifully during her's, and that pushes this film into the "A" category for that reason alone.

My Grade: A


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