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Wheel of Pain 24

Reviewed by Jlive99

Review of Wheel of Pain 24

Congratulations to Pedro and the ElitePain team on yet another fantastic installment of Wheel of Pain. Lucy is an excellent sub. She is quite attractive. The interview portions of the video in between spins of the wheel of pain reveal her fears and convey a sense of innocence. Despite being afraid, she bravely accepts the challenges and appears to be genuinely motivated to gain money to help her parents and get a small car. She is the most unfortunate Wheel of Pain player that I can recall seeing. Her first spin results in a 20 stroke pussy whipping. Lucy had remarked that she was afraid of the pussy whipping.

Lady Ariel uses a strap and delivers 20 harsh blows directly on Lucy's pussy. Lucy is lying on her back with her ankles spread and cuffed to a metal bondage device. It is a great position for the pussy whipping. Lady Ariel appears to use her shoulders, back and hips to deliver each blow. By the 3rd stroke, Lucy is breathing hard between each blow. By the 7th blow her pussy starts to redden and her eyes moisten with tears. By the 10th blow, her pussy is glowing red. Lady Ariel commands that Lucy keep her legs spread apart for the rest of her punishment. By the 12th stroke, Lucy's mascara starts to run. Lady Ariel carries on with the whipping until the 20th stroke is reached. Lucy screams with each blow.

Lucy's unlucky streak continues by spinning the wheel and landing on a 25 stroke breast whipping. Lucy is cuffed with her arms over her head and her neck collared to a metal post. Another great bondage position for her punishment. Lady Ariel savages her with the single tail whip. The camera angles catch the impact of the whip on Lucy's breasts several times during this scene. Lady Ariel marks up both of Lucy's breasts and her chest with red welts. Lucy breathes heavily between each lash and lets out a short scream with most of the blows.

Next Lucy spins the wheel and land on a 50 stroke full body whipping. Lucy is secured in a bondage device that exposes her back and ass. Lady Ariel harshly whips her ass and back. Lucy's ass and back get crisscrossed with red welts. Lucy cries and screams throughout the whipping. The first blows seem to surprise her and almost take her breath away. Towards the end of the whipping, she screams twice with each blow and her mascara has run all over her face.

In the final scene, Lucy spins the wheel and lands yet again on a 50 stroke full body whipping. She is strung up with her arms above her head. Lady Ariel starts by whipping her back and ass again. Then she periodically has Lucy turn and face her for breast whipping. This is so harsh that I actually feel sorry for Lucy. Unfortunately, I enjoy her suffering so much that I am glad that her Lady Ariel continues whipping her.

The video closes with the interview of Lady Ariel. After witnessing her whip Lucy so harshly, I had to wonder if Lady Ariel was upset or had something to prove to viewers. She was masterful with the single tail throughout the video and Lucy did a great job of enduring the harsh blows. Both Lady Ariel and Lucy were fantastic! This video earned an A+ for great bondage positions, beautiful models, harsh punishments, red welts, tears and screams of pain. I do hope that Lucy and Lady Ariel were well compensated for this effort.

My Grade: A+


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