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Wheel of Pain 22

Reviewed by Troicha

Wheel of Pain 22 Review

Originally, it was planned for Lyen Parker to dominate Ariel here so as to get revenge for Martial Law 3 and WoP 20. Lyen was not available, so Pedro found the ONE person who could avenge Lyen's honor in a truly personal fashion…HER SISTER!

Ariel (who did not know who the dominatrix was beforehand) stated that her ultimate goal was to prove that she was as tough as Lyen Parker.

Round one:

30 lashes on ass with a strap. Before the round began the sister revealed her identity to Ariel and taunted her about how brutal her revenge was going to be. She promises to dish out a far worse punishment than Lyen ever could.

Round two:

20 lashes on pussy. Lyen's sister comes over and verbally intimidates Ariel who visibly trembles in response.

Round three:

20 lashes on back. Ariel is visibly relieved and thought this round would be a breeze. She is soon proven quite wrong as she is struck even harder than the previous two rounds and barely survives this one.

Round four:

50 full body lashes. Ariel gets them on only back and ass…again. Luckily, the round was so savage this disappointment was temporarily forgotten. This round was the culmination of the sisters' revenge and the final 10 strokes were absolutely monstrous!

Before the round even began Ariel was terrified as the wheel landed on the 50-full body. She puts her hand up to her mouth and turns away in horror.

The host questions her tenacity.

Ariel does not disappoint. She's had three rounds with this monster and totally understood just how brutal it was going to be and she still took it on.

As the round begins, Ariel was visibly scared, especially as Lyen's sister taunts her yet again.

Ariel is soon howling again under the lash.

Round 4 was like a race to the finish line as after each and every lash, each breath Ariel took was as if she had just run 2 miles. One could easily hear her absolute and utter exhaustion, her desperation to finish out the round. As Ariel struggled to breathe in between lashes, Lyen's sister smiled gleefully as she savored each and every brutal moment!

By the time the final 10 lashes came about, Ariel was swaying like a reed in the wind, barely able to stand. The sister comes over and effectively informs her that no matter how bad she may have thought the previous strokes were, the worst was yet to come.

Ultimately, while Lyen's vengeance still would have been preferable to observe, she is ultimately a kind-hearted soul, too nice to cause the type of devastation that her sister did. The sister was an absolute beast with that whip and deals out possibly the harshest flogging ever dealt in any whipping film.

With her combination of good looks, a hot body and dangerous naiveté, Lyen's sister was the very embodiment of ideal femininity. She may not have cared in the slightest that ML3 and WoP 20 were done with Lyen's consent, but she was still silly to initially think that these films were somehow involuntary and forced. And it didn't matter, Ariel hurt her sister and she was going to make her suffer in the worst way.

The sister was untrained, as this was her first and only whipping and that lack of skill showed. She swung the strap and the whip like a club with none of the techniques of a true domina. She made up for her lack of technique with raw power as she swung her entire bodyweight into each and every stroke. She literally slammed the whip into Ariel's body so hard each time that I thought the whole building would shake; this film would have been better titled: "The Attempted Murder of Ariel."

Round two deviated from Pedro's normal routine of single-tailed whips, a strap was used. Nowadays when he makes these films, they (single-tail) are usually the only implement used or the strap is used but only on pussy or feet. The ass-strapping the sister gave Ariel here was vicious, not only because she was hitting at max-force, but because of the marks the strap made. Not only did the strapping result in a different reaction in Ariel than the whip, but the deep red bruises that resulted looked like scorch marks on Ariel's ass. They contrasted beautifully with the later marks generated by the whip and helped keep the action less boring as the endless array of scenes with the single-tail often becomes. An-ass strapping has not been seen since!

The camerawork and the watermark were problematic in this film and it really showed during the third and fourth rounds. The watermark was infrequently in Ariel's face or very close to it and partially obscured the view. Truly, the watermark belongs in the bottom left or right corner. Also during the third round, Ariel's arm was partially blocking her face. A similar thing occurred during the fourth round with the side view; her face was partially blocked at times.

Another great disappointment was that during the final round, Ariel spun 50-full body lashes but only received them on her back and ass; the two areas of her body which had already been struck. It was the sister's choice where to hit, but this was a damn pity. Common sense goes to indicate that when a person has already been struck on these areas….you should find other areas to strike when the opportunity arises.

A very, very harsh whipping film with an excellent submissive and an utterly merciless domina, a myriad of technical issues prevented this film from being the masterpiece it could have been.

My Grade: B


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