A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 21

Reviewed by Jlive99

Wheel of Pain 21 is another entertaining addition to the series. Once again viewers are treated to Ariel's cruel whip and her attempts to break the contestant. The wheel appears to have some more harsh punishments as options such as 40 lashes on the back or 50 lashes full body. Roxanne, a proven model from some of ElitePain's other films, is the contestant. She endures some harsh challenges. Roxanne has an attractive body and suffers well under Ariel's whip.

I absolutely loved the bondage positions featured in this film for the different challenges. For each whipping, Roxanne was bound in another position. Also the variety of instruments for the whippings was a treat. The cane, riding crop, cat o nine and single tail... a great assortment. I hope that we see multiple bondage positions in future films.

I also liked Roxanne's cursing of Ariel as she was being whipped. Ariel seemed to delight in being called sick and sadistic.

The film is well done but falls short of The Experiment and Wheel of Pain 20 for me. At times the lighting did not allow you to see the welts as Roxanne was being whipped. Also, Roxanne seemed to cry but it was hard to tell because you didn't see the running mascara or tears as prominently in other movies. Lastly, this was a long movie because of the lengthy pauses between lashes. I would have rather seen Ariel whip Roxanne much more rapidly or deliver 3-5 lashes together followed by a pause or break. Something similar to Ed Lee's films in which the model would get several lashes then a break. Lastly, I would have like to have seen more of Roxanne behind the scenes and her recovery as well as preparation for her whipping.

Overall, Wheel of Pain 21 is worthy of an A-

My Grade: A-


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