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Wheel of Pain 20

Reviewed by Jlive99

Wheel of Pain 20 is a special film for fans of whipping in the BDSM genre. The main star of the film Lyen Parker endures a full body whipping unlike anything that I have ever seen on video. I've seen several of Ed Lee's classic whipping movies in which models endured a back whipping and a frontal breast whipping. I have seen many harsh whippings and canings combined with strict and challenging bondage in videos produced by Insex. I've seen fetish models marked up in films produced by Paintoy and Brutal Master. This film was different than all of the above because the film's star literally endures a whipping on every sensitive part of her body in this feature. This movie starts in the reality game show format in which Lyen spins the wheel of pain for a chance at $500.00 if she is able to tolerate the punishment. She knows that she will forfeit all of her winnings if she quits during a challenge. Through the course of the video, it seems to transform from a game show to a contest of wills between Lyen and the beautiful blonde model who appears determined to whip her so hard that she breaks.

The first challenge is 20 lashes on the back of her thighs. After accepting the first challenge, Lyen finds herself cuffed on her back with her legs spread apart and suspended in the air. The blonde uses a thin horse whip to administer the 20 lashes. Less than half way into the challenge, Lyen is panting in between lashes and angry welts are decorating the back of her thighs. By the 20th lash, Lyen is crying tears of pain. Although she screams out with each stroke, she maintains her composure fairly well.

Lyen continues to wipe away her tears as she spins the wheel again. This time, the spinner lands on 20 lashes to her pussy. Once again Lyen is cuffed on her back with her legs suspended in the air. Her legs are bound together and blonde uses a thick leather strap to whip her pussy until it starts to swell. The tears and screams continue with each strike. In this scene, I think that it would have been better if Lyen's legs were spread apart. Lyen tolerates this the pussy whipping well again.

Once again, Lyen wipes away her tears and spins the wheel again. Next, she faces 25 lashes on her breasts. Lyen proceeds with the punishment and finds herself cuffed to some chains with her arms spread apart. The blonde uses the horsewhip again and lashes Lyen's breasts without mercy. Lyen is forced to count each blow clearly. Lyen's breast and abdomen are left with some angry welts by the 25th stroke. The blonde seems to smirk at times as she whips Lyen.

Lyen perseveres and accepts another challenge. Her next spin of the wheel lands on bastinado. She must take 10 blows on the soles of her feet and she is warned that they will be horrible. Lyen finds herself cuffed on her back with her feet tied together and suspended in the air. The blonde uses a riding crop to whip her feet. I've seen my fair share of bastinado in videos. Usually a thin cane is used to rap the feet followed by a harder stroke. I've seen the riding crop used too. Most of the time the riding crop is used to smack the feet. I've never seen the riding crop used with this force to whip and actually mark the soles. By the 4th stroke, Lyen is sobbing in between blows and the blonde model seems to believe that she is close to breaking Lyen's will. Lyen endures the 10 blows.

Lyen is pretty much done after the bastinado but she gets coaxed into trying one more spin. She is hoping for a lighter punishment like face slapping or double the money. Unfortunately, she lands on 50 full body lashes. Having already endured so much pain, she starts crying because she knows that she will forfeit her winnings if she does not take the 50 lashes and she can anticipate just how terrible the 50 lashes will be.

Lyen finds herself kneeling and cuffed to a whipping post. The blonde model is holding single tail whip and promises to whip her back, ass and soles. The blonde shows little mercy as she marks her ass and back. She wants to whip her soles near the midway point but Lyen tries to refuse to expose her soles. She receives one good lash on her feet and then the blonde resumes whipping her back and ass. Lyen screams and cries throughout the whipping. The blonde seems to smirk again as she whips Lyen and asks her about quitting.

After her 50th lash, the video resumes with Lyen back at the wheel. She is still crying. She shows her marks and declines the offer to spin the wheel again. She has angry welts all over her body.

The video concludes at this point. Lyen approaches each challenge like a contract or a promise that can't be broken. She accepts each challenge and feels that she must honor the commitment. I would have liked to have seen a post production interview in order to further explore Lyen's approach to the challenges and why she didn't quit. She is able to maintain her composure fairly well throughout all of the whippings. She cries and screams but does not resort to violently fighting her chains or bonds. She is not stoic either. She simply suffers beautifully throughout this film. The blonde woman with the whip is harsh and cold. Both of the stars deserve high praise. I give this film an A+.

I hope that subsequent installments are as good but this one will be difficult to match.

My Grade: A+


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