A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 15

Reviewed by Jlive99

Elite Pain's Wheel of Pain 15 featuring Aliz is fantastic. I give it 4.5 stars. Aliz is a beautiful contestant who is remarkably strong and able to withstand intense punishment. I typically do not like women with lots of tattoos but Aliz's tattoos on the back of her thighs are Stay Strong. It seemed quite appropriate for a woman of such strong resolve. She seemed determined to take each round and not give in.

First she receives 10 strokes of with what appeared to be a switch (or tree branch). It left nice marks on her ass despite breaking into smaller pieces. The camera work was excellent as viewers see her Dr. Lomp's administration of the strokes, the impact on her lovely ass and her facial grimaces. She was directed to keep her face towards the camera and you can see her reactions to the strokes and fearful anticipation. Next she receives strokes to the front of her thighs with a cane. The strokes are firm and instantly leave harsh welts. Aliz is bound and it is exciting to see her nervously shift and quiver before and after each stroke.

Next, Aliz receives a pussy whipping with a cat of nine tails. With her ankles suspended, she is advised to keep her legs spread apart as she counts each stroke. Again her legs tremble as she is whipped and she moans or yelps with her blow. Her face twists and grimaces and she appears to be on the verge of crying. Yet Aliz perseveres and accepts another challenge. Next she is bound for a back whipping with a horse whip. Dr. Lomp administers each blow with full force and at last Aliz starts to cry. She does not scream and suffers beautifully under the cruel whip. With her back and ass covered with welts, Aliz takes yet another challenge. Unfortunately for her it is another pussy whipping. Dr. Lomp strikes her pussy until it is swollen with a riding crop. Again the tears stream down her face as she tries to Stay Strong. The video concludes with a surprising treat - Aliz's casting video. It appears that she goes straight from the casting shoot to the Wheel of Pain.

Overall, there was little room for improvement. I did not give it 5 full stars due to my initial disappointment with seeing some welts on Aliz in the beginning of the video, failure to have on-screen removal of the clothes before the start of the game and failure to whip those lovely suspended soles. The reason for the welts is likely due to the casting video that preceded the Wheel of Pain shoot. I'm glad that she was bound for each round and the punishments were harsh in each round.

I do hope that Aliz returns for more shoots. She is beautiful and strong. She does not cry out scream with blood curdling screams but gives viewers quivering, grimacing, moans, yelps and beautiful tears in response to the pain. I would like to see her in a Painful Dual against Ursula? (the full figured model from Lie Detector 2 and the Sado Maso Show) or 92331 in the Prison Punishment Show. I would like to see in a her fantasy video like a Prison Punishment, Mafia interrogation or Dominatrix Initiation in which she is bound and whipped by other nude or scantily clad women on her ass, back, breast, feet and pussy until she yields information or passes the initiation.

In closing, I loved this installment and hope to see more of Aliz.

My Grade: A


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