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Wheel Of Pain 14

Reviewed by Blackwaterdrive

Wheel Of Pain 14 Definitely an A

This is a very good film from ElitePain in the 'Wheel of Pain' series.

For those unfamiliar with the WOP series, a naked woman spins a wheel on which there are various punishments. Wherever the wheel stops, she has to endure whatever punishment is indicated. I believe this series is now up to WOP22.

The WOP14 film opens with a preview of the mood pictures release Lashville and ElitePain film Punishment Methodology 1. WOP14 is in two parts and features Vanessa and Natasha. The brunette Vanessa Diaz is up first and is restrained for all her punishments; her action starts after 5 minutes. She gets 10 strokes on her back, and by stroke 5 the whip is starting to bite. This is followed by 15 strokes to her breasts that clearly hurt. After this she is restrained for a pussy whipping, she is lying on her back with her legs and arms up which are clamped to scaffold poles for twenty lashes. Afterwards she confesses that she liked this highly exposed position, which was a nice touch. Her session ends with 13 agonising full force lashes to her back. After this she declines to carry on and her session ends. Throughout her session, she is told to face the camera, so viewers can see the pain on her face.

I have seen quite a few ElitePain films and one aspect that I liked about this film was that there was not much talking during the punishments, so there are few subtitles to distract from the images.

Vanessa reacts well to the pain and it is obvious that her screaming is not fake. I am looking forward to seeing her in other productions.

Natasha is up next, and I believe that this is her first ElitePain film. She gets 10 strikes of a cane on her backside as she lays face-down over a bench, she is not restrained for this (she is restrained for all of the following punishments). She then gets 15 lashes on her back and starts shaking after the first impact. By strike 15 she is on the point of crying. She is then restrained in the scaffold poles with her legs and arms in the air as Vanessa was. She gets 20 pussy lashes.

Natasha spins the wheel again and it stops in a section where she can choose what part of her body is beaten. I was hoping that she would chose breast whipping, but she chooses her back again and gets 25 strokes. Her body marks well and she yelps nicely.

The film ends with Natasha's casting video which lasts around 10 minutes.

All in all, I preferred Vanessa's part, and would have liked it to go on a bit longer, but she is in a few other films and I shall review these in due course.

My Grade: A


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