A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

War Victims 3

Reviewed by Gonzo

So CD Universe finally came through and I got War Victims 3. As promised, here is my review.

War Victims 3 is ZFX-like in nature. While ZFX films are better about story and plot though, I think War Victims has a clearer picture, the victims are not always gagged (good in my book) and...well...better whipping sounds. I also never liked Rick's style of taping all kinds of crap to the victim. Two victims here, both blonde and both with big breasts. Breast fans will be happy with this.

The first victim starts out tied AOH in panties and a ragged tube top. The tormentor takes his time cutting them off. Then he whips her. Whipping is similar, but as good or better than ZFX quality. Fake sounds and fake blood, but good enough to make a good show. Next scene she is gagged, breasts bound with crotchrope. More spanking and whipping. She is then bent over so that her breasts hang over a BBQ grill with a light in it. Not very convincing but his heart is in the right place. Next she is retied AOH, clothespins applied to her nipples and more whipping. He then unties her, sits her in a chair and forces her to put some kind of cactus looking thing up her pussy - good scene. He mauls her tits while she's holding it in. After that he has her suck him off using a face dick, but one that squirts fake come.

Next victim is the nurse. Not a demure girl next door nurse. More of a slutty stripper in a nurse costume. This one spends most of the time gagged. He cuts off her uniform and when the uniform is mostly off, some dumb motherfucker decides to turn on a bright light focused on her crotch. The light overexposes the film effectively hiding it. Thankfully the light is turned off for the whipping. There is a stool with a large dildo sticking out of it positioned right below her. After the whipping, he forces her down onto it. Unfortunately it is black, like the background, so the shot isn't what it could be. He whips her while she's on it, and we get to enjoy that for only a very short time be fore the dumb motherfucker turns the fucking light back on. Lots of whipping follows, some of it spoiled by that light. Next he takes barbed wire and ties it around her breasts along with a leather strap through her crotch. More whipping and they finally move the camera and fix the lighting. The whipping starts back up but for most of the whipping her head is cut from view - we don't get to see her expression.

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