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The Universal Language of Nasal Agony Part 1

Reviewed by Joek0

The Universal Language of Nasal Agony Part 1 (Tanbikai, 2012) is Japanese bondage film starring Elise Graves and Eizoh Chiba. This movie was produced for an official US release by Digital Dark Studios, run by Elise Graves and Cyd Black who both formally worked for Intersec (Owners of Insex and Infernal Restraints).

Elise Graves is a fetish model who got started in the death fetish with companies like PKF, Dirty Deeds, Rue Morgue, and many others. She then mostly focused her career in the BDSM world with companies like Kink, Intersec, and many others. She even went to Japan to do a bondage movie which is the subject for this review. Cyd Black, Elise’s partner, has worked with Intersec for a long period of time. Eizoh Chiba is known in Japan for his videos that put girls in bondage and tortures them with implements that cause pain to her face, particularly her nose and mouth.

The movie starts with Eizoh tying Elise’s arms behind her and with ropes tied around her breasts as well. He spends a good deal of time at the start by doing what is known for in his Japanese Bondage films, torturing by contorting a poor girls face , particularly her nose and mouth. Great reactions from Elise as she suffers early on. She even cries from the pain.

At 18:30 – Eizoh finally brings out the nose hooks to torture poor Elise. The nose hooks don’t stay on very long and fall off her head. He reapplies them a few times on her nose. Each successive time, she begs not to have them applied to her nose. I love the cries and suffering Elise is conveying when she has her nose and face contorted by the nose hooks.

At 27:00 – Eizoh secures the nose hooks again in her nose and attaches the other end to some unseen rigging above her. More pain for Elise to suffer from the nose hooks.

At 29:30 – Eizoh get Elise to stand up. He sets up the usual nose hook raising it vertically and fastening behind her. He also grabs 2 more smaller nose hooks to attach to the side of her nostrils, one for each side. This increases her suffering more and adds to her humiliation. In this position, he gives her quite a spanking.

At 38:30 – Eizoh attaches a clothespin on her tongue with a long string attached at the other end. He first just pulls on the string tightly to stretch out her tongue. This of course causes her pain and you can see it on her face. He then secures the string by tying it on the ropes that bind her. We get to see her face in agony a little while longer.

At 41:15 – Eizoh removes the clothespin from her tongue. He tells Elise to bend her head down more to increase the pain from the nose hooks. She cries of anguish are nice to hear. He hunches her over a little more which also tightens the nose hooks. He then gives her a nice ass spanking.

At 43:30 – Eizoh lifts her top up to reveal her nice garter and panties. He then ties a rope around her waist to keep her top up. He spanks her a bit more. Eventually the rope that kept her top up is gone. He spanks her some more.

At 49:30 – The camera moves to focus on her ass. We see how red it is from all the spankings she has received. While in this view. We get to see him spank her some more. After all that, we get a nice long view of her red ass as he works more on the contorting her face. Even though we can’t see what he is doing to her face, we can tell it is painful by all sounds of agony coming from her suffering.

At 52:30 – We get a view of her front side again. We see that he reattached the clothespin on her tongue again and fastened it to the ropes in front of her. He then removes the clothespins from her tongue. He asks her if she likes it. She says no. She is then spanked some more.

At 56:30 – We see that Eizoh has fastened another rope around her waist to hold up her top. Her panties have also come off at this point. He then spanks her on her bare ass hard 10 times. Her screams of pain are lovely. At the end, we get a close up of her face to see the expression on her face of how much torture she has endured.

Summary: Elise is bound to experience Eizoh Chiba and his famous tortures dealing with her face. We get to see her humiliated and in pain from the torture he particularly inflicts on her nose and mouth.

Elise is great in her acting here. But knowing at how painful Japanese bondage movies can be, I could tell that a lot of it was not acting and we really see her suffer in pain. The sounds she makes convey her pain and agony very well as she is being tortured and humiliated. Her cries were a nice touch to add to the GIMP factor. I commend her for trying out Japanese bondage. I doubt many Western bondage actors would attempt this.

Eizoh Chiba is great at putting Elise through a rigorous Japanese bondage session. I love the way he taunts Elise in English and Japanese when it came to torturing her.

The idea of contorting and torturing a ladies face may not be for everyone as it is a unique fetish in Japanese bondage porn. I can see why some may not like this as we don’t get to see her face as she expresses her emotions in the film. I myself found this type of torture interesting and really does not turn me off.

There is no nudity in part 1 (runs about 60 minutes) until the very end. We get to see some better scenes of torture while she is bound naked in part 2. Part 1 is more of a warm up of things to come in part 2 which I also plan to review.

Not much variety as it focused on one particular type of torture.

Overall, I give this movie a B-. Elise plays a great victim and Eizoh knows how to put her through the paces of a Japanese bondage shoot. Even without the nudity, the movie serves as a good warmup to part 2. Part 1 still puts Elise though many painful tortures of her face. This gives us a good idea of what to expect in part 2. Also remember that this bondage movie focuses on the humiliation as much as it does on the torture of the poor girl.

My Grade: B-

Digital Dark

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