A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

The Thief

Reviewed by Esso

The Thief from Kshara Productions opens with Angie suspended face down, spread-eagled and naked on a bamboo frame. She is quite good looking with a great body.

A man comes in and speaks to her in a Russian accent telling her he has followed her from Berlin and wants the diamonds she has stolen from Mr. Goretski. She must tell him where they are but first she will be punished for her transgression. Hard to ask for a more promising beginning and the video delivers on all counts.

The film is divided into six segments, and in each one Angie is bound differently (see caps) and whipped with a variety of instruments ranging from a cane to a bull whip. In the first four she is tortured as punishment. In the third she is bent over a frame facing a video camera so Mr. Goretski, she is told by her captor, can watch her and hear her scream.

The whipping is real and surely painful, although not as brutal as in the Mood videos.

Finally, in the fifth episode, she is ordered to tell the location of the diamonds or she will be suspended and whipped some more.

She responds with my favorite answer under the circumstances, "Fuck you,” which can be translated as “Hang me by wrists and whip the shit out of me, I won't talk.”

In the final scene she is lying on her back, her wrists and ankles bound to a pole, lifting her firm buttocks off the ground and presenting them for the lash. She finally breaks and gives up the information. Her tormentor goes to call his boss, leaving her sobbing in her bonds.

Angie is a great victim. She is smoking hot. She is naked throughout. Her suffering is exemplarily, she struggles and writhes nicely and makes some wonderful sounds, especially in her moaning and whimpering between lashes. The only reservation I have is that she sometimes seems to smile as though she is enjoying the experience. That might be or perhaps I am misreading her expression, perhaps she is grimacing in pain. In any case I was able to ignore it and write it off to a facial tic brought on by agony.

The bondage is also very well done. It is tight and professional - no chance of her escaping or avoiding the lash. Perhaps the best part is that each position gives her tormentor access to her body in a different way; the changing of her positions does not seem arbitrary or overly staged and adds variety to the action.

The video and sound work is also well done. The camera shoots from a variety of angles and makes sure you get to see enough of her facial expressions as she is being whipped. The only negative here is that at some point there is a heavy rain storm which makes a racket on the corrugated steel roof.

All in all this is one of, if not the best, film of its type I have seen. I am giving it an A- rather than an A because 1) the rain drumming on the roof in a couple of the segments is a bit distracting 2) Angie’s occasional “smile” can be a little off-putting 3) I have been rightly criticized for being at times too generous in my ratings. But let me say that if every video was as good as this I would be a happy camper...make that GIMPer.

I believe The Thief is at least five years old but it is new to me and I do not recall ever having seen it mentioned on this site. It is available from HotMovies.com and there are more caps and a short preview there.

My Grade: A-


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