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Save Your Friend

Reviewed by Darkseid


I have to be sincere, I didn't expect much from Save Your Friend format. I don't like too much the couple plays, I don't like too much the games in which only one body part is whipped – unless there is a very high number of lashes, like 120 or more – and I'm not a fan of Darcia. Instead, I desperately love Zazie, and I saw the movie only for her. Damn it, what a surprise! This format genially conceived by the devilish Pedro is perfect. Because other than the whiplashes and the pain, there is the psychological suffering of the girls forced to watch their best friend whipped and punished for their mistakes. Pay attention: BEST friend. And you know how girls in the porn industry can have a special bond with their best friend and colleague, even a sexual one. So you can imagine how a girl can suffer watching her girlfriend whipped in front of her. And only because of her errors. It's a particularly depraved sadism never tested before in EP history, it's a psychological and physical torture with lovely reactions of suffering that no scripted film can give.

Talking about this film: the rules are simple. A girl is tied, 10 questions are asked to her friend, after every mistake the tied girl receives a number of whiplashes. 10 for the 1st, 15 for the 2nd, 20 for the 3rd and so on. Then the two girls are switched in their roles. And finally there is a third round with the girls tied together forced to receive a number of lashes equal to five times the highest number of wrong answers. They both have to complete the game to receive the cash.

It starts with an interview on a couch. It's always interesting to hear the girls, but a special mention goes to Zazie: she lies on the sofa in a very sexy way, caressing her beautiful blonde pigtails, wearing a light white shirt that makes us glimpse her perfect boobs under it (she wears no bra), a pair of very hot shorts that make us admire her perfect long naked legs, and she is sensually barefoot. A perfect way to tease us in the beginning.

In the first round, Darcia is tied and Zazie has to answer. The camera shows us not only the pain of Darcia, who apparently has a low pain endurance level and starts crying from the beginning but especially the psychological suffering of Zazie. Seeing that blonde cutie in pigtails crying, jolting, closing her eyes and bumping trying to watch in another direction, always whispering apologies to her friend… well, is damn exciting.

The game has two additional rules too. The two girls have to count together simultaneously the lashes – if they are not in synchrony or if one of them misses the count, the lash is repeated – and the whipped girl can half the number of lashes – only once and when the game host decides it – if they are administered by her friend. Luckily for us, the Zazie-Darcia duo makes lots of counting mistakes. Then, when the halving option is given to Darcia, it's really fun to see Darcia imploring Zazie to take the whip and most of all seeing Zazie imploring Darcia to not ask her that. Finally, Zazie decides to whip her friend. But the host is clear: if she doesn't hit hard, the whipping will be repeated by the mistress and all of them. Obviously the tiny cute Zazie fails to hit hard and the lashes have to be repeated. And her psychological torment rises. Unluckily, Zazie is smarter than expected so the wrong answers are not so many.

Second round, we have an already mentally broken Zazie, and this is a really good starting point for her torment. Because he was used to her initial endurance to the whip, but now she cries in hyperventilation from the beginning, with her left leg shaking like a leaf and her cute face showing real suffering. We can see Darcia's mental suffering too, but it's nothing compared to Zazie's. Luckily Darcia is less smart than Zazie and makes more mistakes, but unluckily she has a real dark side hidden in her, and she doesn't fail to whip her friend halving the last punishment. The exciting thing is that probably she enjoyed it, because after having whipped her best friend she became a domina – we have yet to see that movie….

Final round, the production has the good idea to put Zazie on the right, so the whip can hit her more harshly than Darcia and give her more pain. She cries, gasps and trembles while Darcia, as usual, seems always on the verge of fainting with her eyes rolled back. A very good round.

In the end, Darcia receives 112 total lashes on her back, Zazie 114. More than I expected. But I'm sure Pedro expected one mistake more for each one: the flag-stipes for Zazie and the five words order that Darcia guessed for pure luck. With those mistakes, the girls would have received around 150 whip lashes on their back, it would have been the real perfect movie.

In the end, I think it's one of the best movies ever. We have Zazie that receives lots of lashes – even if it's always too little for her, we want more Pedro, please give us the cruelest ordeal for Zazie!! And whip her beautiful tits!! – and we have a broken Zazie that cries and suffers in physical and mental pain. The only fault I can find is that, as usual, Pedro doesn't show us the stripping scene.

My Grade: A+


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